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March 8, 2009

Well ...the NEW IMPROVED Ralph's Pic Of The Week is still in the improving stages. It's a work in progress. It's harder than I had originally anticipated. But it's coming along, slowly but surely. Of course, having that INSANE swell hit smack dab in the middle of the week didn't help. Man was that a swell to remember kids or what? I mean whoa. By midday on Tuesday, the swell was filling in nicely. And I do mean nice. The sun eventually popped out and the lines were groomed to perfection. What made this swell especially nice was the mysterious lack of crowds. Granted it was mid-week and all, but there was a significant lack of rubber and fiberglass dotting the line-ups. Am I complaining? Hell no, I'm just pointing out the fact, that there was
pretty damn good surf and not many folks out surfing.

Or put it this way, they weren't where I was.

So where was everyone? Well truth be told, Tuesday and Wednesday both were
as cold as it gets. I mean, it was FREAKING FREEZING. Holy Mackerel was it cold. How cold was it? Well, for all you woose ass Westies and Hawaiian readers we had what I like to call Glazed Rock Donuts. And just what is a Glazed Rock Donut? That's when the rocks along the ocean's edge, have a layer of ice on them that is so thick and cold, that they actually look like a damn Glazed Donut. That's cold my friends. And if you've never walked across large boulders, with ice caked all over them, well, you just have not lived life to the fullest yet. You need to experience that little trip, to say that you have surfed in a cold New England Swell. It was that cold.

So maybe it was the cold that kept most of you away.

The cold was also responsible for our batteries dying out there. Ed and I were desperately trying to breathe life back into those digital camera batteries. But it was no use. We lost a few, on that cold Tuesday afternoon. (Moment of silence please). But alas, the chargers were working overtime that night. But the swell left as fast as
it came. So by the time Wednesday rolled around, the size was gone. But the cold remained, as did the wind. And that wind cut right through us all. Both in the water
and out. The more I shoot in the winter, the more I realize, just how cold one can get. Standing on the water's edge, waiting for the sets to come, freezing my butt off, all to document my friends riding them. It's very difficult to say the least. My feet get cold just standing there. And when my buddies complain to me later, saying that I missed their best waves, well, I have to restrain myself from wanting to bitch slap them.

But then again, I'm no Chris Brown.

Talk about losers. What is it with some celebrities? I know we've all thought this in
our lives, but if I had the kind of money and fame some of these clowns have, the
last thing I'd be doing, is messing it up. The bad economy does not affect everyone. Just ask Chris Brown. He and others like him, live in a make believe world. While most of us are struggling with real life issues, Celeb losers like him are getting away with all kinds of BS. But we have, what losers like Chris Brown don't. Surfing. And before I go on, I certainly hope I'm not offending any Chris Brown fans. But if I am? Tough. Beating up on a woman? I'm sorry pal, but you, are a freaking Loser.

But back to the surf on Tuesday. March 3rd, 2009.

Apparently, that day was dubbed the Square Root Day. 3-3-09. So we got to
calling it the Square Root Swell. I am no Math wizard, but I do admit to warming
up to unique swell concepts. And if those numbers add up to the Square Root Day Swell? Well, in the name of Albert Einstein, I say, hell yea bring it on! 3-3-09. I do know this. I am into certain numbers. And my favorite number is 3. But since last September, my new number is 9. And I tend to group them. 3's, 5's and as of September, 9's. So while I have nothing to base these numbers on, I did take note
of them being my new fave numbers. Go figure. I know some of you are shaking
your heads right now. Including my wife and kids.

But it's true. Those are my favorite numbers.

The waves I saw at the Wall late Tuesday will stay with me for a while. The colors were so clear and bright, and just so greenish blue, that at times, I thought I was in Australia or New Zealand. It was that pretty. And it was not just me marveling at these beauties. It was all of us. Surfers, photographers and Wall walking civilians. Every one stopped to take it all in. It was a rare moment in our little slice of surfing Nirvana. There was Brian Nevins, John Carden, Ed O'Connell, Fuel TV and yours truly, all firing away at the green lines. And they were relentless. Marching in from the deep East. Lines groomed by the brisk offshore wind. Pushing hard against the tide and wind. Unloading in great displays of power and beauty. I caught myself just
staring at them a few times. Of course I shot way more than I should have.

