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May 31, 2009 Week 15 of Consistent Surf

"Who's counting?" the older surfer asked me. "Who's counting? You kidding? We're all counting." I countered. We were of course, speaking of the now hard to believe, 15 week run of surf we've had. 15 WEEKS people! FIFTEEN. Now I suppose for some, a waist to chest high swell does not constitute a swell. While I beg to differ, I can respect one's jaded opinion on what's a swell, and what is not. But for the sake of time and money (mostly mine). I'm calling anything over waist high, a swell. And before you jaded surfers sneer at that, consider what some places on this planet consider a decent size swell. The Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes...hell there are some in Rhode Island, who consider waist high and under, not only a decent size swell, but a contestable swell. In other words. They run surf contests in waist high and smaller. But look, I'm getting away from the main point here.

And that is, we've had surf for 15 straight weeks.

I know this because, I've taken literally 100's of photos. No scratch that. I've taken thousands. I've taken thousands of photos of waves and riders in the last 15 weeks and I don't recall anything like this run, on our coastline ever. Talking Northern New England now. Not California, Hatteras, or the Islands. I'm talking Sweet Home New England.

I mean, I really hope you guys are getting some of this bounty. And if the weekly consistent surf is not good enough for you, how about the fact that the surf has been landing mostly on the weekends. Are you kidding me? The Surf Gods are not only smiling down on you, but they are making it easier for you to score. My brothers and sisters take advantage of this weekly swell activity. Because you all know (or at least those who have been around a bit should know) that the wave machine could stop. Just as fast as it started up and started churning out weekly swells, that same machine, can break down and basically rust up. And we are heading into the season, when that shit usually happens.

The hot, slow, muggy summer season.

This is not a guarantee. These weekly swells are NOT going to last forever. I know it. You know it. We all should know it. Take advantage of what we have. Get your surf legs in tune now. Don't bank on your vacation week. Hell no. Get it while the getting's good. There was still surf this morning (Sunday). But the wind is now on it, as is the rain. But Saturday and Friday night were fun. Hell, it was glassy and clearly workable on both days. No matter what you ride. Long, short or SUP. It was plenty fun enough.

And if that's not good enough news for you, the water's warming up. Lots of people have taken the gloves off. And some have removed booties. In other words, it's clearly 3/2 time. No hoods needed. It's dam near June. No need for hoods. Unless you like wearing them dam things. Like some of the boys in California. I swear, some of them Westies are complete Wooses when it comes to rubber. They know it. And they are confident in their manhood about wearing the skull caps when there is no need. Those guys would die out here. But that's the way we like it. We wouldn't want this little slice of Nirvana to be easily accessible to the masses like they have. Hell no. Bring on the snow and cold. Bring it freaking on!

Although, I wouldn't mind a slight reprise to the tropics in the colder months. Look I'm not stupid. I like the tropics as much as the next guy. And I would welcome a fun, swell filled tropical surf trip, with some close friends and family just as much as you would. And one day soon, when I can get away, I expect that to happen. Meanwhile, work, kids school and other life commitments have kept me in the 5/4/3 and 4/3's the last few years. I am certainly not complaining. Hardly. I am honest and sincere, when I trumpet in each weekly new swell. And I relish in the ability, to capture and share with you all, the weekly images and related stories. But sometimes, lil Ralphie get's that bug to want to get up and out of the bunker, and head for the tropics. And that usually happens, when someone I know, returns from the tropics with stories of insane swells, and countless rides, in deep blue tropical barrels.

And then there's the evidence factor. Telling stories, about epic tropical swells is one thing. But, sharing and showing the goods, is quite another. Case in point. Brian Nevins recent Indo trip. I have always thought of Nevins as the ultimate wave magnet. I mean, I don't think this guy has ever gotten skunked anywhere. Call it some innate sense of knowing when and where to travel, or call it something else. Shit luck? Maybe. But I think it's deeper than that. Knowledge and being with the right people, at the right time, plays heavily into it. But this last trip? Oh My God. Let me say this, here and right now. Brian Nevins is as Good as any other Surf Photographer in the world. Past, present or future. Brian can hold his own in any situation and deliver the goods. But you know what? There's an old saying, and perhaps you are familiar with it. That saying?

