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October 22, 2006

I'm sorry. I mentioned the word "consistent" last week and then...BAM! It came back and bit me in the butt. Talk about Karma or Jinxing. Sorry. But truth be told, I saw that system that was supposed to give us surf this weekend, and I had a feeling it would go by too quick. Not to mention, them Hard Offshore winds that blew on Friday. There was no chance for a swell to make it to our sunny shores on Saturday. I guess the Southern New England crew had some surf on Friday...even they got skunked on Saturday.

And how about that wind? Dam. That wind was Howling For It's Darling! If that didn't shake the cobwebs loose from those dusty 4/3's nothing will. Oh yea baby, that shit was 4/3 weather all the way. Including pulling the gloves on. And you all know, once them gloves go on around here...them dam hoods can't be that far behind.

I have friends who actually enjoy surfing with booties on. And, I have a few who enjoy the gloves too. I don't know many who actually enjoy wearing a hood though. Don't get me wrong. We all need a hood in the Winter. And, I guess, I can see the benefit of having extra paddling power with gloves. But the booties? Actually, I guess I can see that too. You know, especially over rocky type reef breaks. Them booties will save you every time.

But, when I think of surfing in all it's purity. I think of trunks, and maybe a rash guard. But clearly, sans wetsuits. Especially on the extremities, like hands and feet. And, even though we spend the majority of our water time in rubber. We do get the luxury of surfing without any rubber, a few times a year.

And that's New England at it's best.

Sampling our world class surf in just our trunks. Those are the moments that we all live for. Yea, we can take it all. The good and the bad. The cold and the big days. The snow and ice. But, it's those warm, late, Indian Summer days, with those well groomed tropical swells casting in perfect lined up surf from Maine to RI that makes it all worth while.

Wish we had more days like it.

I've mentioned this in the past, and it's almost worth repeating here again to just put things into perspective. My friends in Central Cal surf in 4/3 wetsuits all year long. Think about that. A 4/3 all year. Would you rather surf in a 4/3 year round, or get the full spectrum of weather and conditions that we get? I'll take our situation any day. Those few, fleeting moments, when we're surfing in just our trunks, well, it's all worth it.

Same with trudging through the snow to get to the surf. You kidding me? That's surfing New England Style. We get it all. We just don't get enough of the warmer days. But it's those crisp Fall Days, those freezing Winter Days and those truly warm Summer Days that keep most of us longing for this unique spot we call home.

I know there are quite a few of you transplants out there who know exactly what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about your home in New England.

A bunch of us attended Bill Kennedy's Memorial Service this week. Bill owned and operated KENNEDY'S Restaurant for 53 years. He was an icon on North Beach. Dave Cropper shared a funny story with me. He said he knew Bill for about 5 years before Bill finally realized that Dave's name was not Red. For those who don't know...Dave has Red hair.

Hell, you all knew that. Didn't you?

Speaking of Cinnamon Rainbows surfers. A big shout out goes to Dougie "Fresh" Wright for his photo in the new ESM that just came out. It's an action JOHN CARDEN photo of Dougie busting an air. Good on you Douglas...just one question though...did you land it? Not that it matters. I bet half the AIR photos we all see in the mags are complete failures. That's the beauty of Still photography. Your imagination takes over. Where as, my video footage tells the truth. What you see is what happens. Or, what does NOT happen.

Good shot Doug and John.

Speaking of stills. I have an image in my mind from the most recent Columbus Day Swell that is still embedded in there. I was paddling out late in the day, when I saw young 7yr old Kai Nichols take off on a 4' right hander, and get this complete stand-up barrel for one fleeting second, before he self ejected himself into the face. I mean if I had a camera, I could of taken this cool shot of Kai standing in this wide open barrel. Granted he freaked and jumped off his board. I mean what 7yr old wouldn't? But for that one moment, I saw the future of this young kid and I hooted for all I was worth. He came up laughing. And I don't think he knew the scope of what he had accomplished. I'm not sure if his sister Nohea saw it, or Steve Rafferty who was also there, saw it. I do know, his dad Lenny was sitting outside looking towards shore, wondering what all the hooting was all about. When Lenny heard me mention"Like Backdoor" he broke out in a wide grin. Hell, what dad wouldn't?

Speaking of amazing feats. How about that Kelly Slater?
I mean you don't have to be a contest surfer to appreciate what he's accomplished. 8 World Titles. I mean...hello? He's an East Coast guy. You all know his story. Florida Grom who ruled the ESA scene then burst out into the Pro circuit and, the rest as they say, is history. Congrats Kelly you freak. You Super Freak!

Rest In Peace Mrs Daly. Our old friend Charlie Daly's mother passed away this past week. Charlie as some of you may know, is old time local Surfer who used to surf here and then moved out to the West Coast. I still see Charlie every now and then and we have shared a few waves in our day. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Charlie and his wife Sunny and the whole Daly family.

The Patriots beat Buffalo Today. 28-6. They looked good. Their record is 5-1...but the season is just getting going.

I posted this petition about the Sea Wall
at North Beach in Hampton.
Check it out and sign it.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1975 Stan Bocko Slotted New England Style.
This photo is a timeless pose. Forget that it's a few decades old. The position. The pose. It could be
today. No surfer alive can look at this photo and scoff. It is what it is. Perfectly slotted. Nice wave Stan.
Photo courtesy of the Bocko collection

Today 2006 SATURDAY October 21st...Westy Rocky's Masive OB Set
These waves look perfect on the surface. But nothing could be further from the truth if you get caught inside.
This is a death sentence for anyone who can't hold their breath for over a minute. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.
Men have drowned here in the past, and many more will in the future. How bad do you want it?
Photo courtesy of Rocky V

Today 2006 More from the recent past.
Because we got skunked for waves this week, I'm forced to dig deep and find a few nuggets that have not
yet been seen by human eyes on this web page. Here's a few for you all to ponder over.

(Above) Mackey V setting up for something good.... Photo by John Carden

(Above) Carrissa Moore cutting back for more juice Photo by Bernie Baker

Today 2006 Westy Brother Kyle Howard sends his love
Because we love Kyle Howard so much, we're running these series of photos taken by his cool brother Corey
of Kyle's first ever Baja trip. Kyle's uncle Robin loved going to Baja during the day. Robin would be proud of
these young Kyle. Goofy footer just like uncle Robin.
All photos by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle Howard's First Baja Trip photo by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle Howard's Backside Baja by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle Howard'sl ong distance Baja by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle Howard's looking very confident on this Baja by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle Howard bashing that Baja lip! You seeing this Robin? by brother Corey

(Above) Kyle (far left) Howard's Baja crew.. (Corey bending in front) photo by brother Corey

Today 2006 Tom Hay found these in his water camera...
These photos were taken on a disposable water camera.
Photos courtesy of Tom Hay

(Above) Mercer Smith long board long turn... Photo by Tom Hay

(Above) Tom Hay sliding in the white wash... Photo by Mercer Smith

Parting Shot -2006 IN YOUR FACE!
Mackey V's launching one with the spray in his face. It's almost better to not know what you can't see.
Photo by John Carden











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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