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JULY 2010

July 31, 2010

We’re all reading it buddy. You can chill on your end, and just concentrate on the task at hand. We’re in the rear with the gear, and we’re watching out front in the hunt.

Jeff (California)

I'm stoked to know you guys are tuning in everyday.

July 30, 2010

DId you happen to catch the famous Grondino on surfline this week? I saw the board first and I knew it was him!

SD (Cali)

I'm all over it...gonna post it for the Yesterday shot.

July 30, 2010

I like site by the way. I never been on it until my buddy emailed me the link.

Vincent T.

Thanks. I have over 13,000 weekly readers and 51 different countries.
Ed's email is on the ad on my site.

Thanks again...

July 29, 2010

Nelson and I met a veteran today who told us that his eyes were saved by his Oakley sunglasses after he was hit in the face by shrapnel when an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) exploded in front of him when he was serving in Afghanistan.  This Marine is now the gunsmith at Blackwater, new store opening in CT., and Chris told us that his Oakley glasses remained intact during the blast.  Nelson and I were speechless, we sort of glanced at each other, and then Chris asked us if we wanted to see photos.  We did.

I assumed that Chris was still recovering from his injuries in Afghanistan because he walked with a limp and used a cane.  As we made our way back towards his office to check out the photos on his computer, Chris told us about how he called Oakley directly in order to tell them all about his glasses saving his eyes during the IED blast.  Chris pulled up the photos taken of his face after the blast of shrapnel.  Nelson and I were silent.

It was obvious that Chris had no problem relating the story to Nelson and I and he asked us if we wanted to see the photos of the truck – the truck that Chris was driving when he got hit by the IED.  Nelson and I took one look at the twisted, charred truck and I responded immediately that he was lucky to be alive.  I stood up and told Chris that I wanted to give him a hug, to thank him for his service, and then I asked him if him limp was due to the IED blast.  Chris told us that he lost both of his legs in the blast – he has prosthetics – and then he showed them to us as well as the photos.  Nelson and I were quiet.  I looked Chris in the eyes, gave him a squeeze, and then he smiled.  I shook his hand while he smiled at me.

Chris was a contractor for Blackwater when he was injured in Afghanistan.  He had been discharged from the Marines and was working as a contractor when he got hit.  After Nelson and I left the store, I realized that this guy had a wonderful spirit.  Here was a guy that lost both of his legs in an IED blast but he was so adamant about the fact that Oakley saved his eyesight and Chris was so very thankful.

Driving home from tonight, thinking about the time that we had with Chris today, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for all that I have in my life.  A life free from IED's and Taliban bullets.  Chirs is a warrior and I feel blessed to have had a chance to shake his hand.....

Semper Fi,


Whoa...that was a good read Buck. Funny, I wrote about a Vet buddy
of mine in my daily blog today. Check it out

Thanks for sharing...

July 29, 2010


I'm the plantiff who you put up on your blog. Any chance you could 
email me copies of pics? Or jpegs? None of my buddies believed when I 
said I grabbed this kids nose and threw him off my wave! Really cool 


Just contact Ed O'Connell for high res shots. I'm sure he'd be happy to sell you them.
He's gone for a month though.

July 28, 2010

Hi Ralph,

I've been following your blog and think what you're doing for Molly is great; you're a real inspiration.



Thank you.

July 28, 2010

Hi Ralph.

My name is Beatrice M.i.  Live in Portsmouth/Greenland – not to far. I have had a burning curiousity for 40 years now – which you were able to answer for me.

Thank you.

My family has a summer camp at Great East Lake in Wakefield, NH.  Next door to us wasThe Hubis Family.  Andy, Pat, Andrea and Holly.  We didn’t see Brian up at the lake too too much but I do remember how athletic he was, indeed.  He loved to swim with us little ones. He was 10 years older than me.  (I kind of had a crush on him).   He loved to include all of Us in what he was doing at camp…be we 6 or 16….it didn’t matter.   I remember playing king Of the rock in the water…. He was king.   And trying to over throw him meant a joint effort From all of us in every direction.  Still, even 6 on 1, he was victorious.

Late August…and it seems it could have been even early Sept, our camp phone rang.  Back then It was one phone but all the neighbors used it.  My father answered and within seconds, turned His back to the room to quietly speak.  Shortly thereafter, he asked my mom to step outside. I remember peaking out the kitchen window.  My mom’s hands immediately went up and covered Her mouth area.  Her eyes popped out in disbelief and together they walked next door to see Pat & Andy.  Half way over, I was called out to talk to my mom & dad.  Seeing the seriousness, I hesitated but knew I had a job in all this.  No details were revealed to me.  I was asked to run ahead of them to the Hubis’ and ask Holly to go fishing…and to go now. 

