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November 30, 2010

Hey Vince, I'm addicted to your blog. Margie & I published a magazine called 'Beach Cities Style' a few years ago; when the economy tanked we had to fold because most of our advertisers couldn't pay their bills. We both wrote articles, but publishing was her specialty, so writing became mine; I interviewed shapers, surf Artists, surf camp owners; my friend Mark Christy, head Honcho of Hobie, hooked me up with a lot of contacts. It was a lot of work, but we got a lot of satisfaction of creating the #1 publication in So. Orange County. My point is, that I know what it takes to try to keep churning out interesting pieces that captures the attention of your target audience. I look forward every week to read your blog; you write from your heart & soul, and every word has power & meaning. You bare your soul to your readers; they feel your joy, they feel your pain; you touch our hearts. You have many gifts, my friend, & your are sharing them with the world. God Bless You!


Thank you so much Hawk. We did a lot of cool stuff together. I'm glad we reconnected.

November 29, 2010

Here's a solution to all the controversy over full-body scanners
at the airports:

All we need to do is develop a booth that you can step into that
will not X-ray you, but will detonate any explosive device you may have
hidden on or in your body. The explosion will be contained within the
sealed booth.

This would be a win-win for everyone. There would be none of this
crap about racial profiling and the device would eliminate long and
expensive trials.

This is so simple that it's brilliant. I can see it now: you're
in the airport terminal and you hear a muffled explosion. Shortly
thereafter an announcement comes over the PA system, "Attention standby
passengers, we now have a seat available on ..flight number.."

Thanks this works for me.

Hello Ralph,

Happy Thanksgiving. Just celebrated our second in New Zealand. WIll be home for Christmas via Fiji, will try to get some pics of Frigits.
Anyway, saw the pics this week of New Zealand looking like New England.  Here are a couple of last weekend.  Sort of looks like New England on steroids.
Hope the picture size is right.

Thanks Chris these are great shots.

November 28, 2010

Hi Ralph
I know, it is not an easy loss!! Hope you and the family are doing as well with it as you can.
PAtch looks like a great puppy! You can be sure he will also bring you a ton of smiles and memories!
Talk to you soon
Thanks Kevin

November 27, 2010

We don't die, we multiply. Don't fret Ralph as the average donkey can't get off the beach when it's above average size. My mantra is focus less on others and more on myself. This also translates into harder carves and more spray from hacks. More rail + power= more spray!"


Oh brother where art thou?

Good morning Ralph - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  I love your wave fundraising for Molly... thanks for helping keep this planet sane.  Jeff's always tracking yur daily blog and I got to see a recent picture of the hubby too.  It was in last week's "pic of the week" in November Days gallery and he was listed as "unknown" but I'd recognize that surfer anywhere.  Anyway that I can purchase that photo (DSC 5906 JPG), maybe in an 8" by 10" size?  It was his debut session with his new board which he calls his new magic board.  He buckled his last one two weeks ago in York so Dave Cropper made him a happy man again.  Thanks for your assistance and aloha to all!

Tess S

P.S.  Josh is pretty stoked as he won the top prize of a Go Pro waterproof surf camera at the Surfrider Foundation movie benefit last night at the Gaslight.  I have a feeling lots of action packed wave pix are in the works but none will rival your's!!!!!!

Thanks Tess looking forward to Josh's killer shots.

Everyone drops in at some point. I rode deep in the barrel the whole way and you were astonished that I was right behind you kicking out. There are a whole bunch of kooks who sup but ten times as many that surf... LOL Artie

Why ya gotta be so hurtful?

November 26, 2010

The SUP is much like the Borg. Assimilate or die. Prone surfings mantra has become sit
and watch...

Now why ya gotta be so hurtful again?

You dudes are clueless. Hate all you want but you're missing out on so much @#$% fun that I can only laugh at the fact that we live on the @#$% East Coast and there are days when I have more @#$% fun on my 8'11 SUP than the other 16 boards in my garage. Get a clue, haters. Staying fit is the key - you now have been given a clue...end of story

Whoa whoa...everyone just calm down. You SUP riders should be thankful that more people don't SUP.

Hi Ralph,
    Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving from N.Z.  Great photos!  We even got to watch the Patriots live vs. Detroit. Weather super, in the 70's.  Lots of sight seeing to do on Jon's days off.  We'll see all at the Dec meeting.  Welcome aboard Cpl Patch.  I hope Max's leg is doing better. Take care and all the best to the family,     BB

How's the surf in New Zealand Bill?

November 25, 2010

Couldn't agree more with the comments on your daily blog today, Great Job Ralph

Thanks Ed.

Hi Ralph,
I have had the pleasure of watching your winter surfing dvd at David's. It is outstanding! Although, as a Florida girl, I still feel it is soooo wrong to surf in such cold water! I enjoyed watching it just the same
Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Cold water surfing is not for everyone...thank God.

November 24, 2010

I often wondered how it was you catch the smallest ripples out there. Now I understand, Big Black looks very buoyant
Justin A

Actually it's all in the paddling.

November 23, 2010

Hey Vince, read latest blog... Cpl. Patch Patches standing @ attention.... you must be proud!
Totally agree about the right to search; going into scanners is the easiest way to speed the process. Have been scanned many times abroad, not invasive & it doesn't hurt one bit. The glasses idea sounds great, but may slow the boarding process; passengers would be staring too long to admire the view

Thom (California)

I love that new puppy that's for sure.

November 22, 2010

          what a treat to have spent some time with you. Some people you never lose a beat with. You are one of those people.
          It was especially good to have Steve there. He is always reluctant to get started talking about Joe. You brought so many great memories back, and I know helped Steve with closure he has just never had. I am first to admit though that I will never have closure regarding my greatest friend ever. You Ralph are cut from that same cloth, and I love you like a brother for it.
    I hope your new "Patch" gets to "Officer" status way before you ever imagine. God bless you, your family, and friends.
Love, Charlie NY

Thank you Charlie I love you guys too.

