January 24th, 2005
Is This Really Another Happy Monday? Why Yes it is. Yes It Is! The Patriots are Going to The Superbowl again and we have yet another Monday Swell. Hey, I could get used to writing this kind of column every week.Wow and wow! That's a double Bow-wow-wow! Man! What else can we say here? My friends we are living in historical times. These are New England history stories that are unfolding within our midst. We must savor them all. Some of you older guys know what I'm talking about. We have suffered greatly in years past. Men and women, have lived their entire lives and have passed away, never having the opportunity to see and hear, what we have witnessed in the last few years. Take each moment and remember it. Do not forget what this feels like. Because as sure as the day is long, it will all be gone someday.

How many of you called Dave Cropper, The would be Prophet, this week? The "Crophet" predicted that the Steelers would be beaten handily this weekend. And The Crophet was right. Again. Now, what does the Crophet predict for the Superbowl? We must find out. I'll update the site this week once I've had the opportunity to talk with the All Knowing Crophet.

So, once again another Big Swell hit on a Monday. Actually, the surf hit on Sunday, but it was a nightmare out there. Did anyone surf Sunday? I wouldn't know, I was too busy digging my ass out of 3' of snow! My house had a snow drift that was easily 5' deep! Are you kidding me? That was nuts. No wonder people who live in tropical locales think we're all crazy. We are! I was so cold on the beach today that I had to really question just what the hell I was thinking about. What's wrong with us? I know, I know. We're surfers. We're surfers who live in unbearable conditions that just happen to get World Class Surf every now and then. That's our dilemma my friends. We see those waves and we turn a blind eye to everything else. Even common sense. Dam! I love this place.

If you got good surf pics send em off to me directly.
Just make sure they're NOT huge files. In fact if you have any questions about the size, email me first and I'll write back. Start shooting crackie!!

Ralph Pic Of The Week

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Yesterday 1968. Father and Son at a NH Beach break.
This is Tom Bassett and his dad Bob. Tom wrote to me explaining this photo was taken at one of our beautiful Beaches in 1968. He was letting his dad try surfing this day. I love this photo. They both looked so stoked. What a great moment this is in any surfer's life. Sharing something as special as surfing with a loved one. I'm sure Tom has fond memories of this day. Thanks for sharing it with us Tom.
Photo courtesy of Tom Bassett

Did I mention that I'm looking for some old New England photos? No? Well, I am. Look, I know there's a bunch of you out there who read this column every week who are sitting on some old classic photos. Please get them to me. I'll scan them right in front of you and you can walk away with the originals. I think these photos need to be archived. People have a genuine interest in our culture's local surf history.
I certainly do. I love seeing the old stuff as much as I like seeing the new contemporary pics. Come on cough 'em up!

I saw a bunch of photogs on the beaches today. I'm sure I'll be getting some shots from today. I took some myself (see below). But it was cold out there. Make no mistake about that. Surprisingly, it was also crowded. Snow storm means. No school. No work. Didn't anyone go snowboarding today. I did ( see below).

The Bus is headed home, because the only bus headed for Jacksonville is a Greyhound. Big Ben is headed for a New Reality Show Called. WAKE UP YOUR A DAM ROOKIE!
And Michael Vick...well like they say, "there's always next year!"

Donovan McNabb better get his Momma to cook up some Chunky Soup cuz he's gonna need it when he faces the Champs.


As always my friends...Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Rest In Peace Johnny Carson and Freddie Baldassari

P.S. Help the victims of the Tsunami if you can.

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Today. 2004. Father and Son at Witches Rock in Costa Rica.
This is Tom again. Last winter in Costa Rica with his son Nick. Time stands still. The cycle of life apparent in the Bassett family of Hampton. Keep the stoke burning.
Photos courtesy of Tom Bassett

Tom's kids (Below) Becca nd Nick sharing a warm water wave in Costa Rica.

Tom sharing one with the memory of his father..

















Another Surf Family. The Grondins in Puerto Rico 2004.
Kevin, Leah and Kody Grondin in the tropics and it looks so good. That's a big wave Doc is on. And check out Leah! And Kody looks pretty confident smacking that lip...by the way...Happy Birthday Kody!
Photos Kim Grondin

Today. January 24, 2005. Snow boarding!
This is me at that real popular left point break. I was riding Phil Carey's board. It was too short for me, but I had some fun on it. It was really cold out there today.
Photo Max Fatello

Today. January 24, 2005. Snow Peak
This is that real popular left point break again. Boy it was popular today. But as popular as it was...there's NO ONE on this wave. Ha! Relax and wait...your wave will come Little Grasshopper.
Photo Ralph Fatello