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January 2010

January 31, 2010

Hi Ralph, since it looks like we're in for a flat week, here are some pics from Monday of the Hurricane Bill swell. I took photos of my husband, Dan, and other unknown surfers at the Wall. The first two pics, 0038 and 0108 are of Dan and the others are unknown. Your pics every week serve as inspiration to a newbie surf photographer like myself. Hopefully you can use some of them. Thanks!

Thanks Melissa...keep shooting.

January 31, 2010

Hey Ralph,
A few of the pics I snapped last week during/after the snowstorm on Jan. 19 - 20. I've been wanting to start taking surf photos for a while so I finally bit the bullet and got myself a DSLR (Nikon D3000) for Christmas before traveling to Africa over winter break. I'm planning to start taking more pictures before or between sessions if I can stay out of the water long enough, so hopefully I'll have more photos coming your way as the spring surf season heats up. Enjoy, and long live The Run!
-Mike S

Cool pics'll find that is a lifelong dilemma for me. Surf or shoot?
I most times shoot first.

January 30, 2010


It is a small place we live in sometimes...
The shot is one I took of a friend of mine, Ian Cowen, at our home break, Mecca. I'll send one of me if you prefer but you can post htis either was great to talk to you and open my eyes to the New England surf scene. I do a lot of SUP now and have been for the past 5 years. I still regular surf it it gets good but the SUP in 0-4 ft is a blast and you can cover a lot of ground. It might be a good way to stay out of 38 degree water in NH? Afterthought; the air is colder!!!

anyway I'll stay connected.
Mike (San Clemente)
Thanks Mike but I'll pass on the SUP scene..

January 29, 2010

Ralph -

The word of surf has a funny way of getting around.
(See below)

Ty (California)

Thanks Ty, it's small world after all.

This must be the Ralph you met, Ralph Fatello. If so he's featured in our extra credits on the BTL DVD in the Paddle-Out clip. Ralph is a great guy.
Troy (California)

I'm up in the naath east this week on business and thought I'd look for surf. It was going off at point breaks, beach breaks and reefs up and down the New Hampshire coast. I met a guy Ralph who has surfed here since 64' and went to Vietnam in 69-70. He was talking about
going to a paddleout in San Diego for a vet friend so I asked him if he had seen "Between The Lines"? He's says as a matter of fact he was part of the research and was listed in the credits! His name is Ralph and have his email address to drop him a line when I get back.

Anyway they have surf if you can stand 38 degree water, snow and blowing offshores...
Kind Regards,

Mike (California)

January 28, 2010

Joe Ryan from Delaware is visiting and he and I caught an absolutely perfect evening session the other night. We had several days of rain and then it stopped. Joe called and said the surf at Rincon was picking up and I told him I was seeing at it as well. The swell pulsed out of nowhere and he and I caught perfect waves at a right reef - just the two of use. I was expecting Jay Riddle to paddle out at any moment. The surf climbed to solid head high and really hollow. It was a special session. On the drive out that evening we watched five overhead lines stack up on the point below us- slight offshore and glassy with absolutely no one in the water.
Ron (Central Cal)

Ron you're killing me...glad you guys scored.

January 27, 2010

Hi Ralph,

Nice meeting you yesterday and getting a chance to talk surf and see
the set-up at your local breaks. I sent a note to Troy Page and his
Uncle (my best bro) letting them know I met you and saw some pretty
incredible waves in NH. You guys have a pretty cool set-up up there
but it takes brass balls to engage in 38 degree water….

I’ll send you some shots of the swells of the past few weeks. If you
get out here let’s get a surf.

Mike (San Clemente)
Thanks Mike. Say hi to Troy for me.o

January 25, 2010


I have been enjoying your movie a lot. Great work. I liked that you kept the
music local too & it was nice to have all those stills mixed in with
the movie footage. Obviously you did not "jinx" the RUN by releasing
when you did ....