Holly and I were tight.  Without thinking twice, Holly grabbed her rod and worms, ran out the door barely saying so-long to her parents.  We both swished past my parents who were now on their top step.  I remember Pat seeing my mom and giving her a little shit asking her if she was there to finally try to whip her in cribbage as she stood there with her ever present bottle of Pepsi.

Without looking at her, both Mom & Dad entered and closed the door behind them.  Meanwhile, me And Holly were off.  It was important to me that we cast off as soon as possible.  Inside I knew what I Only to this point suspected. I didn’t want to fish.  I didn’t want to breathe anymore.  I wanted to just sit next to my friend and Hold her so tight….but I didn’t let on.  I remember it was a little fogy out and she saw me looking at Her while I was praying to God to please let me capture Holly in a time capsule so that I could always remember life as it was ‘before’.

After about a half hour she said that she sensed something was wrong and asked me if I knew anything. I could not lie.  I told her a call came through to my dad and he was asked to relay a message to your mom and dad. She looked at me with horror.  I slowed the boat down, turned off the motor, and just drifted. No words were spoken.  I recall us both gazing into the sky, begging for reassurance from a power beyond Our imagination.

"He’s dead.  I just know he’s dead," Holly said.    I said now wait a minute….there are many things this call could Mean.   Maybe he’s been wonded.  Perhaps lost a hand or a foot.  Maybe he’s missing in action.  I begged Holly Not to think the worse but to no avail.  At that point, she insisted we return to shore….and we did.  I didn’t even get the boat on the shore before She was out and running to her place.  A minute later, I knew the Hubis Family would never be the same. The sounds of agony are sounds one never is able to escape from.

Ralph, I have heard Brian ran back to help a wounded comrade….perhaps something about a river they were Crossing.  I also hear he had a locking elbow or knee and had the opportunity to not be in the front line battle Field.

I never saw Holly again after the wake….and even then, it was not my bestest friend Holly….  Thank you, Ralph.

I needed to remember all this.  Thank you.



Well, that was beautifully written. I am not sure how I was able to help you, or how you
found me. Except, I'm guessing you read something somewhere that I may have written about Brian.

It's true that Brian was a special person. It was hard to believe that he was lost over there.
It was sobering to all of us who knew Brian personally, especially those of us who were in the military and getting ready to ship out ourselves.

August 1969...seems like such a longtime ago.

Thanks for writing, the Internet is a powerful tool.



July 27, 2010

Please ask Kevin if he sold the Surfboard in the picture to Pioneers .I bought that Eberly a number of years ago because it was long 7'10 and very light.I surf it occasionally if it is big and hollow as it is a rocket.He clearly has Ruggles wired in that photo.I suspect it is the same board
MIke D (Massachusetts)

I'll ask the good doctor...

July 27, 2010

Your'e a good man Ralph!
rock (Cali)

Thanks Rock.

July 27, 2010


I just want to say good on ya mate. I support your efforts & thank you for them. I will be making a donation before year end.
Actions speak louder than words & you are a man of action.

May god be with you through this journey & light your way.

Wally (California)

Thank you so much Wally. I'm countrng on the Westie support like I did 10 years ago.

July 26, 2010

In lieu of an email response, I left you a phone message (remember those?).  Forgot to mention in message- love the ESM article and Big Black- you never cease to entertain us mere mortals. Fatello- larger than life, slightly smaller than a planet. Right on.

John C

More flags more funny...

July 26, 2010

first happy 70th birthday,second good luck with your quest. I think we should have a family meeting and try to convince you at your advanced age to maybe play a game of checkers everyday instead,....just looking out for ya fella.

John F.

Very funny... 70? Now why you gotta be so hurtful?

July 26, 2010

Hey Ralph,
I've got a loaded email for you today.

First, I loved your story last week about surfing without a leash. A few years ago I started to surf without one every once and a while; now, I'm out every morning and afternoon on my longboard with no leash and no wetsuit (unless of course it's really crowded or the surf gets decent-sized). Even more than just controlling your board, I feel like it gives you a more intimate understanding of how your board acts. I've now found myself knowing here my board is and what it's doing even when I can't really see it. In any case, many kudos for that and I couldn't agree more.

