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November 5, 2006

I had, what was more than likely, the most bizarre Surf Dream I've ever had in my life, early one morning this past week. Now, before I tell you all about it, remember this, it's a dream. This is not real. And, if you've never had a surf dream...well, I don't know what to tell you. I feel bad for you. I guess I've had surf related dreams since I started surfing. But the other night's dream?

Whoa. It was wacked.

Check it out. I'm sitting way outside waiting for what is apparently my last wave. There's a long rock jetty to my left, and the beach is short, with very high sand dunes. I don't know where it is. It looks only vaguely familiar. Like a cross between Cali and Cape Cod...or is it Hatteras? I don't know. It's a dream. I am however, in a full suit, though I'm not wearing boots or gloves. Suddenly, a wave appears on the horizon. It's a nice left. Looks like it's 6-8' and just lined up perfect.
I spin and paddle and it is at this moment, that I realize, that the board I'm paddling is, a short (6' or under) flex board. Yes, I said flex, as in FLEX!

This thing couldn't be more than a half inch thick, and it is flapping as I paddle. Somehow, I catch the wave and make a late drop and then slip into this perfect hollow section. The wave is winding over my head, and I subtly apply the brakes, and get completely barreled. I mean, I am inside this hollow, gaping perfect hole. Encased.

Now for the really weird part.

I reach down, and pull the board out from under my feet! Huh? That's right. I pull the board out from under my feet. I now end up planing on the surface of the wave on my bare feet! I'm holding the flex board in my outstretched hand, as I plane along on my feet.

Still in the barrel.

Someone paddles by me and hoots. In fact, he stops paddling, and sits up on his board, on the shoulder, to watch this strange scene. Somehow, I am unfazed by all of this. Like I've done this before. I am digging the sensation of the water rushing by under my feet as I continue my Tube Journey. Seeing the the hollow section shutting down up ahead, I place the flexi board back under my feet, as I exit the barrel and turn towards the right. I am now parallel with the shoreline.

I remember thinking..."This would be the perfect time to pull the flexi board back out." So I did. Now I'm planning along on my bare feet just a few feet from the shore. I remembered, trying to get as close to the beach as I could, so I could just step off and walk up and on the sand. When I saw my spot, I did just that. I exited the ocean without skipping a beat.

It was beyond cool.

As I walked up the steep sand dune, there was some guy squatting down with his board on his lap."Dude that was so radical." I just looked at him and smiled. I nodded like it was no big deal. Are you shitting me? No big deal? Man, that was the most wacked thing I've ever done in my whole surfing life!

Then I woke up. Dam. I tried to get back to the dream but it was no use. I was clear of that wild fantasy world and back to my own reality. The kids were all running through the house and my wife was getting ready for work. Man...if only I could get back to that dream.

I called my son Mackey into my room to tell him all about my dream, but he could care less. "Dad I'm late for school. I don't have time for this right now." I laid there in bed and shook my head and just smiled. It was such a cool feeling, and it felt so real. A surf dream.
I was so stoked. Even if it, never really happened.

But it did my dreams. And that has to count for something. Doesn't it? I think so.

The biggest game of the NFL season is tonight. The Pats vs the Colts. Now looky here all you New England Football Fans, this is big. Real Big. So I have another dream scenario. Why the hell not? Let's look at this week's column as, my dream column. My dream game scenario goes something like this. It's 17-17 late in the 4th quarter. With 1:53 left in the game. Indy has the ball and drives down to the Pats 37 yard line. It's 4th and 5 for a first down. The Colts don't trust Manning to move the ball 5 yards so Adam gets the call. Ole Number 4 comes out and attempts a 47 yarder at his old home field. The crowd is going crazy. It's louder than it's ever been in Foxboro. Adam tries to shut out the noise. He steps up and paces off his mark and gets the snap...he steps into the kick, like he has a hundred times before, and...shanks it!

The crowd goes ballistic! So do all of us at home! For some reason, Manning does not run the clock down before the kick, and the Pats with 47 seconds left, gets the ball back and proceeds to drive the ball down to the Colts 39 yard line. With 8 seconds on the clock Goskowski comes out and kicks a 49 yard FG to win the game. Thus killing the ghost of both Vinatieri and himself. And that my little NFL New England Football friends, is my Dream scenario.
Of course I know this is BS, and I will accept any kind of victory. But wouldn't that be a story? Hell yes it would!

