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May 10th, 2009 Mother's Day

OK class pay attention. How many weeks in a row have we had surf? That's right Timmy. 12 weeks. Twelve Consecutive weeks. And if you don't think the waves we had this week qualify as surf...well, take a look at the photos. You know the old saying, "One picture is worth a thousand words." Or something like that. There was surf from May 6-10th. Albeit not very big surf. But surf none the less. Waist to chest high for four days. With Friday reaching the head high mark. And...Friday was also super clean and ...what's that word you like to use...? Oh yeah I remember. It was HOLLOW! Again, don't believe me, check the pics. I know there are many here among us, who feel that this surf is a joke. But I also know that, there are way more who feel just the opposite.

A chest high, clean and green, hollow wave, is nothing to sneer at.

You won't catch me down sizing actual wave height and conditions. I call em exactly the way I see em. If it's head high and glassy, that's what I'm calling it. I don't care who's out and who's not. I don't care. I'm looking at the surf we have and that's how I judge the surf. Not by who surfed it, and when and why. No sir, that's not how I see things. It's amazing what kinds of excuses I hear from surfers who I respect and consider friends. Simply mind boggling assessments, of both the surfers who are out surfing, and the surf itself. I have other friends who have a cutoff point, where they won't surf. Below head high, for one of my friends. I think that's too drastic. And quite honestly, it's risky if you want to continue the current skill level of where your surfing is at. Jaded surfers living in New England are surfers who won't surf nearly as much as you or me.

If you want to surf consistent head high or better surf, it may be time, to think about moving.

I can't tell you, how many times, I've had the most amazing surf sessions, in surf that was under head high. I couldn't possibly tell you. I know it's in the thousands. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Let's face it, if you were to only surf head high or better around these parts, you won't be surfing very much. Especially in the coming months. Summer. Oh yea. It's coming. These past 12 weeks could very well turn into weeks of flatness. I know it and you know it. I say surf when we get it. You never know when the surf Gods will pull the plug on the wave machine. So for me, and a bunch of others who surf these waters, this week was fun.

The big question on everyone's mind is...can we get a 13 week run going? Do I hear 13?

OK back to class. Everyone know what today is? That's right lil Bucky. It's Mother's Day. I hope that you called your moms, or sent cards, or flowers or both. And maybe take mom out for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Just don't let the day slide by, without at the very least, calling her. Don't be a chump. Get off your rump and call your mom.

This is the second year without my mom. Still seems hard to believe that she's gone. I know a lot of you have lost your moms. For us, it's a bitter sweet day. I guess my only advice for those of us who have no moms to call, or visit today, is to think of all the good times you shared with her. I can still see my mom, shaking her head, with a slight smile on her face, as I show up late to some family deal, with my hair wet from surfing. I can see her standing on the beach when I was a little boy getting trounced in the shorebreak. I can see her standing there at 10th Street, on that last day of my 365 Catch a Wave For Gus Surfing Fund Raiser. I remember that hug and kiss, as I got ready to paddle out on my 365th consecutive day for my late father. Her husband. That was a special day.

So do like I do. Think of the many fond memories of your mom. Talk about her. Let her life on this earth continue, by sharing stories and images of her.

Speaking of Moms. I am so amazed at the amount of surfing Moms that I know. I'm talking about Moms who actually surf. And some of these Moms can surf. No offense boys, but I know a few Moms who can surf circles around some of you guys. But hey, there's no shame in that. Besides, we've come a long way from the days of women just hanging on the beach. No sir. There's plenty of women surfers. But for today, I want to throw a shout out to all the Moms who actually surf. I know a few personally. Erica Nardone, Heather Day, Heather O'Hara, Ginger Kellar, Ana Barend, Jill Caisey, Angela Titone, Maryellen Giles, Robin Levin, Becky Murray, Linda Stecchi, and New Mom to be...Noreen Lynch. If there's anyone I forgot I apologize, but for those surf moms I know, who surf, and the surf moms who don't surf, but do all the little things for your surfers, I hope you have a great Mother's Day.

