June 14th Newsletter 2004
Flag Day. Fly your colors!
Saw a bunch of people out surfing 1-2' surf this week. Granted, it was glassy. But small.
Someone said he counted 40 people out. FORTY? In 2' foot surf? You all know what that means. It's a bona fide Summer Lull. Oh oh.
I guess we all knew it was coming, we just didn't know it would be this soon.

The first good swell will be INSANE! Everyone and I mean everyone will be out. It will be a true test of our patience. Not to mention our stamina. I don't know about any of you but that weak 3' swell last week had me finally chomping at the bit. Just when you get used to surfing again, the swell goes away.

I'm really surprised that more of you don't take up Golf. I'm sure all my friends who Golf are cursing me right now. "SHUT UP RALPH!"
I can hear 'em. "THAT"S ALL WE NEED, CROWDED GOLF COURSES!" Sorry boys, but, I don't see it.

Are there Local Golfers who vibe out new Golfers? And, are new Golfers called Kooks? And what is it with those Golf clothes?
I mean, do you have to dress that bright? If I ever decide to take up Golf, I'm wearing Camoflage. But don't worry kids, that ain't ever gonna happen. Not as long as there's bowling. HA! Bowling? I don't think so Jasper.
That's it for now kids. Remember

Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.

Here's a hairstyle that none of us should ever miss. Please, don't ever bring this look back. The "Mullet" or whatever you call this thing-The "Shag". It was bad back in the 70's and 80's and it's just as bad today. If I see any of you with this hairstyle I'm going to have to take action. I'll run home and get my "BUZZ clippers and cut that stuff off your heads. That's just wrong.

Look what these parents did to Little Joe Dirt here. I mean, that's dam near Child Abuse!
ohhny Grasso don't get any ideas...I'm watching you!

Photo unknown.

If you got good surf pics send em off to me directly.
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"Chuck, I'll Give You to the Count of Three to let me Go,
Other wise, I'm gonna Kick Your PUNK A_ _!! One - Two - z-z-z-z-z"

Ultimate fighting Champion Chuck Liddell recently stopped by the Shop the other day and put Dougie Fresh
into one heck of a sleeper hold. To hear Dougie tell it..."I don't know what your'e talking about, I kicked his butt
after I woke up!"
Chuck's a cool guy. Can you imagine if he took up surfing? Who's gonna call him a kook?

photo by Phil Carey


Remember this from last winter? It's called Surfing.
Lenny Nichols sliding along on a wave from last winter that we'd all like to be on right about now. Ahhh, but would you want the cold that came with this swell? Think about that for a moment. Remember how cold last winter was? Would you trade what we have now, for this?

photo by Betsy Cory