November 21, 2010

Hey Ralph
wow tough loss for the high school umph!
Sorry about Scout and good luck with the new pup cant wait to meet him
How are things with Max been thinking about you guys hoping all is well
Talk soon

Thanks Skip...yea it was a series of bummers there.



"That is great news...we are happy for you today Ralph."
Jon A

Thanks boys...

November 20, 2010

Hey Ralph,
                 I dont know if this fits your criteria for pics. Its obviously not a surf pic. Even though the clouds look like a set rollin in...  But I took it driving down 495 in Amesbury this past week. Thought it was a pretty intense sunset. Almost looks as if its been modified by computer even though it hasnt... Post it up if you like, but I wouldnt be hurt if you didnt because it doesnt meet strict surf guidelines!!!!

Justin A

What strict surf guidelines?

November 19, 2010

Hey Ralph

Here is another shot of that cloud from the other day. What a wild sky! I watched those clouds churning as that thing started to dip and had a "holy s#%!" moment there. Must have been a bit hairy seeing that storm coming while on the water like you were!


We are insignificant in the big picture.

November 18, 2010


I'm a long time follower of the site and I always enjoy checking out local surf pics. I've been shooting for fun for a few years now, mostly friends and family. We'll last saturday I was out of the water with a bum knee and spent the day shooting at favorite local spot. It was a gorgeous day and the waves were pumping. I was really happy with the pics and thought I should share them.  The break is in New England and that's all I'm saying!

Chris R

These are good thanks for sharing these.

It was great to see you during my recent visit to New England.
Thanks for being such a great friend.
I got to surf (or try to surf) at linkies on Saturday.
It was good to see most of my old surf brothers and watch the younger guys rip.
Attached is a picture of the place we first met.(and linkies lineup)
It looked real good.
Thanks Brother
Tony (California)

It was great seeing you too Tony.

November 17, 2010

Hi Ralph,

I was SO sorry to hear about Scout....and I know how hard that was for you. ( I meant to write you sooner, but I don't get much computer access and we've just been crazy w the unpacking and final reno details.)   I felt so bad for you, but was at least glad you got those last good hunts in w/ him this year.  He was getting really old and better to do what you did than have him suffer. I wondered if you would be able to convince Cory to get another....but with the kids all behind it, as I know they were, she didn't stand a chance!

And what a cutie Patches is! All puppies are cute but he really had gorgeous markings and looks very sweet.  I know you'll enjoy training him as you did the others.  And I would bet w/ just the one you may have even a better relationship than when there are two and they have each other.  I look forward to meeting him next summer.  I know you must be excited to get him home.  Drive safe....he'll be kenneled, right?

It's REALLY late now and I'm pooped so will close.  Keep me posted on the puppy......and how well Cory comes around.  

Much love,

Thanks JE we're sure going to miss Virginia this Thanksgiving.


Congratulations on the new recruit!  He must be special because he's already been promoted to Corporal, skipping the rank of Private like most new recruits!!!  Will he become Sergeant Patches once he's house broken?!!!

Know the feeling of losing a dog.  When I had to put Jack down last July it was a terribly sad day.  Fortunately I had the two others so it wasn't like losing your only dog.  I love my dogs, and although they can be a pain at times (so can people!) they're an indispensable part of my life.  

The Corporal is a nice looking guy--I like his  "uniform" and after boot camp he'll be ready to hit the front lines against grouse and other birds in NH!   The few. The proud.  The grouse hunters!!!!!

Barry (Idaho)

I do plan on promoting him.

I look forward to it Ralph.  Nice that Peter has shared that.  And from your blog - I figured Freaks may have played into it...good description of the rip.  If it sucks you out of position, you might as well go in and try again.  Good freakin' barrels just 10 yards away! 
Stan (Panama)

We didn't name it Freaks for nothing.

RALPH!!!  YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!  Thank you so much for adding to our Christmas Cheer!  I hope one day my husband and you will be able to catch some waves together (:  I know he has been loving the surf at Ogunquit's rivermouth.
Have a great day!

Thank you for the order, I have not surfed the Rivermouth in a year or two...I'd like to surf it again. There used to be a guy who surfed up there who used to frighten all the children and the good people. He was a Big Gas Bag who no longer surfs due to his gas problem.

November 16, 2010


Congrats on your team showing up big time! Great game unless you were a Pittsburg fan.The Pats looked like the team holding runners to 2.4 yards not Pittsburg. Those Pats could go all the way this year. The beating in Cleveland woke them up.

Wheeler & his girl Selena are Big Pats fans in case you didn’t know. He converted like 5-6 years ago. Hell you may have converted him in Jeff’s living room for all I know. Anyway he has the visor & golf club covers & watches all the games. Sticks with them through the good & bad so a fan not just a glory fan.

Then how about Eagles last night wow. Michael Vick looked like superman & McNabb looked 99.95 not 80 million. Sheesh.

Wally (Central Cal)

This could very well be the can I handle this?

Good on ya getting on the short board. Like the photo.

As Veterans day has come & gone-- I wanted to say Thank you for serving. We have had surf all over too. The last week was offshore winds with 70 to 75 degrees on the beach. Surfed the offshores in Cayucos. Week before surfed the Park really good 6 to 12 foot faces with a couple of days a bit bigger. Riding different boards too. Sunday rode my 7-4 winged swallow in offshores. Vets day rode my 10 ft. gun Big Orange in big offshores @ 6th street reef. Last week rode 9-0 Murphy Predator & 8-4 Parmenter in the Park.

Live each day my friend as I know you do.

God Bless you & your family.

Wally (Central Cal)

Thank you Wally.


 PS: Vikes-They needed to win that game @ the Bears. Next week they play Green Bay @ Minnesota. If they can win that game and the planets aign they may still get in but chances are slim. I will be watching & rooting that they do. Hopefully Farve doesn’t get all meloncoly like Moss did & love his old team too much! We will see. Childress is going to duct tape Brett up & send him out there one way or the other & he is going down with that ship. I doubt he will be coach there next year. I would lke to see them hire Cowher or Gruden.