I want to share a funny surf related Mothers Day story. Back in 2005, I found myself deeply entrenched in the world of competitive surfing. No, not for me, my son Max. He's a member of the ESA-NNE district and each Spring they have a Northeast Regional Surf contest. This one particular year the contest dates fell right on Mother's Day Sunday. Mackey had made the Finals that year and we were hanging around Sunday morning waiting for things to get started. Now keep in mind, this was Mothers Day. I had already called my own mother and wished her a happy Mother's Day, and Mackey had called his own Mom and wished her the same. Surf contest or no contest, it was still Mother's Day.

It was shortly after 9AM when I spotted the Grondins walking across the street and heading towards the contest site. They had just finished breakfast. I saw Kim (Mom) Kevin (Dad), Leah (Daughter) and Kody (son) walking up to Mackey V and I. As Kim got closer I looked at her and said, "Happy Mother's Day Kim." Kim smiled back and said "Why Thank You Ralph, you're the first person to say that to me today." I looked at Kevin and the kids who looked like they had just swallowed the Canary.

"Huh? What are you talking about?" I blurted out. I laughed nervously, realizing what I had just done to Kevin and the kids. "Thanks a lot Vince." Kevin said to me under his breath. "Look, you guys can't be mad at me. It's 9:30 in the morning. You all just had breakfast together. I figured one of you, might of brought up the subject of Mother's Day . I mean, give me a break." Kevin just shook his head and walked away. I felt terrible. But was I wrong for saying that to Kim? I think not.

Later around 10AM, I ran into Arlene Nichols and again, instinctively, I said the same to her. And again, I got the same results. I was the first to say Happy Mothers Day to her. Damn. It's not like I was trying to 'one up' my friends. Hardly. I was just being the friendly Ralph. But now, I had two close friends, miffed at me, for inadvertently causing this uncomfortable situation. I was laughing at the whole thing because, I found it amusing. I mean come on. It's freaking Mother's day. You wake up and say Happy Mother's day to the first Mother you see. I do the same with the dads. It's not that big of a deal. But I now had something to chuckle about with Kevin and Lenny. They eventually saw the humor in all of it. And honestly, Kim and Arlene scored some GREAT dinners that night. I'm sure my name came up, several times during the course of that meal. Oh well.

Oh before I forget, I ran into Cathy Miller that same day, and well, you know..."Happy Mother's Day Cathy". Bam! You guessed it. Her son Nick who was standing right beside her at 2PM had forgotten. I had hit the tri-fecta this day.

Look, it's not like I was wishing any of them a Happy Wedding Anniversary. Cause that would truly be hurtful. No sir, I was simply being respectful and courteous.

To change subjects for a moment. Let me create a scenario for you, and ask you a hypothetical question. Here it is.

You show up at a semi secret spot. The waves are about waist to chest high. There's only one guy out. The question is. Do you paddle out, and risk bumming the solo surfer's special little trip? Or do you pass, and let the solo (soul) surfer have his special session? What would you do? Here's what I would do. Depending on who it was, if I knew the guy, I might paddle out. If I didn't know the guy I would probably pass. Unless of course, the waves were really good. Then I'd paddle out no matter who was out there. But if it was small, and the sets were infrequent. I'd pass. But I'd make a point of letting that person know exactly what I did and why I did it. Just in case you find yourself in the opposite situation. The soul session.

The reason I ask this is because. I found myself at a little break the other day, all by myself. It was small. Waist to maybe, a bigger wave. But it was weak. There were not that many waves coming through. Then it happened, a person with a board in hand paddled out. Thank God it was my friend and fellow contributor to this site. Kevin Doherty. We shared some laughs and many waves. In fact, the better waves came through unridden. I was laughing telling Kevin, this was the 'photographer's only' session. It's nice to be able to share waves with fellow photogs. I've surfed a lot with my fellow photog buds these last few months. Carden, Nevins, Shipley and now Doherty. It's good, to let the guys who shoot, get some sweet stuff every now and then.

