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October 9th, 2011-New RUN is 33 out of 33 Weeks.
Waist high or better, at least once a week.
The Surf on - Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday was chest to head high.

So I am standing at the edge of the ocean like I have so many times in my life. I am holding my camera. Again, like I have a million times before. People are coming and going. In and out of the water. Like we all do. I say hello to most of them. I recognize faces and boards and wetsuits. But admittedly, I am terrible with names. It's not that I don't care to remember, it's just that I have always been that way.

"So Ralph am I going to be another UNKNOWN in this week's blog?" a surfer asks as he walks past me. I look at him and recognize his face, but his name escapes me. I make light of it, but I admit that I thought about it later. And the more I thought about it the more I realize that being labeled an UNKNOWN on this weekly blog is really not that bad. It's not like some slight of hand, or some discarded info on who you are that I take lightly.

If anything, it's more than what you would get anywhere else. Think about it.

You get your mug on this blog and although you may have missed having your name under the caption, you still get on. How many other sites do that? I'll save you the time of researching. Not many. This blog gets out to over 31,500 readers every week and is seen in 99 different countries. All the photographers who submit photos to the blog each week are not being told who to shoot and who not to shoot.

We have a pretty simple format. Shoot the best waves and who's ever riding them.

This is not a platform for the best surfers in the world. This is all about local surfers surfing local waves. And by local, I am talking about local everywhere.

If we get a shot of you surfing here on the blog, that same shot is available in a high res version that is suitable for framing at home or in the office. Lots of unknowns have purchased photos from us. You won't find that option on any other site or blog. So unless you all start wearing big ass name tags, you shall remain an UNKNOWN, But at least you get posted, and you still have the bragging rights to your buds. "Hey check it out! That's me on RPOTW! Dude...that's me!"

Yes it is my friend, yes it is...and that's the beauty of this blog. Anyone on any given day can get their photo taken and posted on this weekly.

OK I saw something yesterday while driving in Dudley Mass with my wife, that almost made me turn my vehicle around to follow the source of my perked interest. It was an older man about 55-60 who was getting into his vehicle at a gas station. He had a Mullet that went down to the middle of his back. He had the full on on mustache and long thick sideburns too. But that Mullet made Bill Ray Cyrus look like an average Hockey Player in the 70's. I mean this thing was magnificent! It was in a word...AWESOME. I had my camera with me. And for a moment or two, I thought about following him to get the shot. He was that special.

But we were going to see our son play Football and were on a tight schedule.

Is this wrong? Is this mean spirited? I guess the fact that I just experienced the many faces and unique individuals at Topsfield Fair this week was fresh on my mind.

My daughter has me pegged. "You love looking at the people Dad." It's true.

Back when the kids were all young we would go as a family. These days it's just Noelle and I. She knows that I am keen on checking out all the patrons. The Fair has every type of New Englander known to man. You name it, they come to the Fair. I have always been a fan of people watching at the Fair. It's part of the ambiance of the Fair. Well it is for me. If you've ever been to the Oldest, most Continuous Fair In America, you know what I'm talking about.

The Topsfield Fair. In Topsfield Massachusetts.

Back in Dudley where we saw the Magnificent Mullet, there was a huge sign near that gas station that said, DRIVE THRU REDEMPTION and next to that sign was an even larger sign that said CHEAP BOOZE. I swear on the souls of my parents, we saw this. In hindsight, I should of taken photos of all of that. The Mullet and the two signs. But I did not. Rats.

Speaking of Drive Thru Redemption. I was thinking as we drove past the signs and the Mullet, wouldn't it be cool to have a Drive Thru Confessional? You Catholics know what I'm talking about here. You know you pull up, roll down the window, confess your sins, and be on your way. No fuss no muss. I bet it would be popular. Drive Thru Confessionals. Maybe not.

Last week I complained about the Virus OPEN CLOUD SECURITY that crippled me. I may have been slightly unfair to the tech support people. In fact, I know I was. I apologize to anyone I may have offended. Because after it was all said and done, both DELL and McAFEE did a wonderful job getting all my machines back in working order.

There was one young woman whose' name escapes me, but I think it was Murmier. She was only 23 years old but she was an absolute angel. Seriously. She was an Angel who worked and lived in India. She stayed with me for many hours after her shift and made sure that I was good to go. If I could send a direct email to her boss or manager I would let them know. That this sweet young woman stayed and worked with me until that virus was dead and gone. She was the kind of person that gives you back the faith in humanity that many of us have lost along the way.