Just got my Surfer's Journal ... Nevins strikes again! That is one of
my favorite photos; I have it on my desktop here on my computer at work.

See you in the water,


Thanks Michael Glad you liked the movie. I wonder why some of us get
TSJ before others?...The RUN continues.

January 25, 2010

Hey Ralph,
Happy New Year.
Ok, so it has been a while. Truthfully because I have by trying to learn how to be a better photographer and user of my Mac. I have a few shots from some trips. They are compressed and I believe sized appropriately, but I am not sure. I am only using Iphoto and am realizing its limitations. I speaks in size, but have not been able to manipulate in actual pixels. At least not that I can find. Anyway.
I have a few shots from when Ken Linseman and his family where in the area. We got a nice day at a place called Greenmeadows. I have a shot of Kyle and his buddy Tom. Great visit, ok waves.
Then there are some shots of Raglan, Manu bay and Whale bay. My camera is the obvious limitation there. Finally the east coast at new years. Wainui beach is famous for its barrels. It was 4-6ft at 14secs that day. Amazing.
Your site keeps me connected to home. Check the pics every week. I dont miss the freezing water or the crowds, but I do miss home.
Thanks again.
If these shots are too big, let me know I will keep trying. If you have any hints, feel free to send them my way.

Chris (New Zealand)

Like I said six months ago...I've always wanted to go to New Zealand. I'll post these pics next week. Thanks for sending them. I'm glad that this site keeps you connected.

January 23, 2010

Hey Ralph

Just thought I might give you a news item for your column if you think it interesting.

Scotty Lago just qualified for the US snowboarding Olympic team yesterday. He has been on a roll lately. His Mom Christine and I went to see him in Mammoth two weeks ago where Christine (also a local surfur) celebrated her 50th birthday by making three runs down the halfpipe!!!!!!!! she has more balls than me!!!!

At any rate your latest effort "The Run " is really great

See you in the water

Dave C

Happy to hear about Scotty's Great News! I'm sure he'll do well. Sounds like his Mom would do well too! Glad you like the RUN movie!

January 22, 2010


As always, your web site is great reading and viewing. Your advice on giving to the Red Cross for disaster aid to Haiti is good advice. I think it is also worth mentioning (my wife reminded me of this) that when there is a disaster in one part of the world, the charitable organizations who work in other areas don't stop the good work that they do. Your readers might take the time to click on the links you so kindly provide in Ralph's Community, and maybe dig even deeper into their pockets to make a donation. It's a lot to ask in this economy, but as you say Americans have great compassion. Anyone who is moved by your web site to contribute to a charity might also think of including the words "In Appreciation of" with the donation.

On another subject... I am trying to take to heart your thoughts about taking care of ears in the water. So I started wearing ear plugs. However, once I start wearing a hood it seems that there is no need for plugs as my head feels like it is on fire. The problem I see is that sometimes I pull off the hood to cool off. Usually I pull in back on before I paddle for a wave but not always. So I ask: how anal should we be about our ears? Plugs under the hood? What do you do, Ralph? Maybe you should add to your site a "Ralph's What to Wear" section for water temps of 65, 55, 45, 35. Or whatever. You just might get the Californina surfers to smarten up.

Thanks again for all you do.

Best regards,

Jeff - NH

Thank you for the kind words. The tragedy in Haiti is truly heart breaking.
And thanks for all the other friendly advice.
As far as ear plugs, wear them all the time,
even with the hood. Unless NO water get's in there.
That's what I do. Thanks again and keep surfing (and keep those ears dry).

January 21, 2010

We've had an awful spell of weather here in SoCal. Rain, winds, high
surf, flooding, mud slides, the works. Attached are some images from the
past couple days. First are a few big surf images I took off my balcony,
second are from a storm driven swell that was actually breaking inside the
Newport Beach harbor jetties, on the other side of the wedge.

All this rain has been snow up in the mountains, so I'm off to big bear
lake tomorrow for some fresh powder!

