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November 28th, 2010...
The NEW Run- 4 out of 5 weeks (Waist high or better)

I don't know about you guys, but I am still bursting with Turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and a heap of homemade pies. I now know what it feels like when those who are on diets freak out after the Holidays. I swear I actually physically felt the pounds wrap themselves back around me. I mean, is that even possible? Or was I just imagining it? I know I have an active imagination but sheesh...
I think I woke the day after Thanksgiving at least 5 pounds heavier. I'm afraid to step
on the scale in our house.

It took me a long time to get down to this current Pre-Turkey Day fighting weight.

I knew going into this 365 Day Surf-a-Thon that I would need to cut my weight down. I trained hard all winter, and ate all the right foods, and really exercised my butt off. Look, it does not take a PHD in Rocket Science to know that being overweight in Surfing is just not conducive to being able to surf to your potential. I lost close to 30lbs since last winter. But I fear that I may have gained some of it back in just two days.

I've been feeling really good out there as of late too. Surfing is 90% paddling. If you can paddle without getting fatigued, you are potentially in a better percentage rate of being able to last longer, and catch better waves when the surf is good. Or, when the surf is big. That one stretch during the Veterans Day Week, when the surf was thumping, and overhead everyday for over a week, was made much easier for me
with my new weight class. Last year I would of been huffing and puffing. This year,
I'm finding the paddling easier. I just feel quicker when I'm paddling.

And like I said, it's all about the paddling. If you are a strong paddler, you will be a better surfer. Not a hotter surfer. But a better surfer. No question about it.

Speaking of quick. My race to Maryland last Sunday was pretty quick.

I had woken early Sunday AM and raced down to 18th Street where I was met by a stunning sunrise. There were tiny, but perfect waves peeling off the rock cropping and over and across the sandbar. I actually stood there and watched it all unfold before I paddled out. And I did something that I believe I've never done before. I spoke out loud. I greeted the day and all the Angels I pray to on a regular basis. From Molly, to my parents, to my father-in-law, and close friends like Linda Paugh and Joe Somogyi. I yelled Good Morning to all of them. I'm sure if anyone was walking by at that time they would of thought me insane. But that sunrise was amazing. It just blew me away.

Then I caught my wave and headed off.

I stopped in Newburgh, New York to say hello to my late friend's (Joe Somogyi) brother Steve. We spent the afternoon together. One of Joe's best friends Charlie also dropped by. We went to Joe's grave and I took some photos. It's still hard to believe that he's been gone since 1978. I had to get going, so I bid my farewells to both Charlie and Steve. I told them I'd be back again someday soon. And I will.

I spent the night in Hagerstown, MD and the very next morning at 6AM, I went to the breeders's place. I met Cpl. Patch for the first time. I fell in love with him at that exact moment. A puppy can do that to a person. I don't care who you are. Puppies and Kittens can get you good. And I was taken by the little guy. By 6:45AM I was on the road home. I needed to be back before dark to catch my wave. Though, I would have surfed at night if I had to. Those of you who have been following me on my daily blog already know that I've surfed a few times already in the pitch black darkness.

I was prepared to do that. But I made great time getting home.

In fact, I was home by 4:15PM.Plenty of light left. I caught my wave and let the girls introduce themselves to the new pup. By the time my wife got home "Patch" had won over all of us. The only family member who had not met the new pup was our son Max who would not be home from college until late Tuesday. By the time he walked in the door the next day, it was already a forgone conclusion. The Puppy was awesome. So in 16 days, we went from mourning our beloved pet Scout, to being totally enamored with our new pup Patch.

This was going to be a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Truth be told, it was still a bittersweet holiday for all of us. Not so much because of the loss of our late dog, but more so because the farm in Virginia that we had all traveled to for last 10 Thanksgivings or so, was no longer. Our late father-in-law's dream home had been sold. We would not be going to Virginia this year. Or any other year for that matter. It was sad. For all of us. It did feel strange not being there this year.

Don't get me wrong, we did have a wonderful holiday, but it was different. We went to my sisters place in Massachusetts. The birthplace of the first Thanksgiving. It was fun. Plenty of food. Plenty of merriment. And being with family and friends on this day is important. There's just something about those mountains in Virginia that just stay with you. We miss Virginia. We miss Grampy. We miss it all.

Someday we will go back to visit his grave, and maybe even drive by the old farm.

