If you have stuff you want to unload that can't be sold at a Surf Shop, we can try and sell it here for you. Whatever it is that you might want to sell. Photo gear, Computers, DVDs, TV's, Fishing and hunting gear...whatever. This your classified page. And if you want to be a sponsor on this page
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Brian Nevins is one of the World's Best Surf Photographers. He's selling some of his water housing gear. If you've ever wanted to get that wide angle water shot, or just a cool looking barrel shot from the water, well, check this gear out. Dale Kobetich was one of the most innovative surf photographers to ever swim out and take a barrel shot. His expertise in building these housings is second to none.

Aquatech EOS 3 housing with a LP50 port and an LP70 port. Needs a new o-ring (detachable so you just need to order it) but otherwise in good shape. Housing and ports for 500.00, with camera body 900.00

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Dale Kobetich Canon 630 fixed fisheye housing w/ body. This is the best housing I have ever owned, carbon fiber lightest housing ever made. Had it made for the years I shot puerto escondido (yes.. I actually swam, I'm not that lazy), perfect barrel set up. 1000.00

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Dale Kobetich Canon Elan 7 fixed 70-200 telephoto housing w/body. great shape. 400.00

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2 Canon 550ex flashes
in good condition for 100.00 each

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Let me know if your interested.

Brian Nevins

(Above) The foto of the pier is in Newport Beach Pier at around 0545.....Dream Time
.Photo By Dale Kobetich

(Above) Here is "Bollo" the carbon fiber Panorama wonder...with over 83 nuts and screws , 2 cameras 5dmk2s , 2 fish eyes , 24 operational controls , 3 high power water proof flashes powered by a 12 amp hour 6 volt water proofed battery.....weight 35 pounds...for surfing , free diving , enviromental photos......more to follow on Facebook....pass them along ...Dale Kobetich...Photo By Dale Kobetich