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June 25, 2006

OK...this rain thing, it's getting tired. Enough is enough. And this lack of surf thing...well, that's getting a little tired too. I think we can all agree that we'd gladly sacrifice some sun if the surf was consistent. This knee high stuff is great for the Mini Groms and beginners but it's wearing thin on the rest of us.

But fear not my fellow wave worshippers. Word has it that a swell is on the horizon. And that by the end of the week, a decent size swell will find it's way to our shores and then we can all rejoice again. All 5,000 of us, cursing and bumping rails as the overamped inmates hit the surf. A word to the wise when the swell does hit, to quote the late Duke Kahanamoku.."Relax, take your time, wave come".

Speaking of waves coming. Last weekend there was an incident at North Beach (The Wall) involving a surfer and a lifeguard. Apparently the Lifeguard was after this one Longboarder to put a leash on and the surfer ignored his constant requests. Thus causing the lifeguard to call his superiors and eventually the police. The surfer (who clearly should know better) struck the lifeguard and was overly aggressive to the Director of ALL the BEACHES in New Hampshire and was subsequently arrested. He's facing serious charges. Not only that, his actions have caused some talk about shutting down the surfing area.


Lifeguards are NOT the enemy. Lifeguards have the jurisdiction to enforce certain rules and minor laws that should have NO affect on how and where you surf. If the rules state that you have to wear a leash during the Summer months. PUT A LEASH ON! There's a seatbelt law. You have to wear a seatbelt when you drive a car. It does NOT make a difference on how good of a driver you are, the Law states that you have to wear a seatbelt. Same with surfing. Lifeguards don't know if you've been surfing for 20 years, or 20 minutes. They require that you use a leash.

WHEN THE LIFEGUARDS ARE ON DUTY. PUT A LEASH ON! Don't ruin this great relationship we have with the parks and recreation Department. I know Brian Warburton. He's a friend of mine. He likes most surfers. But he does not like being yelled at by belligerent surfers and NON-SURFERS (I'll get to that in a moment). We have a great relationship with both the Lifeguards and with Brian. We worked hard developing that relationship over many years. Don't ruin this for everyone else with your sour attitude towards Lifeguards and other beach authority. I'm not alone in this either. Dave Cropper, Mike Paugh, Steve O'Hara, and Lenny Nichols are backing me up 100%.

The other NON-SURFERS are the High School aged kids who have taken on the pseudo look of surfers and have taken up the sport of drinking Alcohol on our beaches at night. They break bottles on our beaches and leave piles of trash. This is UNACCEPTABLE. You clowns know who you are, be forewarned. TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU. There are others (LOCAL SURFERS) who at any given moment will enforce these rules on anyone who does not get it.
Don't put us to the test.

If you enjoy surfing in the summer around here. And if you like hanging around with the Surf Crowd, we love having you here. Just Follow the rules. Otherwise go somewhere else and face the consequences..


Tonight legendary Surf Movie maker Jack McCoy brings his latest creation the IOKA Movie theater in Exeter, NH. The movie "FREE AS A DOG" starts at 8:00PM and tix are on sale at the shop and at the IOKA. For those who don't know who Jack McCoy is, well, I suggest you get a few of his movies like BLUE HORIZON and my fave BUNYIP DREAMING. Jack is one of the all time BEST Surf Filmmakers of our time. He's the real deal.

But what Jack has recently done is, brought back the cool vibe of seeing movies on the big screen. No, not your own private Big Screen TV, but back in the movie houses. You know, Old school. Some of you youngin's probably never saw a dam surf movie outside of your own DVD player. That's pretty dam sad. There was a time when a surf movie was released and we waited months for it to come to our neck of the woods. Seriously. It was an event. Everyone would go. Young and old alike. Men and women. Seeing a Surf Movie was one of the highlights of the summer for us. You'd see guys and girls that you haven't seen in months at a surf flick. Sometimes it was years. Surf movies brought that kind of vibe with it. It was great time to be a surfer. And it was a great time to be a Surf Movie maker.