But as a lot of you know. I am a sucker for empty waves.

I shot a hundred of them that day. It's easy to do with a digital camera. I'd look North and shoot, and then swing south and shoot. So many gaping barrels, hissing and spitting. It was such a fantastic array of colors and sounds. So many times I secretly wished that some of my West Coast Buddies could see what I was seeing. It was that good. Now before you start bumming out, because you missed it. You need to know. It was not the biggest swell of the year, nor was it the best. It was just a combination, of what I like in a swell. The clean lines, with great color, coupled with good high performance surfing, mixed in with some local intermediate surfing.

It was damn near a love fest for us Northern New Englanders.

I was wondering what the Fuel TV crew were thinking. Did they realize what they
were witnessing. I know they were cold. Hell we were all cold. I just wondered if they got it. That this cold, Northern New England region, can clearly produce some World Class surf. Albeit, it was cold. But if those 3 Days in February from last week was special, this Square Root Day Swell was just as Special, if not more. What's the old saying about March? Oh yea, March comes in like a Lion, and goes out like a Lamb. Well clearly, the Square Root Day Swell was Roaring!

This Sunday March 8th, The Fitness Revolution on Lafayette Road (Rte 1),
North Hampton, NH
. March 8th are having "A Day for Molly". And those great
folks have so many cool things planned. There's a silent auction set up that runs to the 13th and includes a ton of awesome stuff, like memberships, 12 personal trainer sessions, car detailing and reconditioning, and so many more. Surely someone out there could use one of those. The Rowlees are an awesome Northern New England Seacoast Surf Family. Their oldest daughter Molly, ("Miss Molly"), was diagnosed with Lymphoma. While Lil Miss Molly came home from Children's Hospital in Boston, their fight is far from over. Heather Day has reminded me that there is still a call for cards and gifts at Cinnamon Rainbows and Pioneers. It has been a tremendous out pouring of love and support, and I know that Buck and Meg are completely blown away by the support.

But we all know, this fight has really just begun.
So we need to step it up as well.

That means the whole Surf community. We need to continue to join together and fight it. Your prayers, your positive thoughts and vibes, are still very important, not only for Miss Molly's recovery, but for the support for the family, and close friends as well. Don't stop praying. Don't stop thinking positive thoughts. I start each day with positive thoughts and prayers. Before I get out of bed. Then, I think about it throughout the day. And, I end each day praying and thinking good thoughts. If I can do it, you can do it. We all know the economy is bad. Hello? Imagine dealing with this on top of all of what we know? If everyone would contribute just a little,just think what that could do.

The Rowlee family is forever grateful to our community. So please continue to help.

Here's something new. The eighth annual St. Baldrick's Day events are Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids' Cancer as thousands of brave volunteers shave their heads in solidarity with children who have cancer and typically lose their hair during cancer treatment.

Worldwide, more than 160,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Â While advances have saved many children, childhood cancer still claims the lives of more children in the US than any other disease - more than diabetes, asthma, congenital anomalies, cystic fibrosis and AIDS - combined!

Be brave and go bald, or support a brave shavee, team or St. Baldrick's location near you. Visit, or call 888-899-BALD to make a donation or register!

Funds raised by the St. Baldrick's Foundation will be used to fund childhood cancer research - to help speed the day when every child with cancer will be guaranteed a healthy future.

On behalf of all children with cancer, thank you for your support of the St. Baldrick's Foundation.

REMEMBER All the shops are collecting cards, gifts, and other provisions for the Rowlee family. PIONEERS , CINNAMON RAINBOWS, BRICKHOUSE, ZAPSTIX and many more shops are drop off points of interest for Miss Molly. Skip Brunette has opened a Little Miss Molly account at the SEACOAST CREDIT
UNION on 887 Lafayette Rd, Hampton NH
. (see poster below for info). There are several fund raisers in the making as well.

Miss Molly is on the road to recovery. But there may be a bump or two ahead. We need to be an extra pair of hands on that steering wheel. Miss Molly is going to get better. Please keep the Positive energy and prayers flowing. More information is available for specifics by contacting or by stopping into Fitness Revolution.