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

The gallery I posted today for Brian's Indo trip should back up all of what I've just written here and then some. Un freaking believable. Check it out for yourselves. Some of the images left me speechless. And trust me, that's a rarity in itself. Me speechless? It does not happen very often. But Brian Nevins Indo gallery is something special. Very special. My guess is we'll be seeing it in one of the Big Mags. Speaking of mags.

The New Surfer's Journal has several articles that need mentioning here. First and foremost, the cover shot of Ken Skindog's tube views are in a word...mind boggling. I mean are you kidding me? Have you seen it? You need to pick one up and check it out. In fact, click on the Journal ad here and get yourself over there and pick one up today. I'm telling you, it is groundbreaking images, that need to be studied by anyone who's ever gotten barreled or taken barrel shots. Get over there and check it out. Secondly, the last issue of TSJ had another mind boggling display, of never seen before images, with the Clark Little gallery. Are you freaking kidding me? My brothers and sisters, just when you think you've seen every single possible angle in surf photography, TSJ shows us not one, but two distinctive angles and views in the year 2009 that has stopped the surf photography world dead in it's tracks.

Think you've seen it all? Think again. Get the latest TSJ and last month's and you will have.

Finally, ESM editor Nick McGregor's article in TSJ on one of the clear East Coast surf photographer pioneers, Larry Pope, is both an interesting, and overdue read. Larry Pope was to all of us back in the day, our savior. He painted the way for guys like Mez at Eastern Surf Magazine and our own Brian Nevins. Pope's shots of the early to mid 70's were something that all of us younger surfers would look forward to. He gave us credibility. He gave us a reason to hold our heads high and say..."Hell yea, I'm from the East Coast!" Nick does a great job writing the story, and conveying the pride of the East Coast as only someone from the BEST East Coast Magazine of all time can. Eastern Surf magazine is your mag. There's a reason why I have The Surfer's Journal and ESM over in that column on the right. They are both in a league of their own. Please support them.

Speaking of photographers. I have finally posted the Classified page here. On that page is some of Brian Nevins's gear that he used to shoot the Big Wide Open barrels in Mexico and beyond. If you've ever thought about getting in the water to get one of those hollow barrel shots this is the gear to get. Check it out. Classified.

I also posted the DROPPING IN ON RALPH Page. Albeit, it is still missing the month of May's missives. But you can read what people are writing from March and April. Who knows you might get motivated to drop me a line. I will only post your name and state. Your email address is safe as well as any other personal information. But check it out, there's some good stuff there. DROPPING IN ON RALPH

So I'm whipping through the Internet the other day (Yes I said whipping, I've always had a problem saying "surfing the net". Go figure.) So anyway, what should I find on the SURFLINE page? A huge article on Cinnamon Rainbows. It was both surprising, and cool to find it the way I did. SurfLine did this big feature on the shop and the crew. And, Brian Nevins shot all the photos, so you know, it looks great. In fact, the portraits of Dave make him look like a freaking Rock Star. I kid you not. Nevins has a way to make the waves look unearthlike, and for people to look like Rock Gods. What the hell kind of magic camera is that boy using? Unreal. Check it out. Cinnamon Rainbows SurfLine.

I want to take a moment here and thank all of you who commented on the Memorial Day Column last week. It means a lot to me and others who have both served our country and knew someone who didn't make it back. So Thank you all again.

Now for some of my weekly Global observances:

Was I dreaming or did I actually see the potential for the season's first Tropical Storm? Did I see that? And if I did, was it named ANNA? My life has been on such a busy pattern the last week, that I can't recall if I'm dreaming this shit, or if it really did happen. In either case, when the first storm does form, it will be called ANNA. I'm guessing that the storm or TD or whatever the hell you people called it, was moving too fast and is now many miles from here.

