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June 12th, 2011-The NEW RUN is 16 out Of 16 Weeks.
Waist high or better at least once a week. The Surf on Wednesday was easily waist high.

OK I admit it. I am one of the most superstitious individuals you have ever met. For the longest time I thought I was cured from this affliction, but apparently, I am not. I am a bona fide lunatic when it comes to watching sports. Last year I stopped being that way in watching the New England Patriots. I swore I'd never get crazy like that again. But I should of known better. Remember that last game against the JETS? Of course you do, how could you forget?

Well...that was my fault. I take full responsibility.

I changed venues for the first time since the start of the 2010 season. I had been watching the games over at my buddy Tony's place all year long. And they had found themselves on the cusp of going all the way. You know, one game away from possibly playing in the Super Bowl. And then I went and blew it by buying a 50" wide screen HD TV that I had wanted for so long. I had decided that I would watch the game on my TV. Not at Tony's, where they had been winning. But at home, in front of my new TV.

I'm so sorry to have to tell you all this. I don't blame you for being upset with me.

Well suffice it say. I thought I was over all of that. I mean, any sane person will tell you, that it's delusional to think that where you watch the game, and what you wear has little, or no bearing, on the outcome of any major sporting event. Really? Why did Bill Belichick wear an old gray hoodie for every game during the incredible 2007 season, and then at the Superbowl, wear a Red Hoodie? You all know how that turned out. We lost that freaking game! Thanks Coach.

And the funny thing about this crazy world that I find myself in's only during sporting events. I don't have any crazy superstitious habits for anything else. I mean, I don't do anything out of the ordinary when it comes to surfing. Well...maybe a few things. I have to wear my Molly hat when I go and catch my Molly wave everyday. If I forget it, I turn around and drive home to get it. But I don't do anything else. Like make the sign of the cross when I enter the water.

My late father always made the sign of the cross before he jumped into the water. Blessing yourself is OK. Men and women have done it for years. Especially in War. I used to think that my dad did it during WWII in the South Pacific. I knew guys in Vietnam who did things to keep their luck in check. But that's war. That's a whole different game.

I'm talking about the game of NHL Hockey. The Stanley Cup Finals.

I noticed the other night, that Llongo, the Canuck's goalie, blessed himself three times before the start of game five. I guess I never noticed it before. If he blessed himself during games 3 and'd think he'd change it up. Maybe Tim Thomas, the Bruin's goalie, got to God first. But who knows...? So how did I become crazy again during the Hockey finals? Easy. I watched the first two games on my New 50" HD TV. They lost both of them.

I was desperate. What should I do? Then it hit late mother's TV! BAM!

Sure enough, downstairs in my "Man Cave" sat my late mother's TV. An old Sony. But she still worked. And that's where I watched games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals. And as you fellow looney birds will agree. I had found my new Good Luck spot. Just me and the dog, watching the games on my late Mother's old TV. When my son Max said he wanted to watch the game with me on Friday I told him "No". When my daughter and wife asked to watch the game with me, they were greeted with the same ..."No! Hell No!" They shook their heads. My son understood. He was after all, my son who had endured all kinds of crazy ass Sports Voodoo shit growing up.

Everything was in order. I wore the same clothes I had on during games 3 and 4. Me and my young 8 month old dog were all set. In position...drop the puck!

The Bruins lost in Vancouver 1-0. So what happened?

Well, several things that I could explain on my end. First of all. My dog Patch kept jumping around on the couch, off the coach, grabbing pillows, gabbing me...wanting to play. At one point I had him in the penalty box (dog crate) three times in the first period alone. They were all Interference calls. I kept trying to
tell him how important this game was. He would only cock his head and look
at me like I was crazy. That damn dog was right! I was crazy!

The other things that I could pinpoint were as follows:

My sister, who is a HUGE Bruins fan, usually calls me before the game to discuss the game. She did not call me. I tried to call her several times before the game started. I kept getting her voicemail. I was leaving desperate messages. Finally she called back. But it was between periods. The 1st and 2nd. Still no score. Then she dropped the bombshell on me. She was at my brother's house! "What? Have you ever watched a game there before...?" Silence. "Evamarie...? Have you ever watched a game there before?"
"No...I'm sorry Ralph!" I was stunned. But I quickly regained my composure.
"It's OK, it makes no difference...that's just silly superstitious stuff." I reassured her. Then my next was as it turned out, the final nail in the coffin.