This is the info for the ONLINE Auction.
Little Miss Molly Fund Auction

Now for some of my weekly observances:

OK, so Jimmy Fallon took over for Conan O'Brien this week. The jury is still out. Conan is funny. Jimmy Fallon is funny on SNL but, being a talk show host
? I don't know Jimmy. I think our own Jimmy Dunn would of been a better choice.

So Manny got what Manny wanted. What is wrong with this world?

I heard Vrabel speak yesterday. I can't get over that trade. Vrabes a Chief? It just seems weird to me. He sounded a little down. Or somewhat confused. But in his true character, he said he still had a lot of football left. I can believe it. And I'll believe it even more ,when he drives our boy Tom Brady into the turf. Thank God we still have
as a back up. Ooops.

Speaking of Brady, I guess he and Giselle got married. Of course we all wish him well. I mean" them" well. Just as long as he's NOT wearing a Pink Leash when he surfs in Costa Rica, and he will not be caught, by the Paparazzi, being spoon fed by her. Please Tommy, think about your fans.

Speaking of fans, all you Celtics fans had to be happy with the "C's" last night. Beating up on Lebron without KG. Team Captain Paul Pierce led the charge in a convincing win. The B's beat the Blackhawks 5-3 last night. And the Sox...? Well it's coming kids. Spring time. Play-offs for B-ball and Hockey and Baseball season is in the air. Oh and speaking of Spring, don't forget to turn your clocks ahead. That can only mean one thing. What's that you ask? Another hour of surfing!

Click here for Jason Kooken's POLICE UNITY TOUR for Police Officers Killed
in the Line of Duty. Jason is a LOCAL Surfer Who will be bicycling 250 miles
in 3 days To honor Police Officers killed in the Line of Duty.
CLICK Here for INFO.

Don't forget my shameless request for my two latest releases. "GREETING SEASONS" and "Groovemasters" both are in the shops!

Rest in Peace Paul Harvey..."That's The Rest Of The Story"

Please Support ALL The photographers who contribute to Ralph's Pic Of The Week every week.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Little Miss Molly Fund Auction

Yesterday- 1971 Young Ralph at Florida's Shark Pit
(Below) I remember this day. Surfing at Florida's infamous Shark Pit. Mostly because, David Nuuhiwa and Mike Tabeling were just checking my board out and Nuuhiwa wanted to surf it. They were watching on the beach. Nuuhiwa actually picked my board up and held it. It's a homemade board that some of my late friends made. 6'8" wide tail and deep glassed in fin. We had no leashes back then. We were on Spring break from College. My friend Jake Sadler from Connecticut took the photo. He was a surfer that I became friends with at the Art Institute of Boston. It was a fun little trip. And it set the tone for many a surf trip that followed.
Photo by Jake Sadler

Today- 2009 The Square Root Swell March 3, 2009
First Up. Empty waves...Enjoy.

Today- 2009 The Square Root Swell March 3, 2009
Starting with the morning session

Today- 2009 SEQUENCES from The Square Root Swell March 3, 2009

Dave "Crop" Cropper double Barrel sequence.

Kevin "Doc" Grondin Barrel sequence.

Sam Hammer Air Launch sequence.

Today- 2009 The Square Root Swell March 3, 2009


(Above) Mike Stanek at Joe's Reef. This is a great double barrel ride that would of been greater had I stayed with Mike on the inside section. I thought Mike Paugh was taking off behind him so I sort of missed the second barrel. Still, it's a nice sequence with his buddy Tobey out the front with his own little tube ride.
Video Frame Grab by Ralph

Today- 2009 More Square Root Swell 3-3-09

Today- 2009 Day After The Square Root Swell 3-4-09

Today- 2009 NNE Boys in the Tropics


Today- 2009 The Phantom's March Mission.
ALL PHOTOS By The Phantom


Today 2009 PARTING SHOT- "Should I stand now?"
*Put cursor over image for shot #2.

(Above) Another moment in time, in a beginner's life, where a lesson learned here, might go a long way in future sessions. The lesson learned? Don't paddle out if it's overhead, and you don't know how to surf. And NEVER paddle out on a Pink Longboard if you don't know how to surf. You're just asking for trouble.
Photos by RALPH



















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