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February 28, 2011

So glad to see March coming in tomorrow, I'm sure you are too, It can only get warmer from here!

Ryan K

Oh just jinxed it for me. Thanks.

Hey Ralph is this you? Great work, Ralph.
Stoked to connect the dots.
Ross (Surfers Journal)

Yes my friend Joe Carter from GITV did this...

Hey Ralph,

Very cool to hear from you. I was sick of not having a cool profile pic so I thought of you guys and looked for one of your single sleave pics to use. Hope yu don't mind.

You guys were just a bit before my time but I did get to see you in Salem a few years back for that benefit show. You guys really rocked. I was so glad to get a chance to catch you guys.

Would love to hear the Columbia story some time.


That is a story for another time my friend...

February 27, 2011

I think I am going to take the winter tires off this week.......thinking that if I do so, it will stop snowing !? Nate L

Please do it...

Ralph man, good work! Must have been a blast shooting that video"

It was fun being on both sides of the camera.

totally 80's ...classic Ralph!! i love Martha's shout out to Tropical Storm Ralph!!

Back when MTV showed bands and videos

February 26, 2011

How the heck are you? You look fit as ever on your Molly Blog. are you friends with Moose on here? I had maor back surgery in 2008 (replace a vertabrae and tianium rods..) had to quit hockey. I never really felt too great after and was having really bad lower back pain up until 3 weeks ago when I was on the toilett and one of the rods snapped -OOOOUUUUCCCHH. Lots of screaming and my poor daughter Eliz (21) had to help me get into my room & on my bed as I was fighting passing out. I had surgery 3 days later and came home 2 days later- new rods (both were replaced) and NO PAIN. Back to work Monday...glad I didn't give away my hockey gear.

Richie P

Back pain is the worse...tell Moose I said hello

February 25, 2011

I read it Ralph !!!!!!!! That guy was out of line and I would call division 6 and report him.. Did ya get the number on the truck ?? there should of been a number just in front of the drivers door... So what you were saying is he headed North then turned around and headed south but was on the wall side of the road ???? if this is true he was in violation.. I would call and they know when you describe him not to mention they know who is plowing in that area... There are some bad drivers out there and you have the right to report him.. Oh and thanks Ralph I will try to get some pic's... Wish you were going buddy


Really was like he wanted to teach me a lesson...

Some people are just angry people!  Glad nothing more came of that idiot and you are safe!  I have lots of respect for you Ralph
Justin G

Really...what the hell...?

February 21, 2011

Hi Ralph,

Please say hi to Little MIss Molly for me today. Sounds cheesy, but I believe she aligns those waves that come out of the blue for you on flat days ; ) BUt I also believe you have a whole community leaving little signs for you of their love and support.

 I loved watching your movie. I loved all the New England "flavor." That is the first New England surf movie I have ever watched. HIghlights: Corporal Patch, that song (the one you played twice- the second time around 1:09 16 (ish),(right hand clock on the DVD) the pictures taken inside the barrel of the wave around 1:16, the St. Patricks Day ride, the surf for Molly extra where I laughed at the dudes who dressed up in ridiculous costumes (who was the dude who wore SHOES surfing- so funny), and your homage to Hendrix. Did you do all the editing yourself? Have you ever used Final Cut? Would you ever like to try it?

Kate R

Thanks so much Katie

February 20, 2011

Hi Ralph.  Yes indeed, the Run came along just fine.  We have been getting the big over head dumps as of late, and I have not had time to get to it yet, but it is on the front burner.  I have been really enjoying your site and the Molly campaign.  Awesome!!!   Thanks so much for including the White Room shot on your Parting Shot section.  My site is beginning to get some serious traction and I am very hopefully going to get up into the hit rate that you are getting.  I am interested to know how you work your advertising, as I am still trying to figure out the logistics of that feature.   Non the less, your site is a treat to visit and there is something about New England waves other locals, though great, just don't have.  I know you are aware of what I mean.   Strong work Ralph!!!  It was also fun to see you pick up your Strat and let fly.  Great tone. There is something about a Strat that can't be matched.  Here is a shot of my rig and some of the toys.  Also, here is a pencil drawing I did of a dream wave breaking in the Great Salt Lake, with the Wasatch in the Back ground. That range is where The Bird is located, so you might get an idea of the terrain here.   Keep up the great efforts.  Be well and Be safe.   Powers

Keep taking the drop in life David...