Murmier if you are reading this I want to say again. I hope you have a long and wonderful life and that all of your dreams come true.

The DELL Tech support with Marie and Sheri were equally good to me. In fact, the extended warranty that I ended up buying not only fixed my main machine but also the other 3 PC's in my studio. I went from being a cynical and uptight jerk to being a believer in the good that some people do every single day. So thank you ladies of DELL and McAFEE.

It's hard to believe that four years have passed since my mother slipped away from this world. She passed on October 9th 2007. I was the only person with her when she made that transition to the next world. It would be an understatement to say that we all miss her. I love the month of October, but this is one date that brings sadness to my late mother's family and friends. I love you Ma and still miss you.

Tomorrow is another day that means something to me. It is the day that Cory and I took our wedding vows. I know it's hard for me to believe that 24 years have passed and I imagine it's just as hard for her. Next year is that Silver Anniversary year. 25 Years. I remember when my parents made it to their 25th. I threw a big party for them (hint hint kids)...we had fun. They actually made it to 50 years.

I remember at my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary giving a speech about how truly incredible it was for any couple to celebrate 50 years. I looked at one of my sister's sitting their with husband number 3 or 4 (I forget) and pointed out to them..."There's no way, that you will ever see 50 Years. You need to be realistic and shoot for increments of 10 years." I can still hear the gasps..."RALPH???!!!?"

Hey, I call them like I see them. That's always been who I am. I will tell you the truth whether or not it's the right thing to do, you will hear it from me. My sister knows that 50 years is impossible. And we laugh about it now. It makes for good conversation at family gatherings.

But getting back to my late Mother and my wife. I love you Ma. And I love you Cory.

Like last week...I need to go surfing to cleanse my soul.
Surfing Heals ALL Wounds...

Now for some of my Weekly Global Observances:

Steve Jobs passed away this week. A true icon in the many facets of life that so many of us hold dear to our hearts and minds. The APPLE computer changed everything. I had my share of APPLE computers and honestly? If I could afford it, I'd buy one again. But this man. This beautiful creative man made so many artistic and intelligent human beings better people because of his creation and his vision.

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs...I hope there is a special place for you in the after life where you can continue to create and design new toys.

Another passing this week but not nearly of the same caliber and love as Jobs is the passing of Al Davis.The owner of the Oakland Raiders. Not very well liked but still enjoying the success of his team. He was a man of his word. Though not many liked hearing what he had to say. Still it's hard to argue with success. So rest in peace Al.

The Patriots play the JETS today at 4PM. There's no need to get into the inner feelings of these two rivalries. These two teams hate each other with a passion. The last time they faced each other was in the Play-Offs that the Patriots lost. And it was a bitter loss. It stung all the way through the off season. It still stings today. The only redemption is to beat their asses now, and then later in the play-offs if we have to. I'd just as soon beat them every time we faced off. But we'll see.

Speaking of Face-Offs I watched with a lump in my throat the raising of the Banner for the Boston Bruins this week. Seeing the older B's helping the young B's raise that banner was just awesome. Brought back a lot of great Bruin's memories. I'm a believer. Go B's!


WELCOME HOME New MARINE Martin Collins Surfer and son of Surfer Joe Collins!
Martin just completed his training at Parris Island in SC. Semper Fi Martin!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan Schnell October 9th, 2011!
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Cory...(24 years baby) I love you October 10th, 2011!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Arlene Nichols October 16th, 2011!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Melanie Velstos October 16th, 2011!
*CONGRATULATIONS To My Good Friends The Rowlees...I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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beyond Surf Pics!
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It's coming soon (I promise).

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Remember my friends...Surfing Heals All Wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday- Summer 1985. Dave "CROP" CRopper!
(Below) This was the time period when the colors of a wetsuit were, oh what's the word? Oh I know Awful! Dave "Crop" Cropper had no problem with the Pink, yellow, and black suit with the white gloves. With that shock of Red Hair flying along Mr C really stood out. I think he may even be sporting a Mullet here. Fun days from another time in our lives.
Photo from a video frame Grab from my old Super 8mm movie by RALPH

Click on the photo above to see the larger version.
Today- The 3 DAYS in October 3, 4, and 5th, 2011
Photos By Ed O'Connell

