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June 18, 2006 (Father's Day)

Alberto VO Fly....The first Tropical Storm of the season came and went so fast that if you didn't get any of it well, you were not alone. The swell went from ankle high on Thursday at 3:30PM, to waist high at 5:30PM, to Head High at 8:30PM with an occasional bigger set. By Friday morning it was back to waist high and by midday Friday it was long gone...
And that my friends, was all she wrote. I stood there at Wall watching perfect little A-frames unfold in the waning light and realized that there was no photographic evidence of this fly by swell. There were some guys shooting on Friday (John Carden got some beautiful sunrise shots) but the best of the swell, went and came undocumented. Yes, I did not shoot. I watched it, but my gear was a mile up the road and the sun was all but gone. I was bumming for sure.
ALBERTO...why couldn't ya slow down and hang around for a while? Why'd ya have to buzz by us like we were some kind of a drivethru beach community?

And the water has warmed up. No Gloves. No boots. Just comfy 3/2's and plenty of flexibility. It's Summer!

Speaking of Summer, I released my latest movie SUMMER 05. Click here to see the promo poster.
It's in the Shops and available at my other site
I also included some footage of the Quiksilver Rock Show/Movie event at the IOKA last July 26, 2005. There's footage of KING's HIGHWAY and Steve Canty as well as myself (playing Voodoo Chile). If you were there, you'll remember how dam hot it was in that sweat box. It was ridiculous.

SUMMER 05 NOW available on DVD in the shops this FATHER's DAY WEEKEND.

Last week I mentioned my next movie project (in addition to the ONE Project) and it's titled B.A.S. (Big Ass Surf) and I will be showing it in July at the same place I showed the last two...ON DA BEACH!

Speaking of the beach. Please PLEASE PLEASE
keep your eyes open for broken glass on the beaches.
I drove by the Wall the other night and saw groups of High School aged kids (and others) sitting on the Wall drinking and basically acting their age. I believe they are a non-surfers. Posers who hang at the Wall but DON'T Surf. I don't have a problem with kids at the beach at night, I do have a problem with kids breaking bottles on the beach that we all use. And you should too. .If you know of any of these night beach parties and you know who's doing this crap...have a talk with them. Because it's unacceptable. Come to our beach-but Take your trash with you.



Ok it's Father's Day. Each year I write a bit about some of the dads in the area and this year is no different. There are a few new dads this year that were not dads last year. Two off the top of my head are Dave Cropper and Kevin Rafferty. I mention these two because I saw them both at a local gathering and they had their babies with them. And them babies were cuter than cute. Veda and Kaylee were lighting up the room. And so was Anna (but Skip's been a dad for a while now). The change in both of these men has been significant. And it's been all good. Being a good dad is a major responsibility. I've known some great dads in my life. And, I've known a few not so good ones as well. But the good dads outweigh the bad ones by a mile.

Being a good Surf dad is even better. Now don't get me wrong here, a good surf dad doesn't really require that pop has to surf. On the contrary, most good surf dads don't. How's that? Well, all any young surfer really wants is a dad that understands and supports his or her surfing lifestyle. You don't have to paddle out with junior at every break. I mean think about that for a moment. What if every single grom you knew had a dad that actually surfed with them? What would that line-up be like? I'd say it sounded congested at best.

Take my dad for instance. He never actually surfed on a surfboard, but he was instrumental in my surfing lifestyle. He turned me onto Surfing and he drove me and my friends to the beach every summer looking for surf. Plus he took movies of us. Oh he was a surf dad alright. Same with Jack and Mike Keefe's dad. He didn't surf but he brought those Keefe boys to the beach every summer and introduced them to the ocean. Mr Keefe was a surf dad.

Then of course there are the dads who actually surf. And that's something that goes beyond what many of us ever got to experience. A REAL Surf dad. There's a bunch of them now-a-days. Dads who surf with their kids, share a bond that should be, by all accounts a lifelong endeavor.

So, if you're a child, or an adult whose dad is still with us pick up the phone and call him and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Or stop by and say hello. If your dad is no longer with us, take some time today to reflect on the good times you did share with him. Think hard and dig up some old memories and try to remember little details. Because if you start to forget them, they will truly will be lost forever.

I'll be thinking about my dad who passed away in 2000 and I'll be thinking about my father-in-law who passed away in October at the young age of 64. I miss them both and think of them everyday. Happy Father's Day to all the dads, uncles, and friends who are just like dads and uncles.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday circa 1950's-1960's- Our Fathers
The photo on the left is of my late father with me and my brother and sister. We ended up with two more sisters and one more brother for a grand total of six kids. 3 boys and 3 girls. We spent every waking moment at the beach. My parents put us in clothing to protect our white skin from the sun. It worked. Wasn't very fashionable, but it worked. Years after this photo was taken, my dad showed me waves at the beach. And as he held my hand, he told me "If you had a surfboard you could surf on those waves." He was right. But at that time no one was surfing. Talk about being a lucky kid. The other photo is of my late father-in-law holding my wife. My wife was an only child. So her bond with her dad was very special. Jerry was very supportive of our kids and their surfing. In fact, on the day he suddenly passed away, he spoke with Max about Surfing in Cape Hatteras
during the ESA Championships last September. Happy Fathers Day Jerry. Happy Father's Day Dad. . Photo courtesy of SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 ALBERTO VO FLY June 16, 2006
This is all she wrote kids. Thankfully John Carden shot some very beautiful photos on Friday morning. Photo
s by John Carden

Friday morning sunrise paddle. Photo by John Carden

Waiting for ALBERTO to burp. Photo by John Carden

A burp creates a bump and a Goofy footer takes it to the beach. Photo by John Carden

Friday morning sunrise surf and cast. Photo by John Carden

Today 2006 Cali Surf looking like New England
This is what those Westie Boys been surfing this spring. The good news? Our water temps are warmer!
Photos courtesy of R. Freeman

Today 2006 Local Boy Davis Ballard 's East and West Coast Trip
These two photos show the difference between our coasts, The East Coast and the West Coast
Photos by Davis Ballard

Parting Shot ...One more from Last Winter in New England.
Scott and Pat sent this photo in from last Winter. I talked about Surfing dads...imagine a surfing wife and or girlfriend?
This is Pat and I don't have to tell you how cold this is do I?
Photo courtesy of Scott and Pat


































































































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