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May 20th, 2007

I've been mentioning off and on, for the last six months about saying prayers and sending positive vibes to John Bocko and his family. John owned and operated GUS's Bicycle Shop in North Hampton. John's been very sick and he had been fighting Cancer. He lost that battle on Tuesday May 15th. His wife was at his side as he slipped away quietly in his sleep. It's hard to understand how someone as young and so seemingly fill of life, can suddenly get sick and be taken away from his loved ones. The great mysteries of life come into play here. John was actually preparing for this final Journey into the next world or after life for sometime now. This Journey, that we are all on in our current world, will eventually end, and we will embark on another Journey. Depending on what you believe, this new Journey that John is currently taking, is for all intents and purposes... the Ultimate Journey into Paradise.

As surfers (and John was a Surfer), we like to think that our Journey into the afterlife will take us to a tropical paradise (unless you're really hardcore, and you're hoping for something like what we have around here), with warm water, overhead perfect surf, swaying palm trees, sunny skies and white sandy beaches.

But most importantly, we're looking for internal peace, and maybe reuniting with family and friends who have already crossed over. The meeting together of loved ones again. Or at least, I think that's what we all want to believe is waiting for us. Again, I can't speak for all of you, but I believe that's what we all want.

So how do we get there? This Tropical Paradise in heaven? Where do you buy that ticket? Well, I think you get there, by simply being good. By doing the right thing. Stopping to help someone along the way. Lend a hand. Correct the wrongs you come across and make them right, even if it means you ruffle a few feathers along the way. John was like that. He helped people.
But I think that the being 'good to one another' is key. Lord knows we can all work on that part of our personality. I know I could use some help in that department. I'm trying to be good. I really am.

Stan Bocko is John's brother. I've known Stan for a long time. He and his wife Mindy and their two children Joel and Amber are a loving Surf Family. Stan has been surfing here since 1966. He still surfs. Those of us who know Stan, can testify of his goodness and love for his family and friends. At the wake, Stan let me borrow a photo of John Surfing in 1967 (see below) and another photo of the two of them together this past winter after his major surgery. He wanted to share it with you all.

Losing your only brother, is I'm sure, very hard for Stan. Yet Stan and his family seem to be holding up quite nicely during this time of sorrow. They have each other. They have a loving family and so many loving friends. They are comforting John's wife Debbie and daughter Kendra and all the friends of John.

And they have surfing.

Stan, Joel and Amber
all surf. Maybe if this current swell holds another day or two, they may get out and cleanse their souls. Or the very least, they can all watch the surf. Mind surfing is good for the soul.

When we came back from John's wake, we went surfing. I found out later that night, that another Surfer had suffered a similar loss. Local Surfer Josh Bellam (JB) lost his Mother ,Viola Bellman on Thursday. She passed away suddenly. Had I known about this, I would of attended the wake. Josh is a great guy and the thought of losing your mother, five days after Mother's Day seems so sad. So please my friends, say a prayer tonight for Josh and his mom.

I've heard that prayers do work. I've heard it from several sources, that the power of prayer can really help someone who is sick and someone who needs emotional help. And they can help someone who's crossed over to the other side. John Bocko and Viola Bellman.

Say a prayer tonight for the Bocko family, and the Bellman family.


Hope you got to surf in the last few days. Too bad this swell was not here last weekend when the ESA was in town. The waves would of been perfect for the contest. I mean it. You all would of been treated to a showcase of talent if the surf was like it was this weekend. But alas my friends, 'twas not to be. It ain't easy predicting surf.

The glassy conditions all weekend kept the buzz going. The only thing missing was the sun. I know the rain is not good for a lot of things, but for us, we could care less. As long as there's surf, let it rain. Hell, let it pour. Just keep the Lightening in check.

The surf this weekend caused a few of us to note that Summer is not that far off. We saw it all this weekend. Guys wearing no gloves and some even skipped the booties (are you shitting me?) Some guys wearing trunks...yep it's true (see below). Actually these guys were wearing them over their wetsuits. Fashion, it's hard to figure out.

There was a few incidents to report as well. People doing the usual suspect stuff. You know, dropping in, ditching boards, parking in handicapped spots. That kind of thing.

Look, no one I know wants to get in hassles with anyone for any reason. Especially silly surf mishaps. Read up on the Surf Etiquette and use common sense. There's a couple of surf sites that post these helpful rules. There's NESURF and I think NESURFARI has it posted as well.

I know I've joked around in the past about publishing RALPH'S RULES and maybe I'll get around to actually doing one before summer kicks in. And it won't just be surfing. It will cover a whole bunch of stuff. Put it this way. If you follow this handbook, you won't have any problems from the time you leave your home, to the time you hit the pillow at night. Like I said...common sense. Don't leave home without it.

Meanwhile check out those sites and brush up on some the unwritten code of conduct in Surfing.
Otherwise, it's going to be a long testy summer.

Hey can we talk about the Red Sox here? Holy crap! What are they, 10 1/2 games up? And the dreaded Yankees are slipping deeper into the depths of despair. With or without Roger, those boys need help. And I don't think George's pockets are deep enough to solve this problem. Pitching and injuries will kill any team. But seriously, isn't it nice that it's happening to them and not us? Of course it is.

