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September 3rd, 2006

I feel guilty again. Why? Hell, last week I wrote that the kids will be back in school, and the tourists will be gone, and the tropics will be lighting up. Then, lo and behold...bam! It all comes together. TS Debbie (that storm that almost everyone forgot about) shot us a 3-4 day ground swell. The kids started school and the Tourists headed back home before the first wave hit the beach. The locals were all treated to a early to mid week swell, that left most of us forgetting about how bad of a Summer 06 truly was. It's almost as if, the Surf Gods wanted one last shot at redemption, before closing the books on the SUMMER of 06.

Was it enough to salvage this summer?

Well, that all depends on who you ask. The Cape Boys have been claiming surf all Summer long. While the Southern NE and Northern NE crews have been hit or miss all summer. One thing's for sure. This last week of August and first week of September couldn't have happened at a better time. Thank you Lord.

On Monday, when the first signs of TS Debbie hit the beach, I was standing in my usual spot at 10th Street shooting the local crew, when the Eerie boys showed up. This one dude walked by me sporting a radical looking "Mohawk". I remember thinking to myself, "Man, you better know how to surf with a haircut like that, cuz if you don't...those boys out there are going to unleash a merciless stream of BS on your ass." Then, he did something before he even hit the water, that let me know immediately, that he knew what he was doing.

What did he do?

He took the time to stretch. And not just stretch, but really stretch. Later he told me that stretching allows him to surf longer. I already knew that. But I know that most of you young surfers NEVER stretch. You're all WAY too amped to stretch.

After this guy's ritual stretching, he proceeded to absolutely KILL IT out there. He did more than just turn heads. He took his session to the HNL (HOLE NUTHA LEVEL!). He was quickly followed by a crew of rippers that put on a display of southern style Surfing that left a lot of the local boys scratching their heads. One in particular, was this little Goofy footer who was slaying it on every wave he took off on. These guys knew how to surf. I mean, they had contemporary surfing down.

Not to say, that our boys couldn't surf at their level, but, they just seemed to raise the bar. Which in turn, made our kids turn it up a notch. It was good healthy competition, without the colored jerseys and contest horns. No, it was good to see, and even better to video tape. I personally like it, when outsiders who can really surf, come into town for a short visit, and they actually get waves. It makes for interesting situations every time.
Those guys have a band called REFORM (Cool name) and they have some sampling of their music on Go check em out.

Well, our boys are ALL out surfing RIGHT now as I write this. Compliments of ERNESTO. Talk about wacky storms that can't make up their minds. This dam thing was all over the map. In fact, there maybe surf in the Great Lakes from this bad dog. Can you imagine? Those Great lakes locals must of been jumping out of their skins! I mean, if we had a bad summer, what kind of summer did those boys have? In any event, ERNESTO is here and he's throwing up some decent size surf for anyone who wants a piece of his Spanish Might.

It may not be clean, but it sure is fun. And besides, if you remember what kind of a summer we all just went through, you should be waxing your board right now and paddling your ass out there, even if you only have a few minutes of light left. GET ON IT!
If you wait until tomorrow, you may miss it. This is New England kids. You have to be able to adapt to what the Ocean throws at you every time or you will not be surfing as much.

Don't be a culture FOOL! It's SURFTASTIC!

The other day, my wife and I were headed out to a local Surf barbecue. I was going to wear my new REEF sandals when I noticed my wife giving me a quizzical look? "What?" I asked. "Nothing" she said. But clearly, that look was not favorable. "What's wrong with these?" I asked again frustrated. "Nothing's wrong with the's just that..." "What?" "It's your feet!" she finally blurted out. "What? My feet? What's wrong with my feet?" "They're kind of funky looking." she said. "Funky looking? Are you kidding me?" I looked down at my feet. Those poor tired dogs. Those feet have been through a lot with me. Trudging through the jungles of Southeast Asia, stepping over painful sea urchins in the tropics, climbing steep hills looking for surf in the least likely of places. Stepping on broken glass on local beaches. Having wild reptiles grab onto them in Central America. Walking through dangerous neighborhoods in South America. Surfing from Nova Scotia to Florida on the East Coast. All throughout the Caribbean. Surfing Central America and South America. Most of California. Mexico. Surfing throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Funky feet? I don't think so. These dogs maybe tired looking and a little beat up, but these are my feet and I'm proud of these puppies. My wife just looked at me with a smile on her face.

I left the house wearing shoes and socks.

That's terrible news about the Red Sox. So sad really. Young Jon Lester at 22 yrs of age having to deal with a bigger game than baseball. May he have a quick recovery. And the other injuries...with Ortiz and now Schilling? Bad timing. As far as the Patriots go. I don't know what's going on there. I do wish that Branch and the owners can get it together soon. Although, it does appear that Brady and Company can get the job done without him. But dam, ya hate to see someone of his talent catching for another team. Just like Givens, Vinaterieri, McGinnist and others. You have to follow the belief of IN Bill We Trust. I hope.