I am happy for the new puppy. What a life he is in for! I just watch the very moving Medal of Honor ceremony for SSGT. Sal Giunta. Hope you caught it. As far as my photos go, I just try hard to do exactly what you said- to capture the intensity of the moment in sports and its ambiance. But rarely do I know if I succeed or not so I truly appreciate that you and Cory
"get it". 

We'll have to talk soon and catch up. It sounds like you have been through a lot lately. Just remember if you ever need my help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. I'm right down the street!
oh ye, glad you liked the sunset shot at Muskrat Ledge... had a feeling you would.
Get well soon, Mackie

Thanks again Johnny.

Hello Ralph,

I noticed this picture you took on the 13th. First of all GREAT SHOT!! It happens to be me and one of my buddies. It was my 38th birthday and it would be a great picture to remember the day. Please let me know what you require for me to get a copy.



This is what we do here at the RALPH'S Pic Of The Week Factory.
We shoot em and ship em out!

November 15, 2010

Hey Ralph,
Not feeling well so this is gonna be short. Just want to say thanks for the GREAT photo play and captions on my pics. In spite of all your recent challenges (Scout, Mackie and probably more I don't know about) you came through with another great column. Love the Rabbit pic by Bernie. Oh and I really liked your "yellow brick road" shot.

Haven't got to the vids but I will.

Right on.

Thanks John and thank you for some great pics.

November 15, 2010

Hi Ralph:  My name is Tyler Moore, you snapped a fabulous photo of myself going right at the rx sat morning. Photo # DSC_5888.   Do you sell photo's?   I can trade you a few down east photo's that you will enjoy.   Great video footage of the rx from Sat morning.  

Have a great week.


Yes I do, just send me an email about size etc etc.

November 15, 2010

Hello my man - damn, you guys are getting some waves.  Things are going pretty well down here.  I have five surf charter bookings but could always use more.  Check out my website.  I am offeing a stong promo - $75 per days gets it all. 
The surf has been good every week and it looks like this is going to be a great winter as the season is kicking off with several late October, early Nov tropical cyclonic swells and next week, we fall into the winter swell pattern that should bring heaps of waves fo days on end.  I am READY! 
LASTLY lastly...not sure if you know that Peter Stokes is a Quaker.  He is a deeply spiritual man but never talks about his relationship with God.  The picture of Emulyn (pretty sure that is him if sent by Peter) is just an example of the great gifts we can receive by our faith in God.  I know that Peter knows this and now, his son does too.  Beautiful, just beautiful.
Love ya brother and best to all. 
Stan (Panama)

Thanks Stan. Sounds like it's all coming together for you. As for Peter, I love the guy. A wonderful spiritual human being who can still surf in his 60's.

November 14, 2010

Hey Ralph,
Hope you had a great weekend and full of surf and joy. Hope your 
coping well and ive been thinking of you.

Thanks for the photo (attached, thats me) and the video too. Nice shots!


PS: hows Max holding up?

Thanks Jon...I miss my dog for sure. Max is doing better.

November 14, 2010

Ralph, Hanalei is packed with Irons Fans. Later tonight the Internet will probably be blitzed with how huge an event this will be. Somesay nothing like this has happened since Eddie departed. Some wonder how this will be coordinated its so massive potentially.
Tom (Hawaii)

Rest in Peace Andy Irons.

November 12, 2010


Status Update:

Covert mission to deliver said intelligence has been arranged by non-combatant allied support.

Results eyes only at

Standing Down awaiting further orders

Ed SP4 (retired)

Ahhh Roger that O'Connell get back on that chopper and head back to the rear and fill out an after action battle report.

November 12, 2010

I love your blog!  I'm from the south shore MA and just came back from a surf trip to PR.  It was not planned but as it turned out I was there to see Kelly Slater win his 10th.  I took a bunch of pics from the beach the day he clinched it and would gladly send you a few if you'd like?

Damian H

Yes send em off! Kelly pics in PR? During his 10x World Title? Send em over.

Hi Ralph, just wanted to honor a belated Veterans Day to you!

PS: love the new Surf Free Or Die Board!

Hope all is well!


Thanks Jesse.

Glad you found humor in my play on words!  Thanks for being a veteran, and most of all thanks for being you!

Adam C

I found it funny. Ands Thank you for the kinf words.

Legend!  Ralph I am coming back for a surf this winter!
Eric L. (Australia)

Great...can't wait. I want to video you this time though.

Hey Ralph, so I finally picked up a new camera. 12 Mega pixel digital, the whole deal...I love it.  Here's some clicks from the last week of playing with it.  Sorry there's a lot, feel free to pick and choose if you wanna post some and not others.  I'm so stoked to be full on back into photography..feels great.
The surf was really fun today, sorry if that earlier message sounded arrogant, I meant all due respect.  I was still frothing a bit from surfing all day! I ran into Phil after I had surfed in the morning and he convinced me to go back out for the evening session, man am I glad he did! So fun, the reports said it was 2-3 but as you can see it was clearly bigger...but that kept the crowds away.
Hope all is well, I know you guys have been getting a ton of swell, love the photos! I can follow along with the action!

Thank you Steve Keep the pics coming.

November 11, 2010

Hey ralph take a look a this
Hey Ralph this is captain Canada i use to be in this elite regiment of canadian infantry i serve 12 year as a recon squad leader off the royal 22e regiment and know a bunch of my felowe are going fore a tour of 11 month in Afghant before they left i took a bunch of them surf at jenesse and they love it they left last sunday and they still stoke sorrie for my english i tought you would like it. Je me souviens is for you Semper Fie .

That was a really cool video. Thank you for being one of OUR ALLIES. You guys have fought beside Americans for many years. We are ALL Part of North America.

