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October 12th, 2008

So I'm standing next to my vehicle last week at the Wall. It's one of the last days of Hurricane Kyle. I am in my wetsuit, and I'm casually getting my act together to hit it for a quick sesh. Suddenly, a friend I've known for at least 25 years, pulls up next to me, and hits the brakes.

His name, although not important, rhymes with Meredith. He's jumping out of his skin to get in the water. This guy has always been like a stoked grom. He's already in his wetsuit, and he is totally amped. I smile and nod.

"How is it?" he asks. "How does it look?" I answer. You know the deal here, the typical friend, busting each other's balls kind of stuff. "You're a beaut." He says, as he walks to the back of his vehicle to open the hatch. I look over my shoulder, and I hear him groan, as he quickly shuts the hatch and walks back to get back in his vehicle.

"What's up?" I inquire.

" Nothing...I forgot my board." He says under his breath.

"What? No you didn't? Please don't tell me you forget your board." I laughed. "Dude, this is the second time, you've done this in the last 6 months in front of me." I say to him, as he struggles to get back in his vehicle before anyone else sees this. "The second time in front of me!!!"

"I'm gonna have to write about this!" I yell as he backs out of the parking space.

"Oh come on..." He pleads. "Look, people ask me all the time, Ralph, how do you find stuff to write about each week? Are you kidding me? I tell em...Hell, sometimes this shit just falls into my lap. Like right now." I laugh.

He's still just trying to back out, but other motorists won't let him. They must be out Leaf Peeping. They could care less about head high surf, from the remnants of Hurricane Kyle. And they certainly don't care about some surfer forgetting his surfboard. It's beautiful.

I'm still laughing, as I see him get more and more frustrated. "Now don't go and tailgate some poor unsuspecting motorist, as you fly home, to get your board!" I yell.

He may have flipped me the bird as he sped off.

If he did, I deserved it.

Later on, my forgetful friend, who's name rhymes with Henny, catches a wave, and rides it from opening to opening. I nod and give him props. I told him I'd mention that ride, along with the other two missing board episodes of course. We all just laugh about it.

Honestly, I don't think for a minute, he thought I would actually write about this. But hey, I'm just relaying information to all of you, that I observe from week to week. I'm just doing my job. Please don't hate me.

Walking back up to my vehicle after that sesh, I noticed a black fur animal curled up in a distorted position at the bottom of the stairs at 10th Street. Getting closer, I could make out, that it was a dead Seal. His head was missing.

A missing head, on that dark Seal, could only mean one thing. Sharks. Look, we all know they're out there. But if you didn't, I've got some other news for you. There's Bears in our woods. And here's another reminder for you all. That seal looked like he was wearing a wetsuit. Just like the one you wear. I know it's October, but sometimes, Mother Nature get's way off track. Like that wayward Manatee that wandered way off course last week.

Who's to say, that one of the many killer sharks, who live off our coast, is not cruising our shorelines, looking for another tasty dark morsel? Not me. Keep yer eyes and ears open kids. Just a little food for thought.

The horizon looks bleak for any significant surf. But I wouldn't rule out any small, fun size, surf popping up here and there. If you have a flexible schedule, you might score some fun surf. You just never know what Mother Ocean can cook up at a moment's notice during the week.

Just remember to bring your board (and Shark Repellent).







My sister Donna called me today, to tell me that she had to put her Cat down yesterday. She was pretty upset. I told her how sorry I was. Losing a Pet is really hard. I'm sure you've all gone through it. Makes no difference how old, or what kind. Dog, Cat, Monkey, or goat. It's hard. My Jersey Surf friends Geoff and Lori Haenn lost their longtime canine companion "Murphy" last week as well.

Those in the know, claim that pets go to heaven too. That would be nice. To be able to see our pets again. Man, Heaven must be crowded.

Speaking of animals, I dragged some unwilling members of my family off to Topsfield Fair the other night. I'm sure some of you locals, who grew up in and around the North Shore, and other parts of Northern New England, have heard of the Topsfield Fair. The TF is the oldest continuous running fair in America. It had been a tradition of our family, to visit the fair each October for as long as I can remember.

My wife is not a huge fan of the fair, but at least she can tolerate, a midweek, quick fair session. It's funny, because in my house, my dad loved the fair and my mom hated it. We all loved it as kids. I don't know many kids who didn't . Of course things changed when we became teenagers. We still went. But not with Mom and dad.

Back in the 70's three of us local surfers went to the Fair one night. Myself, Joe Somogyi and Robin Rowell. And being young rebel surfers, we did what any young rebels would do. We hopped the fence. Or rather, two of us did. The third, Robin got hung up in the barb wire. He ripped his pants and his junk was hanging out all over the place. The Fair Officials grabbed him and made him pay.

I think we spent half the night looking for him.

Once we all became parents ourselves, we continued to go to the fair. My brother called me to tell me that he saw Pete Best at the Fair on Wednesday. Pete Best was the original drummer for the Beatles. How sad. Talk about letdowns. Getting kicked out of the Beatles and 40 plus years later you're playing at Topsfield Fair next to the Poultry barn. I tell you folks, sometimes life is not fair.

Hey that was a pun!

We saw the Village People at the Fair on Thursday.

The FREAKING VILLAGE PEOPLE! That was funny. Those guys seem peculiar to me. I liked some of their songs and found myself, wanting to dance with my youngest daughter, but she would have none of it.

When our kids were young, we used to have Disco parties. We bought the Disco Compilation CDs and we would wear Giant Wigs and throw on some big ass bell bottoms and dance in our living room. I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy.

