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December 30th, 2007

Happy New Year Y'all! And Ye of little faith, rejoice in the wonder of it all...Thy Glorious New England Patriots are 16 and 0 and have achieved a feat unheard of for some 35 years! The Perfect season has come to us all. The RED SOX, The PATRIOTS, and The CELTICS! Oh Joy To the freaking World!

But I must confess my friends, I was somewhat concerned when our Red, White and Blue NFL players were down by 12 points in the 3rd quarter. Hell, I was more than concerned. I was twisting in the wind. I was dam near sick to my stomach. But alas, Sir Tom Brady and his Knight of Cool Sir Randy Moss along with a few other notable players (Faulk, Welka, Harrison, Seau and more) made us all believers and made this magical season, well, Magical for real!

Even now some 24 hours later, I am still giddy with it. Hell I'm GIDDY as Sheeeeeit! Now why do I have to be so hurtful? Cuz I'm freaking Giddy off my ass that's why!
I'm so Giddy, I'm Hiddy Giddy! And I know I'm not alone. People who never watch Football watched this game last night. It was Historical. If you didn't see it, well, your stupid. You missed it. Your a dumb ass. Unless you had to work. But even then, you should of called in sick.

I'm sorry for being so hurtful...I'm just Giddy.

Those of you who did see it, saw history in the making. It's not everyday you get to watch history on TV. Not like this. This was big. Very big. And I guess I'm glad it's over. The dam pressure of going undefeated was getting to be too much to hear about, read about, and watch about. Wait did I just say "Watch about"? It doesn't matter, you all know what I'm talking about. I'm talking PERFECTION.

Surely you non sports fans can understand perfection.

Speaking of perfection...we had some perfect surf the last week. Oh yes we did. December 24th, 25th and the 28th was downright PERFECT. If you didn't get any of that missed it. I certainly wouldn't call any of you stupid for missing the surf (like I did for missing the Pats game), but I will did miss it.

Look, I know that everyone can't just slip away on this most holiest of holidays. Heck, I know that family and church are far more important than surfing on Christmas. I'm just busting on you cause I can. It's all part of the Christmas giving. I'm just giving you all a little grief as part of the Christmas spirit I'm feeling.

Can't you feel it? I've been feeling it the last two months.

In fact, I'm calling November and December the two best months of 2007. The savior months. Without the back to back swells we've had, 2007 would of been somewhat disappointing. But alas my friends. The later months came through for us.

I wouldn't call the surf epic, or all time, but clearly it was worth the paddle. Yes it's been cold, but the perfect surf can warm even the coldest heart. Well, maybe not the coldest. But pretty dam close. Lord knows I was full of warmth and glee...hell I may have even hummed a few Christmas Carols out there. Especially on Friday December 28th. That was a fun session.

The Perfect surf followed by the perfect NFL season. Can I hear a Joy To The World? all right then! Perfect.

I hope some of you got to slip out for a Christmas Day surf. Say what you want, but getting a surf in on Christmas Day is pretty special. Especially here in New England. Having Good Surf on Christmas Eve and a few leftovers on Christmas Day just added to the spirit of the holiday. Mackey V and I slipped out, and had one spot all to ourselves. I have no photographic proof. Unless you call the images embedded in my mind proof, that and my good word. But, we did score some perfect waist high perfection on Christmas Day and we had it to ourselves. It was special. I also know that Lenny Nichols and his kids got a great session in as well. In fact, this was Kai Nichol's first ever Christmas Eve surf and Christmas Day surf. That's a special memory for the whole family.

Then a few days later, I shared some REALLY perfect waves with an old friend of mine. Mike Keefe and I shared some perfect waves for well over an hour on Friday. We kept waiting for the crew to show up. But they never did. Mike was riding a dam shortboard to boot. And me on my Longboard watching him catch a bundle of waves made for an interesting session. Mikey was nailing those rights while I took the traditional lefts. All in all we had a memorable session. I hope Mike remembers the session in the future, cause chances are I'll forget it. Don't you forget Mike!

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season.

I know that the whole Shop gang sends their best wishes to everyone. In fact, I know that all the local shop merchants send their seasons greetings. And I do mean this, I hope everyone one of you has a GREAT 08!