"Thinking of you today Ralph. Thank you for all you did fighting for our country back when you were nearly almost a kid, and thank you for all that you do for our community as the wonderful man that you are today. Much love, Karin.
Thank you so much Karin

Hey Ralph, thank you for your service to our country sir! Pretty good swell tonight, I got three barrels in your honor!! And I caught a bunch of waves for Molly too..!
This one is kind of cool, there's a Destroyer offshore in the left hand side of the picture. A couple of them were around all day today.
I got some other good ones, I'll forward them in a bit.
Hope all is well.
God's best and mine.
D (California)

Thank you Steve. Wow three barrels in my honor? Were they all rights?

I just wanted to drop you a note and pay my respects to you on Veterans day!! let me know what you thought of the Ruff CD!!
Mike O

Thank you Mike. I like the song. It's going to work fine.


  Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for a few reasons....happy Veteran's Day and thank you for your service! I'd also like to thank you for recognizing myself and the other surfer Vets you see in the water on a regular basis.

It's a great month to be a Marine Corps Veteran surfer. We're getting Veteran's day, the Marine Corps Birthday, and good waves all in the same month! Not bad at all! Looks like the waves will be big enough to keep the Al Merrick thruster out for the next few days at least. Hope to see you in the water soon, I'll be up that way tomorrow morning. Good to see the wind is dying and glad to hear you scored some fun ones today!

Semper Fi,
John W.

Thank you John and right back at you. Semper Fi and Thank you For Your Service.

Thank You bother Ralph and thanks for taking the time out  to goto the local schools my kids get a kick out of seeing you!"
Skip B

Thank you Skip. I love seeing the kids at school.

Ralph , Thank you for serving the Country.
Andrew R.
Thank you .

Happy Veterans Day Ralph!

Roger K

Thank you Roger and the same to you.


Thank YOU for your service.  You were in the war and made a huge contribution that today too few among us understand.  Our condolences on the passing of Scout.  He was quite a dog and a man and his dog hunting together create a powerful bond.  A big void in the Fatello household in a year in which there has been much change.

Best to all,

Barry (Idaho)

Thank you Barry and thank you for your service.

Aloha Ralph...Thank you for your honor and respect for our country...Jeffrey,Jessica, Gavin and Jayden....We salute you from Block Island!!!!!

Thanks guys!

A big thank you to you on Veterans Day
Mike C

Thanks Mike

Happy Vetran's day Ralph....thank you and God bless....

Thanks Sean

Hello Ralph,

I hope you are well, I am in Hong Kong of all places but wanted to say hi and know today is a special (and busy...) day for you.

I wish I could have been at the Hampton Beach observance but I was thinking about you, Tom Woods, Mike V. and all the NH surf vets. Please give them my regards if you see them.

b. michael taylor

Thanks Michael will do.

Hey Ralph -
I was watching some of the programs this AM on TV about war stuff.  Was thinking about you.
Hope all is well with you and yours and that your latest 'Surf Every Day' project goes well.  It's bound to get tougher with winter approaching.
(Central Cal)

Thanks's all going good.

Ralph(Vinny) thanks for your service. Semper Fi.

Marshall S

Thank you Marshall

A salute to you, in appreciation and admiration of your service.

Thanks Peter..

Ralph Sir,
Wanted to acknowledge and thank you for your service to America. Veterans Day is for people like you and people like me to acknowledge people like you.
Hope you are having a good day and already have 1 wave under your belt. How's the day to day wave battle going? Have you had to deal with any absurd conditions yet? Or are they all absurd conditions? We have been having just a typical lack luster SF surf season. Lots of waves but not many quality days yet. It can always turn on a dime here.
Rock (San Francicso)
Thanks Rock. The Surfing Marathon is plugging away.

Thanks for your service; I think often about you & our dads and the sacrifice of all who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom... with much respect,

Hawk (Cali)

Thanks Hawk

Thanks for your service Ralph.  It is truly appreciated
Mark S

Thank you Mark.

Hello My Friend…Thank you for your service! Have a Great Day!

Pat M

Thank you my friend.

Big Thank you to YOU and all other veterans who selflessly protected us and what this great nation stands for.  Hope the wind switches and calms down for you today.
Christos, Alison and John

Thank you guys.


Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service and all you have done for Veterans.

I was at the Rocks at sunrise. Only got 8 usable shots

I have been chasing this swell around all week and have yet to get any really good shots. I am on my way out to shase some more.

Hope you are enjoying the Holiday.


Thank you for your service as well. I'm lucky to have you as a
friend, a fellow veteran, and a continuing contributor to the blog.
I could not do this without you.

Hi Ralph,



Thanks Michael...and Thank you for serving too!

Semper Fi.  Thank you Ralph, a true veteran of life.  XO
Kim Leo.

Thanks Kim

Ralph, stoppin by to pay homage...
Thanx brudda, to you and all Veterans!
Carpe diem, Never give up,
Mitch (California)

Thanks Mitch

Thinking of you.  Great job helping the vets. 

Thank You Jay

Hey Ralph,
I wanted to take a few minutes and write you a note. I know we are not the best of friends and typically don't see each other outside special events and the water.  I want to thank you for being Ralph. I know that sounds weird, but I don't know a lot of people that just are who they are. You know what I mean?  There are so many people who put up a front of one sort or another. But, you my friend are genuine.  You have a heart of gold and so many times put other people before yourself. I'm convinced our community, surf and otherwise, wouldn't be nearly as tight without your influence. You have provided memories for all of us with your photographs, your writings, and your music. You have touched all of our hearts with your commitment to raising awareness for Cancer, local Veterans, and Wounded Warriors among other things.  You have unified us with Surf Family Robinson and Catch a Wave for Molly. I know that I have only scratched the surface and today I want to Salute you!  One Hell of a man, a Dad, a husband, a humanitarian, a philanthropist, a friend, and especially today a Veteran!
Have a great day!

Damn man that was about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. I'm humbled by it all. So thank you my brother. We are the same in my eyes. Surfers who served (and now surf). Hope you too had a great day.