Second, I was hoping I could get a higher quality version of a picture of me from last week. It was one of Ed's -- E35.jpg with the caption "Pointing his way home" -- of me on my longboard almost under the lip. That evening was super fun and I vividly remember that being one of my best waves of the day.

Third, I've attached a few pictures from the swell two weeks ago that I forgot were on my camera. Should have a couple more from the other day on the way this week.

Finally, now that I'm working in Salisbury, I've surfed every day since the beginning of June and I don't plan on stopping. Although I had to be at the office by 9am today, I caught a few waves for your 365 kickoff early this morning, but I can't wait to see Big Black in action... the thing looks like a freakin' stealth plane. Best of luck and see you in the water!


Thanks Mike. Contact Ed directly about the photo. So are you going to surf everyday? Or just days when there's surf? There's a big difference.

July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Ralph! What a beautiful day to start a great cause!
Great to see you on Saturday, Jaiden and I will be up soon!

Jesse (Massachusetts)

Thanks Jesse.

July 26, 2010


Well done, hope the next 364 are as much fun. See you in a month


P.S. Happy Birthday

Thanks for being there Ed.

July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Ralph!!  It will be an interesting year for sure!  Good luck on Day #1.
 I'll be thinking of you and look forward to hearing how it goes.



Thank you

July 26, 2010


We know what a big day this is going to be for you so we won’t even try to call you for your birthday.  We wish we could be there to see you catch the first wave for Molly.  Maybe we can come down for another one this year, just not in the winter.  On those freezing winter days we’ll sit by the fireplace and think of you out there in your wetsuit.

Happy Birthday and best wishes!


Judith & John (Maine)

Thanks Guys!

July 26, 2010

Cool.  Wish I could have been there for the opening ride.  I lost an
Aunt to cancer a few years ago and a good friend on March 8, 2009.
It's a nasty thing.


Cancer sucks.

July 25, 2010

Hey Unckey, 
Me and my mom are going to the Cape tomorrow for some mother/daughter bonding but we'll be thinking of you with love and gratitude. We'll also be thinking about how old your getting.....Dang!

Thanks Kelly

July 25, 2010

Hi Ralph,

Good luck tomorrow and Happy Birthday!!  Brian says the same....we'll be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you a happy happy birthday with a great first ride!  Let us know how it goes.

Love you

Gale -a strong wind who will keep it down tomorrow.

Thank you Gale

July 25, 2010

Ijust logged on to send you an email. Just wanted to say that, although I'm not going to be able to make it up there after all in the AM tomorrow to see you catch your first "wave for Molly" I'm sending you best wishes for a good first ride, a great year out there and huge success at your endeavor!

Thanks Hannah

July 25, 2010

once again THANK YOU for you support!!
Best of luck to you on your mission for the year ahead! You have our support.
see you in the morning.

You're welcome. What a great night you had. Congrats to you and the band. I wish I could of stayed longer but Robin was not feeling well (he had a stroke last winter) and he could hardly breathe in there. The last thing you needed was for him to collapse. I heard that Jesse rocked out at the end of the night... I posted some pics for you.

July 25, 2010

Hi Ralph,

Unfortunately I have a work commitment in the moring and won't be able to share the kick off tomorrow. Saw the pics, the board looks great, what a great way to honor Molly, Linda P., Kim G and everyone else that cancer has affected in our community. Good luck and I hope you get some good waves to get the streak going.

Spoke to the NH Disabled folks on Friday, everything is going well for WW3.. Do you remember Todd Rohr from last year? He and his wife were both vets, cute daughter that MVF seemed to gravitate towards...He is on the planning committee this year, good that hey now have a vet's perspective in the build up.

b. michael t.

Thanks Michael:

I know you'll be there in spirit. That's great about the Todd Rohr Vet connection. That can't hurt. Speaking of vets, I finally met Roger from Home Base. Damn he's young. Hard to believe this kid was a Special Forces Green Beret, who did  3 combat tours. He was up surfing last Thursday. You'll like him. He's quiet and very focused.

I'll be in touch. We have to go before the board again soon. No worries though...just a formality.


July 25, 2010


Best wishes from Clan Bean as you embark Monday morning. Had contact with Son of Certified, Max at Rye State Park on Saturday. What a splendid job you and Cory have done with that fine young man.

Please accept an initial pledge of one dollar per day for your venture. Bill Quarterly. As you encounter the changing phases of the operation to include the challenges of climate, please count on our support for whatever logistic, emotional and kick ass support you require. You have the priority of fires on demand.

