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March 2nd, 2009

Well ...what do you think? Are you surprised? Little bit? Look, after 6 years of
posting 50 -100 photos, and writing extensive columns every week, something had to give. I mean people, Lil Ralphie was spending more time, on Ralph's Pic Of The Week than I was surfing. And once we found out, how many people read this was like, Holy Crap! It was a bona fide- double up YIKES! Over 10,000 of you every week! It's almost like I needed to watch what I say every week. I mean, the last thing I want to do is offend someone. (Drum roll please). Seriously. Over 10,000 a week? And the Google numbers are nuts too! One Million, three hundred and seventeen thousand .I guess this Internet thing, is pretty freaking popular. I mean who would of thunk it? So here we are, at the NEW IMPROVED Ralph's Pic Of The Week. I feel like a dishwasher detergent. New and Improved. No fuss no muss.

So what's going to be different?

Nothing really. You still get the gazillion pics every week from all over the world. You still get the video clip each week. And, you still get my take on surfing and the community we live in, here in Good Ole New England. Plus, my views on this totally wacky world, and whatever else I happen to be thinking about, at the time I write the column. Lord knows there's always something brewing in our lives. And the sponsors you see on the right, well they are ALL surfers. They are friends and neighbors, and people I have surfed, snow boarded, and traveled with, over the years. I trust them like I would my own family (well, most of my family) . I'm kidding. (Nope).

But there are some changes. And they are for the most part better. At least I think they are. For starters (starting NEXT week), all photos will be be 800 Pixels. What does that mean? Well, they are currently 700 pixels. The new pics will be 100 pixels bigger. And Bigger means Better. There will be thumbnails now on the home page, but I think you are all more than qualified to click on a damn thumbnail. I know you are. Otherwise what the hell are ya doing on the Internet in the first place? So ya gotta click a thumbnail. And next week when you do- you'll find yourself staring at a larger photo than you do now.

My brothers and sisters, I'm trying to make all of our lives better.

Some other changes that are coming, will be multiple web pages. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, this simple blog, is turning into some kind of damn website. Well, it is and isn't. I mean, having multiple pages is a website. But the content of the photos, and the writing? Well that my friends will remain the same. The other obvious change, besides the thumbnails, is the actual column. Gone are the Two column, newspaper look. It's just easier for me, to write in this format. And, from what I understand, it's easier for you to read. You no longer have to scroll up and down the the column, to read this stuff.

Again, I'm just trying to make this easier for everyone.

Change is good people. President Obama ran his campaign on Hope and Change, The new Ralph's Pic Of the Week is running on Change, with HEAPS of HOPE! I'm hoping you welcome the change and embrace it with hope. Damn, I almost sound like a politician. H-m-mmm I wonder, should I go into Politics? ...nah forget about it. (First time, I ever used that line). "Forget about it!" So, no doubt you asking yourselves. What are the other pages going to have you ask? Well, some typical website stuff. And some, not so typical website stuff.

I plan on having a page called RALPH's RULES. And it's your basic Do's and Don'ts of the unwritten Code of Honor in our beloved Lifestyle/sport. And yes, I will tell it like it is. And, there's going to be a Ralph's TIPS page, where I can help some of you beginners, and some of you intermediates, better yourselves both in, and out of the water. That's right. Surfing is not just about surfing. Oh hell no. There's a whole lot of stuff you need to know. Some stuff that, us older, hipper types, just take for granted. We have evolved since the 60's my friends. And I'm going to share with you, some of the wealth of knowledge, that I have learned along the way.( And learned mostly the hard way). Look, we WERE ALL BEGINNERS at one time in our lives. I know that's a hard fact to own up to, for some of you. But we ALL Know it's true. Unless you're Kelly Slater. You started out as a Kook. We all did.

I want to share, the short cuts, to being a better person both in, and out of the water.

It's my way of giving back something to this lifestyle/sport of ours. It's the least I can do. Besides, it will be fun for me to write this stuff down for the first time. I have it all stored in my head, like some internal hard drive of information. I need to get it out and share it. Some other page ideas will be, pages dedicated to Photographers and Artists. These pages will have info on some of our most talented Photogs and Surf Artists. Another idea is a Classified page. I mean why the hell not? If you need to get rid of something, that you wouldn't be able to trade in at one of the shops, you can sell it here. I plan on having a Community page that will be Global in it's reach. On that particular page, we will have links and info on how to help our Surf Community. Both here at home, and abroad.

And finally, I plan on having a letter to me page. Sort of like letters to the Editor. And I'll be calling that page "Dropping In on Ralph". I of course, can't print every email I get, but some of the more poignant and sincere ones, and the funnier ones should get posted. With your permission of course. And if it's a hurtful email, I'll either print my reply to yours, or simply delete it. I can do that because...well, I'm Ralph. It's my column. But seriously guys. I've gotten thousands of emails from you over the last 6 years. I am truly humbled by the love and the support. I still get so many emails from total strangers each week, and it blows my mind. Every single week. I get emails from you. I guess, this whole surf/New England thing that we all share and love, is real.

