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October 30, 2010

Today I went to the beach feeling ill and giving myself a 50/50 chance of surfing. Standing in the parking lot, I thought you have to surf no matter how you feel in harser condtions than mine. That was all I need tio suit up and catch one for Ralph.
I dont feel any better having surfed but I done feel any worse either but I surfed.
Thanks for the inspiration.
Rock (San Francisco)

Thanks Rock.

October 29, 2010

Dear Ralph, This Journey was incredible, I watched for hours everything. I never knew surfing was all that intense and so so beautiful. Breathtaking and I can't thank-you enough. I knew what to look for and saw Mike right away, I will treasure this forever along with my niece, Audrey and Nephew Jason. I cannot wait to send this whole thing to them. I have a brand new respect  for surfing. You are Ralph, quite amazing!!! 

Love, Susan A

Thank you Susan. Mike was a good guy. I miss him too.

October 29, 2010

Hey Ralph, great column last week man, love the old shots of Duff and Kevin and teh rest of the photos are amazing! 

Steve D (California)

Everyone loves the old stuff.

October 28, 2010

Hi Ralph. Give me a heads up when you get that CD available.  I know what you mean about the current music, at least it was not some hideous Black Death Metal show, but I feel your pain.  I try and be a bit subversive and turn the younger kids on to Vai ,Satriani, or Dweezl Zappa.  It usually blows their mind because they are so unaware of anything outside the box of the conditioning.  By the way, have you picked up the new Dweezl Zappa   Son of...  Cd?  Unreal,  check out Zombie Woof and the Solo that is played in entirely out of key context, but works so well.  I caught his show here in SLC, and it left everyone slack jawed.  A very special show to be sure.   Just got hit with 36'' on the hill with another installment coming in this weekend, so with luck we might get an early opener.  There is a recent photo of the deposit on my site.  I have been inspired by your site to bring the great visual element to the mix.  Keep up the great work and I have been following closely.   Peace Out, Powers

In my opinion Frank Zappa was one of the most underrated guitarists on the planet.

October 28, 2010

Thanks for your weekly stories and photos.
I enjoy your writing alot.
I am coming to visit my Dad,Mom ,and sisters Nov.11-18 in Rhode Island.
I plan on coming to the Hampton area for a day or two.
I would like to visit with you if you are in town.
I will call you when I know which days.
I will be staying with Jack C
Thanks brother
Tony (California)

Call me when you get in town.

October 26, 2010

Hey Ralph, I've been traveling a bit this month but I haven't missed a day reading your blog.  I loved the one today about your dream.  I am about due for a Molly dream as I've yet to have one.
I am going to update Molly's website tonight or tomorrow and focus on the Catch a Wave.  Is there anything that you would like for me to add?
Stoked that you got some rubber from Crop - I would check in with Steve about your 6.5.4 Rip Curl - boots - gloves.

Great to hear from you. I'm glad you're reading the daily blog. Cory and I saw HEREAFTER last night. You should see it. My dream about my dad was the first in many years. But it was so vivid and real. Cory loved the movie. She has NOT had a dream yet about her Dad. And we just passed the 5th anniversary of his passing. Me on the other hand, I must be some kind of receptor. I get them all the time. I have a dream journal. I'll let you read it sometime. It's all my handwriting. It's written very quickly as I don't want to forget a single detail.

My dream this morning was awesome.

As far as the Catch A Wave For Molly...I'm closing in on the first 100 days. Seven more days ...
hard to believe. I've been surfing 18th street most days. I love seeing the Molly graffiti as I walk in and out of the water. I've done three days so far in the pitch blackness. I've only had two mishaps dinging my board. My own fault both times.

October 26, 2010


Hi there!  My husband and I moved to New Hampshire from San Diego last year and you took a great photo of him surfing on February says "Unknown Emerald City Surfer, February 17th, 2010".  We really love the photo and I was hoping to see if I could order it for him for Christmas.

Is there a way for me to order the photo from you?  We also bought your video (13.5) years ago (before we moved here) at Pioneers.

Thank you!


