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March 4th, 2007

And then...there was surf. After the Fog cleared that is. Was it Epic? No. Was it Great? No. Was it Good? Hell yes it was. After the drought we've all had, you bet yer ass it was good. Anybody complaining about the surf yesterday should get bitched slapped. I mean it. In fact, Slap yourselves across the lips that speak that trash, and save us all the aggravation of having to do it.

We had surf. And we had it during the daylight hours. Instead of in the middle of the night, like the infamous Valentine's Day Swell. Granted, we got socked in with a dense fog, but once that shit burned off, we had ourselves a fun Spring/Winter bump.

And here's the best part. It was NOT that crowded.

Depending on where, and when you hit it. I personally surfed with one other guy for over an hour and a half in perfect head high peaks.

It's true. Me and Corey Roy surfed together for well over and hour and a half. Just he and I. Before that, we shared this peak with another friend, Paul Cissel and his two kids Woody and Carolyn. Plenty of waves to go around. After the Cissel family split, Corey and I shared these fun peaks, until I couldn't paddle anymore.
I swear I went through a case of WD-40... I was that rusty. Dam. I'm sore today.

on the other hand, must of gotten barreled a dozen times in front of me. I wish I had my housing with me. He's a big boy, but he was pulling in behind the peak, and just getting shacked on wave, after wave. Bastard.

I wanted 10 years back of my youth. I would of joined him on some of those tubes. But alas, I was happy to just make the steep drops and carve. I'm not complaining, but, just in case you think I might be....SLAP! I just slapped myself.

I realized, during the course of the day yesterday, that surfing, is more than just paddling out and getting a few waves with friends. It's way more than that.

It's the whole social scene that happens at each break. The camaraderie that we all share with each other. Standing around the vehicles, shooting the breeze with friends that you haven't seen since the last swell.

For instance. I ran into several friends I have not seen in some time. Billy Ritchie and I spoke at length about everything from surfing, to work. I saw Steve Baily, Tobey, Staneck and Sashi. I saw Dougie Fresh's first session since late Fall of last year. I ran into people who read this column, and whom I've never met, like Matt Walker. I saw Groms Nick Miller and Jared Velstos in Tee shirts skateboarding on Top Of The Wall. I saw ex- Groms, who are now young men, and are as tall and taller than me. Kyle Linseman, and Tom Hay. I already mentioned the Cissels and Corey. And I saw friends who I see on a regular basis as well. Lenny, Kevin, Tim Polychronis and Dave "Crop" Cropper.
Even JT himself muttered a few nice words.

And unfortunately, I saw some of that 10% that exists in our little surf world, who don't seem to 'get it.' Like the guy who decided to urinate, a few feet from the side of a major road, that we all use to park and check the surf. I could not help myself, so I said something. "That's the kind of Bull Shit That gets us all in trouble."

He said he was sorry and I believed him, I was pissed (pun intended) and had to stop myself from saying, or doing more. I just wished he had used some common sense in the first place. The last thing any of us, wants our wives, girlfriends and daughters to see is, some swinging dick, on the side of the road pissing, because he couldn't go in his wetsuit, or walk the extra 100 feet to a more secluded area to relieve himself.

That's total BS.

His embarrassment was enough to stop him in the future. But to those of you, who might think it's cool, to use our beaches as a Restroom...beforewarned. We will call you out, and make a spectacle of your action.

Hold your water and Keep it in your pants.

So, some of you might be thinking about what I said last week about heading down to the Caribbean and surfing some warm waves. Well, suffice to say, I had a change of heart. Three things occurred that changed my mind.

First. Snowboarding. We (my family) had not been boarding all winter. It was school vacation and we thought what the hell, so we went. And much to our surprise. It was good. Not Epic. Not Great. But clearly fun. And again, it was NOT crowded. I mean it was EMPTY. How empty was it? Well Max and I NEVER waited in a lift line all day. Top to Bottom on every run. No one in front of us, and no one behind us. No sharing the high speed quad with total strangers. In fact, we could of stretched out in our own personal quad chairs, had we desired. Max hates it when we share the chairs with strangers. He claims I talk too much to them and it's embarrassing. He never should of told me that last year. Once I knew it got to him, I did it more. "My son Max here just got out of prison, this is his first time on a chair lift since he threw that kid off three years ago. He's pretty heavily medicated, so we should be safe. Just don't touch him if you can help it"

Seriously, the snowboarding was fun and sunny. We even saw our Snowboarding guru, Stevie O'Hara on the mountain with his wife and family. Stevie snowboards just like he surfs. He's fluid and he carves deep turns. It really looks like he's surfing. For us, that's what snowboarding is. A total extension of surfing. I know lots of snowboarders who've never surfed, and you can clearly see the lack of style in their boarding.