You happen to be in one of the few places on the planet that you can get the best of both worlds. Looking forward to your Snow-Pow-Pow shots.

January 21, 2010

Hi Ralph, I wrote to you last spring about the D90. I bought one and
have been very happy with it . Thanks for the help . These shots are
from The Wall on 1/21/2010. Guy on the green WRV works @ the shop , I
think his name is Khyle , not sure on the spelling? He was fun to
watch . Hope you enjoy some of the shots.
Andrew R

Glad you like the D-90 it's a great camera. That was Kyle Linseman.

January 19, 2010

Let me ask ya crackie, anyone ever tell ya that ya look like Joan Rivers? Nice punch Noelle.


Why ya gotta be so hurtful to Joan Rivers?

January 19, 2010

After 40+weeks of surf, I was caught in a conundrum. Free place to stay on lake winnipesaukee. 4 days on gunstoke for $160, total. Do I stay and surf or snowboard fresh tracks? Chose the later. God save my soul for turning down waves. be good Ralph.

Mahalo Dr. B

Surfing, snowboarding... it's all good.

January 18, 2010

Hey Ralph,

It's not really a big deal, but as someone who loves waves, ice, cold places and glaciers, I have a hard time letting such internet hoaxes pass for facts. The ice in this picture is not a frozen wave, it actually isn't even salt water. It's part of an Antarctic glacier, which flowed into the sea, broke off to form a berg, was weathered and shaped by the ocean, rolled over, and was caught in the coastal ice-pack. The blue color is probably a giveaway. This kind of ice is formed by a great accumulation of snow, which over decades and/or centuries is compacted under the pressure of its own weight. I is still an amazing photo and an amazing form.

Anyway, thanks for getting me my small fix of New England winter waves week after week. I really appreciate support of the local community and local artists.

Adam P-R

I figured it was more than likely only a partial truth. Thanks for pointing it out.
Still it was really neat to look at the many wild pics.

January 18, 2010

Insane aerial movie of the outrageously surf rich coastline of Nova Scotia….. imagine yourself with your boat out here… take 10 days to trailer ‘er out, rent a small, inexpensive house for two months in the summer, live the dream, become part of the wallpaper down at the harbor, burn some serious fuel running up, down, and all around….. a truly unusual surfing/skiff experience….. ship the boat home by mid Fall and fly home yourself. Batta freekin’ bing!

Jeff (California)

There's no surf in Nova Scotia. Stay Home.

January 16, 2010

Leah was such a sweetheart to keep everybody in touch with what was happening with me in November after I had my surgery. I actually had a slow recovery with one incision line not really healing well, but after 7 weeks of antibiotics and many visits back to the surgeon, I'm fully recovered. I went to Dana Farber which is the big cancer center in Boston, and got a second opinion on how I should folllow up with my diagnosis of breast cancer, and everybody is in agreeance, that I should have 4 rounds of chemotherapy. I got that feedback last week, and the oncologist would like me to start chemo on Mon. Jan. 18th.

Soooo Kevin booked us a flight to Puerto Rico this past week, for my birthday. We stayed with friends and it was a beautiful break from the cold weather here in New England. The temps were 85-90 degrees, the water was warm and crystal blue oh, and there were waves, so of course Leah & Kevin had to take advantage of the opportunity to surf! Kody was unable to join us, because he was in school, we really did miss not having him with us, it sort of felt like I left my left leg at home!

I'm doing well, after rest & relaxation, I'm ready to take on this challenge. I want to say thank-you to all of my family & friends who have sent me cards, flowers, food, called and have offered to help in any way. Thank-you for your kindness, and I will call but most of all thank-you for keeping me in your prayers, that is the greatest thing you can do to help me. I want you all to know that I really do feel loved by you all.
God Bless,

We're all praying for you Kim. Remember "Surfing Heals All Wounds"...