You know the freq.

God Bless,

Bean Out.

Thank you sir.

July 23, 2010

Hey Ralph, sorry man, I didn't realize how much of a big deal the whole jellyfish "story" was.  My mom told me about it happening on the phone the other day because she was getting admitted to Portsmouth Hospital to treat an infection and at the same time they were bringing in a bunch of people from the beach who had gotten stung.  Then I see it all over MSN and the news and stuff..I had no idea. 
My heart goes out to you guys the way they're blowing the story up..that sucks, it was really just bad luck the thing floated in to that beach that day.  The beach manager call though probably should have been to just close the beach..but then, how are ya gonna know this would happen, right?
Anyway, sorry for the flippant remark.
Steve (California)

No worries Steve. Like I said, how would you know that Max is a Lifeguard at that very beach. I'm just glad he had the day off. He would of been up to his eyeballs in that mess.  And knowing Max, he would of went in that water and got stung trying to get those kids out of the water. He's got College Football camp in 2 weeks, and  the last thing he would of wanted was multiple Jellyfish stings.

Everyone has been blaming the Lifeguards. But it was the Lifeguards who initially suggested clearing everyone out of the water, but the Parks manager made them drag it in with a pitchfork. That's when it broke up, and the rest as they say, is history.

What a freaking mess.


P.S. I hope your Mom is OK...

July 23, 2010

Correction...dumbass park ranger. No offense meant to your son.

None taken...

July 23, 2010

..hats off to the dumbass lifeguard for raking in a poisonous jelly for hundreds of kids to play with.. (Rye NH Jelly Fish Story where 100 bathers were stung by a large Jelly Fish)

SD (California)

My 18 year old son Max is a 6' tall 180lb Lifeguard at Wallis Sands and at Jeness.

That was his day off. But or the record, the Lifeguard on duty was ORDERED to get the Jellyfish out of the water using that Pitchfork. I know you didn't know that Max was working as a Lifeguard at that beach, but the amount of abuse those Lifeguards have taken over this is unfair.

It was the Parks Manager who ordered the Lifeguards to get it done and handed the Pitchfork to the Lifeguard. If Max was on duty that day, he would of been the one who had
to deal with this nightmare.

July 22, 2010


Some days its just not happening. Today at Linky’s
Hope all is well with you, rest up, my friend, you have
some serious surfing ahead.


Thanks Ed I'm resting z-z-z--z-z-z-z

July 22, 2010


Thanks for sending these pictures, and thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me yesterday. You're doing a truly amazing thing, and we'll try to get this story up as soon as possible so that everyone can be inspired by your efforts and the lives of people like Molly, your mother, Joe, and Linda. Thanks again, and I'll try to send you an e-mail when the story goes up.

Allison ESM

Thanks Allison, you were great to talk to, and you made the interview very interesting and informative. Looking forward to seeing it up on ESM.

Surfing Heals All Wounds...


July 21, 2010

Hard to believe that it was 10 years ago and God Bless you for doing this Ralph. 
 I don't have to say it but you really inspire a lot of people. 
AND - when you coming down???? 
Stan (Pananma)

I hope to be able to come down either this winter or next winter. I need to surf everyday
and I would need to time my wave count and not miss a day. We'll figure something out.

July 20, 2010

Heya Ralph, saw your story on HU's pg.1 last week. So happy to hear
you're doing this for Little Miss Molly and others who fight/fought
cancer! I remember when you did this for your Dad, too. It's a great
cause and should really appeal to Seacoast area folks.

I'd like to post this on my Facebook page; do you mind if I do that? I
can also post your contact info for anyone who wants to make a
donation to your cause. You might even want to consider putting up a
Facebook site of your own, too; there are LOTS of Hampton people on

Anyway, let me know if you want me to post the info; thanks!
Take care,
Liz P

Thanks Liz...I think I'm already on Facebook. But sure go ahead and post away.

July 20, 2010

Hello Ralph,

The war on terror hit home here on Vashon Sunday.  The whole community is stunned.  He was a great Fire Explorer and Volunteer during High school and was a well respected young man.  This really stinks.

Hank (Washington State)

So sorry to hear about your community's loss. This is the time for you all to pull together as one. Take the initiative and start the ball rolling for a Monument or some kind of Memorial for this kid. If he's your first casualty, you really need to do something. I'd be happy to offer you any advice if you need it.

July 20, 2010

Hey Ralph - always read your blog to stay in touch. 

Stan (Panama)

Thanks Stan, can't wait to see the camp!