We like to surf down the mountain.

The second thing, was I saw the potential of an actual swell, the latter part of last week. I already wrote about it, so I won't go into detail. But rather, I'll pose this question. Was it better, to surf at home with a couple of friends, in head high, to slightly overhead surf, in winter conditions, or surf the same, in a tropical setting, with a few hundred close friends? Well? I obliviously chose to stay home. I saved both money and it was good for my soul. Not that I'm against traveling. Hardly.

Which brings me to my last point.

Hawaii. Last week I mentioned going to Hawaii as a must see for most surfers. Well, I thought about that, so I've decided to take Max to Hawaii so he could experience what I wrote about last week. I'm taking the boy to the North Shore at the end of the month, to get his fill of Oahu's culture and waves. Now I know, the timing is sketchy as far as Big Surf is concerned, but I I think, getting him into some spring/late winter clean swells would be better for a 15 yr. old's first time, than throwing him out there in the dead of winter, with all the heroes and would be heroes, who make the trip every winter.

The Hawaiian Islands can still provide a thrill or two in March/April. After speaking with Lenny Nichols and other friends about it, we all agreed, the transition would be easier for Mackey in the spring. I remember a few years ago, the Evans family went to Oahu and they scored unreal conditions during the spring break. They lucked into a powerful South Shore storm that gave them clean and overhead waves for a week. And, that same swell wrapped around the Island and produced even better surf on the North Shore.

That's what I'm hoping for.

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Yesterday- Bruz Bowden's Bottom Turn- Summer of 1968 New England

(Above) Bruz had a unique style. It was a combination of looking like he was almost falling and being in complete control. He'd laugh on every turn and he was just fun to watch. He still surfs today and his style is still the same.
And yes, he still laughs when he surfs.
Photo by my late father Gus. Fatello

Today 2007 The March 3rd Swell
in New England

(Above) Look closely. There's two guys in the water paddling. Two...Lucky SOB's. The two guys standing
just got out. You do the math.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) See the empty peak? See The Empty Christmas Tree? The cement Wall sees it all. Winter, Spring
Summer and Fall.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Looking the other way. Empty perfection, bordered by snow and cement.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Another view, another empty set. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Head High Plus. No One out. 1:00PM, air temp 53 degrees. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

Today 2007 March 1st Snowboarding in New England

(Above) No one in front of us...No one behind us. MVF carving. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) No one in front of us...No one behind us, all day long. MVF descending. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

Above) Taking it all in. MVF thinking about what line to take. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Surfing our way home. MVF. Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

Today 2007 The John Carden Hawaiian Files Part 2

(Above) The Rocky Point launching pad. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Empty Hawaiian waves. Photo by John Carden

(Above) "Wha You Wan Surf Dese Wave Brah?" Hawaiian local. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Local Hawaiian, Killing it in Maui. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Another Local Hawaiian, Laird Hamilton. Perhaps you've heard of him. Paddleboarding JAWS.
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Shooting the waning light. Johnny Boy I LOVE this shot. Photo by John Carden
*Look for more JC Hawaiian pics in the weeks to follow

Today 2007 Two From Local Hampton Girl, Barbara Savastano

(Above) Barbara Savastano a local summer fixture at 10th Street recently moved to Oahu. She sent these photos
to remind us why she made the move. *This is a BIG wave.
Photo by Barbara Savastano

(Above) As the sun sets on Oahu's North Shore... See Ya Next Summer Barbara! Photo by Barbara Savastano

Today 2007 Another week, another Phantom Series...part 6

(Above) The Phantom's Assault Craft. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) The Phantom's Area of Operation. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) Picking off one on the inside. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) Hugging the rocks, a Phantom Phollower inspects the inside reef. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) The Phantom's mission each week is to surf this green, kelped faced wave. No matter what.
Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) If you know where this is....keep it to yourself. If you don't...that's why they call it "Surfing Adventures".
Photo courtesy of The Phantom

Today 2007 Jimmy Dunn's Working Vacation

(Above) You call this work? Jimmy taking in the rewards of a dream gig.
Photo courtesy of Jimmy Dunn

Parting Shot 2007 Extreme Lowtide Reveals Grisly Find
A Northern Cal surfer was found frozen in mid stance last week, and was washed up at Low Tide at a local
Northern Cal break. "I don't know what happened." Claims Rocky Vanucci. "The last thing I remembered was
Pulling into this HUGE Barrel at Ocean Beach. Then The Lights went out. If it wasn't for my friend Capn Chambo,
I might still be out there. I owe him my life."

Photo courtesy of Rocky Vanucci










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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