There's a Golf Tournament for Danny Miller on June 30th. Call the shop for details about that outing. And we'll be having a Paddle for Danny coming up with in the next month. And we'll certainly keep you posted on that.

I thought about Danny today. I was watching the young son of local Surfer Jack Cadigan watch his dad surf this afternoon. Little John Cadigan was watching his pop catch wave after wave this afternoon and you could see the lights going on in his little mind. The seed had been planted. I thought about young Landon and wondered which of Danny's friends would be planting that same seed. Turning some young kid onto surfing is one of life's greatest pleasures as an adult surfer.

Please Remember The Danny Miller Foundation.
Donations for Late Surfer Danny Miller's young son can be made to The Landon Miller Fund through ANY Citizen Bank.
Or send your donation to:
The Landon Miller Foundation
83 South Road
North Hampton, NH 03862

Click below to see Danny Tribute or see Danny Surfing
Tribute to
North By Northeast

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1967 The Late John Bocko "Surfing The Soul of Life"
Stan wrote this about he and John.
Ralph, I bought my first board, a 10' Keoki, in April 1966. My brother John smartly waited until we knew
more about surfing and that summer bought a 9'6" Greg Noll. We started driving to the beach from North
Billerica and never knew if there would be waves, we just "went surfin' ". We'd pick up Dick Byrne in
Lowell and head to the beach. John branched out from Seabrook and Hampton, heading up to Ogunquit,
Drake's Island and Old Orchard. We went to the Jazz and Folk festivals in Newport RI and surfed the warm
water waves and slept on the lawns of the mansions. We went to Cape Cod. We met girls!! It was a
glorious time. In 1968 we went to Rincon Puerto Rico and stayed with Antonio at Punta Higuera. Kahuna
would pick us up and take us surfing every morning. In 1969 we returned to Rincon. We knew Maria and
slept on her beach in a hut we made and surfed our brains out. In the spring of 1968 we were driving to
Nova Scotia during a Northeaster and stopped in Mace Bay, New Brunswick. The wind had stopped and
we heard rumbling below the bluff. The weather turned and the fog lifted and below the cliff were head
high glassy waves and we surfed in the Bay of Fundy until dark. Mr Mawhinney, the fisherman who owned
the land we were on, brought us fish and we cooked on a campfire and he told us stories under the stars.
We surfed together into the 70's and John gradually turned his energies elsewhere-Bicycling, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing-but he still boogey boarded and bodysurfed on any summer Sunday afternoon with
his daughter Kendra, and afterwards fired up the grill and fed us all. He always kept an open ear for
my surf stories. I often surf alone but from now on those are the times he'll be most with me. Love, Stan

Photo by Courtesy of Stan Bocko

(Above) John Bocko sliding along in Southern Maine Photo courtesy of Stan Bocko

(Above) SUNRISE John Bocko left and brother Stan this last winter. Brothers forever. Photo courtesy of Stan Bocko

(Above) SUNSET John Bocko and Viola Bellman have left this earth and are now on the ultimate Journey.
Until you meet them again, they will watch over you.
Photo courtesy of Bernie Baker

Today 2007 The Following Pics were all shot today. Sunday May 20th...
in lovely Northern New England

(Above) Mackey V. New board in hand about to test her out at his favorite break. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Wonder what he's thinking about..."I hope this board works OK..."Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) ..."Paddles good...". Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Yea. It works. New board, old turn. Life is good. Video Frame Grab by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Dougie Fresh joins in. Goofy Foot Union Rules! Video Frame Grab by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) After the sesh. Dougie said he could use some SURF GEL. Check out that rash on his neck!
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Markey J ...SUP-PIN. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Markey J, same wave inside section SUP-PIN . Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Empty wave, or is someone in there? Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Overheard conversation between Sashi and Stanek..."Which way you going?" "You talking to me?"
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Stanek floating the boat on the way inside section....Yes he made this. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Kody Grondin coming round the bend. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Kody Grondin throwing a little bucket at his buddy Kyle. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Kody Grondin going the other way. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Fun little line-up...where were these waves last week?. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) That kid with the new board again. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Surf Dad "Tree Todd" Earl taking the rock stroll. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Young John Cadigan watching his dad Jack get a nice wave. *Sorry Alex I shot this one after yours...
and well, this one came out better."
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Young John Cadigan took this photo of the Old School & New School Father and Son Team NNE.
Photo by SFOD John Cadigan
age 8yrs

(Above) Somewhere in Northern New England. Photo by Chris Thompson

(Above) Glassy Humps in Northern New England. Photo by Chris Thompson

Today 2007 This week in Hawaii...Warm Water LB Contest Fun

(Above) Oooh this looks sooo warm and so much fun, LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) There's a paddle in this man's hand...Hawaiian SUPPIN! LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) No paddle needed for this turn. LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Paddle or No Paddle? LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Yea baby he's rocking! No paddle. LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Nice cutty. LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Paddle Nose Riding on his SUP. LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Think these kids look happy? Hawaiian Surfing. LB contest Hawaii. Photo by Bernie Baker

Today 2007 Parting Shot....New Surf Fashion Spotted at the Wall Today

(Above) At least they have a sense of humor about this look.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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