Really great newsletter this week.  I love empty waves too!

Ben G

Empty waves are my favorite.

February 18, 2011

NUKES is a better name than KOOKS!  Too funny, I actually thought of you this AM Ralph when I checked the surf thinking "how will he find a anything to ride?"  Very ingenious
Frank Q

I did this 10 years ago. Same thing. Hard NW winds creates a wind swell in front of the Nuke Plant. Works for me.

"It's all downhill from here, Ralph! Speaking of downhill... we should hit the slopes soon
John C.

We should...but with my luck I'll get hurt.

February 17, 2011

I have been on the beach snapping in the morning and thought I'd send you a few more to augment what I sent yesterday. 
The surf has been non stop Ralph and these photos are pretty much average surf, everyday sort of waves that break at a seris of reefs 1 mile from our place.  The big days, I am in the water.  I'll try to get out and snap a few when it gets big. 
Close to being surfed out...but not yet!
Best to you

God I miss the tropics

Ralph "VINNY"
hey ralph / all is well in fishtown. i am a guest star tonite at
the rhumbline. recording too on main street. i can walk to
both. cheers. waaaaaaaaaa

Willie Loco

Keep rocking Willie

February 16, 2011

I know you like empty waves...and tubes.  Missing you my man.  Best of luck on the last half of the mission. 
Mucho Amore,
Stan (Pananma)

One of these days next winter

Of ALL YEARS you pic this one. This is one high mountain to climb my friend. Strength to ya.

The Blowie

I know...

February 15, 2011

So beautiful...I am so moved, Ralph!
Lisa M

Thank you

Awesome! As in it makes me go "awwwww "

Tami H

Hey I still remember..."You married him..."


As a proud dad, sending on this shot of Emlyn with his Mavs Rhino Chaser.
Of course I'm nervous as hell about the thought of him starting to surf
regularly up there.  He's now had his second session.  I recently saw video
of Shane Dorian's two wave hold down, which started out looking like no
problem.  The video was uncut from the time he got crunched until the time
he was picked up on a ski.  He was down nearly a full minute.  Not for us
old guys anymore!


That sounds crazy...

February 14, 2011

Best Valentine's Day card ever - xo

Because I love you...

Ralph, you're so beautiful that I don't even know what to say....

You don't have say anything

I am touched that you remembered

I remember...

February 13, 2011

Heading down to Costa Rica March 3d .. They guys want to thank you for the kind words... We have worked hard this Winter.. Its nice to hear positive things


You guys earned it

February 11, 2011

I'm grateful that God is giving you daily waves to catch and the determination and drive to keep your commitment to Molly in this effort, even in the midst of this crazy winter! Keep up the great work, Ralph

Liz P

Me too!

Congrats on the 200 milestone. Truly amazing dedication. The boys say hello and we will see you real soon!
Jon A

Another mini milestone

Hey, nice to hear from you Ralph….          

You are an inspiration!!  A full year of surfing. Just amazing. I laugh …people in work were saying yesterday that they don’t go in the water in Maine IN THE SUMMER…it’s too cold. HA HA.You are doing so much. I do have a Facebook and will get in there and take a look. I need more time than I have today to check out the goings on listed on your page. Do you see Willie Loco? He’s going Facebook crazy!!! He’s posting all the time. Glad to hear you are healthy.People around me are having problems.Richard Nolan had a stroke. He’s in the hospital and recovering. He will be having physical therapy.

I would LOVE to get the vids and post updates on the BGN.

Paul L

I have been in touch with Willie...and I hope Richard pulls out of it. I love BGN and check it all the trime.

February 9, 2011

Three fonts walk into a bar.
The barman says, "Get out! We don't want your type in here

Now that is funny...


Last night we really enjoyed watching the surf movie you gave us for Christmas.  The photography (video and stills) and the music were all terrific!  Your intro with Patch was pretty cute, too. 



Judith and John 

Oh I'm so happy that you both liked it.

