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October 29, 2006

Hey is it windy where you are today? Cause it's blowing like crazy up here in the Northeast! That Sou'easter that blew through on Saturday came back with a powerful SW wind today. Talk about white caps and blind take-offs. Man, it was frothing like a mad dog out there. That storm that went through on Saturday was actually embedded in the middle of Vermont like a CNN reporter embedded with the troops in Baghdad. It looked like on the surface, that there was no way a swell could develop. But them Sou'easters have a way of making waves, just like their crazed brothers, the Nor'easter. I always liked that name, Nor'easter.

In fact, those who remember, will recall that I had a Blues Rock band from 1985 to 2005 called the Nor'easters. We played up and down the eastern seaboard and had ourselves quite a following of both Surfers and Blues Rockers. The Nor'easters. Those were fun days.

Where was I? Oh yea...

The Sou'easter (am I writing this correctly?) Is kind of like, the twisted sister, to the more powerful and regulated Nor'easter. But a decent Sou'easter can still pack a punch if you get it early enough. And you know where to find them nuggets.

The surf today started off in a manageable form, but quickly turned into a blustery caldron of mayhem. The wind was howling kids. And if you didn't get it today, you really didn't miss much. Well, that's not entirely true. You missed surf. And, if you live by the old adage of, a bad day surfing, is still better than a good day of work and school... well, you missed it.

It may be one of the last days in a 4/3...wait did I say 4/3? I'm still in my 3/2...Huh? I better get moving and put that dam 4/3 to use, before I haul that overcoat of a wet blanket, of a wetsuit my 5/4/3 out of the closet.

I'm not ready for that. It was warm last night. In the 60's. Felt like 70 at my house. Maybe it was. I know it was warm. Today felt colder. Those winds come around and blow like a freight train out of the west and it's only a matter of time before the temps start to drop in these parts. Granted, it had more south in it than it did west, but, you could feel it. We know it's coming. Won't be long before them hard NW winds start honking.
Then the real cold starts. Dam...

I heard some disturbing news today. One of our local guys, Alex Orestis had a board and some money stolen out of his vehicle today in New Hampshire. Yes he was parked at the ocean. Now, before I go any further here, I want to point something out. We don't care who lives and surfs here in New England. We all hope, that we can all get along and behave ourselves in and out of the water. We all want to be treated with respect and live by the unwritten rules of honor as Give Respect-Get Respect. However, we will NOT PUT UP WITH ANYONE STEALING ANYTHING FROM ANY VEHICLE. PERIOD. In other words, if some surfer from Massachusetts get's ripped off up here WE WON'T STAND FOR IT. WE WON'T TOLERATE ANY FORMS OF LOW-LIFE CRIMES like stealing someone's surfboard. And it does not make a difference where you live. WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH IT.

Some kid works his ass off to buy a surfboard and some lowlife loser rips it off? I don't think so. And, if you BUY a board that was stolen, well then guess what? You're just as guilty as the loser who stole it. The Stolen board is a 6' 0 Byrne Pintail with a Red bottom and Red rails with a white deck.
Keep your eyes open for it.

Trust me. If we ever find the PUNK ASSES that stole someone's surfboard and money from someone's'll see.

But I'll tell you this, it won't be pretty.

Our friend and fellow surfer, local Doctor Ralph Falk lost his dad last week. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Dr Ralph's family and friends, as we truly are all sorry for his loss. His dad was a Veteran who served in the Korean War, and talking with DR Ralph this morning, it was a huge part of his life. I'm sure it was. You don't experience something like War, and not have it affect you for the rest of your life. It stays with you. It humbles you. It puts things into perspective. Like life. One tends to look at life, in a different light, after experiencing something like War.
DR Ralph's
dad by all accounts, was a decent and good man, who loved his family and friends, and I'm sure, he will be missed by all of those who knew and loved him.
I know that time, will eventually heal DR Ralph's pain. And I know, there will be a time, when his dad's spirit will be felt in a positive light.

But there's one thing I know for sure. And that is, Surfing can help heal the pain. Or just the ocean itself. I drove by the ocean on the way home this afternoon, and saw DR Ralph jogging along the Ocean. I knew right then and there, that the healing process was taking place. And I felt better for him, and his family.

We are lucky to be Surfers. Anytime you're feeling down, we can always paddle out and catch a wave. There's something soothing about the ocean. It has this natural healing element, that only the Ocean and surfing can provide. I'm sure it's the same with other natural sports. But for us, it's surfing. And, it does not make a difference where you live. Here in New England, or out on the West Coast or deep in the Tropics.
The Ocean and Surfing heals all wounds.

