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October 28th, 2007

Lying in bed earlier this week, I thought about what I would do if I were one of those poor San Diegans who had to scramble for their lives during those terrible brush fires. I mean think about it. What would you grab if you only had five minutes or less to get out of your home? Barring your family and pets of course.

Seriously. What would you grab?

Would you go for the surfboard? Your wetsuit? Or would it be something more significant? Look, if the first thing you grab is your board and wetsuit, then you really need to get a life. Clearly, there's more to life than fiberglass and neoprene. I was thinking, that I would go for the things that could not be replaced. Like my photos and film. More specifically, my movies. Especially my old Reel to Reels.
I'd be lost without them. Not just the surf stuff either. My whole family history is on film.

I couldn't help but feeling bad for all those Californians who lost everything. Just awful to watch. I guess if there's anything good that would come out of this, it's to make sure you know ahead of time, what you would grab if you were faced with a similar situation.

I'm wondering if they have fire proof safes? They must. If they do, it might be smart for all of to put our most prized possessions into them. Otherwise, God forbid, if you're faced with a fast moving fire you at least know that when the last ember falls to the ground and you go sifting through the ashes, you at least know that when you find that safe. You find your stuff.

Talking with several surf buddies out there, the whole scene sounded like the end of the world. Smoke and haze for miles and miles. Unhealthy smoke at that.
They had surf that week too, so of course they all went surfing through it all. I was reminded of the Jersey and NY surfers who surfed through 9-11. The perfect surf breaking while a few miles away, thousands of people suffering through the disaster.

And we all sit here, complaining about the small surf, when hundreds of thousands of people (surfers included) lost everything. It's time to put things into perspective.

And to the asshole arsonist(s) who lit those fires...? Well, call me old fashion but...I'm personally all for the death penalty. If any of these losers who are in custody, end up being found guilty for lighting these fires, and they get blamed for one of the many deaths...well, I say... give em what they deserve. Fry their ass.

Or better yet...light 'em on fire.

We are living in Historic times my friends. As I write this the SOX are gearing up for Game Number 4 against the ROCKIES. They are 3-0 in the World Series. This is UNBELIEVABLE! Last night's game was almost Close. They were leading the Rockies 6-0 when the Rocky Mountain High Boys made a run for it...But the SOX prevailed and sent them Purple People Eaters packing! The SOX have proven to be too much to handle both on Offense and defense. I mean are YOU kidding me?

This is October my friends. This is what we all live for. Tonight Jon Lester takes the mound for the SOX and we might very well be the World Series Champs by the time you read this. But if's only a game away. I hope it is tonight. After the Daisuke Matsuzaka outing last night, with Ellsbury and Predroia leading the way with Huge HITS it's been nothing but SOX the whole series. It almost seems dreamlike. I'm hoping and praying for the sweep. But if does not happen, I feel confident that they will prevail.

Meanwhile... YOUR NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS just SMOKED the helpless Redskins with a score of 52-7! Are you freaking KIDDING ME????? Tom Brady threw 3 TD's and ran in 2! Huh? Oh yea baby! YOUR NEW ENGLAND Teams of the BoSox and the Pats are dominating the headlines. And rightfully so.

The Colts won today, which means this next game is going to BE HUGE! Two undefeated teams face off against each other, only ONE will emerge with a Victory. Will it be the COLTS? Or The PATS? My gut feeling will be the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS! There's something going on. Brady is on pace to destroy all of his previous records and all the NFL records. This shit is happening before our eyes.

This is all real folks.
The Realness of October.

On a sad bittersweet note: Today would of been my Mother Eva's Birthday. Happy Birthday Ma, Nana, we love you, and really miss you.

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Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1969 My Buddy Tavolacci Home at the Landing
(Below) My buddy Tavolocci surfing near Moss Landing in Cal...I've had this photo forever, but only recently found
it the other day. I wonder if he's still surfing. Actually, I wonder if he's still alive.
Photo courtesy of Marine L/Cpl Tavolocci

Today 2007 October...Last Saturday the 20th, in Northern New England

(Above) Not as cold as this looks. But clearly as fun as it looks. Photo by Thierry Ciot

(Above) The High Line. Photo by Thierry Ciot

(Above) Some size up north.Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) This is a nice looking wave. Can you feel this drop?Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) Smooth bottom turn .Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) Whole lot going on here. Dropins and a potential over the falls. Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

Above) In need of speed to make this section. Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) Sweet section up ahead, just ripe for jamming .Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) I'd say it was bigger north. Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) This guy's rocking! Photo by Kevin J. Doherty

(Above) Travelling New Englander Troy Hogg found time to sample a day at Huntington. Photo by T. Hogg

Today October 2007 The Get Gary Back On His Feet Fundraiser

Today October 2007 The California Fire Swell

(Above) Smoke on the water...a Fire in the sky. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) Fire Barrel 1. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) Fire Barrel 2. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) Fire Barrel 3. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) Fire Barrel 4. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) And...Fire Barrel 5. Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

(Above) My New England Surf transplant Phil B from back home was surfing this all last week.
Photo courtesy of Phil Beauchesne

(Above) Speaking of Surf Transplants...Corey Howard sends in this batch of Fire Scenes in Southern Cal.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Check out the haze. Fire water.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Must be strange surfing in these conditions.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) That's some scary They say the smoke was almost unbearable in the water.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Corey's brother Kyle before the fire.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) UFO cuttie
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Someone got a nice barrel. Another lucky SOB get's one before the fire.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) UFO cutty number two.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle at Trestles before the fire.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle having it both ways at Trestles.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle looking loose and in control at Trestles.
Photo by Corey Howard

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of JACKO KEEFE ABOVE FOR a SHORT
WINDOWS MEDIA FILE VIDEO CLIP from North By Northeast VIDEO clip courtesy by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2007 two more from the Phantom's Last Score

(Above) Oh yea baby...that's all we're saying.
Photo courtesy of the Phantom

(Above) Those are bodies out there.
Photo courtesy of the Phantom

Today 2007 Parting Shot... Smoke Mask Required.

(Above) This longboarder had a mask on to keep from choking from the smoke.
Or to make an excuse for dropping in on this guy.
Photo by Corey Howard































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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