Hi Ralphi, what time are you surfing tomorrow for day 200? Nate would like to join you, but he's not cool enough to have a Facebook account to ask you himself! :) If you could let me know, I'll pass on the information to Nate. Thank you!!


You guys are too funny.

February 8, 2011

Thanks for sharing that story and your dream. Like you I believe it is a form of our angels communicating with us. The day my Dad died I had a dream that night he was sailing on a boat. All I could see was the water in front of the boat. I truely believe I saw my father sailing into heaven. It was so comforting to see that and to know that we all have another angel to guide us from heaven.

We can learn so much from our dreams

you are a crazy but dedicated man Ralph! Good on ya for all you do...
Nick ESM

Thanks Nick

It amazes me how a wave like that will rise out of the flat sea for you... Molly and your Dad are what those waves are made of

Amy D

Thanks Amy...there is something bigger than all of this. Of that I am sure.

February 7, 2011

HI Ralph,

I just wanted to say Congratulations on your One and Done Plunge!

I thought I was crazy with my community give-back initiatives. You are cukoo bananas! (But in the best way possible).

I would still love to finally meet in person one of these weekends  for coffee, surf stories, and music/ photo sharing?

If you have a spare half hour this weekend or next, I would love to touch base.

I loved seeing the pics on FB!

Best Wishes,

Thank you Kaite...

Just read your piece on Molly and my Dad. Thank you for you for those kind words and honoring both Molly and my Dad's memory. Your family has always been so special to ours and Al would have been very proud and grateful for your kindness. God bless

I loved your father. He was a great guy.

Have they dropped yet? Your Balls! Nice work Ralph.
Skip B

Now why ya gotta be so hurtful?


Great job! Saw the pics on your blog. You did good. Can't believe you sat on your board. Damn that must of been cold.

Stevie O

It was in very.

You are one crazy bastard!!!!!!  But, I love ya for it..
You the man!

Wes O

Crazy is good (sometimes)

What you are doing in honor of an amazing little girl and her family motivates me everyday.  Thank You Ralph!"
Brenda M

Thanks Brenda

Good morning, Ralph –

Congratulations on your Penguin action yesterday – Jeff and I were amazed how you pulled it off on that wave!


It really was not that big of a deal in the was colder standing in the snow waiting to go in.

It would look like Woodstock on water if the Firemen had the Hells Angels insignia on their drysuits! Way to go
Huh? I don't get it...

February 6, 2011

Survival suits and swim suit.. It's a sand bottom why booties?"
Artie B

They made me wear something on my feet.

Wait! Are you wearing booties?!?!?!?!? Nonetheleass.....HUGS!"

Man you guys are tough...

It was so awesome to watch you do that Ralph.  Maryellen, Taylor and I were impressed you caught a wave so quickly on such a small day but I guess there was a cold hard motivation.  ;o)  Just AWESOME!  Much love to you, Meg, Buck and Keiran

You know that...I've gotten pretty good at catching small waves

How's your frank and beans, ha
Tom M

Fine and yours?

your wearing booties! Although the wave counts, the full on "no wetsuit" is suspect!
Jon G

They made me wear something on my feet...what you think I was not cold?

great job ralph..that was quite impressive to watch...loved how you caught that first little wave that rolled through
maryellen t

I was not about to wait for a real wave...every second felt like an eternity

"Way to go Ralph!"
Garrett K

Thanks Garrett

Ralph... you did a great job for special olympics and molly. Your one in a million.
Jacqueline G

One of the highlights of my life was "Special"

I met you today at Hampton Beach, you were doing your Catch a Wave for Molly and Penguin Plunge double duty.  I read your blog and you certainly nailed it on discovering surfing and how it changes ones life.  I took up surfing a few years ago, I’m in my forty’s and I certainly caught the bug; there are times I wish I found surfing sooner.  You live everyday now hoping for waves and a chance to even sit on the water. During the summer months, when the days are long, I carry my surfboard on my car at all times, in case I get out of work early and I can head to the beach.  Four boards later, and three wet suits, I still can’t wait to go surfing.  Jenness is my main beach, very friendly, I’ve met a lot of people who are now good friends at this beach.  Looking forward to seeing you on the waves one of these days.