July 19, 2010


How can Debra and I contribute?  we donate each year to the American Cancer Society as we lost my dad to pancreatic cancer and Debra's mom to stomach cancer.


There will be a pay-pal on this weekly blog and a daily blog page called Catch A Wave For Molly.

July 17, 2010

Read the piece in Friday's paper and once again you demonstrate what a fine human being you are (not that I hadn't already known that for years without the Hampton Union having to tell me).  Even our 13 year old Nicole was impressed enough to say she wanted to donate to the cause.  The one thing the article was missing was an address.  I can drop our checks in the mail to your home, but to whom should they be made out to?

Keep up the good work, and see you around town.



Thank you both. There will be a pay-pal on this weekly blog. I'm actually going to have a daily blog page called Catch A Wave For Molly.

July 16, 2010

Good on ya Ralph!

Scott (California)

Right on...

July 16, 2010

May the Good Lord watch you in that water 365 times. 


I could use the help...

July 16, 2010


I applaud your sense of duty, honor and devotion.  You are remarkable!  Hopefully this year you won't need to dodge as many things!



July 16, 2010

Once a marine, always a marine….


P.S. Nice article


July 16, 2010

Hi Ralph,

I saw the HU this morning.  You’ve got a lot of good stuff going on.  Kudos to all that you are doing for Molly’s Fund and the Wounded Warrior project.

Thanks Joan. Should be an interesting year.

July 16, 2010


Some photos from Tavarua.  Nearly got killed at Cloudbreak this year, and
was there the day the laws all changed and Cloudbreak and Restaurants went
from surfing with 8-16 surfers to surfing with 65 - 90 surfers, and this is
just the beginning.

Regardless of what you feel about the old Fijiian laws, it's a big loss to
all of us who had benefitted from Tavarua as it was.


That's the end of that dream.

July 13, 2010

hi are you buddy?  Great seeing you on saturday.  what an awesome weekend of waves.  i wish i could surf yesterday and/or today but work is preventing that!
I was wondering if you can help me better understand the wall.  It is obvious there are better spots than others during different tides.  can you please give my your tips for maximizing my surfing during high and low tide?  what street #s do you set up at?
Also, did you take any pics from Sunday?  If so, will they be on next weeks blog?


Here's my Wall tip. If it looks good-paddle out. I did shoot on Sunday (morning only).
I post every Saturday night or first thing Sunday morning....

July 12, 2010

Right on about the glass down at the wall too !!!!!!!    After I left your office last week I went down to 10th street to get my feet wet and I'll be go to hell if I didn't cut my freakin foot walking on the rocks!!!!

I remember way back when the earth was flat a Hampton cop explaining to me that my constitutional rights did not apply until he got me TO the cop car... ie from the high water mark to the car door, I was HIS dogmeat....I thought he was crazy then.....I think he was a genius now !


That's funny...sort of.

July 12, 2010

This guy's name is Lynn Murphy.  Met him at a show on MV this week.  
He was the man who ran the mechanical shark in the movie JAWS!
Amazing stories about the movie. Jimmy


July 11, 2010

saw the column, looking good! "The Phantom Returns’, oh, how apropos! The entire E. Coast must be breathing a sigh of karmic relief…


The boys and girls were happy to see your return Phantom.

July 11, 2010


I knew you were gonna talk about the sunburn!

I heard some good words at the Wall after the surf about your column and the generous flow of photographs you take yourself. One comment by a wet surfer was that it was the best thing about surfing in Hampton. Another guy I was chatting with in the water- a veteran that you know, "Bill", an older sales/rep guy- mentioned how many of us regulars see where you are shooting and move out of range so we don't end up in the Blatant Drop in of the Week.

Wow. That Fourth of July wave you shot looks like a backwards J-Bay!

OMG I love the GUILTY stamp! Ralph- that is the BEST!

That's a nice left the Phantom scored in SA.

Thanks from all of us!


Thank you my brother...Mahalo.

July 10, 2010

Fun evening session at 8th st tonight! Hope you got some. Feels good to have have surfed, doesn't it? Too good.


I missed it bastards!

July 9, 2010

Hey there,
This a picture of my first time catching a wave all they way in. It was also the first wave. Kyle was my teacher and we are at North Beach 7/8/10 . What an amazing moment!! Similar to that first pony ride for the horse crazy little girl!

I'd say it's better than horseback riding...but what the hell do I know? I'm no cowboy.