Last week I wrote about the Graffiti at the entrance at 10th Street. I'm pleased to report that the Graffiti has been removed. Thanks to Brian Warburton. The NH Parks and Recreation Dept. came to our rescue. Not that we needed rescuing, but we did want that Wall touched up. So a BIG Thanks to Brian and those who helped clean it up. Let's keep the Wall Clean. No bottles, trash, or Graffiti please. Remember what I said. This beach belongs to all of us.

But it's a special spot for Surfers. Love and respect goes hand in hand my friends.

Now for some of my weekly Global observances:

So did any of you see the photo from the NYC flyby last week? No? Well, it was no big deal. I'm sure you heard about it though. The President's own Air Force One flying over Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. The $400,000 photo shoot, that sent scores of terrified New Yorkers and visitors, fleeing into the streets, thinking that we were once again under attack. I jokingly said, that I would of done the job using photoshop showing The President's plane flying along Ground Zero for a few hundred dollars. Looks like someone did use photoshop after all. Because, in the released photo, you can't see any of the terrified civilians on the ground. So make that final price... $400,300.

The Swine Flu Pandemic is still out of control. I heard today that a person died in Washington State. Really? Because a few hundred die from the regular flu each week. WTF? Are you kidding me? Actually, I'm amused by it all. I did that Swine Flu video bit last week, and this week, I actually wrote a song called "The Swine Flu Blues". I'll be debuting that song, at my gig on Friday when my band Big Handsome Daddy plays Friday May 15, 2009 at the Galley Hatch Conference Center on Rte 1 in Hampton, NH on Friday May 15 at 7PM. If you like the blues and blues rock, you'll dig the band.

A close relative of mine brought up a good question concerning the Swine Flu. And that is, what happens when a Taliban or Al Qeada Terrorist gets the Swine Flu? You know they have a problem with pork. I mean would they stone the poor soul to death? Or would they simply send them to America? Maybe they send him to Gitmo. What do you think?

Tonite is a busy night for New England Sportsfans. The Celtics, The Bruins, and The Sox are all on. The C's need a win bad. The B's need a win or else. The Sox can use a win but are not in dire straits like the other two teams. Bruin's fans are up against the wall. We all need to watch that game and cheer our boys on. Them Hurricanes with Samsonov are the real deal though. Play-off sports is so much higher of intensity than the regular season.
The Celtics are down but not out. But things are not that easy without some of the key players.

The SOX have had a hard time with the Rays every time they meet. Somehow the Rays have the Sox number. I don't know enough the game to know why. I do know about getting inside players heads and creating havoc. And that's what seems to be happening here.

Could be worse. We could still have Manny still with us...oops oh yea that's right Manny has been suspended for 50 games. So are we to think that Manny being Manny was all because of roids and other illegal drugs? Manny? Is this true?

Attention all New England Sport fans. Check out local boys Jimmy Dunn and Drew Cropper in the Portsmouth Herald last week. They boys are nominated for an EMMY. The big show is the end of this month. We'll be sure to report the outcome. Click this link for the
Jimmy and Drew Story

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Don't forget All the shops are STILL collecting cards, gifts, and other provisions for the Rowlee family. PIONEERS , CINNAMON RAINBOWS, BRICKHOUSE, ZAPSTIX and many more shops are drop off points of interest for Miss Molly. Skip Brunette has opened a Little Miss Molly account at the SEACOAST CREDIT
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Little Miss Molly Fund Auction

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Rest In Peace Jack Kemp.
Rest in Peace Dom DeLuise.
Happy Mother's Day to ALL The Moms!

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Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday- 1965 My late Mother Eva and my little brother.
(Below) This photo was taken on the North Shore of Massachusetts. It is right on the coast where these little coves and beaches are located. I actually surfed this place one time. It was during a huge storm. It was never any good. But the mere fact that I surfed here is unique enough to mention. My mother is relaxing on the beach chair, while my brother David plays for the camera. It's amazing to see how much my mother looks like my sister Gale in this photo. Happy Mother's Day Mom. I miss you. We all miss you.
Photo by G.A.F.

