June 1st Newsletter 2004
The Memorial Surfer's Paddle on Saturday for Janice Marie was a well attended gathering of local Surfers. Well over 100 of you paddled out into the line-up to offer support and respect to young Surfer Janice Marie. Her children Ashley and Dillon along with sister Joanne (and her children) joined in the impressive paddle. Joanne even caught her very first wave after the ceremony. "I love this! I want to catch a 100 more!" she exclaimed. Another Surfer was born out of this tragedy. Also, a BIG thanks to Rev. Chip Thompson for a wonderful Eulogy. Her parents Lois and John and other family members were deeply moved by the experience. So, thank you all for coming out and taking the time to honor one of our own.

As most of you know, this was Memorial Day Weekend.
Most of the nation was honoring our country's War dead from every war. The long awaited WWII memorial was unveiled this weekend in Washington DC, while there were many other ceremonies all over the Seacoast.

I know it's hard for some Surfers to connect to this holiday, so I will try and paint a clearer picture for you.
Some of my best friends died in America's wars.
The guest speaker at the Seacoast Memorial Day services this year is a Surfer. He surfs here in Hampton. He was recently awarded the Bronze Star for action against the Terrorists in Afghanistan. Heather's (CinnamonRainbows) first cousin Brian was killed last year in the War in Iraq.

Look, we all know someone who's served in the military. Maybe it's your dad, or uncle, or grandfather. Maybe it's your brother, sister, or cousin. Maybe it's a neighborhood friend. The point is. Everyone of them, knew someone who was killed in a war. If we can't take a few minutes out of our busy lives just once a year to honor those who died for our country , we are in trouble. Deep trouble.

There's nothing wrong with respect and remembering.

"For those who fought for it, freedom has a taste, the protected will never know."

Ok, now let's get back to some more fun issues! Looks like we're gonna get some waves, maybe Wednesday or Thursday! Keep checking the wave cam!

And I promise we'll get back in the pic of the week groove next week. Meanwhile go digging around for some old photos and and some new ones! Have a Happy June!

Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


A Paddle for Mom.
Janice Marie's son Dillon
following the paddle for his mother on Saturday. Look for Dillon this summer hanging out with the local Groms at the Wall. If you see Dillon going for a wave this summer, back off and let him catch it, there's always another wave coming.
photo Cory Fatello

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Surfer's Gathering
100 plus surfers make a circle outside at 8th Street to honor one of their own. Photo above by Scott Moulton
photo on right by C. Fatello
Eulogy for Janice by Reverand Chip Thompson Saturday May 29, 2004
photo by Cory Fatello
And they all paddled out together...photo by C. Fatello