Yes we sell high res photos all the time. My question is, who took the photo?
Was it me or one of my other photographers? And finally what week was it posted?
I have them all archived. Just let me know.

October 25, 2010

Hey Ralph.  Just was checking out your BHD vids.  Really great sound.  Great tone and chops to match.  When is your CD coming out?  
Powers (Colorado)

That's a good question.

October 25, 2010


 Tell us how you REALLY feel.

Not only am I a contributing photographer, I have truly become among the many addicted to Ralph's "Crack" of the Week.


That's funny.

October 25, 2010


I meant to shoot off this e-mail a few weeks ago when you posted a photo of yourself in Hawaii Oct. ’87. Hot dog, I can see where your BHD moniker came from.  Cory scored! (You did too) 


Thanks Peter

October 25, 2010


Great piece on teaching your daughter to drive ... I went through the 
same experience a few years back. Luckily we are all alive and she 
does not have a car at college. No, our "extra" car is sitting safely 
in our driveway.

You are spot on about sharks, too. I am sure you have heard, but 4 
times more people are killed every year by vending machines than by 
sharks. It is not like the vending machines are looking for a meal; 
we're talking about them falling down on top of people. This always 
puts the shark thing in perspective for me!


Thanks Michael. It is not easy being a dad that's for sure.
But I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I was not aware of the vending machine danger. Thanks
for the hot tip.

October 25, 2010

Hi Ralph;
I just wanted to say thank you for the genuinely kind words posted in your blog about the Jimmy Fund walk Kathy and I did - that was very sweet and really appreciated by both of us - and kind of fun to see our names in lights :) The event was honestly a great and moving experience, one that I am glad we did and one that I would recommend to anyone to do. 26.2 miles with great people all striving for the same goal - to stomp cancer out for good! Awesome. Can't say more than that.
Thanks for everything you do - its really incredible and I hope you know how much it is appreciated by us. The surf community would be a shadow of what it is without you and what you do for it.
Many thanks,
Alex R

You're more than welcome. You guys earned the recognition. And thank you for the kind words. Not sure if others feel that way. But thank you.

October 25, 2010

     I was reading the whole driving thing with Noel and it brought back all my crazy memories of  taking Kally and Katie out on the road...  I guess as parents we experience many of the same situations...  The laughing thing got me laughing because I was picturing You sitting there trying to figure out why she was laughing ...I think its a girl thing,they do that stuff... I remember sitting there at the dinner table and having that happen.. Everything would be quiet  then one would look at the other and then it would start...The laughing drove me crazy,even Dale would be laughing...I'd ask whats so funny but they were laughing so hard  at that point ... I use to get so mad after a while they would stop but not for long, it would start again... Its just a girl thing and I get plenty of that around here

That's is not easy being a parent and a drivers ed teacher.

October 22, 2010

Hey Ralph,
Here are some pics from last weekend.  I thought you may enjoy them.  Kyle, Casey (friend visiting from NH) took a little camping trip down to Mexico.  We arrived to head high A- frames with offshore winds and no other surfers for as far as the eye could see.  Empty line-ups, cheap food and beer with very polite happy Mexicans all around.  Baja is still like it was 30 years ago if you pic the right spots.  Hope you enjoy all surf pics are of Kyle and theirs a nice sequence shot in there.  

I always enjoy seeing Kyle surf.

October 22, 2010

"These are the days that show dedication, perseverance, and HUGE heart keep up the good work Ralph!"


Thank you so much.

October 18, 2010

"Stopped at The Wall this AM and thought - gonna be tough for Ralph today. Looked like a cookie sheet. I knew you'd catch a ripple though and glide it out for 9."


There's always something to ride.

October 17, 2010

Hi Ralph,
Good column this week with yet another (!!) human collision for us to enjoy (the guy who stood in front of you). You are a kook magnet. Sorry. They are drawn to you, they test you, then they fear you and hopefully someday respect you. All in a day at the beach with Ralph. But I really enjoyed the kook going over the falls in the Rox video. And again in the clueless drop-in (was that the same guy?). You also got some nice waves. Also, that video spotlight of the Celtic photog was outstanding. What talent and attitude. Thanks for sharing.
Right on.

