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May 15, 2006

What's the saying? "A day late and a dollar short." I let on last week, that I would be a day late in this weekly column. We all just got in from the 5 day trip to New Jersey where your Northern New England District had 10 Finalists in a variety of different divisions. And I believe, that there were several from the Southern New England district as well. In short, New England was well represented and all them New York and New Jersey Surfers got a full dose of some of the New England talent that we've been cultivating over the last few years. I will admit though, those southern kids can REALLY surf. I mean, they are just that more flexible and responsive in real waves than our kids. And I believe, it's solely due to the lack of rubber they wear. Don't get me wrong, we have talent from New England. Some of our kids and adults can go head to head with the best of them. But, there's that small percentage of talent down there that seem to have it all together. And it's got to have something to do with the warmer water and weather. I hate to say this (I really do), but the water was so much warmer down there. And...(this really hurts to say) the weather was Sunny and warm for most of the contest. So while you were all pumping out your basements and taking boats to work because of all the rain, we were all hanging out in the sun and sand and surfing in 3/2's without boots and gloves. We were shocked when we got home today and saw the flooding and rain.

Man...they closed the schools because of rain? What a messy situation we came home too. They are actually calling this the Flood of 06. Is the weather going crazy or is it me? Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, floods...maybe God really is upset with us. I know he'd be upset if you guys forgot that yesterday was Mother's Day. I hope you called your Moms, sent cards and or flowers, took her out to brunch, and just basically did something nice for your Mom. I know some of you recently lost your Mom in the last few years. So, I hope you thought about all the good times you shared with your Mom. My mother has been real sick as of late and she had to deal with the flood on top of everything else. Thank God, my brother was there for her, pumping out the basement for days.

I know there are plenty of new Moms out there as well. Heather, Natasha and a bunch of other Surf Moms. I REALLY hope you enjoyed this First Official Mother's Day. All you Surf Moms are the best. Driving those Groms to and from the beach. Putting up with all that sand in the vehicles and smelly wet wetsuits. You're giving those Soccer Moms a run for their money.

So once again, Happy Mother's Day to all you Moms. (and Aunts too!)


With this rain came surf. Cold messy surf. But surf is surf and we'll take it any way we can. Besides, who cares if it's raining? You're gonna get wet, no matter what the weather is doing. Unless you never fall, or have to duck dive.

Speaking of duck diving, those Jersey Surfers do a whole lot of duck diving. I mean think about it. They don't have any real point breaks or reef breaks. It's nothing but beach break for miles in either direction. Granted, it's pounding beachbreak and it does get hollow, but there's no real channels, where you can paddle out without getting your hair wet. I don' know about you guys, but I like to paddle out with a dry head. I don't mind getting wet, but I like it to be under my own doing. You know, like falling at the end of a big move, or just smooth duck diving after getting a nice ride. I don't like the cold hard slap in the face, the first moment I hit the water. That's what you get at most beach breaks, and that's what we were getting in Jersey. A slap in the head. But then again, the water was warm, so we didn't mind it so bad. I just like busting balls to my homey's when I paddle out and point out that my hair is still dry."Hey boys, please don't hate me because my hair is still dry." I love it when they shake their head's in disgust. It makes me feel good. And isn't that what surfing is all about? Having fun and busting on your buddies. Dam I love this sport!

It was funny hearing some Jersey KIA's (Know it alls) snicker at the possibility of New England having good surf. We did all we could, not to break out the Joe Carter and Surf Free Or Die DVD's and show them Jersey boys a thing or two about New England Surf. I must of mentioned Cinnamon Rainbows a million times whenever someone asked about New England. "Just go to Cinnamon Rainbows .com and look at 'Ralph's Pic Of The Week' if you want to see our surf." How is it possible that in 2006 some people still don't know about our waves? I know there are some of you thinking to yourselves, "Well that's a good thing ya dumb ass! We don't want people to know we have good surf!" I agree with you, but, I also know that these guys will never travel up here. Why? Because they all believe that we surf in unbearable conditions. They think we are just south of the North Pole. I can't argue with that kind of thinking. So I say, let em think that. More waves for us.

I just heard on the news that Doug Flutie has Retired. He was quite an athlete in his day, and he surely made his mark in the world of Sports. The Hail Mary Pass will forever be synonymous with his name. Thanks for the memories Little Big Man.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.




Yesterday 1918- Alex DeConstant's Grandmother at Hampton Beach
This a very old photo of local Surfer Alex Deconstant's Grandmother at Hampton Beach. Think that young boy had his eyes on the surf back then? Maybe, it's hard to tell what anyone thought of the Surf back in those days. But if I had to guess, they were mesmerized by the waves, much like any Ocean loving human would be.
But those Bathing Suits? I dig em! Photo courtesy of Alex Deconstant

Today 2006 Friday of last week...Casey On The Launching Pad
This was the end of one of Casey Lockwood's BEST waves in New Jersey. Right after this photo was snapped, he launched it straight up into the vortex and landed in a collapsing wall of of whitewater. The beach roared. The judges scored...
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) TEAM NNE with some of the Hardware they brought home. *Note most of the team had already split to beat the traffic for the horror drive back to New England.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 Skye Nacel's Back in Town and Here's the Proof!

Skye has a good eye for our lifestyle and he's never at an end for good talent to shoot around here.
ALL Photos by Skye Nacel

(Above) Nick slices one in the sun Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Casey launches one pre New Jersey Flight Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Organic smooth cuttie for Mommy Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Jimmy Dunn on a super Glassy Face Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Tyler hits the brakes for a funky tail slide Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Tyler again, throwing one up on the roof on his backhand Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above)Who Da Guy backhand slash throws some spray Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) and his forehand slash throws just as much spray Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Ben McBrien's Floating the boat...Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) Ben McBrien Sticking one Vert like...Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) McBrien Creates a wild Black and White contrast...Photo by Skye Nacel

(Above) 2006 Senior Men's Winner Mike "ZAP" Paugh cuts back to New England Photo by Skye Nacel

Today 2006 Last Month in Fiji...In case you forgot...
This was sent in by a friend who just got back from Fiji. This was from the same trip that Crop and Phil went on. Shane Dorian doing what he did all week! Photo courtesy of Doug Hendry

Parting Shot 2006 Surf Art Revisited...
This is a very cool painting that can only really be appreciated when you get these boards together.
Otherwise, it would be hard to figure out what was going on. Painting by Tom Gardner.
Photo Courtesy of Corey Howard

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