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February 7th, 2010 49 out of 51 weeks of surfable waves.

Ten years ago today, my father took his last breath on this earth. He closed his eyes and slipped away forever. I was there to see him off. It's hard to believe that he's been gone that long. Last night talking with two local Surfer brothers Rick and John Savastano, they asked me, "Wait, are you saying that your Catch a Wave For Gus" surfing everyday for one year, was 10 years ago?" It will be this Summer. My father passed on February 7th 2000, and I started my Surf Undertaking that Summer. July 26, 2000. I rode my last wave 365 days later on July 26, 2001. So next year, will be the 10th anniversary for that little endeavor.

Ten years goes by in a heartbeat.

This coming weekend will be one year that Lil Miss Molly Rowlee was diagnosed with cancer. Time waits for no one. Speaking of Molly, there's a great benefit coming up next month in her name and foundation that will be fun for all. The Boston Bruins Alumni will play the SURFERS in a charity Ice Hockey game. There's still plenty of ad space left in the program for anyone looking to sponsor this cool event. And hey, don't think for a moment that some of these Surfers can't skate. Because, I know for a fact, that they can. These bad ass Bruins better bring their best game on Sunday, March 21st at 4PM at the RINKS in Exeter, NH because the SURFERS are coming with theirs. Just click on the ad on the right hand column and find out how you can get tix or sponsor the event.

My money is on the SURFERS.

The other day I sat in my studio, and watched in High Definition on one of my computers, the "Live Action" from the amazing VOLCOM PRO at Pipe. 10 years ago who would of thought that we'd be doing that? I mean in High Def. It was amazing to watch. Just like watching the EDDIE in December. Watching Surfing live on your computer is unbelievable. Mostly because the camera is always running. There's no quick edits and jumps, like watching a contemporary viddy on YouTube or Vimeo.

This is happening live, and it's clear and sharp, and it's deceiving. How's that? Well, there were several times throughout the FINALS that I watched and thought to myself..."You know what?, if I was there, I could surf that." And trust me, that's deceiving, because no sooner do I utter those thoughts, that a solid 8-10' face pops up on the reef, and throws out so far and just grinds itself into the coral.

And my fantasy turns to a teeth on the reef horror. I mean really, who am I kidding? Me surfing Pipe at my age? Give me a break, I'd kill myself or worse, someone else. Like some jacked HUI member just waiting for some stupid Haole Boy to mess up. That would be me. Surfing the North Shore is the pinnacle of anyone's surfing ability. There was a time in my life when I felt confident out there. I surfed it many times with friends in the 70's and 80's. Those days are behind me now. Way behind me.

Still....I'd think, I could surf that. Of course, I'm looking at 5 guys out surfing perfect 6-8' glassy pipe in a contest. That's not gonna happen in my lifetime. I will never ever be in that position. Ha. You kidding me? If I'm out on the North Shore, there's gonna be 100 to 500 people in the water at Pipe and every one of them can surf better than me. But I also know, that a boatload of our Local Surfers could easily handle that surf. So maybe, my fantasy needs to shift gears to the local guys (and girls) who could actually surf Pipe and surf it good. Stevie, Zappy, Stanek, Billy, Moran, Tobey, Doc, Crop, Phil, Kyle, Lars, hell even Mackey V. There's too many to name. Local Northern New England surfers who could easily fit into that category. Easily.

Let's call 'em Potential Pipe Riders. I can see any one of them surfing Pipe.

But for me, watching it live on my PC was sooo cool. I'm sure there were hundreds of thousands of others doing the same all over the world. How about that dang Internet kids? Ain't it something?

Speaking of local surfing. I know most of you know about the RUN. And not just my movie, but the actual Run itself. You know, the Waist High or better at least once every week. This week is 49 out of 51 weeks. And I know, I need to point out, that on Thursday February 4th the surf in Maine and here in NH had an occasional set wave that topped off at waist high. The problem I had was, there was not a soul out anywhere.

NOBODY Surfing for miles in either direction. Where the hell were you guys?