I truly hope and pray, that we all live long and healthy lives, and are all able, to keep doing what we all love to do. The simple act of riding waves. Or, being around them. I think, that as long as I am able to be near the ocean, and hear her sounds, and watch her sheer beauty, I am convinced, that I will be content. I may not be rich. But I will be happy and content. And I truly wish that for each and every one of you.

Last Sunday, I wrote about our friends, The Rowlees. They're a local Northern New England Seacoast Surf Family. I told you about their oldest daughter Molly, ("Miss Molly"), being diagnosed with Lymphoma. Well, after a week of tests and other medical procedures, Lil Miss Molly came home from Children's Hospital in Boston.

That's great news for the whole community. But we all know, that this battle against Cancer is not over, and we need to fight it on all fronts. This is a disease, that has touched us all, at one point in our lives. So, we need to join together and fight it. How? First and foremost. Your prayers, along with your continuous positive thoughts and vibes, are still very imperative for Mis Molly's recovery. Don't stop praying. Don't stop sending positive thoughts. Second, the family could use some help. Look, we all know the economy is tanking. But if everyone could contribute just a little, imagine how far that would go? We all have to make sacrifices in our lives. And if parting ways with a few dollars, is all you can do, well, for sure, that gesture will mean so much to the Rowlee family and to the community at large. Please help.

All the shops are collecting cards, gifts, and other provisions for the Rowlee family. Miss Molly still has to endure the Chemo treatments and the family still has to take time off from work to make this all work. PIONEERS , CINNAMON RAINBOWS, BRICKHOUSE, ZAPSTIX and many more shops are drop off points of interest for Miss Molly. Skip Brunette has opened a Little Miss Molly account at the SEACOAST CREDIT UNION on 887 Lafayette Rd, Hampton NH. (see poster below for info). There are several fund raisers in the making as well.

The Fitness Revolution on Lafayette Road (Rte 1), North Hampton, NH. March 8th and is called "A Day for Molly". An those great folks have so many cool things planned. There's a silent auction set up that runs to the 13th and includes a ton of awesome stuff, like memberships, 12 personal trainer sessions, car detailing and reconditioning, and so many more. Surely someone out there could use one of those.

Miss Molly is on the road to recovery. But there may be a bump or two ahead. We need to be an extra pair of hands on that steering wheel. Miss Molly is going to get better. Please keep the Positive energy and prayers flowing. More information is available for specifics by contacting or by stopping into Fitness Revolution.

This is the info for the ONLINE Auction.
Little Miss Molly Fund Auction

BRICKHOUSE is going to raffle off a week long admission to their summer surf camp with all proceeds going to Miss Molly's fund.

Last week I wrote about Community. This week I witnessed our community pull together as one and help a family. I know how humbled the Rowlees were over the outpouring of love and hope. I was in awe at the daily Carepages entries and Buck and Meghan's writings. I know it's far from over, but I felt the tide turn last week. Our local Surf Community, along with all the shops, and surfers (both local and non), are all on the same page. The simple goal of helping a local surf family came together. I am proud of those who did something. No matter how big or how small. And those who continue to pray and be positive. I told some young students this week. Anyone can quit. Quitting is easy. Fighting is hard. So no matter what. NEVER, EVER, Give up. DO NOT GIVE UP. Don't Give Up on Our Surf Community. We will help the Rowlees.

So what did you think of my Three Days in February theme last week?

New England, California, and Hawaii. What was I thinking by posting 172 photos? Oh my God was that nuts or what? And you don't know the half of it. As I was uploading the images we had a power outage. I almost screamed. Well, I may have cursed out loud. But can you imagine? Uploading all of those images only to have to restart. I was fit to be tied for sure. Three Days In February. Man that was some swell. Now it looks like the first three days of March may follow suit.
Because it is snowing outside again. OK, I am really going to scream. Although, I have secret plans, to slip away midweek for some uncrowded snow boarding with my man Johnny C. Now why do I have to be so hurtful? Because it's my turn to play.

OK, last week's Monkey story generated some serious feedback. I guess JoJo has struck a nerve with some of you. I don't blame you for wanting to know more. However, it will not be now. That story, is one for a later date. But I promise you, I will tell you the whole story, the best I can, without getting too graphic and hurtful. But keep in mind. The Monkey story does NOT have a happy ending. It could not. The Monkey and I did not bond, like other primate owners and their apes. We did NOT get along, and as a result, there were some hard feelings between us. Suffice it say. I was glad when it was over. It was six months of hell, living with that little jerk.

I will tell you the JoJo the Monkey story at a later date. Just not today. The reason is simple. I get very upset talking about it, and I am subject to horrible nightmares involving that little bastard. JoJo was very hurtful to me. I was not kidding about the Monkey bites. Horrible, frightening, lightening fast- Monkey bites. On my legs and my arms. Constantly. I was living on the edge with that ape. Never knowing, if the next bite, was going for the jugular or not. Terrible time in my life.

