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MARCH 2009

Hey Ralph,

I just came across your new website and I just want to say I really enjoyed it. You not only bring the stoke of surfing you also include a great sense of community.


David McInnis


Thank you so much for the kind words. Your sentiment has echoed throughout our community, so thank you again. It's hard to believe I've done this for 6 years. Thankfully, with the new sponsors on board it has helped me keep going.

By the way, I'm not sure if you knew this or not, but you are in my last movie GROOVEMASTERS. It's a Longboard movie. I shot you at the Rocks last year when I was out in the water. It's not a whole lot, but I have you (no wetsuit). Also, there's a shot of you at the Wall. You should check it out. They are in all the shops.

Thanks again, for the kind words.

Keep surfing.


Hey Ralph! 3/27/09
Liking the new setup of the page bro, I read how you wrote this and last week about surfing alone, and empty waves out there if you look... Just wanted to let ya know, three weeks ago (or so) on what was probably our last big NW swell of the winter out here I surfed T---- and a mysto Left in P-------, no more than a 45 minute drive, max, form downtown LA all by myself for 3 plus hours, then shared the peak with two pretty chill rippers for another 2. True, you had to hike a cliff to get there, i was in prime localism zone, and there was definite consequence if you got hurt down that cliff.... but come on, all alone in LA?!? Who'd have thunk it!
Anyway, empty waves are defintitely still out there if you are willing to search!
Take care, and give my best to the crew! I'll send ya out some pics at some point!

TC Christo

You hot shit! That is the ultimate score my brother!!! Would you mind if I wrote about this, and I promise, I won't give anywhere near the location? I promise. I just think it proves my point about opening your eyes and your imagination. I would not name the spots, except LA itself. That's pretty generic. That is so freaking cool. I love hearing shit like this. I mean, I do it all the time.

I've gotten sessions at the R----, F---, the P----, F-----, myself. It's not like I'm invisible. And if only Mackey V would listen to the old man, he'd score with me. But he's 17 and needs to be with his buddies. I can dig that. It's just so funny to hear some people complain about crowds and all. Look, out here we have either direction. Massachusetts or Maine. It's funny to hear some of my local California friends rib me about New Hampshire. They think there must be borders or something. I keep telling them, we have FOUR states to surf in. All within driving distance.

Any ways, great to hear from you. I'm stoked to hear you like the new site. I'm still working on getting the site better. I know what you mean, about the way I have it set up, with viewing photos. I'm not that tech savvy to figure out how to do that. You do like it better this way than the old way correct? You just want to be able to see each photo, without closing each window right? That's what I need to do.

I'll tell everyone you said hello. Please do send me some pics. I'll make sure they stay safe as far as location. But I'll give the props out to you and your friends. Just tell me who's who when you send em.

Stay healthy and safe and keep surfing!


Ralph 3/30/09

The page looks great. I’m sure it will continue to evolve and the load time isn’t bad. I guess it really depends on your connection.

The two shots below were me. That was a fun day. Billie was killing it as usual. I did see the other shots from the other morning. Great photos the sunrise photo with the guy knee paddling was great. A timeless photo. The photos made the waves look better than they actually were but we had a lot of fun. Bryon and I were just talking about the photos this morning and I said that it’s rare to have a photo of us walking out to the water. We have been surfing together for a long time and I realized that we have never taken the time to take photos. Once again, your efforts are appreciated.



Thank you. Were those shots of you? Hope the new site and thumbnails are settling in with everyone. I know people don't like change, but this new look is easier in the long run as far as the page loading quicker.

Did you ever see the shots of you and Bryon from that cold morning?

Thanks again.


Hi Ralph 3/29/09
Good to see you the other morning @ muskrat reef!! that old photo of Kevin..i believe that was a spread by Baytoff in that old east coast section they had in surfer mag back then...remember it was a small pinkish insert....i believe it was in october...i remember we had one nor'easter after another and Baytoff was always getting the shots.....seeing that photo makes me realize i have been making the journey to the great state of NH for over twenty plus years for some great surf sessions and i would like to say thanks to all you guys for sharing the NH aloha and waves with me all these years......see you in the water......sean'o


Thanks for the kind words. Good seeing you as well. Where did you surf that morning? Say where is Muskrat Ledge? Glad you liked the old shot of Kevin. It's a classic. And it is hard to believe that it's as old as it is. Guess we're all getting older.

I posted over 200 photos this week. Damn. Do you like the new look with all the sponsors and all? And the Thumbnails? It just seems to me that it loads faster with thumbs. Plus when you do click on them you actually get a bigger photo than before. Still change is hard for some people. Most everyone likes it better now after a few weeks.