Hey good news. The second ESA-NNE contest is on for tomorrow Monday Labor Day. Sept. 4th, 2006. York Beach York, Maine. Sign ups are at 7:00AM. Everyone is invited. All ages can compete and or just hang out. Should be a good day too. The surf should be good. The sun should be shining. It should be good all around.

This year was the 15th Anniversary of our annual Beach party called Surf Family Robinson. It's a party started back in 1992 by a bunch of local surfers who have kids, and who wanted to spend the last weekend of the Summer together. It's been fun for everyone. Mostly for the young surfers. Every Labor Day Weekend since 1992 we've run this thing. If you were one of the brave 50 to 75 kids who came to this thing on Saturday you should feel proud of yourselves. You came despite the howling winds of Eneresto and the threatening dark skies! It was an easy call for me to run it. All I had to do was imagine what a young grom would feel. Does a Grom care if the sun is shining? Does a Grom care if the wind is howling? Does a Grom care if it's overcast? Hell NO! So, I ran it. And the kids that came had a blast as did the parents. If you missed it...well, like they say in surfing, YOU REALLY DID MISS IT.

Those that were there can visit John Carden's Gallery.

One last thing. I had several surf friends of mine send me this link. I'm going to suggest that each and every one of you take the time to read this story. It is one of the most heartfelt surf stories you will ever read. When we start to take Surfing for granted, all you have to do is remember this story. Please take the time to read it.

Veteran Amputee Surfers

SUMMER 05 The movie's still in the Shops and available at my other site

Getting ready for my latest surf flick...due out in the FALL of 06.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1976 Two Young Local Surf/Skaters Take The Leap of Faith.
My friend Jay (The Rat) Hammer took this early 1976 photo of John Meehan and Steve O'Hara. They were two local surf/skaters who skated on the HAMMER Skate Team. Both John and Steve still surf, while only Stevie still Skates regularly. Stevie's sons Gavin and James are both up and coming young rippers on both Skateboards and Surfing.
Jay Hammer is currently in IRAQ serving our country.
Photo by Jay Hammer

Today 2006 Scenes from This week's TS DEBBIE Swell
These photos were all taken this week. The Last week of August and First week of September 2006.
Photos by John Carden and Ed O'Connell

(Above) Mohawk rider "Jammer" from the Band REFORM hitting a Yankee lip. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Local or non-local...suitless Goofy footer having some late summer fun. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Erie boy Ahmed Perez cut's lose in the Northern Juice. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Local Security checking a suspect vehicle. Photo by John Carden

(Above) Stevie O not letting go of Summer just yet. Lets loose at home.
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Same wave? Stevie O
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Local Ripper Casey Lockwood needs no introductions. His surfing speaks for itself.

Photo by John Carden

(Above) Mohawk rider "Jammer" from the Band REFORM launching one at the Wall..
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Local UNH Goofy footer let's one rip before and during classes.
Photo by John Carden

(Above) Unknown regular foot shares a nice righthander with a local Gull.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Same Unknown regular foot .
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Local boy Matt Evans floats the boat across Debbie's brow.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Unknown regular foot all hung up in his leash...but showing no signs of slowing down.

Photo by Ed O'Connell

Today 2006 More Scenes from This Past week in Northern New England
These photos were all taken last week during TS Debbie's stay.

Photos by R. Fatello courtesy of SFOD

Unknown get's one in the pack. photo by SFOD

(Above) Unknown Goofy foot backsides into a clean section. Photo by SFOD

(Above) Unknown Regular and local Goofy footer Mackey V share the peak. Photo by SFOD

(Above) Local Nick Miller leaning into a semi clean section. Photo by SFOD

(Above) Local Boy Gary Smith just got back from the Mideast in time to catch this swell. He just shipped back
out again after only a few days of being home. Our prayers and thoughts are with you Gary and your family.
God Speed Gary.
Photo by SFOD

Today 2006 Phantom sesh from the Lil Green Boat Patrol- Summer 06
The ever hurtful Phantom just gets all up in a lather when he sends me these things. Knowing that we's been
suffering so. But what the Phantom don't know is...Tis Our Season. So get yer chops in while ya can Ole Kaptain
Krump! We're coming into our season. Enjoy the photos from our West Coast Buddies.
Photos courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) The Phantom's latest discovery...somewhere over the Midwest and beyond.

(Above) Phantom follower taking in last minute instructions from Kap'n "K" before heading out

(Above)"This one Kaptain Krump or is there one out the back?"

(Above) Krump, no doubt with a salty tear in his eye, as he watches one of his ever faithful followers take the drop.

(Above) Kutting back for the Kaptain.

(Above) The USS Krump coming round the Korner..

(Above) Is that you Kaptain in this dude's glasses?

Parting Shot -SURF FAMILY ROBINSON Sept.2- 2006
The party for the local New England Surf Families. 15 years old this year. Surf courtesy of ERNESTO.
Photos courtesy of SFOD and John Carden

(Above) Surf Family Robinson 2006 photo by SFOD

(Above) SFR Sign 2006 photo by John Carden

John Carden's SFr Gallery.



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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