And for the record, I was not alone in calling the surf waist high. Bobby Morgan in Maine said he saw waist high surf, and Patrick at Zapstix was calling it Waist High on their blog. I ended up shooting the small empty waves with no real way to gauge the size. I had my daughter Gabby with me and had her stand on the shore...but even that is difficult to judge. Still, any surfer worth his salt knows by the photos, that there could of easily have been an occasional "rogue waist high" wave. And that's what I'm basing this week's continued RUN on. What I saw and photographed, and the eye witness accounts of Bobby in Maine, and Patrick in Seabrook.

Still, I welcome any feedback and challenges to my claim. But you had better do some research first. Starting with checking the archives here on this site. I have documented each week. And according to my well documented records, there have only been two weeks with waves less than waist high. I have the proof. So, you better have something better than just an opinion. Because, you know what they say about opinions.

Opinions are like A--holes. Everyone has one.

Now for some of my weekly Global observances:
Looks like the darkness has once again fallen on our Surf world. Both here in New England and down South in Florida. The tragic death of 16yr old Olivia Marchand this week has affected some in this surf community. One being Bill Grisanzi who was friends with Olivia's Mom when they were young groms growing up. Olivia herself loved Surfing. It is a tragedy beyond words.

Rest in Peace Little Surfer Girl.

The other surf tragedy is the Shark Attack on Steve Schaffon in Florida. Steve was attacked by a school of Bull Sharks while Kite Surfing in Florida last week. Yes he was on a Kite Surfer when attacked, but he was a hard core surfer by all who knew and loved him. The Lifeguard who swam out to rescue him, should be awarded all kinds of medals and pay raises. The Lifeguard was himself a surfer and a victim of a shark attack. It is one of our worst nightmare's as surfers. Rest In Peace Steve.

OK, I was not going to go down this bumpy political road this week, as to not offend my own late parents, who were hardcore Democrats, but I could not help myself. However, when I heard that President Obama and the White House recently set aside $200 Million dollars to spend on the trials of the 9-11 self confessed cowards Kaleik Sheik Mohammed KSM and his other cowardly co-horts I had to speak up.

They are still looking for a place to hold this circus trial. May I suggest something here. I mean, if President Obama is serious about saving our economy, and getting people back to work, why don't we do this. Have the trial at GITMO for under $1 Million and give the other $199 million back to those who are out of work. Sound like a good idea? Come on Baracky. Come on...

Speaking of loser coward Terrorists. What is up with Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab...or better known as the Christmas Day Bomber or the less popular Underwear Bomber? I mean which is it? The Christmas Day Bomber or The Underwear Bomber? If it's The Christmas Day Bomber, isn't it Politically incorrect to say Christmas? Shouldn't we just call him the Happy Holidays Bomber?

I mean, we wouldn't want to offend anyone out there by saying Christmas. And what is the deal with these Radical Islamic Loser Cowards using articles of clothing for their potential dastardly deeds? Like The Shoe Bomber Richard Reed. So we now have the Shoe Bomber and The Underwear Bomber. What's next The Hanky Bomber or the Bra Bomber?

So by the time most of you read this, we will all know who the 44th Super Bowl Champs are. Will it be the Colts? Or The Saints? We want the Saints. With two ex-Pats TE Dave Thomas and CB Randall Gay...those are our local New England ties. So...Go SAINTS!

Rest In Peace Olivia Marchand.
Rest In Peace Steve Schaffon
Get Well soon Kim Grondin!
*Last week I mistakenly identified our BDI of the week as Erica Harris when I should of identified her as Erica Nardone. Sorry about that guys.
BEAT the COLTS and Peyton Manning please.
Check out longtime RPOTW contributor Brian Nevins's New Website Get In The Van.
Lots of cool pics by Brian and Nick Lavecchia and some slick viddy work from master Videographer Joe Carter.

Please give to the RED CROSS or some other trusted organization to help those people. Like Hope For Haiti. This was featured on most of the late night talk shows. It is legit and can be trusted. Just like the RED CROSS. Help these people. Please.

*Check out the updated DROPPING IN ON RALPH blog Section just added the rest of
January 2010.
*Molly Video by Joe Carter has been moved to the Community Page.

