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March 16th, 2008

I guess the most surprising thing about this week's swell and storm was...the lack of snow fall. Don't get me wrong, we got snow. Just not a ton of it as in week's past. There's surf out there. And we all know that's what this column is really about. The snow and snow boarding is just a pleasant distraction from surfing. Albeit, we did have an amazing winter of snow.

But I admit, I snickered at the light dusting we got this morning. I looked at my snow blower in the garage this morning and was thankful I didn't have to crank her up. Pushing that hunk of metal around can be a back breaking chore. Especially if the snow is wet and slushy.

I call it blowing slurpies. You're better off just shoveling that stuff. All you locals know what I'm talking about. Them snow blowers are great in the soft white powder, but really suck in the heavy wet stuff. No, I was glad this morning was a day without snow. I think the mountains may have scored again. And I say good for them, and all the Spring skiers and boarders. They deserve it.

It's been a good winter in New England.

For most people. For others it's been a tough time. Once again there is sadness in our small surf community. That awful disease Cancer has claimed two more lives here on the seacoast. I just found out about both of them. Last week longtime Hampton Surfer Dan Carignan passed away.

Some of you may remember Dan at the Wall. He always hung out between 8th and 10th street. He was very thin with long hair. He drove a white van and had the Purple Heart license plates. He and his son Jason were fixtures at the Wall for many summers. Riding their bikes up and down the Wall. He was a Goofy foot and he rode longboards. He used to ride old relics up until around the year 2000, when he broke down and got himself a modern longboard.

I will personally miss Dan.

He was a good friend to me and my family. He was a Vietnam Vet who served with the Marines as a NAVY Corpsman. Those guys were the Medics for Marines. They were the best. And all the Marines will tell you how much they loved their Corpsmen.

He was always "Doc" to me.

He served with 3rd Btn 3rd Marine Regiment in the 3rd Marine Division. Or as he used to say "3-3-3". He was there from 1968-1969. Dan was wounded twice over there. But I can tell you all right here and now. That Dan saved many young Marine lives.

Dan was a bona fide hero.

Dan loved surfing. And he was never more happier than when he was surfing here with his son Jason and his friends at the Wall on a nice glassy, Summer day. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him. And there will be a Paddle For Dan once we find out when Jason will be around, so please stay tuned for that.

And I will miss him yelling down the line up at me... "SADDLE UP!" We had this little thing we did to each other. Those words "Saddle Up" would send a chill down my spine as it did him. It was our own private joke. The last couple of Summers, when Dan got real sick, his son Jason picked up where his dad left off. He started yelling that out. At first I thought it was Dan. When I realized it was his son Jason, I would acknowledge the sentiment, and give Jason a salute to pass on to his pop.

Dan may you rest in peace, and I hope you find that perfect Summer Wall wave..."Saddle Up Brother".

The other loss was the wife of a local Surfer and a mom to a 3yr old boy. Tammy Ciolfi passed away on Thursday. She was only 35yrs old. She leaves behind her husband Tony Ciolfi and their young son Ryan. Tony is a local surfer. He and Ryan came to my annual "Surf Family Robinson Beach Party " for the local kids last Summer here in Hampton. There are no amount of words that I can write here to convey the sadness of this particular loss for Tony and his family and friends. I will say that the entire Surf Community shares in our condolences to his family during this time.

There are services for Tammy today Sunday March 16, 2008 at REMICKS Funeral Home on Lafayette Road in Hampton from 2PM-4PM and then 6PM-8PM. Family and friends are invited.

There is a fund being set up for young Ryan it is a 529 College Plan for Ryan. To donate, please address the check to:

To: The Vanguard 529 College Savings Plan
On the check write: Beneficiary: Ryan A Ciolfi

and send the check to

Anthony Ciolfi
33 Morningside Dr
Hampton NH 03842

Look, you all don't need me to remind you again how precious life is. Lord knows I've said it before. We all need to take the time to stop and smell the beach roses. We need to stop being so caught up in our own busy lives and Help each other out.
Last week I mentioned Jimmy Dunn helping his friend out. I mentioned Brian Nevins holding hands with the poor children of Nicaragua. There is much suffering in the world. But, there is just as much good things being done as well.

Some day they will find a cure for cancer and all the other terrible diseases that have caused so much sadness. But until that day comes. They have a cure for helping friends and family in need. All you have to do is give of yourself.

Today is PALM Sunday. It is a Holy day for many millions of Christians. Next week, we will be celebrating Easter. The Resurrection of Christ. How fitting it is, that we are acknowledging two more children of God entering back into the Kingdom. God's glorious Kingdom. If you believe, it is a comforting passage. If you do not, you need to find your own spiritual healing.