"Evamarie...what are you wearing?"...Silence. "Evamarie?" "I'm wearing the Bruins shirt that Johnny bought me!" "Oh my God! Evamarie we talked about this 3 days ago! You have not worn that shirt since he gave it to you and they have won the last two games. And now you are wearing that shirt and watching the game at his house. Are you trying to make us lose?"

I know what you are all thinking. But trust me. This is my family. This is what we do. I know she has cancer. But she also knows that I love and support her. But cancer or no cancer, this disrupting of the positive vibes, or Good Voodoo, or whatever it is you want to call it, must be kept in order.

I of course forgave her. As I would hope that my family would forgive me for being so freaking crazy, for thinking that I had anything to do with the outcome of a game. But I know I am not alone. In fact, I've known some seriously successful business men and women who could only watch a Patriots game sitting in a chair a certain way, and somewhat turned away from the TV.
It's true. It's crazy, but it's true.

So how did I end up here? Not really sure. I was a Bruins fan back in the day when they were actually winning Stanley Cups. Then I fell out of it. After football this year I could take or leave sports. Then those damn Bruins got hot and made this incredible run, and we are. Game six of the Stanley Cup Finals. If we win on Monday, we go back to Vancouver for game seven.

That's pretty damn exciting stuff.

But make no mistake about this. The Vancouver Canucks who played in Boston on Games 3 and 4, are not the same team that's coming back to Boston. These guys can now taste it. If they can win it in Boston, they will.

Like you, I'm hoping for a Game Seven. And if that happens, how great would it be to win it all in Vancouver? Can you imagine our boys skating around the ice hoisting Lord Stanley over their heads? Their fans will die. It would be poetic justice to finally win in you can't script this stuff.

The question is...where should I watch the game? Oh, you already know where
I'll the Man Cave with the puppy. GO BRUINS!


Now for some of my Weekly Global Observances:
So is it me, or has the best thing to happen to all the local and national comedians this week is US Rep. Anthony Weiner's crazy ass photos and sexting? What is wrong with these guys? I mean first of all you have a last name like that and then you go ahead and send photos of your junk around the Internet and not think this is going to come back and bite you in the ass?

Dude that alone warrants your ass fired. If I voted for this guy I'd want my vote back.

When Harry Reid himself has backed away from defending this clown you know your ass is in trouble. Hell I think Nancy Pelosi herself has put some distance between her and the Weiner...Sorry I could not help myself. I guess this all stems back to the Good Ole Days when Bill Bubba Clinton was running the country. It's all part of the New Political Funkiness. If Bill can do it why can't we? I don't wonder so many countries think we are decadent. Still the comics are loving this.

The Bruins face the Vancouver Cannucks tomorrow night at the Garden. We are two games away from winning the Stanley Cup. They need to win Monday Night at the Garden. They NEED to win...or it's over. May the Spirit of all the Old Bruins Teams come together to lift the Black and Gold to another come from behind victory!

And I know I'm still being selfish when I say that my sister is a HUGE Bruins fan and it would lift her spirits if they won! So let's hope they pull this off. GO BRUINS!


The first ESA contest of the season has been rescheduled for Saturday June 18th at 10th Street North Beach, Hampton, NH. Sign ups are at 7AM

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Cadagan June 16th, 2011!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alyson Savastano June 17th, 2011!

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Yesterday Local Surfers in Puerto Rico 1975
(Below) Back in the Day, PR was the easy getaway spot for Tropical surf trips. In those days Puerto Rico was still untapped for surf. It was always fun to gather your buddies and head down. Leaving the cold winters of New England for a tropical destination was always a welcome trip. Not much has changed. Except PR can be crowded these days. And there are other spots to surf down south. Cost Rica, Nica, Panama and so many more. But if you were one of the lucky ones to score PR in the early 70's you have some great memories. From left to right: Jeff "Wolfman" Kerr, Jimmy Castro, Bob Felsberg and the late Jim Clifford. Photo by Mike Keefe.
Click on the photo above to see the larger version.
Today- Wednesday June 8th, 2011 THE WALL Photos By RALPH