In God's name, let's move on.

Now for some of my weekly observances:
Why? Why? Why? Did they let Vrabel and Cassel go? Please someone help me out here. I understand the Cassell dilemma. Hell, I even said he would be gone after last season. I guess I knew it was coming, I just didn't really want to see it. I mean. Matt Cassel was GREAT last season. And what if...WAIT. I will NOT write that shit down. No way. I am not gonna mess with the wacky Football Voodoo. Not gonna say it or write it. And neither should any of you. Don't say it. But Mike Vrabel? He was there for all three Superbowls. He's a team leader. We need him. Bill Belichick I trust you and believe in you. But somehow, I think this might be a bad one. Is Scott Pioli the real genius behind the Patriots? Only time will tell. Thanks for the memories, Matt and Mike. I just hope Bill REALLY knows what he's doing.

Barbie turned 50 this past week.
I wonder how old GI Joe is? I wonder if they ever dated? There's a vicious rumor that an older local surfer was the model for GI Joe. (No not me). But seriously, the person who allegedly said this, is NOT who we would think of, when we think of GI Joe. Hardly. I wonder who the model for Barbie was? Samantha Stevens (Elizabeth Montgomery) ? If someone knows, please let me know. I'm curious. When I was young, a lot of those Barbie Dolls became enemy combatants for my GI Joe's. I don't believe any of them survived.

This is the last week I'll be posting these links here. Next week you can find these links on the community page. The Children of Nicaragua via Brian Nevin's recent work. This organization deals directly with the plight of the children of the dump.

This other link is a great organization that helps poor farmers in Central America, including was founded by NH native and UNH grad, Florence Reed (read about Flo in UNH magazine: SHI provides tools, knowledge, and assistance in implementing sustainable farming methods that dramatically improve people's lives.

If any readers of Ralph's Pic Of The Week donates to SHI, an anonymous donor, would match these donations up to a total of $5000.
Readers can go to for more information or to donate. PLEASE put a note in the comments section of their online donation page saying this donation generated from "".

Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SHI by email or 207-669-8254

Click here for Jason Kooken's POLICE UNITY TOUR for Police Officers Killed in the Line of Duty. Jason is a LOCAL Surfer Who will be bicycling 250 miles in 3 days To honor Police Officers killed in the Line of Duty. CLICK Here for INFO.

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Happy Birthday to the late Joe Somgyi...he would if turned 59 today.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday- 1977 The Late Joe Somogyi.
(Below) Today would of been Joe's 59th Birthday. This is an image from him surfing the WALL in 1977. It's from the SFOD Movie THE WALL. I remember Joe, myself and Kevin watching my old Super 8mm movies for hours on end. We had so much fun surfing and just being surfers. None of us ever thinking that tomorrow might not come. Joe was instrumental in naming a lot of the breaks we surf around here. He was funny and he was smart. And the ladies all loved him. I don't think he ever had a day when he wasn't tan. He used to coat that Hawaiian Tropic junk all over. He was also a War Hero. He did some amazing things in his short life. He saved many of his fellow warriors in Vietnam, and a whole school of Vietnamese orphans. I still think of him.
Rest in Peace Joe. Happy 59th Birthday Joe. We miss you brother.
Video Frame Grab from Super 8mm by Ralph

Today- 2009 Snow Surfing Today. March 2nd, 2009

Today- 2009 Snow boarding this week and
a few Nevin's leftovers from the Past


Today- 2009 Some leftovers from last week's



(Above) Joe Somgyi and Moira Daly at the Wall at 10th Street. They are both gone from this earth. They were deeply in love with each other. Joe passed away in 1978 from cancer related Agent Orange toxins and Moira passed away in 1981. I was with Joe the day he passed. His last words to me were..."I'm ready for a New Adventure." He died a few hours later. Moira was killed in an auto accident, in broad daylight. Some inexperienced 17yr old kid, hit her head on on Rte 101 in Hampton. She was in a coma for 3 days before she passed. It's hard to believe they are both gone. They had plans on eloping to Tahiti. Maybe they are there. Who's to say they are not? Not me. I miss you guys, and love you both.
Video Frame Grab from Super 8mm by Ralph

Today- 2009 More leftovers from last week's


Today- 2009 More leftovers from last week's
3 DAYS in FEBRUARY from California.

ALL PHOTOS By Tony Szabo


Today- 2009 More leftovers from The Phantom 3 DAYS In February.
ALL PHOTOS By The Phantom


Today- 2009 This Week at Makaha and The North Shore of Oahu
ALL PHOTOS By Bernie Baker


Today 2009 PARTING SHOT- Exit Stage Left

(Above) OK we've all been here...and it's not fun. It's cold. This was last Friday, and there was no other way out of this wave. I'm sorry I was there with my NEW NIKON D-90. (No I'm not).
Photo by RALPH



































































































































































































































































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