Speaking of Fathers. I went and saw the movie "Flags Of Our Fathers" the other day. I highly recommend it. It was directed by Clint Eastwood and it's based on the book by James Bradley by the same name. Bradley's dad John Bradley, was one of the original 6 Flag Raisers who raised the American Flag on top of Mt Surabachi on the island of IWO JIMA in February of 1945. It was one of the last major battles in the Pacific. The Marines who fought there paid a heavy price for that Island. Over 6,000 Marines were killed taking that Island. 21,000 Japanese were killed defending it. The Island had to be taken so that US Planes could land there on their way to the mainland of Japan.

Taking IWO JIMA saved thousands of American Lives.

I know a lot of you readers of this column understand the significance of W.W.II, as you more than likely have had some friends, and or, relatives who served during that war. My uncle was at IWO JIMA and I had a good friend who was there as well. My dad and all my uncles fought in the Pacific during W.W.II. They are all dead and gone now.

This movie is a glimpse into our own history as the kind of sacrifices they all made during that time. To keep things in perspective here. Over 400,00 Americans lost their lives in 4 years of fighting in W.W.II. Four Hundred Thousand. We've lost just around 3,000 in this current Global War on Terrorism in the same time. We lost 53,000 American lives in three years of fighting in KOREA and 58,000 Americans killed in 10 years of fighting in Vietnam.

Bottom line. War sucks. There's nothing good about it. But sometimes, you have to stand up and say WE WON'T STAND FOR THAT BULLSHIT. And once you make that commitment, you better see it through. Because there's much at stake.

Go See the movie.
It's worth it. And if any of your parents or grandparents are still around who served in W.W.II, tell them Thank you.

The Patriots play the Vikings on Monday Night..hope they win...

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1971 Hollow Day Hollow Boards.
*Ed Writes: Bad ideas in surfing history. This photo was taken on a freezing cold February afternoon in 1971.
I was on my way back from Logan Airport with a shipment of boards from the West Coast which included a “demonstrator,” a hollow fiberglass surfboard that the manufacturer hoped would be the hot seller next Summer.
I stopped at George Hutchins’ place in Hampton and he wanted to give one a road test. He put on his leaky
Parkway sharkskin beaver tail wet suit and paddled out at the popular, but totally empty that day, point break.
The board was very light, I think the first twin fin we had ever seen, sure felt hollow, and rode very poorly in the
freezing head high surf that day. It had a removable plug in the nose that we though was to drain any water that
might get in. This was not really its intended purpose. We later heard that when not in the water, the plug should
be removed to allow any air inside, expanded by heat, to escape. We heard a story about some surfers traveling
across the desert to “Big Surf” (first artificial wave pool) in Tempe Arizona had one explode violently on the roof
of their VW. That was exactly what happened to this board although not as dramatically.
Photo by Ed O'Connell


Today 2006 SUNDAY October 29th Sou'easter... New England
These photos of waves and surfers were shot around 11:00AM today. Check it out.
All Photos by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Before the crime. The Boys all happy before getting ripped off. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) This is what the boys were smiling at. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Unidentified regular foot sampling the windy swell. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Tobey gets a Set wave to himself... Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Casey Lockwood finds a clean face to work with. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Mike Stanek stitches a blustery lip. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Empty line-ups can be deceiving. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Look windy enough for you?. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) True Locals. Cormorants heading south. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Marky J practicing his Cormorant surf style. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Got wind? Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Long lost local boy Bobby Morgan home for the Holiday. Happy Halloween Bobby.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) 11:00AM this morning. Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) This looks better than it was... Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) Local Security Forces. Steal a surfboard or money from these parts again and these two are
just a small fraction of what you'll be dealing with.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 SUNDAY October 29th More New England
These photos of waves and surfers were shot today. Check em out.

(above) Unknown Frothy rider. Photo by Ed O'Connell

(above) Unknown Lip lock. Photo by Ed O'Connell

(above) Unknown Long Blustery line. Photo by Chris Thompsen

(above) Long Blustery lines. Photo by Chris Thompsen

(above) Think that board is hard to hold onto? Photo by Chris Thompsen

Parting Shot -2006 Falling On The Slippery Rocks
We've all been here. Slipping on them seaweed coated rocks is embarrassing enough. Having someone with
a camera catch your action? Well...that's beyond embarrassing. Sorry John, I had to pull the trigger.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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