(Above) Richard Donahue in the Murky, greenish, brown water. Tuesday October 4th, 2011.
Photo B
y Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Unknown flying along the Wall. Wednesday October 5th, 2011.
Photo B
y Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Another Unknown in the dark dankiness of the Chowda Head.
Tuesday October 4th
, 2011.
Photo By Ed O'Connell
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Sashi Lyford lighting up the place. Monday October 3rd, 2011.
Photo B
y Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Toby Parke laying out some fiberglass. Monday October 3rd, 2011. *DON"T FORGET ABOUT THE BENIFIT SHOW FOR TOBY on Saturday October 15th at the VFW
in Portsmouth.
Photo By Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) I know I know this person...but my mind is drawing a blank. Sorry dude.
Monday October 3rd,
Photo By Ed O'Connell
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Mike Stanek throwing big ole buckets of salt water at the Muskrat Ledge.
Monday October 3rd,
Photo By Ed O'Connell
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

Today- My Favorite Month...October 3rd and 4th, 2011
Photos By RALPH

(Above) This is one big ass gouging cutback. Not sure who this is, so I shall call him...UNKNOWN. Monday October 3rd, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Same guy. UNKNOWN. Monday October 3rd, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) I know this guy. Casey Lockwood. Monday October 3rd, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Casey Lockwood found some color on a drab gray day.
Monday October 3rd
, 2011.
Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Kai Nichols. Tuesday October 4th, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Richard Donahue in Black and white. Tuesday October 4th, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Oh we love that dirty water...NOPE! Tuesday October 4th, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.


October 5th, 2011
Photos By The Phantom

Having been with the Phantom first hand I know what this wave is really like.
All I can say is...WOW! Can't wait to go back.
October 5
, 2011. Photos By The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

It is this good. Look at the hollows...October 5, 2011. Photos By The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Oh are truly special at times. October 5, 2011.
Photos By The Phantom * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

Dr Rick McAvoy somewhere in the Pine State surfing by himself. Sept 9, 2011. Photo By Pam McAvoy * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Readers gallery.

(Above) Somewhere in tropical Central America. 2011.
Photo B
Brennan Natoli
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Readers gallery.

Becker holding onto Lord Stanley's cup. Photo By Alan Hickey
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Readers gallery.

Lake Michigan...looking pretty clean. Dirty and murky but clean. October 2011. Photo By Lester Priday * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Readers gallery.
Today- Private Collection...Life at Home
October 6th- 8th, 2011
Photos By RALPH

(Above) Yesterday at Nichols College. Max's team is 6-0...they are doing great.
The FIGHTING GULLS of Endicott College. Cory and I will be married 24 years
Happy Anninversary Cory! I love you.

(Above) Noelle and Dad keeping the Topsfield Fair tradition alive. 10/6/11

(Above) Happy Belated 1st Year Birthday PATCH!

now the ESPN website too! Wow!

To see it on this site go to the Molly Page.


Yesterday...Local Surfers from New England in the Tropics 1970's-1980's from Ralph's Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

People like the older stuff so, I guess I'll keep putting it out there. This one particular clip has footage of me on what was at the time, the largest wave I was ever photographed riding. It was shot in Tortola BVI, It's only about an 8-10' face...but to me? It was significant.

There's also footage of Kevin, Zappy, and Lenny all riding waves just as big and bigger on Hawaii's North Shore. Heavy stuff for a bunch of local NH surfers.

The music is by Beautiful People...hope you all dig it.


ASK CRACKIE Week One 10-10-2011 from Ralph's Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

OK here it is kids, the first installment of the ASK CRACKIE Series. A weekly question and answer segment with the Old Crusty Crackie...a surfer who has lived and seen it all. Be forewarned though, Crackie is a little rough around the edges.

This first question is from "Confused in Hampton." He wants to know why people are yelling at him at the Wall when he shares waves with them. Crackie provides a good answer.

If you have any questions for Crackie, email him directly at:

Before you do anything you should always consult the Crackster. His advice is worth it's weight in his gold teeth.

Don't ask me...Ask Crackie




(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge RALPH presiding. CASE #130 BLATANT DROP IN OF THE WEEK-
Shot on 10-4-11 CLICK and SEE this Surf crime and the verdict.
Photo by RALPH


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(Above) More Phantom Magic...

(Above) Phantom's magical mystery tour.

(Above) You all know by now...this is how the Phantom Rolls.

*Click masthead above to read the original ISM story.

(Above) Put the cursor over the images above to see happens when you DROP in on someone. You become Invisible. Simply put the mouse over the photo to see the
original photo and then marvel at the results of what happens when the criminal
invisible.*Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.
Photo by RALPH

Today 2011 "What goes up must come down."

(Above) Stanek coming unglued last week. 10-3-2011
Photo by Ed O'Connell

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