And when we do, we will toast his memory and the time we spent on the farm during Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, we are already working on new traditions. I do know that
we are resilient. And no matter where we go, or what we do, or who we are with, we will make the best of it.

Speaking of making the best of it. My new movie The RUN REDUX has been pushed back yet another week and the reason is this. I have more new footage from this year that needs to be in this movie than originally thought. Plus all the ORIGINAL Local bands are still getting their music to me as I type this. I know a lot of you have been asking and I promise this movie will be available by Friday December 3rd, 2010. That last V-Day swell was killer and I have since found other footage that really should make the cut. And really, isn't that what you would expect from me?

Look I'm no Taylor Steele or Bruce Brown for that matter. I'm just a local surfer who makes local surf movies using local surfers and local bands. I've been doing these local surf movies since the math. That's a long time. Back in the Days of old, I'd shoot these movies on Super 8mm movie film and we would have Surf parties and I would show my movies. There were no DVDs back in those days. Hell, there were no VHS tapes either. I would show the movies on my projector and movie screen. That was the only way for anyone to see my movies. Once the VCR came out that changed everything. And once the better digital video cameras came out, that too changed the whole local surf movie making production.

There will be plenty of stills from the best of the best RALPH'S PIC photographers too.

I want to share the super talent we have here in Northern New England. From Brian Nevins, Ed O'Connell, John Carden, to QWILL, Todo Bien, KingsHighway, After The Crash, and BHD. And one of these days I would love to put together an epic movie about New England and work with the photographers mentioned above, along with my two favorite videographers; Joe Carter and Michael Sander. I've watched both these talented young lens men come up through the ranks, and I've seen their killer footage and their own unique editing styles.

Be great to work with all of them on one big film.

I'd love to make a movie about our home state, as well as our bordering states and
just call it SURF FREE OR DIE. I think we could create one hell of a movie together. Again, keeping it local. Homegrown, with local talent, and local music. Why go outside the box when we have it all right here? That's the seed I'm planting boys. You reading this Joey and Mike? Let's at least think about it after the holidays.

The 2011 Blockbuster Local DVD Release SURF FREE OR DIE.

Or maybe we call it..."Don't You Dare Drop In On Me!"

Now for some of my Weekly Global Observances:
So is there anyone out there who does not think the world we live in is completely whacked? Anyone? The North Koreans are at it again. This time it's Kim Jong IL's son Kim Jong Un who launched a massive attack against South Korea over the holiday. Look did anyone think when Papa Kim turned the reigns over to Little Kim that we would not be in just as much trouble if not more? These guys are both whack jobs.

Are you kidding me? It's almost like you can just hear junior saying to the Free World. "You think my daddy was crazy? Dudes, I'm the craziest mutha f----a you guys ever
laid eyes on! I'm giving crazy a whole new look and feel!"

I feel bad for the South Koreans. And of course, I feel bad for the Americans who are stationed there. Having to put up with that bullshit. WTF is wrong with those Kims?

I just heard about another Homegrown Terrorist plot to Blow-up a Christmas Tree lighting in Portland Oregon. Mohamed Osman Mohamud a Somali born teen was arrested after his plans to blow-up and kill thousands of innocent civilians at a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in Oregon was foiled by FBI agents. Does anyone remember me saying months ago that we have turned into a modern day Israel? We will deal with these fringe lunatics who are hell bent on killing and maiming as many innocent civilians from now until the end of time. Just like Israel.

We will become numb to it as our world revolves the Terror plots are that being planned as I write this. Portland Oregon? This stuff should frighten us. But it does not. We are already immune to it. Nothing phases us. I think that's what drives these looney birds even loonier. We are not panicking. Hell after 9/11 what's the point? I'm just glad that we have street smart agents looking out for us. A Christmas Tree Lighting?

According to Mohamed Osman Mohamud he wanted to kill as many babies, children and others as possible. And his own words were, "No one would expect this to happen here in Oregon." He's right. But now he's going away for a very long time. Hey Mohamud...can I get a "Allah Arkbar?" Loser.

OK this story had me spit coffee out of my nose. Are you kidding me? Our own President Obama got an elbow in the face by Rey Decerega, the director of programs for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, in a 5 on 5 pick-up game of Basketball. The pres received 12 stitches in the mouth! Oh my God. Can you imagine the poor dude who did that? I'm surprised the Secret Service didn't take the guy down. But OB getting 12 stitches? Ouchie Wawa. Barack missed getting the White House Christmas Tree today because of his wound.