Hi Ralph;
I am so sorry to hear about Scout. He was a lucky dog to have had you. Not having kids, Bette and I are especially close with our pets. Unfortunately, we too are grieving. We rescued a 6 month old Great Dane last year and he just passed away a month ago. He had been thru several homes when we got him, so we never really knew all of his history.... that said, I would not have changed a thing. The moment I saw him I knew he was special. I am not religious but I am spiritual and I know I knew this dog's spirit from before, he was my boy.
Although his life was short, it was intense. He too liked eating things, unfortunately he could reach everything in the kitchen, they actually call it "Kitchen Counter Surfing" with Great Danes. He got sick this spring from some form of blood disorder and we had to make a split second decision to save his life. It required us to amputate his front right paw's toes and have his foot rebuilt. We told everyone he had a "designer foot". He was on the road to recovery and wore a special prosthetic whenever he went out. The amazing part was that he was always happy, loved people, cats all dogs. After all he went through you would never know he experienced any discomfort at all. Luckily our older mastif, Madigan, who is OK , was with me when he passed away. I took Madigan out at midnight, within three minutes, when I returned, Brodie was gone, died from a blood clot. As much as I am still hurting, I am so glad he came into my life. He was special, I think of him everyday,  and I will see him one form or another.
Ralph, again I am so sorry for the loss of your buddy. I love your web site and you can count me as a regular visitor from now on. Take care and give my best to the family.
Take care,
The Irish Freighter

Your dog story got me all choked up. I'm really sorry you had to go through that.
I was just telling my daughter Gabby how much our dogs truly love us. No matter
what. They have that never faltering unconditional love for us.

I'm getting a new pup next week. I just got the green light through Cory (thank God).

I'm driving to Virginia to pick it up, an 8 week old German Short Hair.
Great hearing from you again.

"Thank you, Ralph!"
Heather O

Thank you Heather

Thank you, Ralph

Christine S
Thank you Chris

Once again we are here on November 11th and wanted to wish you and your
family a peaceful and enjoyable Veteran's Day.
We want to Thank you very much for your time and dedication served in order
to make this great country great and continue to be the "Free" leader of the
The Veteran's Day ceremony at the Rye JR High School, where Jack is an 8th
grader was very well attended, emotional and very well organized.


The Dewsnap Family

Ps, sorry to hear about Scout......Great dogs....we had Max for Many years
and absolutely loved Plum Island where my parents had a home.

Thank you guys.

Remembering you standing there up at the wall saying, "I was just a grunt", while my teenaged mind was imagining a hero. You're all heroes and thanks for preserving the memories of those whom have fallen -
Kim & Beau (woof) (North Carolina)

Thank you Kim

Thank you, Ralph

Steve F
Thank you Steve

Thank You Ralph and Thank You Military!!
Kim B.

Thank you Kim

Hello Ralph,

I just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day and thank you for serving and protecting our country. I hope you have a great day and you find a patch of blue and  clean face today during your session.

Take care,


Thank you Nate and the same to you. Thnak you for your service.

Ralph... Sorry I have not sent any pix in a while...I have been the primary caretaker for my elderly mom for the last year so it has been keeping me busy. Happy 235th USMC and more important, thank you for your service on this Veterans Day.

Hope to see you soon!


Thank you Bob.

Happy Veterans Day Ralph and many thanks to you all and the veterans out there today. -Hannah"

Thank you Hannah.

Thank you to all veterans who have made it pretty easy for the rest of us.
My sincere condolenses for Scout, I have been thru that twice, I know how hard that is,
hang in there

Oh yea, sorry to hear about Max, luckily for him he has youth on his side
Are there any services today?


Thank you Gary, yes at 11AM at the Post Hall.

Good morning, Ralph!  Passing along warrior hugs and high fives for the dedicated service to your country.  Thank you.

Thank you Buck!

USMC 235th Birthday November 10, 2010

Hi Ralph
Was sending late messages to all Marines I know..and could only find your "Ralph's Pics" hope you get this. Semper Fi, thank you for your service to all you know, and our country! Kathy B... Surf on!

Thank you Kathy!

Thanks for your service, Ralph.  Semper Fi


Thank you

Hi Ralph,  how have you been? I hope all is good with you and your family.

Thank you once again for everything you have done for our country and freedom. I hope you have a good Veteran's Day and find some place with offshores over the next few days.


Thank you Jack

Thank you Capt. Vince & Happy Birthday Marines!
Patrick Murray

Thank you Patrick.

Thank you Capt. Ralph! I'm sure we are safer today because of the bravery of you and the friends that you served with!


Thank you Angela.

Blessings and thank you for all you do.

And Blessings to you too Sofia.

Hey! Happy Birthday Ralph!!!

Thank you Hannah.

A lighthouse is a point of light that guides ships to calm port, even in stormy times and you are the lighthouse in our community.
Hope you have a good Veteran's Day. You will be in our thoughts for sure.
Jon, Weiland, Elliot & Pheobe

Thanks Jon and kids.

Happy Birthday Ralphalfa,
    Just remembered it's the Marines B Day. Hope all is well, just wanted to drop you a quick line and say hi. I'm sure your still surfing, Bette and I are still skiing, as long as our knees hold out.
    Take care and Happy Birthday from your old left wing friend.
(Cape Ann)
Thanks Kurt. How the hell have you guys been? Been a long time brother.

 Today was awesome!! As parents we feel so lucky to have been able to attend the ceremony and of course so proud of Gavin. He was so excited to get to read his essay to all the veterans and SOOO excited to have his picture taken w/ you.. Thanks again.. The O'Hara's

Thanks Stevie...I love those kids and so do my fellow Veterans.

Happy U.S.M.C. Birthday Vince, Thanks for your sacrifice and service Semper Fi

Thanks Thom

November 9, 2010


I first want to say that I love your website.  I check it every week and always get stoked checking out the previous week's waves.

I also want to say that you got some great pictures of me from this last swell on Friday and Saturday.  I have been mislabeled as "Tyler".  I am a regular foot and was riding an Al Merrick and had an Excel wetsuit (black with green side panels) with the hood off. 