Will someone please do the world a favor and dispatch that little spiked haired, dwarf freak from North Korea. Kim Young Ill. This sad little pathetic freak, is on some weird collision course with the rest of the world. I mean really. The world is not unstable enough, that this guy who's stuck in a freaking 1953 time machine can't stop with his wacky antics? Come on Kimmy? What is your problem? You really want to develop that Nuclear Warhead and sell it to some Terrorist Group and risk the first Nuclear War? Hello? Look, the Israelis are not going to sit back and let this happen. And even this current "Shake Hands First" Administration of ours won't let that happen. Did you guys see the women Goose-stepping in North Korea? Man talk about scary regimes.

My fear has always been, that we will all witness in our lifetime, the first Nuclear warhead to go off since Hiroshima. And we will watch it, over and over again on TV. Because, it will be captured on video. I know you can all see it coming. And my other fear is, it will be at the hands of Israel. And we will watch either Iran, Syria, or some other Middle Eastern country suffer the fallout. But seriously? Someone please kick that little North Korean nutjob in the ass and tell him to knock it off.
Or will take away his hair gel and shoe lifts.

And shame on President Zarkozy of France for Snubbing the Royal family of Great Britain by not inviting them to the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. Say what you will about the Royal family, but the Queen is the only living world leader, who was in power during that D-day invasion. It is insulting to the 17,000 Brits and 5,316 Canadians who died trying to Free France and are buried there. How soon we forget.

Still waiting on the word about our local boys Jimmy Dunn and Drew Cropper who are nominated for an EMMY. Anybody heard anything?

Dr Brent and Aaron Buell! said they raised over $2,000 for the Lil Miss Molly
"STASH FOR CASH" FUND RAISER Events: Dr. Brent Reinheimer
, local surfer and Exeter Hospital physician, lead the charge for the "Stash for Cash." Fund Raiser.

Don't forget All the shops are STILL collecting cards, gifts, and other provisions for the Rowlee family. PIONEERS , CINNAMON RAINBOWS, BRICKHOUSE, ZAPSTIX and many more shops are drop off points of interest for Miss Molly. Skip Brunette has opened a Little Miss Molly account at the SEACOAST CREDIT
UNION on 887 Lafayette Rd, Hampton NH
. (see poster below for info). There are several more fund raisers in the making as well. There's still plenty of things going on for Lil Miss Molly and you can find out most of it on the
Ralph's Community Page.

Little Miss Molly Fund Auction

Throwing out an EXTRA Get Well Soon to local boy RYAN OLSEN who got really messed up playing Soccer. *He's the 2nd surfer I heard about getting hurt playing soccer. What the hell is up with that? Ryan is down in North Carolina and says hello to all his local peeps back home. Take it easy and slow Ryan, no need to rush things. Ryan you are plenty young enough to get caught up with everything, especially surfing.

Please Support ALL The photographers who contribute to Ralph's Pic Of The Week every week for the last 6 years.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday- 1975 Jeff "Bert's" Obst in New Hampshire
(Below) This is a video frame grab of an old surf buddy who used to live right at 10th Street. His name was Jeff Obst. We called him "Berts" after Larry Bertleman. Jeff was a good surfer and he was good friends with some of the older crew. Especially the late Joe Somogyi. Jeff moved to California and I think he moved back to Cape Cod. I'm not sure if he's still surfing or not. His mom was quite the icon at 10th street and she was always a big help for me when I would call to ask her about the surf. Berts if you're still out there, we all love you and miss you. I hope you're kids have taken up the lifestyle and have gotten something out of it.
Video Frame Grab from SFOD RALPH

