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September 11, 2006

It was exactly five years ago today. We were all waking up early to clear, bright blue, cloudless skies, to rush down to the ocean, to see the perfectly groomed overhead lines pouring in across New England as Hurricane Erin graced our shores. Unbeknownst to any of us, a hellish, terrifying day was about to unfold and and affect our lives forever.

19 Radical Islamic male Muslim Extremists terrorists cowards attacked our country and killed 3,000 innocent Americans. 19 COWARDS. 19 EVIL SOB's who are right now rotting in hell. Cowards each and every one of them. The irony of the parallels between today and 5 years ago has not been lost on me.

We lost surfers on that day. Some of them from New England. We've been losing Americans ever since that day fighting these COWARDS in the Global War on Terror. And yes, we've been losing Surfers too.

Don't lose sight of the significance of this day. Don't forget those brave Americans who died on this day, and don't forget the Brave Americans who are dying today in this never ending war on Terrorism. Five years ago today. All of our lives changed forever.

Never forget this day my friends.

I decided to run this story about our old friend Bob Hayes. People should never forget surfers like Bob Hayes. So here it is again. I wrote it a few days after 9-11. It's still worth reading today.

A Surfer's 9/11 Tribute

If any of you are not surfing at 6:00PM On Sept. 11, 2006 and you're in Hampton you should stop by here. GWOT 9-11-06 Dedication

OK by now you all are pretty much aware of FLORENCE. If you are not, might I suggest you open yer eyes and ears jackass and take a look out in the ocean. It's here. And it's going to be here for a few days. The days that we've been all praying and hoping for are here. What's the word? Oh yea, HALLELUJAH!

Surf smart these next few days. Don't be too overamped. Be courteous out there. No need to take off on every single wave. Share the session with your friends and neighbors. And please, if you are a beginner, STAY OUT OF THE WATER. This is NOT the time to try and surf Big Waves. The Rips will be moving and the hold downs will be punishing. Like I said, Be smart.

And did you all see the next Tropical waves heading our way? Oh yea baby..."Tis The Season!"

The Patriots won their season opener, but not by much. . They were getting their asses kicked when the team suddenly (thankfully) pulled out a victory. Was it exciting? Yes and no. I don't like excitement this early in the season. I do wish that Branch and the owners can get their collective acts together.

Rest in Peace Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin.

SUMMER 05 movie still in the Shops and available at my other site

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 2001 The Late Bob Hayes, SURFER Killed on 9-11-01
Our friend Bob Hayes. A Husband. A Father. A Friend. A Surfer. Killed by Cowards five years ago today.
Photo courtesy of Hayes family

Today 2006 Scene from Last week's ERNESTO Swell
Last week was fun. This week will be more fun. Next week? Who knows?
Photos by John Carden

(Above) Mackey V twelve O'clock high.

(Above) Jon Gozzo leaning in on Ernesto.

(Above) Jon Gozzo follows the lip line on a Ernesto Green Gem.Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 Scenes from The NNE Labor Day Contest
These photos were all taken last week during TS ERNESTO's day.

Photos by R. Fatello courtesy of SFOD

NNE-ESA's director scores with a HUGE Successful Ernesto contest. photo by SFOD

(Above) Even the Free Surfing was a blast! MVF working on his backhand. Photo by SFOD

(Above) Dougie Fresh Rushing in to join the after contest session. Photo by SFOD

(Above) JrMen's Contestant Kolnel Krump lays one down. Photo by SFOD

Today 2006 Fa-fa-fa-Phantom Strikes Again from the Lil Green Boat
The Phantom's Little Green Boat is notorious in the waters off of California. It has been said that the Lil Green Boat
can change colors to avoid detection. I guess they don't call him the Phantom for nothing.
All photos Phantom Inc.

(Above) The Phantom finds another GEM....oh the sweet smell of a successful discovery...

(Above) Phantom finds perfection each and every time. Where do I sign up?

(Above) Like I said...each and every time.

(Above) Phantom Pirates...

(Above) Phantom Crafts...

Today 2006 Bernie Baker's Perfect Oahu
These in from a friend of Bernie's. My buddy Jeff Crawford sent them in. This is the kind of wave that I love
to paint. This thing almost looks fake. But It's real. Very real. Where is it? Ha...ha HA HA HAAAAA!!
Photos by Bernie Baker

(Above and below) These are two different waves.

Parting Shot -Mark Jowett Catches a HUGE Striper in NH!
This fish was caught with a tiny fly rod on a tiny lure. Oh yea Marky J...that's what I'm talking about!
Photo courtesy of Brian Nevins






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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