The Patriots play the Chargers tonite. Hope the Randy Moss-Matt Cassel show continues. Good luck to them. And our RED SOX ended up beating the ANGELS and are now in 1-1 tie with the RAYS. Tuesday night we are back home with Lester taking the mound. Meanwhile Manny and Company are in a deep hole trailing 2-0 with the PHILLIES. I suppose it's possible that a RED SOX DODGERS World Series could still happen. We'll see. GO SOX! GO PATS!

And don't forget to check out Chris Shipley's 2009 Calendars in all the shops

* Happy Birthday to Arlene Nichols 10-16-08. Super Surf Mom who travels all over the East Coast for her hubby and family.

Rest In Peace Lauren Dombrowski a funny comic from the North Shore who went on to become a writer and producer for MadTV. She was a very funny person. Condolences to her entire family.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.








Yesterday-October 1987 Hanalei Bay Kauai.
(Below) I shot this photo after surfing head high, Hanalei Bay, with just one other guy out. His name was Joey
Cabell. Some of you older guys might remember him. A stylish surfer, who appeared in many of the mags
in the 60's and 70's. I actually had my water camera out that night, and took some photos. One of Joey, he
was up on the nose, and pulling into a little tube section. I thought I was blessed that night. Surfing perfect
waves, with a bona fide surf legend. Then, after climbing back up the side of the steep hill to our cabin, only
to turn around, and witness this amazing sunset was...well, it was a blessed occurrence. It was absolutely magnificent, and my wife and I, will never forget, what we saw that night. 21 years ago this week.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

2008 Today-More Hurricane Kyle September 28-30, 2008

(Above) September 29th, 2008 Hurricane Kyle through the masterful lens of Brian Nevins.
Sam Hammer goes north with Nevins and scores.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Some people were saying that Hurricane Kyle was nothing special. Really?
Sam Hammer setting up on something not so special.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) This is one of those shots, where outsiders will stop and say "That's New England?"
Sam's been here long enough to know better, besides, Nevins has it dialed in.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Hurricane Kyle winking back.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Sam Hammer's Hurricane Kyle experience was "pretty freaking special" if you ask me.
Photo by Brian Nevins

Meanwhile down South...Hurricane Kyle September, 2008

(Above) Take a peak at this. Somewhere in North Carolina.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) A nice mudhole barrel. Hurricane Kyle in North Carolina.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above & below) Holy Crap! This cement grinder of a wave looks very hurtful for Steve Torres.
Photos by Chris Shipley

(Above) No surprise here. North Carolina.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) This looks like the same kid that was up here last week. I think his name is Ryan.
The photo is almost identical to Ed's shot last week.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) The contest walk. ESA Easterns Cape Hatteras, NC.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Yellow on yellow. ESA Easterns Cape Hatteras, NC.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Riding the collapsing roof in Cape Hatteras, NC.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Wind whipped take off. Looks like winter around here. Cape Hatteras, NC.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Ryan Lingowski facing the charging bull. Cape Hatteras, NC.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) This looks like fun. Cam Richards in the sweet spot. Great shots Chris thanks.
Photo by Chris Shipley


VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Super 8mm Movie Frame Grab of Bob McNeil 1975 at the WALL From the
SFOD movie The WALL released in 2001.
Video Frame grab by R. Fatello SFOD

2008 Today-New England and Beyond October 2008.

(Above) From the island of Kauai. Nice little scene here.
Photo courtesy of Emily Griffin

(Above) This is Emily's cousin. Damn that looks warm. Kauai.
Photo courtesy of Emily Griffin

(Above) Kauai. Nice.
Photo courtesy of Emily Griffin

(Above) Double Rainbow. Always special when you see one. But there's something about Kauai that makes
it more special than others. Mahalo my brothers and sisters for sending these.
Photo courtesy of Emily Griffin

(Above) Brian Nevins is everywhere. And he was front and center at the local KB's Pig Roast last week.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Johnny, Anthony and Purple P getting funky at the Pig Roast.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Alison and her pop Johnny Sav enjoying the day.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Black and white fun. Rick Evans and Anthony share a double Shaka.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Barbara and friend taking a break from the Shave Ice shop at KB's to enjoy some pork.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Johnny Grasso in the spirit. Actually, Johnny's always in the spirit.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) October portrait. The Pig Roast was a HUGE success.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Then in typical Nevins fashion, he takes off from KYLE, and the Pig Roast, and heads off to ACADIA
with the beautiful Samantha, for some insane photo images.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) ACADIA from the air.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Are you looking for what I'm looking for? ACADIA from the air.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) ACADIA from the air. Wait who's flying this craft?
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Samantha at the controls setting up for a nose dive so Brian can get the shot.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) It's a big world out there. Yet, sometimes the most breathtaking experiences are right around the
corner. Samantha standing in ACADIA National Park in Maine.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) Nevins munching on trail mix at the summit. ACADIA.
Photo by Samantha

(Above) Self portrait. Brian and Samantha enjoying October at ACADIA.
Photo by Brian Nevins

(Above) ACADIA .
Photo by Brian Nevins

Topsfield Fair 2008

(Above) Topsfield Fair October 9th, 2008.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Was the Topsfield Fair worth the price of admission? I don't know, ask Noelle. October 9th, 2008.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Well worth it I say. Topsfield Fair October 9th, 2008.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

Today 2008 PARTING SHOT- It's a Dog's World

(Above) The late "Murphy" scoffing at the warning sign. Another Surf Dog gone to heaven.
Rest in Peace Murph.
Photo courtesy of Geoff and Lori Haenn.














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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