I have always ended each of my weekly columns with the simple line of SURFING HEALS ALL WOUNDS. I mean every single word of it. Surfing is our own private church. There is healing going on out there. Cleanse your soul in the salt water. If that is all you have. Take advantage of Mother Ocean's healing. For Tony and for Jason. When the time is right. Paddle out and em erse yourself in the ocean. You will be truly amazed at what Surfing can really do for you.

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Congrats to Anthony & Dianne Currio on the birth of their twin boys Titus and Orealus!

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Click below to see Danny Tribute or see Danny Surfing
Tribute to
Danny. North By Northeast

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1983 Vince Shazam and his Camo Board!
(Below) When young Vince came on the scene with his Camo board, it was time to button up.
He was in his own words "An asshole." He has since become, what he likes to think of himself
today as..."Approachable". Thank God For That.
Video Movie Frame Grab by C. Fatello SFOD

2008 Photos BELOW taken today Sunday March 16th

(Above) Palm Sunday Lefts.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) OK you can't complain about these waves.Palm Sunday.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Kai Nichols leaping for Joy on a Snap, Crackle, POP-Palm Sunday Left.
Photo by Julia Nichols

2008 ALL Photos BELOW taken this week...(and this winter)

(Above) Early morning lines.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Tom Mack on an early March Wall
Photo by JGB

(Above) Unknown slotted on an early morning left.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Late afternoon set.
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Winter lines.
Photo courtesy of Joe Heglin

(Above) Winter Power.
Photo courtesy of Joe Heglin

(Above) Winter Peak.
Photo courtesy of Joe Heglin

(Above) Winter Peak number two...I love the empty peak shots..
Photo courtesy of Joe Heglin

(Above) Winter sharing.
Photo courtesy of Joe Heglin

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of the late Dan Carignan from the summer of 2000.
8mm Video Frame grab by R. Fatello SFOD

OK check this out. Jimmy Dunn JUST released his NEW CD. It is FUNNY.

To find out more info go to:


2008 The Nicaragua Files
*Brian Nevins Portrait shots from Nicaragua...***Check Out the ESM mag for a complete Brian Nevins Portfolio and Interview and Cool COVER Shot of The WALL!

(Above) Nicaragua dump scenes Part two. A smile and a hug goes along way.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) This is someone's home. Nicaragua reality .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Nicaragua .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Each face tells a story.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above )More Nicaragua reality .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) This is a great photograph.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) This is someone's child. Nicaragua beauty .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Try and imagine what her life must be like. Nicaragua .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Nicaraguan reality .
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) I wonder if the folks at "Barbie" have any idea about this? This is Nicaragua .
Photo by Brian Nevins

2008 This week of March in Hawaii

(Above) SHUJI KASUYA can lay it down in color...
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above)...and in Black and White.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Grab a rail and hold your breath. Then hope the spit doesn't knock
you off your board.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) I think this is Jon Jon Florence...the kid's getting bigger and so are his
balls! Heavy wave for anybody.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Ross Williams redirects.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Ross Williams pops one loose for the cameras and the gallery.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) This is Bernie's world. Look at that glass!
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Nathan Carroll carves one off the top.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above and below) An amazing Backdoor sequence that many of us will never ever get
to actually experience for a number of different reasons. So enjoy the pretty photos.
And please note how this thing warps and bends and throws out so dam far.
If I were to get a wave like this in my lifetime I'd quit. Hell, I'd be so busy telling my
friends about this beast, that I wouldn't have time to surf again.
Photos by Jeff Crawford

(Above) that was one hell of a sequence!
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) Another beautiful Backdoor barrel. Dam this is Nice.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) Backside at Pipe.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) Sunny Garcia at Haliewa.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) Is this what they mean by "Shredding?" Sunny Garcia GOUGING at Haliewa.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) That's alot of water moving around out there.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) Set wave. Check out the guy on the SUP.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

(Above) It can get thrilling at Haliewa.
Photo by Jeff Crawford

2008 This week of March in Costa Rica

(Above) Local Boy Mike Keefe slipped off to Costa Rica this past week and scored some great waves.
And a few nice sunsets. All photos below courtesy of Dale and Mike Keefe.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) Costa Rica was just what the doctor ordered for Mike and Dale.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) Same spot different day.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) Mike Keefe sliding into something nice.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) That's a nice looking left. Tamarindo left.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) I could get used to this for a week.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) Sunsets in Costa Rica are so beautiful.
Photo by Dale Keefe

(Above) From Hampton to Costa Rica. Mike and Dale enjoying the time away from the snow and cold.
Photo courtesy of Dale Keefe

Today 2008 Parting Shot..."Happy Saint Patrick's Day!"

(Above ) The Late Ray Hackett had more fun on St Paddy's day than anyone else I know. Here's to you Ray!
We all still miss you and we still talk about you.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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