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November 7th, 2010...RIP AI and Scout
The NEW Run- 2 out of 2 weeks...

As most of you know, I pre-plan these weekly blogs/columns in advance. This week's column was going to be another dedication to ALL the Veterans. Especially those who surf. And Lord knows I've met more Surfers in the last 10 years who are proud Veterans who have served our country honorably. And make no mistake about it. I am still going to say Thanks to ALL Veterans. There are now too many to name. But for the sake of not thanking any of them, I did want to thank those who have become close to me over the years.

My dear and loving Step-father-in-law John Rastl, my fellow photographers Ed O'Connell, John Carden, and Tom Woods. And all the others who I see in and out of the water on a regular basis. Nate Schontag, Wes Osswald, Bill Morrissey, Chris Sullivan, Jeff Shapiro, Tim Baily, Mike Velstos, MSGT O'Shea, Jerry Anderson, Ron Sizemore, Joe Collins, Chris Nevins, George Masten, Phil Bean, Joe Kutt, John Holman, Jim Cushman, John Barvenik, Roger Knight, John Wheatley, and my good and close friend Jay Hammer.

I apologize to any other SURFER VETERANS who I inadvertently may have missed.

My mind is drawing a blank because I am hurting right now. I am a Pet owner. And
like a lot of you, our pets have become family members. We have dogs and cats in our home. We have always had dogs and cats. Our family dog Scout passed away yesterday. I was with him at the end. I held onto to him so he would not be alone. He heard my voice, and he smelled my scent as he slipped away. And I'd like to say that
I was strong for him at the end. But I was not. I wept uncontrollably.

Scout was 14 years old. He would of turned 15 in February. That's 98 in dog years.

But honestly? As a German Shorthair Pointer, he lived a good long life. He would of lived longer if he didn't have an incessant compulsion to eat socks. And that's what took him in the end. For the last 3-5 days we got most of it up and out, but the last remaining sock in his intestines did him in. Back in 2008 during the ice storm, this had happened before. The dog ate some clothing that he couldn't pass. Well long story short, we opted for surgery and $3,000 later, he was "sock free." The problem was now he was forced to wear a muzzle. So for the last two years he wore a muzzle. The only time it came off, was when he was eating, and out in the woods with me.

Last week I wrote about my Ode To October. Part of my love for October is being in the woods with my dog(s). I lost Scout's father Gunny in 2006 and we all missed him terribly. But Scout had come into his own. He was a bird finding machine and was an absolute pleasure to watch him work the bird coverts. I had him in the woods just last week, and he was finding and pointing birds like a young dog.

And as a result of that day, I had a moment of weakness.

I felt so bad for him, laying there on his bed, with that muzzle on, that I decided to
take it off. I mean for the last two years, I had used every "Hannibal Lecter" joke possible when friends and family would drop by for a visit. I used the "Don't mind the dog, he has Rabies..." jokes too. I did them all. But last weekend, looking at him with his muzzle off looking like a regular dog again. I started singing a parody of the
Richie Havens tune (Motherless Child) only I sang "Sometimes I feel Like a
Muzzle-less Dog..Freedom-Freedom...." oh you get the picture.

But Scout was a canine trash compactor. And he was very good at waiting for the right moment when none of us was in the room or looking. And he made his move. Two pairs of socks and a bowl full of Halloween candy. To look at him lying on his bed after the dirty deed, you would of never expected it. A few days later it all caught up to him. Thank God the whole family was home yesterday to say goodbye to Scout. My son Max was home from College. He had had a rough week as well. He broke his right leg in Football practice on Monday, and was now in a cast. We were thankful that he got to spend time with Scout in the woods just a couple weekends earlier. And it was a great day.

Just like the days of old. Out in the October woods with our dog.

I wore the clothes I wear in the woods for Scout, so he thought we were going to do something fun. I had a bunch of Game bird feathers doused in bird scent. I put them up under his nose and cradled his head. The Vet injected the serum, and I told Scout to "Go find the Bird", I told him to find his dad Gunny, and to look for my father and father-in-law. When I heard the Vet say "He's gone"...I broke down and sobbed. And just like that. Our pet dog was gone. My outdoors companion for 14 years, was gone.

And I felt so utterly incomplete and lost. My love for October has a hole in it.

I write these weekly columns and touch upon things that happen to me. And most
times I think you can all relate to them. Some if not all of you, have had pets. Whether it's a cat or a dog. We only have them for a short time and then they are gone. The unconditional love that dogs have for us, is one of life's purest pleasures. We need not reciprocate that love in a matching percentage. That's not what they care about. Hardly. A pet on the head. A scratch behind the ears. Some food and water in the bowl. A treat every now and then. And in my case. A romp in the woods.

Rest in Peace Scouty. I'll see you and Gunny again. Hold that point until I get there.

(Above) Gunny and Scout. Together again in Dog Heaven. Photo by RALPH.