I am a former Naval Officer who went to the Naval Academy and graduated in 2004.  After that I served on the USS LAKE ERIE for 4 years in Pearl Harbor, HI (not a bad station).  I love all of your comments about the military and veterans in general.  I got out of active duty last year, and I have been going to school at Harvard Business School for the last year.  I'm working in San Francisco next year, but I'm pumped on a couple of more cold Nor'Easters this winter in New Hampshire.

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing you out in the water.



PS - I actually met you briefly last fall when you were taking pictures at The Wall.

I'm really sorry about labeling you Tyler. I asked who that guy was who was getting all the waves that day. Stanek and Toby said it was Tyler. Really sorry about that. Thanks for kind words and Thank You for your service. You should join my Post here in Hampton. We have lots of Surfer Vets.

Plus we could always use the help with the Wounded Warriors each Summer.

Thanks again for your service and sorry about the calling you Tyler. You were killing it out there.

Keep Surfing! (Sir!)

More SCOUT Condolences

November 9, 2010


Sorry to read about Scout, been there, hated that.
Have a great 235th Marine,  Semper Fi .
Just over the bridge in Seabrook............jimi

Thanks Jimi

I just read Sundays column and wanted to say I am sorry to hear about Scout. When i had to put my shepard Gretchen down I cried like a baby so I can completely relate.
Thanks also for the pic. One of my buds in Florida sent me the link so it proves your column is read far and wide
Dave C

Thanks Dave.

November 8, 2010

I really like all three dogs. But the last two are my favorites. It is still a little weird right now to think there are no dogs in our house and that must change soon. I cut the hair tonight its really short now. I will send you some of the hair if you would like.I also miss Scout really bad and Gunny too. They were great dogs and I will all ways remember growing up with them and will never forget the times we had hunting with them. Anyways I'm really trying to pick up the grades and clear my mind of all of this stress. I'll talk to you tomorrow after classes.

I love you too Max.

I think this was the hole in the sky you were talking about.

Also, my thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. Scout is still with you every day! -Michelle, & doggies, Carley, Lucky & Hunter (all 3 cocker spaniels)

Thanks guys that's my Patch Of Blue!

You big dope. You made me cry. Sorry about Scout.
Here is a Dog's Prayer that I came upon.
Hey November 20th is 64 years that I have been on this planet But I was really born in this wreck on Sept 11,1967 near Cantho in the Mekong Delta. Did I ever give you this photo of Sizemore and I?
Love You Brother, You have a heart of Gold and your brave to show it.
Aloha, Tom

Thank you so much Tom. I'm happy to have met you and that you survived the War and lived to come back and surf.

 Ralph,   Sorry about your loss.  My dad use to personally bury all our dogs in the backyard.  I was with him once and it was the ONLY time I ever saw him tear up,   including my brothers death.      May Scout rest in peace,  and may you always remember him.   Jay

Thanks Jay

"Ralphie, Just read about your dog.  So sorry...

Bethie (West Coast)

Thanks Beth

I just read your weekly.
So sorry to hear you lost your trusted companion Scout.
Your story actually brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for your service to our great nation.
People like you have helped preserve the freedoms we hold dear.
See you later this week.
I will be in Hampton Thursday(11/11) and Friday night before visiting
my family in Rhode Island.
Thanks Again Brother,
Tony (California)

Be sure and look me up when you get in town.


I am so sorry to hear about Scout. That is a good long life but doesn’t make your loss any easier.

We have two Weimaraner’s. Sparky Blue is  a Blue & 9 years old. Lucy Lu is a silver & 4. They are like our kids.

 Scout RIP & enjoy that new body God gives us in Heaven without the aches & pains!

Wally (California)

Thanks Wally.


I’m sorry to hear of the passing away of your dog.  Once I was someone who, in spite of having a dog when I was a child, didn’t have the least bit of interest in dogs.  I was a cat kind of guy.  But my wife pleaded with me to get a greyhound, and I resisted and put my foot down, but as most of us married men all know our wives always work things so in the end they get what they want, and we end up with a greyhound puppy, who turns out to be a handful – has to be on a leash all the time he’s out, hates to be left alone, and goes nuts if he is.  After two years, we find out that he had a congenital heart defect, and he became suddenly sick, and deteriorated so fast, and with my family away at the time, I had to put him down.

So who in the end had fallen so totally in love with that dog?  It was me, of course, and making the decision to put him out of his misery was just indescribably painful.

Now we have had a German Shepherd for the last 10 years who was a used guide dog, and so well trained and calm, the antithesis of the greyhound, and she’s gone deaf, poor of sight, but she is such a powerful part of our family.  I am going to be a wreck when she goes, so I know what you and your family must be going through.  My condolences to all of you.


PS  In recent developments in my vicarious surfing life, my son Emlyn just did his first Mavericks session in some pretty serious 18 – 25 ft. surf.  He sent me some photos of the session (not of him) as well as a conversation he had with a friend about the session describing getting caught inside a bomber set and getting seriously worked.

Pretty amazing that he would make it there from his beginnings at Cisco in Nantucket, Plum Island and Salisbury, then his middle at the Rocks, The Point, Linkies, all of which he came to love.  Now he lives in Santa Cruz and haunts Steamers, Bridges, Mitchells, Stockton Ave when the locals allow it, Waddell, where sharks are so thick you practically have to paddle over them to get to the takeoff point.  Now he’s off into a different realm.

Wow Peter what a story and the news on your son's Big Wave

just read your latest... This year we lost Quita,our amazing little cat. We rescued her from tenants renting my brother & sister & law's house in Nashville. Gene & Jenefer were on an around the world sail, and we got word that the tenants weren't keeping up their end & the house was going into forclosure. Margie & I went Nashville & evicted them. When we got there, the house was a pigsty; there was evidence of a kitchen fire, trash & garbage in every room, they painted over the woodwork, garbage & broken toys all over the yard.. a train wreck. They were supposed to take care of Quita, the 19 year old family cat, but when we got there we couldn't find her. I looked all over & found her locked in a basement bathroom; she looked like the abused cats you see on the tv ads. No cat box, no food no water. We got her to the Vet, who was shocked at her condition as well. Quita spent over a week there, and we bought a carry case for her so she could be safe in our hotel room with us. We spent over 2 weeks there, cleaning up the mess, renting a truck to move all their furniture & puting it in storage lockers,etc Margie took care of all the leagal eviction issues. We kicked their butts to the curb. When all was said & done, we flew back to Ca. where we cared and pampered her till she passed on. She was the most loving & gentle animal i've ever held in my hands, and both of us were with her when passed on. People who abuse animals & pets should be put in cages. Sorry for my rant, but we still miss Quita.