Last week I mentioned the movie "Flags Of Our Fathers" . I still recommend you see it. It's directed by Clint Eastwood and based on the book by James Bradley.The story is about the 6 Marine Flag raisers who fought on the island of IWO JIMA. See the movie.

This coming weekend is also Veterans Day. If you know a Vet or are related to one, call them, or drop by and say hello and then say Thank You. I know most of you already know this. But, we owe our Veterans so much. Especially this thing we all enjoy, called Surfing. Thank a Vet. What harm could that do? You'll feel good, and so will the Vet.

Unless your John Kerry...(had to sneak that one in). I'm sorry, but that bonehead Senator from Massachusetts just shot himself in the foot for the last time. To insult the men and women in uniform who are in harms way is just beyond belief. I mean come on John. He's been insulting Veterans since 1971. This last one has finally sealed his fate. He will never be President. Ever. And he can thank himself for that.

Go out and Vote on Tuesday November 7th.

Speaking of movies...Go See the movie BORAT. I have to say, there's been a few of us who have followed comic Sacha Cohen for the last 5 or 6 years and we can't get enough of this guy. All three of his characters on the Ali G show on HBO have been nothing short of hilarious and I'm convinced he is a comedic genius. Don't know what I'm talking about? My friends you need to get out more. There's a big world out there, and BORAT will put a smile on your face. Unless you have NO sense of humor. Jacko, Terrance, Chris Valhouli, Mark Saracusa, and a handful of others love this guy. BORAT is hands down, the funniest character to grace our TV sets in the last dozen or so years. I have not yet seen the movie, but I plan to. And I KNOW it will be funny, and I will laugh myself silly.
Silly I tell ya.

The LOST TOBEY BOARD FROM LAST WEEK IS STILL MISSING. * The board is a 6"0" Byrne. Pintail, with glassed in fins. Red rails, red bottom with an all white deck. If you see it, please get the license plate number of the vehicle and call the Police. Or get one of us. And we'll deal with the scumbag ourselves. Stealing Surfboards will not be tolerated. Stealing a wave or two...we'll let you slide. But stealing a surfboard and someone's cash? No sir. We draw the line right here. We're looking for you.

Happy 231st Marine Corps Birthday to all my Marine brothers and sisters. Thank you all Veterans.
Just heard Saddam Hussein was found guilty and got the Death Penalty (by hanging). Yikes. Anybody got extra tickets to that? Give me a call if you do.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1970 Local Boys Jay-Rat, Allen Bigby and Paul Lindstrom.
I've known these three characters for many years. Jay Hammer was and still is one of the best Goofy Footers to
ever come out of these parts. He still surfs and he recently came back from a Tour in IRAQ. Allen has been an
innovator in his quirky yet functional longboard style forever. Yes Allen still surfs and he can be seen doing his
funky surf style on any given day. Paul on the other hand has semi retired from the actual art of surfing.
He still talks about it and he spends time at the beach with his family but he has moved on. But that may
change someday. You never know. Paul's dad is a WWII vet who still needs no glasses and is quite spry for
his age. Paul...I have boards and wetsuits for you. Just give me a call brother. We'll get you back out there.
It's still fun Paul.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lindstrom


Today 2006 More From Last Sunday's October 29th Sou'easter.
These photos of waves and surfers were shot last week.
All Photos courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Unknown Backsider takes the blustery drop. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Another Unknown Backsider setting up. What is that in the foreground? A shark?
Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Nice Empty peak. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Nutha Empty peak. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Backsider against a nice backdrop. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Windy section ahead. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) No takers. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Nice face. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Now this looks windy. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) Nice positioning.Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

(Above) A pulled back froth shot. Photo courtesy of Andrew Frost

Today 2006 More Last Week in New England
These photos come courtesy of Ronaldo Lima

(above) Ronaldo gets a nice one.. Photo courtesy of Ronaldo Lima

(above) Ronaldo cuts back for more juice.. Photo courtesy of Ronaldo Lima

(above) Ronaldo sticks one backside. Photo courtesy of Ronaldo Lima

(above) Ronaldo throws some salt spray. Photo courtesy of Ronaldo Lima

Parting Shot -2006 Flags of Our Fathers
My buddy Doug Hendry salutes all Veterans on his latest surf trip. How many of you carry the colors into
the surf? Well done Douglas. Carry on and get some of those waves for me.
Photo by The Phantom































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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