Look this is simple. Take a photo using a decent Digital camera. Or, if you still use film, scan the photo yourself and email me the file. Or, send me either a print, or a slide, and I'll scan it for you. Just make sure you include a return address. Simply email this request and I'll let you know where to send it to. If you have a digital camera make sure it's a least 5 mega pixels. In this day and age everyone has a decent camera.
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Don't send me crappy cell phone images. This is not your local TV station. Although, if you have an embarrassing photo taken on your celly of some surfer, send it off. But look, in the meantime here's some basic rules:

1. Make sure the image is in focus. *If you are not sure how to focus, use the Auto Focus.

2. Name the Surfer and the break. Chances are I will NOT disclose the break. But if you want your subject to get their 15 minutes of fame, tell me who the hell it is in your photo.

3. Tell me who you are. The photographer. I'm assuming you want credit. Tell me your name, and whatever else I should know.

4. Make sure it's between 800 pixels and 900 pixels wide. That's left to right. 800 pixels to 900 pixels wide.

5. Make sure the DPI (Dots Per Inch) is decent as well (at least 150dpi). But honestly, don't worry about the DPI so much as I can adjust it if need be, Besides the internet is all about compressing images. The smaller the image size, the quicker the download. BUT don't you compress it, let me do it.

6. Please don't put watermarks or websites on the image. You'll get the credit without having to do that. Besides, I have a page designated for all photogs who submit their work to me. You will get credit and You will get your site mentioned.

7. Finally, I have a Deadline. Saturday before 12 noon, to get your pics up for that week. Otherwise you get bumped to the following week. I post on Sundays. This, after working on the site all week. So, if you don't care about getting your pics up that same week. No worries. Otherwise get em to me by 12 noon on Saturdays. OK? Good. Class dismissed...now get out there and start shooting my crackies.

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