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Remember my friends...Surfing Heals All Wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday- 1947 Gus at the Beach...
(Below) This is an old Black and white of my late father posing down by the ocean. I see that smirk and I realize that I have the same one. I guess that's good thing. Maybe my kids have my smirk. Passing smirks down from one generation to the next. I do know that my dad was a musician, an artist, a veteran and he loved the ocean and his family. I am all of that and more.
Photo courtesy of Gus Fatello

Today- Thursday February 4th, 2010

(Above) Thursday afternoon. Is it waist high? Or put it this way, could there have been a waist high wave on this day? My guess is yes. February 4th, 2010. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) The Wall Thursday afternoon. If this was Summer? There would be a 100 people
in the water. But there was NO ONE OUT anywhere. I asked these two ladies how big the surf was, and if it was as big as waist high or better? They both said "Oh Yes it's at least waist high. But then again, they were non-surfers. I just wish there was someone out surfing. February 4th, 2010.
Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Today- Monday February 1st, 2010 Ocean Scenes

(Above) Monday afternoon. A small pretty day at the beach. Enjoy these nature scene
from the Cove. February 1st, 2010.
Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Monday afternoon. Purple sand at the Cove. February 1st, 2010.
Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.







Ralph's Clip of the Week from Ralph G. Fatello on Vimeo.

From SFOD Archives. Just some images of empty waves and a couple of real good East Coast Surfers Jason Borte and Dean Randazzo


From Some military friends of mine...this is pretty wild.

Today 2010- The BLATANT DROP IN of The WEEK.
January-26-2010 CLICK IMAGE BELOW

(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the Honorable Judge Ralph G. Fatello presiding. CASE #42 BLATANT DROP IN OF THE WEEK-
And this is as Blatant as it gets. Check it out.
Photo By RALPH* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Crime unfold.

Puerto Rico by Kim Grondin

(Above) Charlie King in PR Winter 2010 Photo By Kim Grondin
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Leah Grondin in PR Winter 2010 Photo By Kim Grondin
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Nite Pipe by BERNIE BAKER 2-3-10

(Above) The idea of surfing Pipeline is one thing...the concept of surfing it at night is something else. February 3rd, 2010
Photo By Bernie Baker * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

RANDOM Pics from Readers
(Above) Mike Keefe in Costa Rica. Mike and Dale are heading back down to CR next month. Happy to hear about my friends traveling to the tropics while I stay home and freeze. Photo courtesy of Mike Keefe
* Click on the photo above to see the Readers Gallery.

(Above) January Surf scenes. Photo by Melissa Hanlon
* Click on the photo above to see the Readers Gallery.

(Above) More January Surf scenes. Photo by Mike Sidebottom
* Click on the photo above to see the Readers Gallery.

(Above) Mike Stanek in Black and White January 18, 2010. Photo by Patrick Marasco
* Click on the photo above to see the Readers Gallery.

(Above) January fog. Photo by Jack Pollner
* Click on the photo above to see the Readers Gallery.

(Above) This is my friend Phil on his way to an early surf session at a rare empty surf location in Southern California. Photo courtesy of Phil Beauschene

Rest In Peace Olivia

(Above) Olivia Marchand 16 years old (right) was killed last week in a horrifying domestic crime. She was just 16 years old. Photo courtesy of Bill Grisanzi


(Above) Shot today. Sunday February 7th 2010. Is this Waist High? Ask Tim O'Shea.
If this is waist high we're talking about 50 out of 52 weeks.
Photo by RALPH

(Above) This morning Sunday February 7th 2010. Ask yourself and be serious...Is this Waist High? Look at the photo. COMING NEXT WEEK!!!! Photo by RALPH

The NEW Invisible Surfer Man Series
*Click masthead above to read the original ISM story.

(Above) Put the cursor over the image to see happens when you DROP in on someone. You become Invisible. Put the mouse over the image to see the original photo and then marvel at the results of what happens when the criminal becomes invisible.
*Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.


Today 2010 PARTING SHOT- "Going Straight! "

(Above) Are you kidding me? What do you do on a wave this size? I mean besides pray? Is there room for fours guys? I guess there is. Photo via the Internet

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