(Above) President Obama with Ice bag on his mouth where he got 12 stitches playing Basketball in the White house Gym. Photo via AP.

Michelle and the girls were on hand to get the tree instead. 12 stitches? Yikes.

Oh man what a crazy ass week it was for the Patriots. First they almost blew the game with the Colts last Sunday. In fact, like most of you watching that game I thought it was over. But alas, Sander's makes that pick and stops Peyton dead in his tracks. It was great. But typically nerve wracking Patriot football.

And then on Turkey Day, the Lions were manhandling the Pats for the first half when the boys finally came alive. They ended up spanking those Bad Lions for stressing us out. Our boys are 9-2 and we face off against the 9-2 JETS on December 6th! Tell me that's not going to be the game of the week. Oh baby...can you stand it? I can. BRING IT BABY! BRING IT!!!!!

Due to the SWELL on DECEMBER 2nd and this Thanksgiving Holiday the NEW SURF FREE OR DIE MOVIE The RUN Redux will now be released on DECEMBER 15th, 2010. SORRY for the delay...but it will be worth the wait. Trust me. It will.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nick Lavecchia December 1st.
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Yesterday September 1980 Vince in NS on Black Vinny
(Below) We used to chase Hurricanes from RI to NS. This was from one of those crazy chases. There were three of us out. Me, Larry and Bruz. *This was the first time anyone ever surfed this particular wave. It was worth every minute of sleep we missed. Video Frame Grab from the SFOD Movie "The Last Frontier" 1980.

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Today-The Day After...Friday-November 26th, 2010
by Ralph

(Above) I had caught my wave earlier in the day. It was small and messy. It cleaned up later in the day and the colors were magnificent. The Day After Thanksgiving. Friday November 26, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) The Day After Thanksgiving. Friday November 26, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) The Mini Day After Thanksgiving. Friday November 26, 2010. Photo By RALPH
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(Above) It's not just Surfing.... The Day After Thanksgiving. Friday November 26, 2010. Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.
Today- November 25, 2010 Thanksgiving Morn, by Ed O'Connell

(Above) This is a beautiful photograph Ed. Looks like a painting. November 25, 2010
Thanksgiving Morning.
Photo By Ed O'Connell

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(Above) Thanksgiving Sunrise. November 25, 2010. Photo By Ed O'Connell
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Today-Sunday-Monday-November 21-22nd, 2010 by Ralph

(Above) Steve Somogyi and Charlie. I stopped by Newburgh, NY to see these two Surfers on my way down to pick up the puppy. Sunday November 21, 2010.
Photo By RALPH

(Above) Noelle and Cpl. Patch's first day at home. Monday November 22, 2010.
Photo By Gabby

(Above) Ralph and Cpl. Patch. After I caught my wave. Monday November 22, 2010.
Photo By Gabby
Today-More November in Hawaii by BERNIE BAKER

(Above) And this is why contests can be a pain. November 2010.

Today-The PHANTOM Returns. All Pics via The Phantom

(Above) Now we're talking here. The Phantom Knows where...but you and I do not. November 2010. Photo By The Phantom
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(Above) Maybe SUPS are OK after all. November 2010. Photo By The Phantom
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(Above) This is what happened to the last non-locals. November 2010.
Photo By The Phantom
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(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge Ralph G. Fatello presiding. CASE #84 BLATANT DROP IN OF
THE WEEK- Talk about Blatant! . CLICK and SEE. Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) This is one great looking left. Oh man wouldn't we all just love to slip into a wave face like this. September 2010. Photo By Kevin Doherty
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(Above) Costa Rican Indo impression. September 2010. Photo By Kevin Doherty
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(Above) Stan Chew's Panama Dream Wave. November 2010. Photo By Kurly Chew
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(Above) Remy and Noelle sent this in. Thanksgiving Week Sunset. November 2010.
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(Above) Another local Sunset. November 2010. Photo By Justin Ambrosino
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(Above) Talk about magical spots...Photo courtesy of the Internet

(Above) New Zealand looks like New England except for the wave color.
Photo courtesy of the Internet

(Above) Looks like fun to me. Photo courtesy of the Internet

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Photos by Ed O'Connell

Today 2010
"RED DOG one We have a SUP at 2:00 O' Clock in our sights. Request permission to fire a warning shot'

(Above) This is my kind of Beach vehicle. 11-12-2010 Photo by The Phantom

























































































































































































































































































































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