By now most of you have heard the tragic news about Andy Irons. Losing a pet is one thing. Losing a husband, brother, son, and father to be, is something else. There's still too much speculation on Andy's passing but one thing is for sure. He was only 32 years old. And he could surf as good as anyone on the planet.

I always enjoyed reading and watching videos on AI and his battle with Kelly. And his sibling antics with his brother Bruce. Mostly in part because we all knew that as much as he wanted to beat Kelly, they had a deep love and respect for each other. And the same with his brother. I have two brothers and we've had some battles over the years. But I love them both. That family bond is pretty thick. Like my son's tattoo reads: "Densoir Est Sanguis Quam Aqua..." which is Latin for "Blood Is Thicker Than Water."
My guess is that Bruce and Andy loved each other.

There was talk about Dengue fever from a Mosquito bite. While the autopsy will reveal the actual cause of death, we can't overlook the real threat of that disease and others like it that are airborne carriers through the Mosquito. Those who know me well, know that I have a deep rooted hatred for the Mosquito. And if you have ever been on a tropical trip with me, you know how I take every precaution in killing all mosquitoes within a 50 yard perimeter of where I am staying. Including spraying the actual rooms
I am staying in. I would rather risk the toxic illnesses related to the bug spray than to deal with the Mosquito. There is only one bug I hate more than the mosquito and that is the Green Head. But that my friends, is the subject of another column later.

But if it was in fact, a mosquito that killed AI we need to step up and take precautions.

Again, regardless of how he passed, for Andy Irons to die in a hotel room in Dallas Texas hardly seems like a fitting end to such a great surfer. He earned more than that. And I know that from every surfer around the Globe, you all send your condolences to his wife Lyndie, his brother Bruce, his parents Phil and Danielle, and the thousands of friends he undoubtedly had.

Rest in Peace Andy...I hope you make the transition to the next world as smooth as possible. And may you surf an endless barrel of your choosing and may those who are left behind find peace and comfort in your loss. And if I may quote myself here again..."Surfing Heals All Wounds"

Now for some of my Weekly Global Observances:
So the people have spoken all across America. Last week's vote was a pretty telling vote. Most Americans are not happy. Now let's see if the other guys can deliver. They better or things will change again in two years. It's all there for the changing Victors. Now go and get it done.

Hurricane TOMAS just kicked the snot out of Haiti. Not exactly what they needed. They are still stinging from last year's earthquake. There must be a reason why these natural disasters happen to those who are already suffering. There has to be. I can't imagine these storms and other nature's destruction just being random. Or maybe I'm reading too deep into all of it. Maybe it is just random. Maybe the unlucky villagers who die in these terrible natural disasters just happened to be living in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I wish the world suffering would end.

So the Patriot who tackled Brett Farve last week got fined $7,500. Everyone I know
who saw that hit said it was legal. They are turning Football into Field Hockey. A whistle every other play. The Pats beat the Vikings. And Randy Moss came out and gave another crazy press conference. He praised the patriots players and coaches and said how much he missed them. His team just lost and he's saying all of this? Next thing you know ole Randy is NOT a Viking anymore. There was a brief window when we all thought he was coming back to New England.

Thank God he didn't, that would of been crazy, even for Randy.

KELLY SLATER WINS 10th WORLD TITLE on Puerto Rico's Sand! Our OWN EAST COAST SUPER SURFER Does the unthinkable! In spite of the recent tragedy with Andy Irons, Kelly Slater accomplishes what would seem an impossible task. 10 WORLD TITLES. Is this a dynasty in Surfing? Oh hell yes it is. The question is now...what's next Kelly? Should Kelly retire? Should he coach the US Team? What do you think?

NEW SURF FREE OR DIE MOVIE to be released on NOVEMBER 20, 2010.

Get well soon super Surf Mom Kim Grondin. We ALL Love you!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY George Masten November 9th!
HAPPY 235th BIRTHDAY to the United States Marine Corps November 10th.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mitch Hargraves November 12th!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Peter "Salt" Irelan November 13th!
REST IN PEACE Andy Irons. November 2nd, 2010.
REST IN PEACE Scout (family pet) November 6th, 2010.
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Yesterday November 11, 1970 VETERANS DAY.
(Below) That skateboard had clay wheels. I used it once on the Flight Deck of a Helicopter Assault Ship during a Typhoon. I still have it. It's here in my office. Happy Veterans Day to ALL The LIVING Veterans. Photo courtesy of RALPH

Click on the photo above to see the larger version.