January 15, 2010

Thanks Ralph! Attached are a couple images for the preview. I'll get you
some more next week. 46 out of 47 weeks is really, really good! Hell, even if it goes to
46/48, thats damn impressive too! And even if you don't have another day
of surf till you count a full 52 weeks, that'd still be close to 90%.
Heck of a year! But of course everyone's pulling for that continuation.


We're still counting...

January 15, 2010

Ralph, I love Crackie!!! Would like to personally meet him some day.


Be careful of what you wish for.

January 14, 2010

seems like the weather is freezing your brain cells there ole Ralphie Boy.

Couldn't help but to think of you last week with the playoffs and was going to e you but figured you were too depressed. That was a rough one.

Good games coming up. Love the playoffs. Win or go home.

The surf here has just been GIANT, too big to surf most the time and we are looking at another 8 day run of out of control swell. Gotta love El Nino.


What did the Patriots lose in the Play-Offs? I missed that. Your waves are too big for me.

January 13, 2010


I'm a huge fan of your pics of the week. Just wondering when you'll be archiving the 2009 shots. No rush.

"The Drop In"

Dude I archive every single week...Have you tried the archive button/tab?

January 11, 2010

Hey Ralph.

I just arrived back to work on my oil Rig off the coast of Brazil a few days ago. I work as a Chief Engineer on-board an ultra deep water Drilling Rig located about 140 miles off the coast of Rio. Sometimes I get a to surf a day on either end of my trip but it sucks being gone from my wife and kid for a month at a time.
During my month at work I love waking up on Monday mornings and a checking the Blog first thing. All the work e mail gets put off until I get a chance to check out the blog. A few times my boss has walked in on me in my office and caught me zoning off into cyber surfland only to be awakened by the door slamming behind me.
This week was particularly amusing because of my recent fame in the 3 shot spread of me dropping in on Mike. Although I never mind having my photo taken, I would like you to know there was a very complicated equation going through my brain as I dropped in on one of my best friends.
Anyways. Thanks for the good laugh and I'll see you when I return.

Take Care,

Bryan (Brazil)

You know, I was secretly hoping as I was writing those captions, "this guy will never see these. "Glad you have a sense of humor. I have answered so many emails from people who have been convicted by me and my 10th Street Court Of Law. And 99% of them have had the same reaction. They all got a good laugh. I'm glad you're one of them...

If you get any photos of Brazil send em off to me. Be safe.

Keep surfing!


P.S. The sentence was the INVISIBLE SURFER section go back and take a look.

January 7, 2010

Hey brotha,

I don’t remember if I have had a chance to say “well done” on the latest RUN DVD. I bought several stocking stuffers and of course a house copy.

I LOVED your instrumental in the Fall 2009 section before the ending Dec section. For that matter all the tunes were tight but you know I am a sucker for a man with a Strat.

Thanks again for all your time, keep shooting brotha, we all love your work….all the best….Vini

Thanks Vini.Vini

January 7, 2010

Ralph, I was just going through my old e-mails and doing some deleting when I came upon this. At a time when I was approaching a critical crossroads in my life and questioning my relevance, your words of encouragement meant so much to me. Thank you so much for this and I hope to see you sometime soon. Surf Free Or Die, buddy,


We've not seen the last of you my friend.

January 6, 2010


Hello and first and foremost, I really respect, appreciate and thoroughly enjoy your page and your photos. My name is Greg. I grew up in RI, now live in Boston with my wife and love to surf NE waves. I frequent beautiful Hampton Beach often because of its amazing tendency to pick up all kinds of swell.

But this Christmas, I had the opportunity of a lifetime; to celebrate the holiday season on the tropical Hawaiian island of Oahu and surf the world famous waves of the Seven Mile Miracle, the North Shore!
Gotta love surfing in boardies or at least having that option, not 6mm of rubber!

Mahalo and I hope to meet you some time in the water or shooting in the near future!

Greg F

Hey Greg I love surfing Lanis. myself. ..and Thanks for the kind words.