Chris S

Surfing is forever, and it makes no difference when you start.

Plunge Ralphie Plunge! I totally chickened out
Valerie M

No shame in that...

February 5, 2011

"I'll make the girly "be careful!" comment. This sounds dicey. I'm sure you can handle the cold...Just be wary of the brain freeze factor ( confusion from the cold). That can happen fast. Good luck!"

Thanks...I should be fine.

Wish you the best of luck tomorrow with minimal shrinkage ;).  BTW love the picture with the board on the beach today .
Renee G.

Gonna be cold...

February 4, 2011

Jeff may have sent this to you but this is a Thursday, the day before he went into the hospital for a biopsy of lung tissue. He had emailed us a few days earlier what was happening and I threw out a Ranch trip to him which much to our surprise he jumped on.

Fucking cancer, one day you sitting on top of the world and the next the world comes crashing in.

Have a great weekend.


Yep...cancer. I hate it.


I’m not sure if Jeff mentioned it to you or not but in early December Robert was diagnosed with some weird form of lung cancer. He’s at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City at the moment. What a fucked up disease, keep up the good work my friend.

That's terrible news. I really like Robert. I'll catch a wave for him today and keep him in my prayers. I hate cancer.

we r getting  so much snow might end up being a winter for the record books when all is said and done , at the rate we r going we will have the snowiest winter since records were first recorded let it snow and keep the waves coming ,lol 
Thomas M

That's great news! (NOT!)

If anyone can, it's you Ralph. Your huge heart will keep you warm
John G

Thanks John

Think you can do it? I KNOW you can & will!! Much respect Ralph!! 
Erin K

Ok ok I know I can!

February 3, 2011

Ok, you've officially gone over the edge (Penguin Plunge Surfing without a wetsuit).  Admirable? Yes.  Insane? Without a doubt.  Can you please call it a wrap after this fundraiser?  I think you've exceeded your lifetime quota ;)  Love you!

Oh Uncle Ralphie is all done after this...

Hmmm. You might want to grease up with Icy Hot first instead of suntan lotion
Matt N

Funny...very funny.

Surfed with you today.  Rob From Washington.  Just checking out your sight.  Very cool.  What a great thing to be dedicated to.  Donation on the way and will continue to keep an eye on your achievements.  Hope to see you in the water again soon.

Robert S

The pleasure was all mine Robert.

You are a brave maniac!  Kuddos to your madness!
Luis LA

Thanks Luis (I think).

February 2, 2011

My timing was on after plowing all night and day. I got out this afternoon at your old spot and kept time with a ll the bomb sets. Vision is everything.  I bet you'll score in the am tommorow

I score everyday.

tough Marine ... "quit" isn't in your vocabulary
Col Bailey

NO SIR! Semper Fi -Do or Die!


I saw a great article about you in the newspaper - I can't believe you are still surfing in these storms!!

Sharon P

Well, I'm surfing every day for a year...EVERY day.

Seriously, though......ESPN or NESN should do a segment on your endeavor...especially now in the deepest, darkest most unrelentless winter storm days....sort of like what we did on the radio, but better

Well, I tried contacting certain media stations...I guess this story is not for everyone.

You deserve a medal or the Nobel Peace Prize or a slot on the Tonight Show, at least...hmmmmm

Ahhh...h-mmm. Ya think?

You are an animal Ralph. Cheers to you and your mission. A lot of respect
Nick L

Thanks Nick

Damn man, good on ya! And don't worry about the "offshore" call, it would be swirling again by the time you got down there


I hear that

February 1, 2011

You are the best Ralph! I admire what you are doing everyday for your cause! Truly amazing and awe inspiring. Proud to have you as my friend!!
Anne Marie

same here AM. Glad we are still friends

Where and how did you surf today?  I was lookin' haaaaard and I found nada

you were looking in the wrong places

Would love to catch one of these wintery snow waves with you sometime..... You rock!

I'm out there everyday.

Great!  I haven’t given up… but I’m not having a lot of luck getting their attention.. will keep trying…
Lisa (ABC)

Well, I'm not going anywhere.