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May 7, 2006

For those of you who missed it, we just had a week of waves. That's right. A whole week's worth of Surf. Granted it did rain a few days, but who cares? We're Surfers. We get wet when we surf. There were, I'm sure lot's of classes skipped, and lot's of sick calls to work. I know personally, I had to 'duck down' while driving by my wife's office one afternoon. Don't ask me why I ducked. I mean, she knows my vehicle. I must of looked like an idiot, driving by her office and trying to hide, with my boards all jammed up inside the Jeep. Just goes to show you kids...when it comes to Surfing and responsibility, you never grow up. In fact, I used the line "I am The Future" to several unsuspecting Surfers over the week. Sorry guys.

I can't believe that after all this time, I'm still making excuses to go surfing. I guess it could be worse. I could be hooked on gambling, or worse, golf. Yikes! A lot of my new found enthusiasm has to do with my new board. Last week, I mentioned I picked up a new RED FISH (see photo below). It has been a shot in the arm as far as my surfing goes. The last time I had a FISH was 1979 (see Old Photo below). I loved that board back then and I must say, I love this new board today. I'm not the only one riding a FISH. My man Terence Kirby rides one and Steve Franson too. In fact I met several FISH-ermen over the last few days. I also managed to get one of my best waves in the last 10 years on Thursday night, when I pulled into a gaping wide open barrel and came out unscathed. Some kid named Matt Corey was on the inside and saw the whole thing. I put him on the ' witness protection plan.' Look, when you get a wave like that at my age, and someone witnesses the whole thing, you gotta do something. He's my camera. The film is in his head. Every time I see him, I'll have to ask him about it. "So Matt, tell me and the boys here again, about that barrel you saw me get."

The other significant change this week is the water temp. All you guys still surfing in your 6mil and 5mil suits it's time to get them 4/3's on. I mean come on! What the hell are ya waiting for? It's freaking Springtime already! Before you know it we'll be in 3/2's and then we're in minimal suits. Well, that may be a stretch, this is New England. But, we do get warm water in the Summer. My boys in Central California are in 4/3's year round. Granted they don't have to deal with harsh Winters like we do, but they never get to strip all the rubber off like we do either. I'll take the seasonal changes any day over a year round 4/3 rash.

Take off them Winter Suits kids it's warming up.

It's great to see and hear all the great surf stories filtering in from this last Spring vacation. And the boys of Winter Are Back as well. Alex and Lars have returned from Oahu and have a whole lifetime worth of North Shore experience to share with all the eager groms. Tobey and Mike Stanek also made the Hawaiian rounds this past Winter. As did my old friends the Crawfords from Cape Ann. The local Surf families like the Nichols and the Evans packed a solid week's worth of high powered surfing in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. The Nichols hit PR and got it good all week and the Evans scored BIG in CR. Including a mind-blowing trip out to Ollies Point. If you've ever been to CR and Ollies you know how magical that place can get. Word has it that Matt Evans was killing it at Ollies. And little Mike was right behind him. And...we heard that Big Daddy Rick got the set of the day that same afternoon.

I'm still waiting on the photos guys.

In fact, with a week's worth of waves around here and a week's worth of waves down in the tropics, I'm truly surprised that I have very little to show you this week. Don't get me wrong, I'm not discounting the photos I do have, it's just that the snipers with the Digi Telephotos are surprisingly absent. No LaVecchia, No ***Carden, No Fatello (wait, that's me). But I have an excuse. I was actually surfing. But seriously, none of the usual hardcore photogs this week sent me any significant batch of photos...***(Carden just sent in pics late) 5/8/06

This week is rather special for a few of us on the Seacoast. Nohea Nichols turned 19 this last week and Leah Grondin and Gabby Fatello are both turning 16 this week. As a father, I'm, blown away that my little baby girl is now 16, and driving! Help me Lord. I remember Kevin and I talking on the phone when the girls were born. Both moms were doing great, and our little bundles of joy had just changed our lives forever. All you young men and women, who are not quite married yet, or ready for children, will know what we're talking about someday. It is, in a word, Life Altering. And Nohea being 19 is mind-blowing as well. I remember holding little "Nohey" in Hawaii 19 years ago on the North Shore. Time sure does fly. Just remember to be sure and stop to smell the roses along the way, because time waits for no one. Ain't that the truth.

The Big ESA Northeast Regionals are this week. A bunch of us are heading down to represent the Northeast. I'll be there covering the event with my trusty GL-1 and Canon G-5 along with my Lap top. And I'll be a day late with the column. Don't expect to see this page until late on Monday the 15th.
The whole Northeast wants to wish the NNE the best of luck, and we hope you all do well and most importantly, we hope you get waves and have fun! It's being held in Bel Mar New Jersey, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Good Luck to all! P.S. Happy Birthday Tony Szabo

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.




Yesterday 1979- Riding the FISH at the Wall
Some say the FISH can't hold on a bottom turn. That may be true in bigger waves. But here on my old 6'2" Black FISH I was able to connect off the bottom and skate across sections. *Yes, the water was that warm this day. No wettie required. Late July 1979. I have always liked riding that old board. Now I have a new one and my surfing has been Fun again. When in doubt GO FISHING! Just Ask Markey J.
Photo by Larry Crateau

Today 2006 Holding The FISH after Surfing the Wall
This shape is very similar to the board I'm riding above. I can tell you, that the feeling is the same. FUN!

Photo by Max Fatello SFOD

Today 2006 Earlier last week...Birthday Girl Nohea Nichols celebrating her 19 years on the planet...
This is a good wave Nohea. You've come along way kid. You have a wonderful family and a good bunch of friends who love you.
Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 Last Sunday...Brendan Moore Scores
This was sent in by a devoted dad. How cool is it to have a parent who documents your surfing? I'd say pretty cool. Check out the sailboat out the back!
Photo by dad Tim Moore

Today 2006 Spring Has Sprung and Look What it Brung!
These waves and surfers were all Shot by JC (John Carden) last week in New England. Enjoy my friends.
Photos by John Carden

(Above) UFO Backside assault
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Gozzo Twists and TurnsPhoto by John Carden

(Above) Shane times his visit back home with this new swell. Photo by John Carden

(Above) UFO Goofy footer redirectsPhoto by John Carden

(Above) Mackey V in mid-turn Photo by John Carden

(Above) Kevin Rafferty pig dogs his way into a beefy burger Photo by John Carden

(Above) UFO Backside bitch slap Photo by John Carden

(Above) Casey Lockwood brown water cuttie Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 Last Week in Costa Rica
These were shot by Jonathan Kimbo's bride. It was their honeymoon. How cool is it to have a wife document your surfing? I'd say REALLY cool!
All pics of Jonathan Kimbo by Mrs Kimbo.
All Photos courtesy of Jonathan Kimbo

Above Witches Rock Costa Rica photo by Jonathan Kimbo

Today 2006 Last Week in Hampton...
These were all shot at Nohea's party. Yes Surfers have a life away from the ocean.
All Photos courtesy of SFOD

(Above) Heavy Locals...Steve, Max and Alex

(Above) Alex showing Dougie Fresh a move he learned on the North Shore last winter.......

Parting Shot Tiger Wood's New Yacht
Another photoshop joke. Imagine pulling up at the Wall with this baby? Actually Tiger lost is dad last week. By all accounts, he sounded like a great guy and a super dad. So RIP Mr Woods.
Photo Courtesy of The Phantom

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