Keep surfing!


Hello there Ralph! 3/27/09

I hope you had a fun session or two or five over the past couple days. I was wondering how I could get my hands on some prints of some of the photos that were in last (2 weeks ago?) weeks RPOTW, ie. price, availability of sizes. I have tried to attach the photos I would like to get, but if they didn't go thru I can try again. Thanks for braving the cold that day. Ha! Keep up the terrific work on the "blog" as it helps a lot of us power thru mondays!

take care,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. But the weekly column/blog has turned into a full time job. I had no idea that was you that morning. Wasn't that wet icy sand a trip? But it was so pretty that morning. That was you in those photos huh? I was trying to imagine what that surfer (you) was thinking with the sun coming up like that.

Any ways. I charge $25pr print. I can print a 8 x 10, or a 5 x 7, or just provide you with a high Res digital file and you can have it done somewhere else. Just let me know which photos you want.

Thanks for the kind words too. It means a lot to me knowing that so many of you get something out of my weekly rants and pics.

Keep surfing!


Hey Ralph, 3/27/09

I just checked the banner for Rules and Tips, Great Job! that cracked me up totally; the photo of Col. Kilgore “If I say it’s safe to surf. It’s safe to surf” and “Charlie don’t surf” …..two tips to live by. Thanks for the morning laugh. Ed

Classic Surf Scene for sure. And it fits the Rules & Tips page.

Ralph 3/23/09

How are you liking the new camera?? Looks like it takes some sweet pictures! I put your link up. It is a site I use so all of my buddies can see their pictures and for the calendars...not to mention I have fun doing it!

I like the new look to RPOTW! The 1st week was tough getting use to the change, but to tell you the truth, I like the new set-up SO MUCH more! I really like how you can view all of the thumbnails easily and enlarge the ones that you want to view. I also like the tabs that you have on the top. It looks very organized and easy to navigate. But like I said, I really like being able to view all of the small thumbnails!!! Having the advertisements is also a good way to grow your hits and get more local companies involved. Good work...I can vouch for my friends when I say we all really look forward to RPOTW every week.

Also, do you know anyone who uses Canon lenses that I could shoot an email or to? I am looking to purchase one but would like to get some recommendations first. I am thinking of getting the Canon 100-400L IS (4-5.6).
See you in the water!

Kevin Doherty

Hey Kevin I like the camera a lot. But honestly, anything was a step up from that last camera I was using. 5 megapixels? I had to go bigger. And thank you for the kind words on the new site. It's been a lot of work. Hell, it's a freaking full time job. I'm shooting more and surfing less. But I'm not complaining. As long as it's surf related.

Ralph, 3/22/09

I started surfing this past summer (last thing I thought I'd start doing when I moved to Boston a year and a half ago) and have been hooked ever since. Early on I found your blog and have enjoyed it weekly! I was a little perturbed at the new look that came out, due to the human nature in me that does not like change, but I'm already loving it! Looks great bro!

I was up at the Wall on the 12th - first guy in the water. How do I know that? Because I freakin' woke up at 4:30 in the morning got a cup of coffee picked up 2 buddies of mine and drove up there, from Boston, in the dark. Man, it was great! Anyway, these guys didn't even get in the water - something about it being too small. It was dark, man! We couldn't even tell what the waves looked like! All I knew was I was getting wet - and just to be out there for that sunrise was worth it!

Though I had the most discouraging session of my short and nondescript career (due to my remarkable inability to catch waves) it was worth it all for the joy of being in the water... as well as the insults I was authorized to hurl all the way home at my uncommited surfing buds.

Anyway, I always thank God every time I get in the water. I often raise my hands in thanks - just wondering if you might have got a pic of that. Or any pics of me riding - I have an black/dark blue excel suit and a canyon longboard.

Thanks for putting your time into the site - it's great.

Ronald Goode


Thanks for the kind words. And I'm glad you're stoked on the new look. As far as your request goes...I do not recall shooting that scene you described. However, all the photos are posted on the weekly blogs in the archives section. Let me know if you find it, I can get a high res for you. Thanks again. Keep surfing!


Hi Ralph, 3/19/09

I know you are busy with the new site and I want to give you 2 thumbs up on a job well done!

Scott P. Kelly

Thank for the kind words Scott -keep surfing.

Ralph, 3/19/09

I am personally aware of the scope that your page has since many of my friends from as far as Canada talk to me about it all the time. We will pass it on to those who share the lifestyle.
Thanks again
Richard New Hampshire

Thanks Richard. I like our friends from up North. They help support the local shops.