John C

Thanks Johnny.

October 17, 2010

"Hey Ralph hope all is well man!  Glad i made the page there a couple weeks back.  Haven't fallen off to far."
Garrett (Rhode Island)

Oh you are still admired round here G man.

October 17, 2010

Thanks for including my daughter Cortney (doing the spits) and Marisa (Standing) on the SUPS from North Carolina this week. You have made some girls really happy today from New York to New Hampshire. I am sure you web site is being seen as far as Germany today. Lea Anne who took the pictures was celebrating her 30th birthday that week. I also apologize for having the wrong date on the camera binoculars. It was new and I was so excited to have the girls use it I did not get it set up.
Mark H

Making people happy...that's what I do (sometimes).

October 15, 2010

I bet you got some impressive photos. I had no idea it turned so early. I feel I missed some good Rox. Lots of sacrificial victims over the falls and speedlines. Eager to see what you got. Brian Nevins made it into the New York Times. That's huge.

Gonna go read your blog to see where you surfed.

Johnny come lately...

Oh yea baby...

October 12, 2010

WTF-- #@$^%&*!!.I feel like I just watched an instant replay of the NFC title game. Brett gets us riveted to the screen excited & then WTF you saw it.

Your boys gave us Moss right before we played the Jets & I am sure no love lost between Pats & Jets. Moss helped loosen things up & made a great TD but waiting until the second half for whole offense to get going doesn’t cut it. They need to be ahead by 14 by then. What a difference a year makes & several injuries. Hopefully they can get it going from here. They have tough schedule.

The Vikes defense was the highlight. The Jets are lucky to get away with a win.

Brett ya love him & hate him in 30 minute span.

Wally (California)

It's only a game Wally HA!

October 11, 2010

Hi Ralph.  I checked out the photos by Ed O'Connell and was really struck by the beauty of the East Coast waves.  They have a totally different perfection that you see on the West Coast.  Translucent lips, beautiful barrels.  The shots of your rides were great as well.   I really miss the waves, and while I have felt, for a long time, that I was too old to surf any more after my sever beating by a large Sunset Cliff set while in San Diego, you have given me new stoke to get back and spend some time getting it back again.  It has been my lack of paddling stamina that has been the greatest challenge for me when I paddle out.  I get the noddle arms so quickly that I just don't get to get after it as it should be, but that is just a matter of working out a bit more in advance of a trip.   Great work, thanks for keeping it going with so much vigor.  Peace Out, Powers

Thanks again Powers!

October 11, 2010

Ralph - the final photo in the drop in of the week section was killer - still loving the blog every week - keep it up! I'll be heading to lots of green breaks all over Ireland's north west coast during the fall, I'll send a photo if I get anything decent.

All the best

James Reidy (Ireland)

Thanks James...send me some Green barrels from Ireland!

October 10, 2010

Hey Folks, We want to wish you both a Happy Anniversary and many more years of happiness together !
Aloha, Tom and Beth

Thanks guys!

October 8, 2010


I was hoping to see you out there yesterday morning ... a couple of 
the young rips (I should know their names but don't) were on pink 
rectangular foam planks having some fun. I guess they have been 
reading the latest Surfer's Journal. Could have made for some good 


Those guys riding the foam blanks crack me up.

October 5, 2010

Hi Ralph.   Since I found your site I have been pouring over it and really enjoying your style and wit, as well as the great pics and vids.. Great lay out.  I especially appreciate the daily Molly blog, which I have been following on a daily basis.  All that really makes me long for the waves, and then I read that piece about the wave hogs and I felt your pain.  I experience the Powder version of the Wave hog, where the new breed do not even make turns and blast a shot at 60 MPH straight.  What a waste of vertical, as well as the fact that they trash the line you,ve been working.  Being 60 as well, it is hard to keep it in check and go with the flow.   This season I will give a salute to Molly for you when I pull out of a steep deep section.  Thanks for the inspiration.  I'll be following  you daily all winter.   Powers

Thanks man...I'm happy to hear that you connected with us back East. Keep doing what you're doing. Being stoked in the mountains and the ocean.