July 8, 2010

My son Matt and I paddled out to a reef rock pile last night for a bit of exercise and actually got a few waves of waist high variety during the 3 hours we spent in the warm water.It is very shallow with rocks showing all around but has some power in small surf.

Rash guards and shorts are good by me.I hope all is well.


I agree, it was waist high and I like it warm as well...

July 7, 2010

Hey Ralph, read about your awesome efforts for Molly on the blog, very admirable of you and definitely a news-worthy story. I've got a mention of it in next issue's Northeast Blahs, maybe before you start on July 26th we can do a story online as well? I'll hit you up as it gets closer...

Thanks Nick ESM

Thanks Nick you guys at ESM are the BEST!

July 6, 2010

So I'm prepping some images from the NSSA National Championships from this
past Saturday, but I've gotten side tracked by a huge swell at the Wedge
today.  Be expecting images from the NSSA Nationals by the end of today
(west coast time), but here are some Wedge shots to tide you over!
Ben (California)

The wedge is nuts!

July 6, 2010

Well Said Ralph…. F--k Those Punks! I try hard to kick ass and keep the peace but it seems I am getting overwhelmed!  But I will tell you this, I have been documenting license plate #’s and I have narrowed down a group of young girls & boys that day after day sit on the wall littering etc etc.  I defend 10th street very aggressively but I am an army of one at many times.  It seems we are being overrun.

Don't do it alone. Call me, or someone else, or call the Police. That shit is against the law.

July 5, 2010

Thanks for the excellent Wedge video.  And I was right with you brother on the butt nuts breaking bottles on the beach.

Doug S

Thanks Doug.

July 5, 2010

hahahaha thats epic buddy! Those water shots from cali are unreal..


BDI's are very informative.

July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

And it's "Petraeus", btw. You had spelled his name wrong thereby disgracing and dishonoring our great general. (kidding).
As for this week's column, well you know Johnny loves the venom, right on! Don't fuck with our beaches, bitches!
I love your comment on Byrd about God being as forgiving as politicians. Good luck with that, Byrdbrain.
I also liked your empty wave pics esp. the first one before the scroll over. Also good pics of Fresh and Miller.
And the Baker grom pics are awesome. That is the kernel and soul of surfing. That lucky little bastard styling on that right just kills me- I missed that part of life but I still feel the stoke when I'm having a fun Wall sess.
The Wedge- love that stuff. Love the insanity of the closeout barrel- the only kind I have ever had.
Can you find Johnny? You love that PhotoShop!


Thanks Johnny

July 4, 2010

So I take the dogs for a walk at Jennes this AM (6AM to be exact) and you think  the Wall is bad you should have seen that beach.  It made me sick.  Beer cans, beer bottles, empty 6 packs, fireworks debris, trash,  kids toys, etc.  It looked more like a garbage dump than a beach.  And that was all the way from the parking lot to Straws point.  Tell Max to wear his shoes if he’s working Jennes today.   It’s a real pit. Pardon me,  I’m going to buy a tazer!!!!!

It stinks (pun intendded)

July 3, 2010

Can’t we just shoot them??? A 9mm only cost 23 cents.  Think of all the electricity you will waste tazing some loser.  Just a thought.


Thanks Tony that could work. Nope.

July 1, 2010

Wow, your story about Thomas made my day.  Thanks for sharing all of 
the broader inspirations that you receive from surfing.  Keep up the 
good work.  By the way, enough with the surprise swells already, here 
in Vt. We need a days notice!  Oh well, enjoy it while you can, the 
Green Mountain invasion will resume.
Andrew Purdy
Northeast Kingdom

Thanks Andrew. Thomas made my day too. That was 10 years ago.
Before we started the Wounded Warriors HIT THE BEACH event.

Keep surfing!


July 1, 2010

Dear Surfer's Journal Supporter:

I'm writing to you as the Publisher of The Surfer’s Journal. I hope you don’t mind this intrusion, but it’s about something of interest and concern to us all.

Surfrider Foundation is fighting for our country to enact prudent responsible actions in response to the severe crisis that the Gulf oil spill makes evident. The Foundation is advocating for support of a presidential moratorium on future offshore drilling. Earth’s seas and coastal resources are economically and aesthetically invaluable to us all. We must not allow the current standards and practices that failed to continue unabated.

There is power in numbers. The more Surfrider Foundation members there are, the louder our collective voice will become. Join Surfrider today and help us send that message.

To a healthy ocean,

Steve Pezman

For more on the oil spill visit:

Thanks Pez...I'll share this with my readers.