Jesse C. 3-19-09
hi ralph, thanks for the photo and props. i'm really inspired and impressed with how you write and communicate to people. you really have a true talent in writing!


Jesse you sounded great last night. I posted a photo on my blog.
On the contrary, you have a true talent in communicating with people through your amazing music. Incredible.


Hey Ralph, 3/18/09

This is Matt from NH, I just picked up your DVD Groovemaster’s the other day and it was awesome. I wish that there were more people like you out there making great LOCAL surf dvd’s. Your column is awesome and I have been reading it for the last few years, I like the varied topics that you do cover, it is nice to know that there are like minded people in the area. It is amazing when I tell people about your column and dvd, no body knows about New England surf culture, keep spreading the good word, maybe I’ll see you out there moving to the coast soon.


Matt S. New Hampshire

*Hello Matt. And thanks for buying GrooveMasters, and I'm glad you think it's awesome. Truth be told, I had so much footage from the last year and a half, that I knew I couldn't possibly fit it in one movie. I was working on getting GREETING SEASONS out, that it was a natural progression to release GrooveMasters. I take it, you're a Long Boarder. Greeting Seasons is all shortboarding, while GrooveMasters is all Longboarding . I think there are more local video guys out there. I know of a few. But I've been making local movies for a very long time. I honestly do appreciate that. Again, thank you. Be sure and say hello, if you run into me out there...(I don't mean run me over..Ha!).

Keep surfing!

Hey Ralph, 3/18/09

I am over on Kauai for 3 weeks. Big north swell the first few days here but has dropped radically since Sunday. A Surfer drowned on Friday in some big waves on the east side. I thought this article would be of interest maybe you have seen it already. What insanity! Hope all is wll with you and we will have to get together in April when we return.

Aloha, Tom Hawaii


I agree. In fact, here's an email I wrote to a friend and a mother who's son was killed in IRAQ. I hope I don't offend anyone. "I'm glad they (The Administration) nixed the idea of having COMBAT Wounded Veterans pay for their own insurance. However, it still does not take away from this simple fact, and that is...'that he was even considering doing this, in the first place.' It is beyond, any 'sound thinking American', to even think about enacting such an absurd bill.
it's just so out of touch, with so many Americans, it's not funny.

How about this for saving money...Don't appear on the JAY LENO show tonight. We'll save thousands on the fuel for Air Force One, and the Secret Service. Lord help us all... "

By the way, I got The Surfers Journal to sign on with my weekly. They will start next week. Meanwhile, check out my last column.
It's getting there.

Hope you get some good surf. Sorry to hear about the guy who drowned. That's very sad.
See you when you get back. It's Spring!


Cc: "Ralph " <>
From: Michael Kew 3-17-09

I cut my teeth on the reefs from Cardiff to Leucadia, actually learned how to surf at Swami's. There's really nothing for me down there these days, though, 'cept my parents, brother, and an old friend or two. But for a towhead kid in the mid-1980s, Encinitas was pretty bitchen.
Damn, that was 20-25 years ago!

Michael Kew California

Thats Kool Kew. Thanks for the note.


Hi Ralph, 3/15/09
Few pictures I took this week from when Gretzsky was here visiting us. We've been way to spoiled with waves this whole winter that this month has been in the low 70's and slightly windy everyday that we're complaining that its cold! Looks like you guys are getting your fare share of snow... and surf!
Hope all is well with everyone!

Julia Hawaii

Thanks Jules! These look great. I'll get them up next weekend. I have deadlines now on Saturdays by noon.There's too much work involved trying to get new pics on Sunday.



From Nicaragua 3/14/09

Mellow first day, just a readjustment day. Samantha helped out huge today, she spent the entire day doing hair on all the ladies from dawn til dusk. Expecting some surf this weekend and a heavy day in the dump tommorow. Should have a lot to share this weekend.
Hope all is well.

Brian Nevins-Nicaragua

Once again, your ability to juxtapose beauty and sadness, comes through in vivid detail.
Amazing. Keep up the great work. Both in humanity and in the arts.
Looks like Sam has settled in and has kept a positive outlook for the children.
Good on you both.


Hi Ralph, 3/13/09

I'm a freelance documentary filmmaker and a well-mannered (but mostly terrible) surfer doing some volunteer work for the Massachusetts chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. I'm also a big fan of "Ralph's Pic of the Week." Thanks for giving me something to always look forward to on Mondays! and congrats on the new look.
Best wishes,

Boston, MA


Thank you for the kind words. I'm sure you're being extra critical, of your surfing skills. Are you having fun surfing? Then that's all that really matters. As long as your having fun, and not causing a scene out there, well...welcome to our world.Thanks again for the kind words, and Keep Surfing!