I also heard that someone ripped someone off in town. Now I know that Criminals have kids and they need stuff for Christmas, but you can't steal from surfers. I'm sorry, call me old fashion but, if I find someone stealing from any of the shops or from some unsuspecting surfer, I will perform my own version of waterboarding. It will consist of something like this:. I will force them to paddle out in the winter, on a short board (under 6') with just a rash guard on, and then I'll have them swear (or pledge), that they will never steal from a surfer again. Lastly, I will have them sing a few Christmas Carols to get us all back into a good mood. Seriously, please don't steal from surfers. Most surfers I know are good people who work hard for their money.

Tis the season my brothers and sisters. Be good

Rest in Peace former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.
Rot in Hell to the Al Qaida Scum who assassinated her.

Rest in Peace Tatianna the Siberian Tiger who was wrongly accused of being a tiger on Christmas day.

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Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1972 Ron Freeman making more than just a fashion statement.
(Below) Ron Freeman used to live around these parts. He's surfed and filmed his way through several New England
surf seasons before moving out to California. So wearing his trunks over his wetsuit in 1972 is forgivable.
He's a lifelong Patriots fan and we have spoken many times over the last few weeks coming into the perfect season.
I know Ronnie is stoked to see his beloved Patriots go undefeated and I know he still misses the perfection of
New England surf...except for when he's surfing perfect California. Which is every time he paddles out.
Video Movie Frame Grab by Ed O'Connell


(Above) The go ahead 65 yard TD pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss..
Photo by Drew Halloway/Getty Images

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of Perfect Surf. FOR a SHORT
VIDEO clip courtesy by SFOD R. Fatello

2007 Today NEW ENGLAND SURF (ALL Pics Shot on 12-28-07)

(Above) The day started off cold and blurry. But by 7:30AM things started to get better (see below).
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) The Fung Wa express comes to New England.
Photo by JB

(Above) Ever ride on the Fung WA express? No? I's a fun ride.
Photo by JB

(Above) The Friday morning light gave way to perfection.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Friday morning cutback.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) The perfect season? Or the perfect session?
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) This Friday morning wave looks perfect to me.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) A December to remember.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Motor Drive sequence or just more perfection?
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) This looks colder than it actually was.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Now what? Question is...did this guy have enough speed to make this section, or is he
stalling? If he's stalling, he's one step away from falling.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) What a clean looking perfect wave. Friday December 28th, 2007.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Nice slice...but look at the wave behind him.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) All wrapped up in perfection.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) Later in the day, but still fun looking.
Photo by Kevin Doherty

(Above) A Friday cuttie for Casey Lockwood.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) And Friday lip bash for Casey too!
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) Clean and Holiday green for Jon Gozzo.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) A Friday launch pad for Casey.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) A change of scenery on Friday 12-28-07.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) Drag a mitt and get covered for it.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) Same guy. Same pose. Only a different wave, or different part of the same wave.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) Friday perfection. Any questions?
Photo by Brennan Natoli


(Above) Looks like that Goofy foot finally got what he was dragging his glove for. A clean cover up.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) A nice view on Friday December 28th 2007.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

(Above) Floating the Friday boat.
Photo by Brennan Natoli

2007 Today Some more New England images from last week

(Above) Merry Christmas From Lenny Nichols.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Kevin Grondin walking on glass, Christmas Day.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Christmas waves.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Happy New Year From Lenny Nichols.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Christmas Eve...Perfection.
Photo by Chris Thompson

(Above) Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Right? Or Left?
Photo by Chris Thompson

(Above) A Craig Christmas Promotion.
Photo by Jon Mackin


(Above) A Perfect Peak.
Photo by Jon Mackin

(Above) December perfection.
Photo by Jon Mackin

(Above) Captain Hazzard looking a lot like Lenny Nichols...wait, that is Lenny.
Photo by Jon Mackin

(Above) Unknown under the lip of perfection.
Photo by Jon Mackin

(Above) Zach Breault cutting back to perfection.
Photo by Jon Mackin

2007 Today SHOT TODAY December 30th 2007

(Above) Lenny has an eye for perfection.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) How many of you walk by this without ever looking down?
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) A satellite shot...taken from 5' 10"' up.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Another aerial shot. Taken from about 4' feet away.
Photo by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Happy Holidays from the Smith Family. Greg & Cherimy & Sofia & Buddy Smith .
Photo courtesy of Greg Smith

Today 2007 Parting Shot...Happy Holidays or fun with Photoshop

(Above) I can't believe for one minute that this is real. A friend of mine sent me this, and knowing him and his
sources (he's from New Jersey) I have to believe this is fake. Unless someone can prove to me otherwise.
Photo courtesy of the Internet






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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