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April 30, 2006

Hope you are all hip to the surf out there today. It is FUN and it is warm. Of course I'm talking warm by our standards, not you Cali wooses or Tropical candy asses. New England style, it's warming up. The surf is head high and glassy. I went fishing today. Noooo not actual fishing for fish (I'll leave that to resident Fly Fishing Expert Markey J), no my friends, I'm talking about Fishing on a FISH. I have a New RED Channel Island (Shaped by Al Merrick) 6'2" Wide ass and thick as thick can get (4") two fin FISH. For the record, I have not surfed on a FISH since 1980. But I remember loving my old 6' 2" Black Fish almost as much as I loved any board I've ever owned. The FISH Flies. It felt good to Surf it, even though it took some getting used to. It was so thick that it floated me like I was on my LB. I was FISHING and I was digging life.

Max and I hit the water at 8:30AM and didn't get out until that was a marathon session. I had sooo much to do today too. My buddy Larry Longboard was saying to me out in the Line-up around 1:00PM..."So NO column today eh Ralph?" I was like, "What do you mean?I plan on writing today". "But I just figured with you out surfing and all, you'd blow it off until tomorrow." I looked at him and smiled. "Now Larry, why would I do that? I'm very responsible. As long as I finish by the end of the day. I'm good." He laughed and paddled for another set wave.

Later on while I was standing next to my vehicle, I saw Larry get a wave and Max and I commented how good Larry was surfing. He came hard off the bottom of this overhead left, and dropped his rear knee and very stylishly skirted across the whitewater, and projected himself up and into the open face. Big shout out to Larry on his Red Longboard. Nice wave and nice ride.

I think it's nice to acknowledge your buddies every now and then. Some of these guys work hard all week, and only get a short window to surf. Larry was on vacation this week and today was his last day. I'm glad he got to surf on the last day, and I'm even happier to give him his due props.

In fact, to all you Surfers who only get to surf every now and then, we are watching, and we are nodding your waves and efforts. So to all my buddies I saw and surfed with today, Jacko, Markey J, Mike Keefe, Paul Cissel, Tobey, Dougie Fresh, Jesse Gould, Kevin and Kody Grondin, Johnny Meehan, Cory (The Regular Foot), Troy, Steve, Kenny Linseman, Nick, Casey, John Gozzo, Jon Grady, Shane, Billy Ritchie, Skip, Steve Baily, JT and everyone else who I may or may not remember...

... we salute you all!

So....I know a bunch of you have seen the INSANE footage at Cinnamon Rainbows this week. Was it not like I said it would be? I walked in several times during the week and saw your tongues on the floor, I saw your mouths wide open (with flies buzzing in and out) I heard the comments, and the profanities (because it was filthy sick)...I saw and heard it all.
If you haven't seen the footage, you better get your butts down to CR and scope it out...otherwise, you'll have to wait until next fall when I feature it in one of my surf movies. Get er done.

Speaking of movies...this is painful for me to write, but I feel as though I have to. There is a movie in the Shop it's called DRAWING LINES. It's a movie about two surfers who go on an Endless Summer type trip, where they Surf from Florida to Maine. Including New Hampshire. I'm not sure if you've seen it or not, but I need to say this. Don't bother. Or rather, don't see it if you're expecting to see any decent surf in New England. In fact, DON'T see it, if you expect to see a single wave of New Hampshire.There is none. Not a single wave. Not even a 2' Wall wave. Nada. Zip. Infact, the whole New England segment is really sad.

Now, you know this pains me to say this, because I make surf movies. And I know what goes into producing a surf movie. It's a lot of work. But you can't be promoting a surf movie that has the "Best of New England" and not show any decent surf in New England. Infact, there is hardly a wave that is bigger than head high in the whole dam movie! Now, I don't know about you guys, but dam, we get some decent surf around these parts. And I know, the surf gets good in Jersey and Hatteras and even in Florida. Watching this movie reminded me of watching an average day in the Great Lakes. Do yourselves a favor, if you want to see surfing in New England, buy any one of Joe Carter's movies, or one of mine (Surf Free Or Die)...but don't expect to see anything that you're used to surfing around here in this movie.

Good concept. Bad Surf. And just OK surfing.

The Patriots have drafted two Offensive players. A Running back and a wide receiver. Anybody who thinks they know what Bill Belichick is up to doesn't know squat. The Red Sox can use some hitting and some pitching... anybody out there want to help?

That's it...I'm going back out surfing with the lad.
And my new RED FISH!

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.




Yesterday 1978- The J-Beach Surf Crew
It's hard to fathom at times, just how fast time seems to slip away. Alex Deconstant gave me this photo a few weeks ago. You may recognize a few faces in this Northern New England crew. Surfers have always been nomadic gatherers. Tribe like in many ways, while completely isolated in others. We have always, and will always, gather in groups to just hang out and discuss the one common thread we have running through us all. Surfing.
Photo by Dwight Hamsley

Today 2006 Today...Sunday April 30, 2006
This was a fun day. Sunny and warm all day. A perfect Spring day. Hope you got some.

Photos by R. Fatello SFOD

Above a lazy Sunday afternoon

Above the hoods are boots and gloves. Still in the 4/3's though.

A fun peak for just 3 lucky friends.

Today 2006 Earlier this week...the last week of April , 2006
This looked like fun. The boys were pumped and Johnny Carden had his finger on the trigger.

Photos by John Carden

Devlin Hart grabs a rail and angles into this late drop

Casey Lockwood speed blur, what's he see up ahead?

Devlin Hart bringing it back home.

Alex Hart leans into a nice wall.

Danny Washington in the white stuff.

John Gozzo finds a lip to get under.

Garret Krapf heading back to College.

Today 2006 This Winter in PR...
This is what Winter was like down South...
ooooh ahhhh.
All Photos by Oakley Clark

Doggies doing it's thing...

Oh Maria...I'm a long way from home...

Oakley is that you at Doggies? Nice wave...

The Cream of the Crop in PR...the BIG Wave spot in all it's glory.

Parting Shot How do you know we're almost to Africa?
This is one big assed Giraffe...photoshop is fun.
Photo Courtesy of The Phantom

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