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June 4, 2006

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend. I saw that there were some waves both Saturday and Sunday. Not to mention that the weather was dam near Summer like. I see no boots and 3/2's being the call for rubber. That's right. If you're out there in a 4/3 it's time to go lighter. If you're still out there in a 5mil...well you need therapy. I mean come on kids. It's not that cold. Lighten up. Wear a 3/2.

Last week I received several emails commenting about the Memorial Day column. 99% of them were positive. There was that negative 1% email was from a High School student (I'll call Evelyn Symthe). Apparently, she thought that I said we went to war with Japan (1941) over surfing. She emailed me and said "Besides, we went to War with Japan and they surf in Japan. Was that why we went to War? So the people of Japan could go surfing?" I tried to explain to her that we (USA) introduced Surfing to Japan after WWII. But she was all in a huff and sent me more ill advised emails. The bottom line Evelyn, was to simply honor Americans who gave their lives for Freedom and Democracy around the world. Hope this finally sets you straight. And Good luck at Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School next Fall.

So my friends, it's the start of another Hurricane Season. Last year we had 27 named storms. Are you kidding me? 27 named storms? That's insane. And what's even more crazier is those same weather/Hurricane experts are calling for more of the same this Summer. Oh Mama that's what daddy likes to hear! You know as good as last summer was there were still a few who complained about it. Well that's not entirely true. They just bitched about the fact that we never really got any BIG Swells. That is true. So I guess my question to all of you is, which would you rather have, consistent head high surf, like last summer, or less days of fun surf, and a couple of BIG days instead? If you ask me, I'd say both. But that's not the question I know. So, I guess I'd go for more consistent fun surf, as opposed to that one or two big days. Less is more.

Here are your 2006 Atlantic Hurricane names.

Alberto, Beryl, Chris ,Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, and William

Did you make the short list? I hope you did, and the storm named after you is a whopper!


Hey it's raining outside! Just what we all need right now eh? lawn has never looked so good. That's not good news for the boy. I told him today, "You better hope it stops raining soon or that grass is gonna be a foot tall." He just shook his head staring out the window. I smiled and thought about all the times my dad made me cut the lawn when I was a kid. The right of passage.

Speaking of rain, there's surf out there today, but it has that funky look to it again. I'm not saying it's contaminated, but it does not look good. You might want to run it by someone who knows if the water is clean enough to surf in, before you paddle out. Remember a bunch of you got sick during last month's Floods. Be smart. Or the very least keep yer mouths shut when paddling out and duck diving.

Last week I goofed by saying Schilling's pitched in his 200th game. What I meant to say was he just racked up his his 200th WIN. Sorry for the mistake. But it is Another milestone in Boston Sports history. And the Yanks and Sox are on again Monday for another series.

I mentioned my latest Surf movie SUMMER 05 in last week's column. I mentioned a tip as to where I'll be showing it. Well, due to the inclement weather and prior commitments (Memorial Day) I post postponed it til Tuesday. June 6th, 2006 at the exact spot I showed WINTER 05.
REPEAT . I will be premiering SUMMER 05 this Tuesday at the exact spot I showed WINTER 05. Ask around...and dress accordingly. See you all then.

This is just like the DA Vinci Code. You gotta crack it Crackie!. Here's what you need to think about.

1. Where did I show WINTER 05?
2. Why June 6th?
3. What happened on that date in our history?
4. Where did this event take place
? (Not the country, but the type of terrain)

Both Dave and I will post more info on this website. Check in daily to the Wave Cam news column and here...sorry that's all I can tell you. This is kind of like a Mission Impossible deal. For good reason.
Remember Summer 05 is chock full of fun Summer shizzle. There's NO big surf to speak of, but plenty of fun Summer Surf. Just like you remembered it would be.

SUMMER 05 will be available on DVD in the shops before the Official First Day of Summer June 21st.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1975- Jeff "Berts" Obst playing in his front yard.
This photo was taken with a cheap Kodak Instamatic. What you can't see of Jeff is his bright yellow wetsuit. That and his bright Red board. You can just see a hint of his board as he gets impacted like a wisdom tooth in this 10th Street inside high tide Wall wave. Jeff used to live right across the street. I used to call his late mother for surf reports all the time. She was my living wave cam back in those days.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 EJ leans into one Last April at Restaurants
This shot of EJ was sent over by Dave Cropper. He and Phil were out in the water on this day and were getting some of the best waves of their lives. Look at the color of this it to the color of our surf today. Photo
courtesy of Dave Cropper

Today 2006 Local Northern New England ESA Crew in NJ
These were all shot by Kim Grondin last month at the ESA Regionals in New Jersey. The NNE brought home 10 trophies and qualified for the ESA Championships in September.
ALL Photos by Kim Grondin

(Above) Julia Nichols heading back home for Graduation and a seed in the ESA Championships


(Above) Local BOYS Semifinalist Mackey V sticks one for the judges.

(Above) Kyle Linseman finds the sweet spot in the Long Board Finals

(Above) Leah Grondin in a overcast glide

(Above) Kody Grondin takes the same path as big sister and finds some speed.

(Above) Nohea Nichols leans into a definate slot at the ESA Championships

(Above) Maine BOY Mitch Repucci got 3rd in the LB Finals.

(Above) Jesse Gould explodes on the inside section.

(Above) Kai Nichols grinding the coping during the Menehunes Semi Final

Today 2006 West Coast Perfection
This is somewhere in California and that's all I can tell you...
Photo by R. Freeman

Parting Shot ...Last Winter...are you kidding me?
Some Great Lakes Winter humor. Only I don't see anything funny about this. Do you? This looks...what's the word? Oh yea....NUTS! INSANE! WACKY! FREEZE YER DANG NADS OFF COLD!
Photo courtesy of Dave Cropper Cinnamon Rainbows









































































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