January 5, 2010

Hello Ralph,

It's been a few years since our last contact, right after 9/11 if my memory is better than the Granite state's own Tom Rush!
Anyway, nice to be able to navigate back to your site and see you're still thriving. I guess your efforts haven't gone unappreciated. Your coastline will always be familiar and welcoming, as I surfed it regularly between '64 and '84 before relocating to lower Manhattan. Rockaway , 90th street is the home break now. I can get there by subway but it takes a while.
So I've attached a few pictures for you. No, not local waves or surfers. Just some shots of our progress building the Freedom Tower. I know you appreciate what this represents more than most. We have the steel to the top and the cladding for the first 186'. Near 2000' when we top-off. You can see Old Glory, mounted to acknowledge the maiden voyage of the USS New York, whose stem was made with WTC steel.
Long ago and far way from Plaice Cove but we make the best of it.
Take care and God Bless.

Joseph B.

Hey Joe:

Good to hear from you. These are heart warming photos. Thanks for sending them.
I'll post em for the upcoming week. Glad to hear you're still getting in the water.
Be funny to see a pic of you guys with your boards on the Subway.

Keep surfing and keep the positive stoke both in and out of the water.


January 4, 2010


The clips from your movies look amazing, especially that one that starts off with the guy getting shacked on the left, exciting action and good production quality. You are a diligent man to hang-out in that climate to capture all the good stuff.

Got fun surf on Mon. the 28th at Spanish House, was there for 4 days, plenty of swell but bad winds except on Mon. wind turned offshore. It was about shoulder high to about a foot overhead and about as clean as … well, you know.

Thanks for everything and Happy New Year!


Glenn (Florida)

Thanks Glenn...heard it's chilly down there. Pull out the 3/2. J

January 4, 2010

Ralph- I bought the RUN on the 16th from Pioneers. I try to visit a different shop each time I need some gear to spread the wealth. You did a great job on the movie and my kids specifically liked Crackie! I thought the soundtrack was very good also, some good tunes in there, especially from Qwill.

Missed the last swell due to the holidays and a pesky cold but I am hoping for something brewing soon. I was thinking about dusting off the shortboard this year also. I am thinking about having a fish made, so that could be a good compromise. At least I need to start taking both boards, just in case. Over the last few sessions I have noticed some bickering between the shortboard community and some less than capable longboarders that were picking off waves. I guess that struggle will never go away, but there is times when I wish I had something more maneuverable.

ps. I had some 8x10's made up from the photos from you and Ed and they are framed and on display. Thanks again!



Thanks for buying the pics and the movie. It's amazing how much better the High Res versions are of the stills.

January 4, 2010

I always love the snowy surf shots! New England is an amazing place.
Great snow/lineup shot you took in this weeks issue! Love it!

Happy New Year.


Thanks's home. The snow, cold and ice.

January 4, 2010


Thanks, coming from one a visually talented as you that is a real compliment. I know we are always looking to improve and pushing each other, it’s a good time to be a surf photographer in NH.

I shot for a few hours this morning, tried to give you a call, but as usual my cell phone didn’t work. Really enjoyed the column this week, liked your New Years Resolutions and your take on the SUP drop in (but I still say they are cheating, they can start paddling somewhere off the coast of Portugal with those huge brooms, so they will always be first on the wave).

Happy New Year


I shot yesterday morning for a few yours myself.
Funny about your SUP take. I was thinking the EXACT same thing. They can catch em way the DROP IN rule must have an
amendment dealing with SUPS.


January 1, 2010

Hi, Ralph!

I saw multiple pictures of me surfing (attached) from Aug 23/30
(Hurricane Bill). Were there more photos taken from the photographers
that were not shown on your site that I could possibly view. Please
let me know as I would be interested in possibly purchasing additional
pictures. Thanks for all of your postings; great shots of everyone!


Windy? Is that your name or a nickname? What you see is what we have.