(Above) MVF blasting the Old Black Vinny thru the inside section. June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Kyle Linseman styling at the Wall. June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Tommy Hay getting some air time on June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Mike Stanek dropped by and shot around the 10th Street opening for about
20 minutes before leaving
. June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Kai Nichols was burning the treads off his new board. June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Nick Miller white on white slam. June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Joe McInnis
looking like a young Nick Miller. June 8, 2011.
Photo by RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Kyle went in and switched boards and turned it up a couple of notches.
June 8, 2011.
Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.
Today- EMPTY WAVES This Week...June 8th-11th 2011
Photos By RALPH

(Above) Dreamy looking glass on Wednesday afternoon.
June 8, 2011.
Photo By R
ALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

Trippy looking rain peak on Saturday afternoon. June 11, 2011.
Photo By R
ALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.
Today- "The DUG & RALPH Show" Episode 1. June 7th, 2011
Photos By RALPH

(Above) The New Odd Couple? Pretty close. DUG & RALPH share some waves on Tuesday, June 7th, 2011...oh yea this happened. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) DUG is a pure stylist
. Tuesday, June 7th, 2011. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Surfing is so unique. To have so many different characters who have their own style and attitude. DUG is clearly one of the most unique surfers I have ever surfed with. Tuesday, June 7th, 2011... Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery
Today- "The DUG & RALPH Show" Episode 2. June 11th, 2011
Photos By RALPH

(Above) This was the Rainy session. We both agreed that surfing in the rain is fun. Saturday, June11th, 2011... Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery

Dug styling in the rain. Saturday, June11th, 2011... Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery

Today- Week Of MOLLY's Waves June 5 thru June 11, 2011
Photos By RALPH, Hannah, and Max

This is a first. My shadow touching her name. June 6th, 2011
Photo By
RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) A small salute on a small wave. June 6th, 2011
Photo By
Hannah Vokey * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

My old skates...after my Molly wave I pulled these out for Good luck.
June 9th, 2011 Photo By Max Fatello
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Today- PHANTOM Files- June 8th, 2011 Photos By The Phantom

No one I know goes surfing the way the Phantom does. His surf sessions are so unlike anything that we do. They are all methodically plotted out in insane detail and he surrounds himself with a well versed crew, who
know their way around water crafts and the ocean that would rival Jacque Cousteau himself. I know. I've been out there. These guys do not mess around. A surf session to them is so foreign to us, it's really silly to try and explain it all. Suffice it to say, when they score good surf, it's well worth the hours of preparation that goes into it. When they get burned (which is quite rare) they still make the best out of each and every adventure. And make no mistake about it. The Phantom surf sessions are a true adventure. Photo By The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Tom Craig surfing a spot that most of you will never ever get to see let alone surf. June 8, 2011. Photo By The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) This was shot this week out west. My man David Powers is still scoring deep powder...he's be skiing this until July. Photo by David Powers
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

This look familiar? It ought to...from the archives. Photo by via the Net

* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) So many surf locations so little time to surf them all. Thank God for the Internet. Photo by via the Net

* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

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(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge RALPH presiding. CASE #113 BLATANT DROP IN OF
THE WEEK- This was shot this week! Black vs Black...
CLICK and SEE this Surf crime and the verdict. Photo by RALPH

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(Above) Special Fathers Day Column of all the surf dads from all over the globe.
This is from 2004 it's me and MVF. Photo by Betsy Cory. COMING NEXT WEEK!

(Above) Super Surf Dad Ken Linseman. Special Fathers Day Column. COMING NEXT WEEK! Photo by John Carden

(Above) Dave Cropper ...Fathers Day Special. COMING NEXT WEEK! Photo By RALPH

(Above) The MOST stoked surf dad of all Buck Rowlee. Coming Next Week. COMING Photo by John Carden

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Photos by RALPH

Today 2011
They Call Me "Lucky!"

(Above) We rescued this Snapping Turtle who was trying to swim out into the line-up
at 10th Street . Kyle Linseman and his girlfriend Heather relocated this snapper back into the marsh/pond where he belongs. Photo by RALPH

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