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April 2nd, 2006

For as long as I can remember, I've been drawing and doodling surf images on anything with a flat surface. You name it, I've sketched on it. Book covers, test papers, homework papers, envelopes, my parents bills, and other important documents. It didn't make a difference to me.
If I was somewhere other than the ocean, I was drawing little cartoons and sketches about it.

I blame one person. Rick Griffin.

Ever since I first saw a Murphy cartoon, I was hooked. Don't get me wrong, it was surfing that brought me to Rick in the first place. But his little pen and ink drawings of Murphy and his gang, well that was the genesis of my surf art career. I would spend hours in Junior High School drawing fantasy surf adventures of me and my other surf buddies. Man we got in trouble. I couldn't help it. I was a surfer living in New England and I was so into everything about surfing, that the only way to express my passion for surfing, was to create art. So I did.

From those early primitive pen and ink drawings, to my full scale murals of empty waves, I was, and still am today, a Surf Artist. I am however, limited in my art work, as I can really only paint empty waves, and draw cartoon like characters.

In fact, 99% of all my wave paintings are of empty waves. Why? Simple. I don't want to rob the viewer of their imagination. You see, in photographs (which I love and video, which I REALLY LOVE), your eye goes to the action on the wave. Whereas, in an empty wave painting (or photo/video), you are using your imagination. Your creative surfer's mind, would dictate what and where you would be on that particular wave. Using your imagination.

Which is basically, what art is. One's imagination applied to a canvas, or illustration board, or a surfboard. It does not make a difference where you apply your art, as long as you do it. And do it, with conviction.

The Art of Surfing...

I would be lying, if I told you I was not surprised at how many Surf Artists responded to this 1st Annual Surf Art Column. I was impressed with the number of artists who contacted me, as well as the number of pieces that were submitted. I've always known that, we have a rich Surf art community here in New England. That being said, we are living in the midst of many surf art collectors.
But I was truly unaware, of how many exceptionally talented surf artists are out there.

It was both refreshing and informative to hear from these talented individuals. These artists and their material range from; the traditional painters and illustrators, to the obscure sculptors and wood carvers. All of them, in their own right, possessing the two important redeeming qualities. Their artistic talent, coupled with their undying devotion, to the ocean and the waves. In each of the artists who sent me their work, I could see through the strokes of paint, and subtle carvings, that each one was truly passionate about the lifestyle that we all live.

That being, Surfers in New England.

There are many famous Surf Artists in our world. The aforementioned Rick Griffin was my favorite. Followed by Severson, Odgen and Auster. But who's to say, that the next Surf Artist, who strikes a chord with the rest of the surfing world, won't come from New England? Certainly not me. And not you, once you've seen this varied collection of Surf Art.

It's important to know, that I believe that everyone has
the potential to create art. More specifically, surf art. You're all ready half way there, by just loving the sport
(or lifestyle as it were). All you need to do is, express yourself. Let the creative juices flow, don't deny yourself that freedom of expression. It's much like the act of surfing itself. When you do, what you will, on the face of the the same, on the face of a canvas, or a piece of metal or wood. Create surf art.

Like they say...GO FOR IT!

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1976- East Coast Man
This pen and ink was done while I was at a lunch break working at a North Shore Newspaper. In 1976 we had those wetsuits with the zippers on the ankles and the extra stitching and padding on the knees and elbows. I could see the knees but the elbows? Moustaches were popular back then as well. This character was not created with any one particular surfer in mind. But rather, a combination of the surfers who lived and surfed here in the 70's.
Pen and Ink drawing by R. Fatello


Today 2006 Blue Power
I paint empty waves as to not rob the imagination of each viewer. Use your imagination, where would you want to
be on this wave?
Anywhere but the whitewater...
Acrylic on wood by R. Fatello

Empty Waves
One of the very first paintings I ever did of an actual spot. Some of you might recognize this place. Some may not.
Acrylic on Canvas by R. Fatello

Today 2006 Bagel Bombs
I was slightly upset when I saw what all the kids did to my mural at JB's...then I thought about it and chalked it up to kids creating their own form of art, on my art. I actually like it better. Harmless graffiti. *Note the Rick Griffin T-shirt I'm wearing. Click on the image to see more of Ralph's Paintings and drawings...