Now we have Molly, a calico..... she's an 7lb comedian...Thom (California)

We love our pets brother.

Good riddance Moss what a jerk. Your boys ran into the “new” Browns. I didn’t see that game but heard not close.On any Sunday any team can win & that makes it interesting for us all.Going to be tough for the Vikes to pass the Packers in the division. They have to beat the Bears next week & then Green Bay when the they come to Minneapolis.

The defense was firing on all cylinders yesterday in the 4th quarter. I turned on the game after surfing right then & was stoked.

Wally (California)

On any given Sunday indeed..

why do you just show you and your gay friends in the water, what about all the others...

michael p bisceglia

Gee Mike...I don't know. I'll have to ask my Gay friends Lenny and Markey J and see what they think. Or you could always ask me this in person and I'll have a better answer for you.
Or better yet, you could comb through my site and see all the UNKNOWN pics I run every week. But my guess are not capable of this simple task. Me and my Gay friends are here and we'd love to meet you. I'll be sure to have my camera ready to snap a photo or two of you. Because I can tell you are one Red Hot Surfer.


Great job on the web site.. Dogs are awesome and such a part of family.  My sympathies for you and family…

I got my dog with Tammy in San Diego on our way back from hiking Mt Viejas east of San Diego before Ryan was born.  I planned to propose to her on the top but chickened out, did it later on our kitchen carpet (from the 60's) that night.  Our dog Sunday is such a part of Ryan's life.  I am sorry to hear about your dog..

You are an inspiration in many ways.  The Molly fund is taking on a life of its own, I'm proud to have the sicker on my bumper. Hope you get some surf when it's big (as reported ?) later this week..

Thank you


Thanks for the kind words Tony.

Hey Ralph
Couple good days of waves unfortunately for me I had baby sitting duties Sat and Sun watching my grandson. Watching him is about the only activity that takes me out of the water that doesn't kill me. Had a bad run though last couple of months  6 weeks out of the water for my ears then I was on the road for a couple of swells... oh well life on life's terms right??
At any rate I was at the rocks yesterday with Toby (my grandson) watching the waves  when I heard a guy complaining his board had just been stolen. A French Canadian guy (gotta watch what I say as Christine is French Canadian) I dont know if he was targeted because of his being Canadian or not. I remember in the early 80's leaving a board in a snowbank at the rocks (always was a spaceshot) and being crushed as it was a brand new 7-0 custom Jim Phillips that I just loved. I put a couple of posters up and sure enough a day or two later I got a call from a guy that found it who flatly refused to take a dough for being so kind. I hope those days aren't completely lost. I often leave a board on top of my car or even leave my car unlocked while out surfing guess I gotta change that habit. I actually left my car at the rocks unlocked one day last winter when the authorities were towing and Mark Jewitt moved my car so I didn't get towed. Nice to know there are still a few honorable people out there who do the right thing.
See you in the water
Dave C

Better to have your ears done now than later on. Enjoy your grandson too.

Ralph :

I can certianly understand that the sorrow of the loss of a friend and companion of 14 years isn't going away any time soon.

I did shoot the Rocks for a few hours yesterday and got a few usable shots.

I think its cool when we get the same shot from different angles, very interesting perspectives.

I think if the wind turns around we will be shooting some huge surf this week, unfortunately no sun is forecast till Thursday.

Hope all is well considering, you have had a tough stretch recently my friend.


Thanks Ed it's been a strange weird week.

November 7, 2010

Hi Ralph,
I was just told about your website today, after a session up at Rye .  Love the photos, I think it is really great that you get out there and take these.  It really helps put into perspective the size of some of the waves that come through.  I was curious if it is possible to get copies of any of the photos that you take.  If you could get back to me on how to go about this, I would really appreciate it.

There is a way to get photos. Just tell which one you want.

The SCOUT Condolences Emails
November 7, 2010

I'm so sorry to hear that, Ralph.   Fourteen years is a really big chunk of your life;   and a beloved Dog is so very much a PART of your life.  We had to have Zephie put down, as you know, in May... he was 11+1/2.  The house was unbearable quiet.  You feel like part of yourself has been cut out. 
I can speak for Bill when i send you our deepest sympathies.    We really do share your sorrow.
Bill and Cynthy

 Surfed Jenness at the Straws end  yesterday with my son Matt and son in law Clint.Lots of guys and gals in the water but got my fair share.I am sorry to hear about you dog Scout.It is quite a bit harder for for those of us who hunt our dogs to finally have to make that difficult decision.I looked around for you a bit yesterday but saw no cameras or red Jeep.I am sure we will cross paths.It is big here today with a lot of wind.Looks like a strong couple of days of surf.

All the best

Mike D

He was a good dog. He will be missed.
Chris B

I am very, very sorry to hear Scout has passed away. I did meet him during Max's birthday party and had a little chat with him. He seemed like a great and intelligent dog. May he rest in peace. I know you gave him a real "dog's life". It is tough to lose such a companion.

John C .

Ralph:     I'm an old beachbum.    I have followed Molly's story, your wonderful convictions and daily e-mails.  I live in Boston but get to Hampton often, as I have an elderly mom who is blind and starting to fail.   I'm on the beach as often as I can walking my dog Murphy who is a 129 pound Newfie.    My heart goes out to you and your family at this time.  
I keep telling myself I'm going to run into you one of these days, I know Ms. Murphy has chased a few of your seagull friends.   Keep the faith, you, your family and the surfing community are a remarkable bunch. 
It's people like you that "heal all wounds"
Denise M

Thanks Ralph. Great job this week, Scout was given the perfect send off


Hey Ralph,

Coming off my 6 days in Baja Mexico and San Diego I just got this email and my stoke just came to a screaming halt! I am heart broken for you. I am glad I had so many opportunities to hunt with Scout. Ill be back home tomorrow morning and talk to you this week.