Yesterday November 11, 1998 VETERANS DAY.
(Above) I miss calling my dad on Veterans Day. And calling my Father-in-law Jerry too. If you have a living Vet in your life, call them on V-Day and say thanks. Trust me, you would make their day. This photo was taken by my young 7yr old son Max. I handed him the camera and had him take this photo of me and my late father on VETERAN'S Day in 1998. It is my favorite all time Veterans Day photo. Photo by Max Fatello

Today-Saturday-November 6th 28th, 2010

(Above) The Surf was still firing on Saturday November 6, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) Unknown on a decent set on Saturday November 6, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) Ryan Jackson floating the boat on Saturday November 6, 2010.
Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) That's a BIG Wave for a Longboard. Unknown making the steep drop on Saturday November 6, 2010. Photo By Ed O'Connell
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(Above) Unknown Red Longboarder angling into a decent shaped left on Saturday November 6, 2010. Photo By Ed O'Connell
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.
Today-Friday-November 5th, 2010

(Above) This is a great looking wave face on a day that had very little options. Tyler making the best of a beginning growing swell. Friday November 5, 2010.
Photo By Ed O'Connell

* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Mike Stanek making a super late drop. Friday November 5, 2010.
Photo By Ed O'Connell

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(Above) Ed got me in my sniper's nest. I was hiding as much from the wind as I was snapping pics. Friday November 5, 2010. Photo By Ed O'Connell
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(Above) Think this looks like fun? You do? Man not me...still I know a lot of you like this stuff. Have at it. Friday November 5, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) Mike Stanek. Friday November 5, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) Lenny Nichols cutting back against the cold dark November sky.
Friday November 5, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) Mike Stanek dropping into the cold dark bottom.
Friday November 5, 2010. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.
Today-"The FIRST 100 DAYS" Catch a Wave For Molly.
November 2nd, 2010

(Above) Left to Right. Dave Cropper, Nate Schontag, Kieran Rowlee, James O'Hara, Buck Rowlee, Ralph, Steve O'Hara and Gavin O'Hara. At 18th Street. Marking my first 100 Days. Let's hope the next 100 are as easy...(Ha!)
Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Photo By Hannah Vokey

(Above) That's me out in front on my first wave and Buck out the back. It was a fun session shared with handful of close friends. Tuesday, November 2, 2010.
Photo By
Hannah Vokey

Today-November in Hawaii by BERNIE BAKER

(Above) This is some kind of wild look for Bernie. November , 2010.

* Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Kaipo Jaquia charging the bowl at Sunset. November , 2010.

* Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Kalani Chapman racing the bowl at inside Sunset. November , 2010.

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My Eyes Won't Dry 3 - Brian Conley - OFFICIAL Surf Teaser from vas entertainment on Vimeo.

NOW AVAILABLE on DVD!!! This is By Far the MOST INSANE In the Barrel Riding I have ever seen. I dare you to watch this and not be impressed. Check your local surf shop and pick up a copy.

The RUN REDUX Trailer October 2010 from Ralph's Pic Of The Week on Vimeo.

Did you know that the word REDUX is pronounced "REEDUCKS"? I did not know that. I was always trying to be hip and pronounce it with a French Accent like, "Reedoo". Turns out, I was wrong (again).

Any way, this is the trailer for the FINAL edited version of THE RUN. It has all new footage from 2010 and the best of 2009. I knew last year when making the RUN, that I would be in trouble with that particular unique concept.

Because the RUN of waist high or better surf never really slowed down. In fact, the RUN count of waist high or better is 80 out of 85 weeks. And honestly? I'm measuring the wave faces with an imaginary yardstick. If the wave face is waist high (3 feet) then that's what I'm calling it. But 80 out of 85? That's insane!

There's some good surfing and some great waves.

The music is by all local bands. QWILL, KINGS HIGHWAY, TODO BIEN, BEFORE THE CRASH, and BIG HANDSOME DADDY. That's a lot of talent right there.

So the DVD will be released On November 20, 2010.

Hope you like the trailer...oh yea, that's QWILL singing "Hanging On Thread" in the Trailer.

Surfing Heals All Wounds.






(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge Ralph G. Fatello presiding. CASE #81 BLATANT DROP IN OF
THE WEEK- Kelly Slater Victim? CLICK and SEE. Photo by Lucas Tozzi

(Above) Fort Point. Don't even think about it. November -2010.
Photo By Rocky Vanucci
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(Above) Nice shot Andrew...very nice. To see more click on the image.
October 28, 2010. Photo By Andrew Rebeiro

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(Above) The long tide...October 28, 2010. Photo By Andrew Rebeiro
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(Above) Col. Jay Hammer USA North Shore. Happy Veterans Day Jay.
November, 2010. Photo courtesy of Jay Hammer

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(Above) Who says you can't do a floater on a long board?
Photo courtesy of The PHANTOM

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(Above) More from the November 6th swell. Photo by Andrew Rebeiro

(Above) Unknown... November 6th swell. Photo by Andrew Rebeiro

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(Above) Put the cursor over the images above to see happens when you DROP in on someone. You become Invisible. Simply put the mouse over the photo to see the original photo and then marvel at the results of what happens when the criminal becomes invisible. *Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.
Photos by Lucas Tozzi

Today 2010
"Running down the face!"

(Above) This is like the NFL Wide Receiver trying to run for the TD before he caught the ball. Hey man, we've all been here. 11-6-2010 Photo by Ed O'Connell



























































































































































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