Since 2004 Jack McCoy has tried (and has been quite successful I might add) to rekindle that flame. I can remember as a young Grom (gremmie) talking about the movie with my friends for days after. And if there was surf after a surf movie...well, I don't have to tell you how crazy we all were out in the water after seeing a surf movie do I? And remember this was all before there even VHS tapes, let alone DVD's. The movie would come and go. And if you missed it. Well, you really missed it. There was no "I'll wait for it to come out on VHS or DVD. You had to travel to see it or wait years. Is today better because of the DVD explosion? Hell yes it is. But, is seeing a Surf Movie on the Big Screen better than watching it on your lap top or wide screen TV. Hell yes. There's a Surf Movie in town tonight. Go see it. Get a taste of what it was like to be a stoked Surfer of yesteryear. Leave your sour know-it-all attitude at home and let out some wild hoots. You'll feel good doing it. Get primal.

Speaking of Summer Surf Movies, I released my latest project SUMMER 05 last week and by all accounts it has been received quite favorably (thank you). Most notably is the "Ask Crackie" skit, which has created a buzz with some folks. And No Max was not hurt during the filming of that skit. Click here to see the promo poster.
It's in the Shops and available at my other site

So the Sox have won 8 in a row as of yesterday. That's good. And the Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup. You'd think that would be a positive sign for us surfers. HURRICANES winning the Cup. And the MIAMI HEAT winning the NBA Championships. Another should be positive sign. Heat. It's summer. Hurricanes and Heat.

Am I the only one reading into this?

Remember what I said about the leashes and the trash on the beach. Let's work together people. Let's think about the one thing we all have in common. Surfing

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1973 Who are these young (50 yr old) Groms?
The kid on the left is Ric Aho from Florida. The kid on the right is Kevin "Doc" Grondin
. Kevin just celebrated his 50th Birthday on Friday. He's in an exclusive club now. He's also still one of the BEST Surfers around. He's still a Tube magnet. The guy can get tubed in every kind of condition. How'd he learn how to do that? The kid on the left taught him. Ric Aho could make any day look like a great day. That boy could (and still ) surf. I remember watching Ric Aho pull into a crumbling onshore tube at the Wall in the 70's and make it look like it was back door Pipeline. How'd he do that? I honestly don't know. Must be a Florida thing. Kevin and family are heading off to Tavarua on Thursday. We wish them the best of luck. Think Doc will get barreled out there? Photo courtesy of Kim Grondin


Today 2006 Doc's 50th party with the Nor'easters June 23, 2006
This shot is from The Surprise party for Kevin Grondin. The rare appearance by the Nor'easters with Bill "Stick" Trafidlo filling in on bass. The real story behind this photo is: John Carden used to own and operate a recording studio back in Massachusetts. He was the first to ever record the Nor'easters. On Friday he was home when he heard a familiar guitar riff. He walked over to Doc's house and snapped this photo. It's a small world, but I'd hate to have to paint it.
by John Carden

Today 2006 AL- BER-TO June 16, 2006
These are from my other Ace in the Hole Photographer Nick LaVecchia. If you missed last week's swell, here's some of what you missed. Photo
s by Nick LaVecchia

Clean empty set. Where were you? Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Taking a stroll on a Alberto Remnant. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Tip toe through the inside section. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Clean backside lefty setting up. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

This looks like fun. Oblivious couple stroll past perfection. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Friday morning sunrise slash. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Empty clean left. Where was I? Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Follow the leader. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

OK this is almost head high...Where were we? Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Wouldn't you love to know what these two were thinking as this stylish Longboarder strikes a classic pose? For sure the dude is thinking to himself "H-m-m-m I should of never quit surfing...that looks like fun." Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Fun? This looks beautiful. Alberto came and went a little too fast. Thanks to Nick
and John for some beautiful photos. Photo by Nick LaVecchia

Today 2006 Last March Missed Train Ride
This in from Corey Roy a local boy who just got back from Hawaii. He paddled out on March 27th and just missed this local Freight Train of a Barrel. All that additional rubber must of slowed him down.

Photo courtesy of Corey Roy

Parting Shot ...Look Daddy I'm Surfing!
A father's day gift for Elle's dad as she get's one all by herself.
Photo courtesy of Andrade family
















































































































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