"sorry to hear about your beloved dooger Scout."
Kim O

"Sorry, Brother, been there."
Steve F

"Just saw this.  We are so sorry."
Meg R

"Sorry for your loss... I remember your old dog way back when we were kids. He always greeted every surfer coming in thinking it was you. Scout's hunting in the best woods now forever."

Arthur B

i just read your beautiful words about your dog scout .. lovely thoughts ....our thoughts are with you and your family..
we know how much our pets are like family members
take care
maryellen, taylor , and larry

"so sorry Ralph....."
Kim B

Hi Ralph. I wanted send you a quick note. I read your column this week and am so sorry to hear about losing Scout. There isn't much I can say to make things better, but I am sure you will always have a special spot in your heart for Scout and you can rest assured he is in a great place right now.
Again, just wanted to pass along my condolensces. See you in the water! I have to send you some pic one of these days too.
See you in the water.
Kevin D

"Ralph, Sorry for your loss."
Phil (San Diego )

I just read Ralph’s column.  His words about Scout brought tears to my eyes.
Judith (Maine)

"Ralph, Scout is now with the 4 legged family I have cherished over the years. Sorry for your loss, hope you are well.

"sorry Ralph."
Jamie W

"Scout is doing something cool right now in dog Heaven."
Stan C (Panama)

"sorry to here that Ralph catch one for Molly and one for Scout

Larry G (Nicaragua )


I got your late afternoon Vmail regarding Scout. Yes it’s sad and I can understand that you are taking it hard. Time heals all wounds. Scout was a great dog and a tremendous hunter. A unique highlight from all the years hunting behind him is that frustrated bark when he points/flushes and we don’t shoot. Classic.
I'll miss him too.

Rich A

November 6, 2010

I am so sorry for your loss. They are never with us long enough and having Great Ones like Scout helps us understand how lucky we are to have spent the great times afield with such wonderful gifted animals such as him.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Robert G.

Sorry to hear the news Ralph.  I remember him being a knucklehead when
he was young and how much he got better with age.
Jeff G.

"Ralph- I am so sorry to hear about Scout. I talked with Corey yesterday and she said he was doing better; thought he was going to pull through. Really sorry to hear this- but he lived a good long life for a big dog and it sounds like he was a lucky and very loved one."

I tried to return your call. Rough time. He's gone to hunt with his dad and better bird shooters than me. I'll try to do better next time we hunt, boys. Keep an eye on him, Gunny-he's developed a nasty habit of going on subterranean missions, kind of a "tunnel rat" if you know what I mean. First class dirt dog!
Pete T.

Sorry to hear about Scout.  I know what it's like to lose a pet.  May Scout meet up with George (my deceased dog) and hang out with nana and gramps! As for Max - your kidding!!  how the heck did that happen????? 

love Gale

Sorry about your critter Ralph.  We lost our Tess this past August after 15 years and I know how hard it is to lose such a loving friend.  We should have the Love they give without end.  It would be a better world.  Great surf the past few days, pounding.   We are due for a big hit this week, so hopefully it will give us enough to open.   Keep up the good work.   Again, sorry for your loss.  Peace Out, Powers

"Ralph..sorry to hear of your's never easy..please pass my love to the family.."
Barbara S

"So very sorry, Ralph; it's hard to lose those beloved four-legged family members. Praying for peace for your family and healing for Max too. Hang in there."
Liz P

"Sorry Ralph and family...RIP Scout "

Good dogs die way to young, Sorry to hear the news Ralph."
Tom M.

"Ouch! Prayers go out to you and your family. Sorry about your sad news."
Sofia H

"May Scout R I P"

"Sorry brother...  You gave each other a good last hunt..."
Tony B.

"Sorry Ralph !!!!  Been there, They truly are mans best friend"
Mike K

"Im sorry to hear about your dog Ralph... Im sure you gave him a great life! You should have him cremated. Then you can keep a little urn of his ashes... May seem silly but it helps with the loss I think"
Justin A

"We are sorry Ralph. Hang in there."
Jon and boys


Really sorry to hear about your dog Scout.


Thank you all. Each and every one of you. Thank you. I love you all.

November 6, 2010

"Missing the sound of the ocean's roar and the sea spray at high tide. Enjoy it guys.....and stay warm....Kim & Beau (woof)" (North Carolina

There's an ocean in North Carolina.

November 3, 2010

"WOW, 100 days in the books... Nice work Ralph.


Thanks Jamie. It all helps.

November 3, 2010

Congrats on the 100 day benchmark. The enormous challenge you have undertaken becomes clearer every week as the temps plummet.
I have another check for you and will mail it today. I have'nt seen the first check go through my account yet. Do you need a replacement check for that one? Please let me know.
The boys are still charging it. Their toughness and determination is truly mindboggling. We will be around today and this weekend, hope to cross paths soon. We would have loved to join you yesterday, but were unaware of the 12pm event til it was too late, we apologize for missing it.
Lastly, thanks for the card you sent us. Boys were thrilled to get mail from you!
Jon, Weiland & Elliot

Thank you Jon. Tell the boys I sad hello.

November 2, 2010

33 feet at 21 seconds!! Can't wait to see how it translates onto the coastline
Steve (San Diego)

I'd be hiding under my bed.

November 1, 2010

What time are we surfing (100 Days) ? A bunch of folks emailed me wanting to know the details for tomorrow.....



I'm not sure. The tide is higher early. I've been surfing around 9-10AM these past few days.

November 1, 2010

Hi Ralph Thanks for the update.I hope your surfing mission is going well. It's a fine way to honor Molly and her family and I'm sure they are grateful for it

Mike M

Thanks Mike.