Today 2009- Mother's Day Sunday, May 10, 2009
(Below) These photos were taken this morning at around 6:30AM. You know where. It's just a few pics from the Wall. There was only one guy out. I think it may have gotten better with the incoming tide. I never heard either way. But there was something out there if you wanted it.
Photos by RALPH

Mother's Day May 10th, 2009 Photo by RALPH
Mother's Day May 10th, 2009 Photo by RALPH
Mother's Day May 10th, 2009 Photo by RALPH

Today-2009 the Mother's Day Week Swell May 6th, 2009

(Above) Tobey Parke Wednesday May 6, 2009 Jams a gray turn. To see more of this sloppy gray day click on Tobey. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.


(Above) Nate floats the boat on his first wave of the session on Wednesday May 6, 2009. Jams a gray turn. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

Today- May 8th 2009 The Mother's Day Week Swell.
*Click On These Images below for the May 8th 2009 swell to take you to the NEW Photo Gallery That will Allow you to see either Thumbnails, or Larger images That you can forward or reverse. Click photos.

(Above) This is what the surf looked like Friday morning. To see more empty waves click on the photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) May 8th, 2009 Friday morning. Take a good look. To see more empty waves click on the photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above.


(Above) Empty Perfection from Friday morning, May 8th, 2009. To see more empty waves click on the photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above.

(Above) Friday morning, May 8th, 2009. To see more beach scenes and empty waves click on the photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above.

(Above) Johnny Grasso burning a lip on Friday morning, May 8th, 2009. To see more surf action from Friday morning click on the photo. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above.

(Above) Friday May 8, 2009. Surf Mom Jill Caisey stoked from a long left at the Wall. To see more surf action click on photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above.

(Above) Chris Sullivan Victory sign Friday morning, May 8th, 2009. To see more surf action click on the photo. Photo by RALPH Click on the image above.

(Above) What the hell...? Friday May 8, 2009. This week's installment of the blatant drop in. Click this photo to see the whole damn sequence. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above.

(Above) Kevin McCann parting wakes on Friday May 2, 2009. To see more of Kevin and others from this super clean green morning click on photo. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above.



(Above) Click on this image of Casey Lockwood ripping this turn at Chapels. VIDEO Clip shot on May 8th 2009 by Michael Sander

(Above) Casey Lockwood at Chapels. Out all by his lonesome.
VIDEO Clip shot on May 8th 2009 by Michael Sander

Today 2009 - More From this Week's Mother's Day Swell.
*Click On These Images below for more of this week's Mother's Day Week Swell May-6-7-8-9-10-2009 swell to take you to the NEW Photo Galleries That will Allow you to see either Thumbnails, or Larger images That you can forward or reverse. Click photos.

(Above) Unknown Cementland. Click on photo to see more of this fun session.
Photo by Kevin O'Connell Click on the image above.

(Above) From Thursday May 8th, 2009. Them Doggies were everywhere. To see more click on the photo. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.


(Above) From Friday May 8th, 2009. Shaggie Doggies were everywhere. To see more click on the photo. Photo by RALPH
Click on the image above to see more.

(Above) Click on this image of Big Handsome Daddy and QWILL to see more of the QWILL show at Brothers. QWILL is coming back to Brothers on Thursday May 14th in Hampton. BHD is playing at the Galley Hatch Conference Center in Hampton on Friday May 15th for a Benefit for the American Legion POST 35 of Hampton.
Photo shot on May 7th 2009 by Kim Grondin

(Above) Black and white Quicksilver surf.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Another Black and white Quicksilver surf.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

Today 1974 PARTING SHOT- Caley My Surf Dog!

(Above) My late pup. Caley Brentwood Snow. Caley was actually born on this day. May 10th 1974. Man she was so fast. She actually enjoyed surfing. She lived to be 16yrs old. That's pretty old for a dog. She was an English Setter. Look Caley you made it on RPOTW!
Photo courtesy of M. Mitchell GDT

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