Today 2009- Saturday May 30th, 2009

(Above) Mackey V on a fun little right at Cementys. Saturday May 30, 2009.
To see more of Saturday May 30, 2009. click on MVF. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Casey Lockwood was REALLY flying around sections at Blockheads. Saturday May 30, 2009. To see more of Saturday May 30, 2009. Click on Casey. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Unknown. Not sure if this is a dad and daughter deal. But if it is, I hope the sharing of this lifestyle lasts a lifetime with them. Saturday May 30, 2009. To see more of Saturday May 30, 2009. Click on image. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Mike Stanek. Mikey was just down and over from the contest on Saturday. I kept seeing someone boosting these airs. It wasn't until I shot one and got home to see who it was. Was I surprised? Hell no. Mikey can boost em! Saturday May 30, 2009. To see more of Saturday May 30, 2009. Click on image. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Mackey V wind up, compress and then go. Saturday May 30, 2009.
To see more of Saturday May 30, 2009. Click on MVF. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

Today 2009- Saturday May 30th, 2009 Blatant DROP-IN

(Above) This Week's Blatant Drop-In. Saturday May 30, 2009.
To see more of this Blatant Dropin Saturday May 30, 2009. Click on Crime Scene.
Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

Today 2009- Saturday May 30th, 2009 ESA-NNE CONTEST

(Above) ESA's 1st NNE contest of the 2009 Season . Saturday May 30, 2009.
Brent Reinheimer slams this turn as the 1st contest of the season get's underway. To see more of the ESA contest click on image. Saturday May 30, 2009.
Photo by RALPH Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Jared Velstos blasts the lip during the ESA's 1st NNE contest of the 2009 Season . Saturday May 30, 2009. To see more of the ESA contest- click on image. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Local Surfers Mackey V and his date Hannah and best friend Jesse Gould and his date Carolyn. Saturday May 30, 2009 Jr Prom Night for the class of 2010.
Photo by RALPH

Today 2009- Friday May 29th, 2009

(Above) Lenny Nichols warming up before the next morning's ESA's 1st NNE contest of the 2009 Season . Friday May 29, 2009. To see more of Friday May 29th click on pic.
Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Jared Velstos banking on doing well the next day practices his backhand on Friday May 29, 2009. To see more - click on image. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Johnny Grasso...don't ever change. Friday May 29, 2009. To see more click on Johnny. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

Today 2009- Holy Indo! May 2009
The INSANE Brian Nevins
Photo Gallery (Click Pics for Gallery)

(Above) Brian Nevins spent the last few weeks in INDO. The photos he has on this Gallery will blow you away. Click on this image to see the rest of the Indo Story.. Photo by Brian Nevins Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Inside looking out with Brian Nevins in INDO. Click on this image to see more
of the Indo Story.
Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) From the bottom near the reef. Brian Nevins INDO photos ...are unbelievable.
Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Wide open wide angle barrels. Brian Nevins in INDO. Click on this image to
see more.
Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) RI shop Warm Winds owner, Tom Hogan under an Indo lip.
Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) It's OK to stare and drool. See more of the Brian Nevins in INDO Gallery.
Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) In case you wondering if it got really big. Photo by Brian Nevins
Click on the image above to see more.

Today-2009 Panama UPDATE May-2009

Above) Stan Chew's SURF Camp is getting closer...more later.
Photo courtesy of Stan Chew

Today-2009 INSANE Water Shots by Clark Little

Above) Clark Little turns the Surf Photography world on it's ear with these insane images. Photo by Clark Little
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Clark Little amazing Surf Photography. Photo by Clark Little
Click on the image above to see more.

Today- Bernie Baker May 30th 2009

(Above) Bernie Baker's SURFING INTO SUMMER with HANNA HARRISON. Saturday May 30th, 2009. Photo by Bernie Baker



(Above) Click on this image of Kevin "Doc" Grondin Footage from 1975. VIDEO Clip from SFOD RALPH Super 8mm Movie.

Today- 3 From Westie Doug Hendry May 2009

(Above) Namotu is just as good as Tavarua according to those in the know.
hoto courtesy of Doug Hendry


(Above) This is that famous right hander down in Oz. Photo By Doug Hendry


(Above) This is Doug himself enjoying some vacation time. Bastard.
Photo courtesy of Doug Hendry

Today 2009 PARTING SHOT- Taking Your Board for a Walk

(Above) I've heard of walking the nose but not walking the board itself. Thank God there's a leash law. That board could bite someone. Saturday May 30th, 2009 . Photo by RALPH

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