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April 9, 2006

It's hard to believe but, this past week, marked the 3rd anniversary of me writing this weekly column. Time flies when you're having fun kids. I've actually been doing web stuff for Cinnamon Rainbows much longer, but this
Pic Of The Week deal
is 3 years old. It's been both fun
and therapeutic.

My late father used to tell me, "speak and write about what you know".

Well, I know surfing and surfers pretty good. I think I can write about this particular subject. And...I guess I know New England. I've lived and surfed here all my life. I'm raising a Surf family here. I think I have a handle on it. So dad, I'm doing what you said I should do. So far, most of you seem dig what we're doing. And, if I offend any of you
in the process, I'm sorry. However, I won't change my approach, or my beliefs for anyone. Not a soul.
I call 'em like I see 'em. That's Surf Reality 101.

Like Popeye used to say, "I Yam what I Yam."

I want to thank all the artists who contributed to last
week's successful art column. We had nothing but positive feedback from everyone. There was some really cool art work. If you missed it, go back and take a look at it. And while I'm on the subject. If any of you want more
information on any of the art work, or the artists, let me know. I will forward that info on to the artist themselves.
And let me just say that, I think everyone should have
some sort of surf art in their homes. It's part of our New England Surf culture.

My phone rang four times yesterday from a good friend
of mine who recently moved up the city. He's living on the Coast for the first time in his life, and he is stoked beyond words. He was trying to get me to go out surfing with him yesterday. I kept checking the wave cam, and Max and I even went down to the water to give it the old reliable,
"Ralph Cam Check" . It was just too small.
Granted, had it been in the middle of summer, and I had
not surfed in a while, I would of been all over it. But, both
the boy and I had to pass. Thigh high and hard offshores, coupled with a overcast sky, and dropping temps made
that call very easy. No thank you.

It's funny what surfing consistently over the winter will do
to you. I've become somewhat selective. If the sun was
out, I may have bit on it. I've actually been looking for an excuse to put the 6mil in the closet and finally grab the flexible 4/3. But it was not meant to be.

Please forgive me...but I said...NO to surfing.

What did you all think about that snow this past week? All you Cali and Troppo boys and girls can't fathom it can you?. We had sunny 70 degree temps one day, and then it dropped down to 30 degrees with HUGE snowflakes the next
. Oh yea, that's our reality. Some of those flakes were insanely large. It made for interesting conversation round these parts.

That same weather, was responsible for those death spewing tornadoes down south. Talk about crazy weather. That's just the saddest thing to watch. Peoples homes and lives lost in the blink of an eye.


I just walked by the TV and saw the news. They were showing some enormous looking surf pounding the coast of Australia. The news woman said they were closing the beaches due to the 23' surf. Max and I looked at each other and smiled. They may close the beaches to kooks and tourists, but they certainly won't be able to stop Surfers from getting to the surf. They'd stand a better chance trying to stop illegal immigrants from crossing the border, than they would trying to stop surfers from getting to the surf. Of course, the Newswoman ended her story with the typical "Hang Ten Kids" line.

They just don't get it. Never had and never will.

I mean, who the hell says "Hang Ten?" Do you know anyone? I don't...and if i did, I always correct them. (That follows under the Stopping To Help Someone who needs help line).

Thanks again to Dave, Phil, Heather, Kevin, and the whole crew at CR for the last 3 years it's been fun. And a BIG THANKS to all you photographers and artists. And to the Surf Gods, for providing us with beautiful New England surf.

We take it, one week at a time.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1979- Alex's Beaver Tail Flapping Water Shot
Back in the mid to late 70's, we all wore these Beaver Tail wetsuits. We also sported long hair. We all posed like we were Gerry Lopez at Pipeline. Of course, it has been written many times over since then that, There is Nothing Like Pipeline, except Pipe itself. That didn't stop young Groms like Alex Deconstant from Rye to pretend he was riding his own private Pipeline. A word to the wise to all you young groms of careful of what you wish for.
Photo by Jerry Lapriore


Today 2006 From The Last Good Swell...
I have to marvel at the color of these New England waves. It almost looks like New Zealand or OZ...but it's not. It's here in New England, and once again, Nick brings
home the goods.
Photos by Nick LaVecchia

Pinch yourself. It's true. It's New England.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Slotted New England style.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

This is one lucky SOB...somewhere in New England.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Casey Lockwood getting horizontal with this New England lip.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Nick calls this one "Gray Slash", I can see why.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Nick I call this one..."PERFECT". Perfect New England.
Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Today 2006 Garrett Get's a Good One
Garret Krapf is one of the area's hottest Goofy foot's. He's getting better each year and with each wave.
Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 More From the 3-27-06 Swell
Andrew Frost sent these in last week. I had to wait a week to post them because of the Surf Art Column.
It was worth the wait. Northern New England can get pretty dam good too!
Photos by by Andrew Frost

More of NNE...looks like the same spot as above. His name is "Shorty" and he's a Lucky stiff.
Photo by by Andrew Frost

Trevor gets a backside left to himself...except now we've all seen it.
Photo by by Andrew Frost

Today 2006 Can You Guess where this is?
A surfer I never met, sent these photos in last week and asked if I could identify where it is. It's somewhere between Florida and Maine. Any takers? Photos by Christian Foger

Looks warm...but is it? Photo by Christian Foger

Today 2006 More Northern New England
These fun pics came in a few weeks ago. One of those winter mornings that are just too good to pass up.
Photos by Andrew Gelman

Say what you will about these photos, but KNOW this. This guy was alone out there. Case Closed.
Photos by Andrew Gelman

Today 2006 Art Photo Waves
These images are a good follow up to last week's Art Column. I specifically asked the artists NOT to submit photos during the art column week. That was last week. This is a whole new week.
Photos by Christian Kozowyk

Today 2006 Is This What They Mean By The Green Room?
As much as I LOVE New England surf, I am NOT a fool. I know a dream wave when I see one (or paint one).
This wave is as good as it gets. Somewhere in Baja.
Photo courtesy of the Phantom

Today 2006 PARTING SHOT "Body Surfing"
Don't try and tell me this is NOT surfing. Because, I will tell you, that this is one of the most pure forms of surfing there is. The pure essence of surfing. Besides...look at that section she's in! Are you kidding me? You Go Girl!
Photo Courtesy of The Phantom

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