Hi Ralph, 3/13/09
Cool Web Layout! Much more efficient.OK, here's my request: I'd love to know how you painted your board - like maybe a step-by-step process. I've done a few google searches but I'm not sure I trust what I've seen.If you can, I'd appreciate it. If not, I'll keep surfing my ugly dinged up board until the stimulus plan bails me out and I can buy brand new.
West Newbury, MA


Thanks for the kind words. As far as painting my board. I used those colored marker pens. I simply penciled in the the drawing, and then used those markers. Dave Cropper (Cinnamon Rainbows) ordered the markers for me. You have to spray the board after you're done, with a clear based coating, or some kind of acrylic junk. I think there's a few companies who make the markers. The spray coating stuff, you can get at any hardware store. Being an artist, it was fun to do, but not very easy to blend colors. It's pretty limiting. Although, there's one guy who has it down, I forget his name, but he advertises in the mags.

Good luck.


Hello Ralph, 3/12/09

Thanks for all the work. I check this out every week.


Thanks Chris. I got some really pretty pics this morning of both you and Bryon.
Be sure and tell him to look for them first thing Monday.

Keep surfing!


From: andrew R. Sent Via email 3/12/09
To: <>
Subject: D 90

Aloha ,
Was wondering how you like your D90 ? Thinking about getting one soon but I do not know anyone that owns one . Have you used the video much and what do you think about it?Thanks for standing out in the cold and getting some great shots. It keeps me excited for surfing in the times when I can not be in the water . Hope to get in the water soon , I have not been since December , starting to go crazy . Any info on the camera would be great.

P.S. the dude surfing with no hood is Doug , he is an artist and has some great surf art. If you see him out again talk with him , I think you would like his art work.
Thank you,
Andrew R.
Sick double barrel for Dave

*Hello *I love it. *Well, I got it for two reasons. One the HD video capability and second, two of my photographers have telephoto lens that are compatible with the D-90. I have yet to shoot video with it. But I plan on getting that wired soon. I'm still monkeying with the still image world. I'm mostly a video guy. So this is all sort of new to me. Although, I've been shooting for years. It's still a trip figuring all this stuff out. *I got it from B&H in NYC. I buy all my gear from them. Yes the service is good. Ha! I was there this morning shooting the sunrise and a few longboarders. Got some decent shots that's why I do it. I bet. That's not so bad though...just a few months. You should be able to get back into the water rather quickly. *Google it. It's all out there.
*I have talked with him...he's peculiar to say the least. I'd like to see his art. I'll ask him the next time.
You're welcome.
Yes that double barrel of Dave Cropper was nice. He was pretty stoked with that sequence.

Sent via email 3/9/09

Ralph I watched the movie Taking Chance last night. The story of returning a 19 year old marine who was killed in action in Iraq to his hometown.

I thought of you, I thought of my foster brother & I thought of my father in law all people I respect.

A marine, an army ranger-green beret & navy sailor that saw action & fought for our country.

In case I never see you again, or get to talk to you, let me just say thank you.

via email California


That was a good movie. Very well done. And thanks for thinking of me and saying thanks.
Although, I did nothing special. Trust me, the guys that came home in a box?
Those are the guys we thank.

And never see you again? I'm coming back. You ain't seen the last of me. Ha!


Sent by email on 3/9/09

Sometimes you ride a pink longboard, if it's all you have.

Jimmy Dunn - secure in his masculinity, somewhere warm.
photo by Judie.

Ha! I never saw this until just now! I remember this shot. When you were on the Cruise ship right? That's borrowed this Pink board? *Still, the BIG difference between you and the guy on the PARTING shot know how to surf.


Ralph: 3/9/09

Amazing, amazing my friend, unbelievable quality and quantity. What surf spot/surfing community in the World gets that kind of coverage of a swell the week it happened? There isn’t a comparable website anywhere. You are really mastering that Nikon, by the way. I thought the empty wave shot “Big Beef” lip shot and “whip turn at the wall”
were great, definite contenders for shot
of the week.

I see you have added the links to the other pages across the top. It’s just a fantastic visual treat this week; great video clip and Nevins, Carden, Ralph all at the top of their game.

The only problem I see is how are you going to maintain this pace? Anything I can do to help just let me know.

Ed New Hampshire
Via email

Thanks Ed. I couldn't do it without you guys shooting every week.


Allow me to be the first to "Drop In" on Ralph- the new site looks great! I like being able to cruise around the site and click on whatever appeals to me- ads, pics, community page- and I still get that familiar weekly update from Ralph!

John Carden, New Hampshire.

Thanks Johnny. Just keep sending me
all those great pics.


































































































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