October 4, 2010

Hey Ralph,

The testosterone level at the wall is off the chart! Come over to Jenness and enjoy the mellow vibe—and remember, old guys rule!

3 John 2


I'm good at the Wall thanks...

October 3, 2010


Maybe it’s just me, but do lots of your columns lately seem to rotate on a common story theme, as in your getting into a beef in the water with some guy? Maybe I’m seeing something that’s not ‘there’, and if so, my apologies. Read today’s ish, and your story about the beef. Hey, I get into ‘em myself sometimes, though not as often as when I was younger. I’m sure you’re the same way.

My point is only this: My guess is I’d side with you in all instances of these things, cuz there certainly are a growing and overcoming number of dickheads surfing these days.

Just a friendly suggestion coming from one of your Westy supporters, and hope that you take it as such. Just trying to help from out here, outside the margins.

Otherwise, keep up the fine work, I enjoy all the columns and daily dispatches. Always watching and checking in, even if I don’t directly contact you on all this stuff.

J (California)

I'm not that cocerned about the last few hassles I've found myself in. I'm cool.

October 3, 2010


Just donated another $50 to the Molly Fund for your second consecutive
50 days.  A little pressure to push you to day 100.

I see your at day 70.  Keep up the good work.

Stay healthy and don't get in any fights with wave hogs until
after day 365.   Maybe they'll go away when the cold weather gets

Tim C

Thank you Tim...I'm OK as far as the crowds go.

October 3, 2010

Hey Ralph,

Greetings from north of the border... From your comments the past month or so (+ that note on your son's car!), it sounds like it's pretty intense out there. Just wanted to say, I mostly agree with all you say... I think everyone needs to learn to surf in Hawaii. There, you very quickly learn etiquette (among other things).

Newbies shouldn't be paddling out on big days regardless (Hawaii rule #1: know your limits), but especially at crowded breaks... I'm amazed by the cluelessness of some people... last year, I had to help a guy who was getting hammered in some pounding shore break. Never been on a surfboard before. His buddy from Australia was visiting + took him out on the biggest + best day of that summer (head high + bigger) at the most famous + intense point break around + left him behind on the paddle out... I don't fault the newbie as much as his buddy... I gave the newbie some tips + told him to try again in the beach break on a more mellow day. He thought he was going to drown... told him if he wasn't careful he might...

wrt all the drop-ins + altercations... you're right, people need to learn the rules + show courtesy + at least apologize... makes the water a friendlier place... the way it's supposed to be... you know, I've made my mistakes before + it's embarrassing to botch a takeoff or miscommunicate on a wave in crowded conditions. I always apologize, and everyone gets along. Likewise, your story of the "wave of the day drop in" a couple weeks back... had one of these this summer: guy on a longboard (who was getting lots of waves on a so-so day for my 6-6) dropped in on my set wave halfway into the ride. I'm not confrontational, but yeah, it sure feels better to get a "sorry about that"... there were only 3 of us out!

I'm landlocked much of the year now + when I get back home I recognize I'm not as good as many of the all-year locals + I know to give respect. Sure, that means I don't always get the best waves... I'd rather that than get in the way of a local who waited through all the flat days of summer for those first big waves + is chomping at the bit... they've earned it! On good days, I look to the less popular spots to avoid the crowds (and so do many of the best locals), but it is probably less busy up here than in your neck of the woods...

Love the photos, thanks a lot! keep 'em coming + I hope this awesome run of storms keeps coming for you guys as well!



Thanks James. I hope everyone reads your email so they know it's not just a handful of us who feel this way. Know your limitations. I like it.

October 1, 2010

I took this "Off the Dashboard" Photo near Oakland. Thought you would like it.
Even the board was camo.Some of the off the beaten track spots need a Camo Van I guess.
Maybe he reads your blog...
Tony (California)

Thanks that's my kind of van.