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June 11, 2006

Hey I saw the sun two days in a row! Did you see it too? Pretty cool thing, that sun. It kind of warms everything up around here. Man that was some kind of ridiculous stretch of wet weather there eh kids? Dam. It was almost comical. I say almost, because a lot of us had water damage (again). Not to mention the water turning a funky color brown again. Let's hope we're finally out of this weird weather pattern. I mean it's Summer! Well, almost officially Summer.

Speaking of Summer, I did my second covert Movie Operation at the beach last week by showing my latest movie SUMMER 05. I know I've been very vague about letting you all know when and where I'm showing my movies, but there's a reason. We can't really have Big movie viewing crowds at the beach for a number of reasons. And quite frankly, I think it's better to just spring em on you guys. You know, like some kind of guessing game. Those that figure it out show up and enjoy the experience.

It's been great, I mean showing Surf Movies on the Beach. I thought about how cool it would be one day last Summer to actually show a Surf Movie on the beach. And not just any Surf movie, but a Local flick with local rippers and beachgoers. After I did it with WINTER 05 last Labor Day I knew that this is where I'd be showing most of my movies. On the beach. Why? Because of the obvious. I like the ambiance of the waves breaking in the background, the gulls cackling and the beach traffic. It all adds up to a Summer Surf Movie experience. For those who missed the movie, I will be releasing SUMMER 05 this Father's Day weekend at all the Shops. And for those who don't know, the movie is all local Surfers shot in Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York and Cape Hatteras. There are NO big Assed Waves, but there are plenty of fun summer stuff that will remind you of what last Summer was all about.

And speaking of Summer. I see that the first Tropical Storm of the Year is possibly heading our way by mid week. ALBERTO is headed for the west side of Florida and will be pushing through the gator state and winding it's way up our way.

come on UP!

Here's another tip for next movie is titled B.A.S. (Big Ass Surf) and I will be showing it in July at the same place I showed the last two...stay tuned.


Yesterday morning at around 7:30AM, Max and I were driving west on Rt 101 to his LAX (Lacrosse) Tournament. Along the way, we passed several vehicles heading East with boards on the roof. We looked at each other and realized that neither one of us had checked the wave cam. For a moment, we both felt queasy. Is there surf? Nah...there can't be. But the lingering doubt stayed with us for the remainder of the drive and throughout all the LAX games. Suffice to say, we headed straight for the ocean on the way back. It was flat. Or rather, small. Real small.

It got me thinking though. I remember many times in my life when I lived an hour or so away from the ocean. Granted it was not for very long, but the times I did live away from the surf, it was filled with anticipation. When I knew there was surf, it was quite a process of getting my gear in order and getting my ass to the beach. Fast. Sometimes too fast. Yes, I got a couple of speeding tickets in my youth. And let me tell you, there's nothing worse than having a police officer lecture you about speeding, when you know the surf is going off. It's almost torture. "Sir, I know I was wrong. I'll try and slow down...but Officer please, the wind may switch at any time, could we wrap this up?"

Seriously, I had a about a dozen Surfers who went to the same High School as me. We'd try to surf almost every weekend. And those little Surf Trips to Maine and NH were filled with laughter, loud music and downright stupidity. I mean, the subject matter of some of our long Surf Trip road trips ranged from what we did at the party the night before, to making up our own absurd language. It's true. We'd come up with words that are not found in any dictionary any where. It was fun.

But what I remember the most was, getting closer to the ocean. It was always that feeling of anticipation that got to me. You it big? Is it small? Is it clean, or is it messy? And...the most cold is it?

I saw that vehicle yesterday morning, 6 boards on the roof, 5-6 kids crammed in the front and back seat, donuts and coffee flying all over the place, radio blasting. It reminded me of my youth. I gave them a slight nod. They were Surfers heading to the only place that surfers want to be. The ocean. We're a lucky tribe, us Surfers.

SUMMER 05 will be available on DVD in the shops this FATHER's DAY WEEKEND.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday circa 1972-1974- The Original Surf Pioneers
This is a photo of Bruz, Vince and Jeff Crawford. It was taken in Mexico. A few years before (1971) the three of us had traveled North to Nova Scotia and as far as we know, we were the first to Surf the famed Point breaks that everyone NOW knows about. It was that Summer of 1971 that I made my first Reel to Reel Surf Movie. We ended up showing that movie at a Fire Station in Maine the following year. It was (unbeknownst to me) the first of many movies that I made in the reel to reel format. I specialized in SUPER 8 Movie film and together with Jeff Crawford we spliced many a movie together for our own private viewing pleasure. I went on to make many more Surf Movies in New Hampshire in the mid to late 70's and I'm still shooting today. From the Summer of 71' to the Summer of 05.
Photo courtesy of SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2006 SUMMER05 Premiere at 10th Street the WALL
This is it. The John Carden shot of the one day it didn't rain last week. The day, June 6th 2006. SUMMER 05 premieres at the WALL. Thanks to everyone who came out that night. I hope you all had fun. Photo
by John Carden

Today 2006 Bernie Baker Surf Judge last week at Waikiki
This is what the weather was like last week on the South Shore of Oahu. And they had waves.
Photo courtesy of Jeff Crawford

Today 2006 Local Boy Davis Ballard 's East and West Coast Trip
These two photos show the difference between our coasts, The East Coast and the West Coast
Photos by Davis Ballard

Today 2006 Westie Fun
These photos of fun looking West Coast Action were sent in by the Phantom. Surfers unknown. Somewhere in California.
Photos courtesy of The Phantom

Today 2006 Indo Perfection
These were sent over by the Phantom. Surfers unknown. Somewhere in Indo.
Photos courtesy of The Phantom

Parting Shot ...Another from Last Winter...OH MY GOD!
Last week I ran a shot from the Great Lakes Winter and I got so many emails that I had to run another from the same session. I guess we've all been fooling ourselves as to how cold it gets here in New England. These guys know cold.
Photo courtesy of Dave Cropper Cinnamon Rainbows









































































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