Acrylic on wood by R. Fatello

Today 2006 Stan Chew's Safi Morroco
Stan Chew is one of the BEST local surf artists to come out of this neck of the woods. His style is a mix of his
own imagination and world travel influences, coupled with a clear, creative lifestyle, that embodies surfing, music,
and art. Stan as you might recall...will be opening a Surf Camp designed with all of you in mind down in Tropical Panama. Look for more photos of Stan's surf camp in the week's to come, meanwhile enjoy his beautiful art.
Click on the image to see more of Stan's Paintings ...
Oil on Canvas by Stan Chew

Today 2006 Scott Weston's Heaving Left
Scott Weston obviously has a solid affection for Big Heaving Lefts that break over a rocky bottom. Come to think
of it, I guess we all do.
Acrylic brush Airbrush on Canvas by Scott Weston

Today 2006 Alex DeConstant Paddle Out
Alex is a good guy who surfs really good and is really quite talented. He does wood blocks where he has to do
each one backwards. Think about that... Having to create your art backwards can't be easy. Alex has it down.

Wood Block by Alex DeConstant

Today 2006 Joanna Rieke- Endless Summer
Joanna is currently a Illustration major at Maryland Institute College of Art. She's a New Hampshire resident who
lives and breathes the ocean. Her art is a clear reflection of all that is good with Mother Ocean. Click on this
image to see more of Joanna's work.
Oil Pastel on Wood by Joanna Rieke

Today 2006 Robin Rowell's Thor's Hammer
Robin is a dear old friend who used to rule the lefts around these parts. A great surfer and historian on our sport.
He lives in California, but would spend every summer out here. We miss him and his nephews. It's nice to know
that he still thinks of us. His nephew Corey sent this painting along that Robin did. Come back this summer Robin
and take your medicine. A good healthy dose of the East Coast.
Water Color on paper by Robin Rowell

Today 2006 Corey Howard- The WALL
Corey is Robin's nephew. The family that surfs together, obviously paints together.
Click on this image to see more of Corey's work.
Acrylic on canvas by Corey Howard

Today 2006 Japan- Nick "Organic" Mcclung
Nick is a local surfer/artist who has been applying his art on so many custom boards you might even own one.
Click on this image to see more of Organic's work.
Acrylic Paint Markers by Nick Mcclung

Today 2006 Julie Ann Baur-Perfect Wave
Julie (J-Bird) sent in this Painting called Perfect Wave. I like the different artist representation here of the
sought after perfect wave.
Acrylic on canvas by Julie Ann Baur

Today 2006 Untitled Wave
18x24. by Craig Ryan. Acrylic on canvas by Craig Ryan

Today 2006 Untitled Wave II
Craig a painting this good needs a if you don't mind, might I suggest..."Impact Zone"
Oil on board by Craig Ryan

Today 2006 RED DAWN
Great painting...I like the not knowing, are these guys getting out of the water, or, are they walking to a better spot?
The imagination at work here.
Medium unknown by Jay Dacek

Today 2006 Blue One
This is one of those paintings where you can almost feel that tropical warmth and the sensation of those long lines.
This is Surf Art, and this and all of these paintings, are why we need to support local artists.
um unknown by Jay Dacek

Today 2006 Secret Spot-John Parrillo
Secret spots are fun while they remain a secret...we all have one. Mum's the word John. Your secret is safe with me.
Click on this image to see more of John's work.
Unknown Medium by John Parrillo

Today 2006 10th Street One of my all time favorite paintings. I bought this painting from the artist. I was surfing that summer day and saw him painting away under the concave shadow of the Wall. He just captured the mood of the day for me and my family. I had to have it. I hope I'm not butchering his name...or the title for that matter.
Oil on Canvas by Shubert

Today 2006 Donna Baldassari-Tide's In
I love this artist...I really do...she's my sister. She loves the ocean and she is really talented. Her work speaks
for itself. Click on this image to see more of Donna's work.
Oil on canvas by dlbaldassari

Today 2006 Light at the End of the Tunnel
This is another favorite painting of mine. It was done by a long time friend and surfer Dwight Hamsley. His courage and positive attitude about the true meaning of life is, and should be, an inspiration to all of us. God Bless you Dwight.
Water color on paper by Dwight Hamsley

Today 2006 Boston Noserider
This is art. And it's art created by a surfer. Some people see wood and steel, and see it for what it is.
Others like Ed, see wood and steel, and see a creation. Imagination my friends, is more important
than knowledge.
Foud wood and steel by Ed Tekeian

Today 2006 PARTING SHOT "Ralph's Right's"
This is a unique piece of art and it is truly one of my favorite possession's. Zak carved this for me on my birthday last year and I absolutely love it. He called it Ralph's Right's, named after that peak off the 10th Street jetty that I am very fond of, and it's been known under that name since the early 70's...this is a fitting end to what I will hope to be an annual column. I can't wait to hear your comments, Remember to support your local artists.
Wood carving by Eric Zak

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