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June 1st , 2008

I have a confession to make. Actually I have a couple. First and foremost...(please forgive me)...I was secretly happy that waves finally stopped. I know, I flies in the face of what we are all about. By "we" I mean those of us who work in the surf trade, or whatever it is. I guess that's me. I'm as they say, "In the biz". The reason why I was glad the surf stopped should be obvious. I needed to get back to work. I mean, Homey here needs to work like the rest of you. In other words, my business was suffering due to the weekly swells. It would be one thing, if I was making
a killer living writing about this addiction of ours, but, that's simply not the case.

I needed to get back in the saddle and start earning again. Having the freedom to surf, and take photos of the surf, is a luxury. It does not however, pay my bills. Or rather, all of my bills. I need to supplement my income. I wear many hats here in my studio. I do it all. But unfortunately, one of those hats is, the 16yr old brain that still inhabits my body. The one where I throw caution to the wind and drop everything to go surf. The fact that I still do this at my age, should be a warning to all of you
youngins out there .

Be careful. Surfing can mess you up.

So I was glad the surf finally gave up. While I know there will be more coming, for the time being, I'm playing catch up. In fact, I know alot of you are in the same boat. Take advantage of this down time. Ain't no telling what kind of summer we might have.

It could be along the lines of our last Winter and Spring...or could be better. Man did I just write that? What the hell's wrong with me? See????" I've been damaged by the continuous swells, and now I'm writing nonsense.
Help me Mr Wizard!

All kidding aside. I keep hearing rumblings about the upcoming Hurricane season. Some say it's going to be bad (good for us) and others say it's going to be good (bad for us). And of course it's all based on the proverbial Global Warming. What is it with the two big world issues? The Global Warming and the Global War on Terrorism. Two big pains in the butt. On the former, we can almost control it, but the latter, is beyond our immediate means of controlling. All them little Terrorist babies are going to grow up hating us, and the rest of the civilized world. All we can do, is try and stop them from coming back here again.
So far so good...but...

...Keep yer fingers crossed.

So my second confession is...I have not actually watched a Celtics game until the last few. And having said that, I have to admit, I was clearly entertained, and even a bit apprehensive during the last two games. My friends, I had forgotten what exciting NBA basketball was all about. Now keep in mind, I am from the Days of Bird, Parrish, DJ, McHale, Ainge and the rest. I saw the best of Boston Celtics B-ball...and then I drifted away. Why? Who the hell knows? That was so long ago I forget, although it must of had something to do with the fact that Celtics suddenly became mortal.

And we New England fans can only take so much of mere mortal sports. I remember the same thing with the Bruins. The B's were the team back in the day. Now...? Well you know. I'm not going to talk about that Football team of ours (still not over it). The Sox are still worth watching of course...but I have to say...watching the Celtics the last two games was dam exciting.

So, I guess I'm a fair weather fan. And those are my two confessions. Please forgive me friends...or at the very least, cut me a little slack.

I do appreciate it.

Last week's column produced the most emails from you readers than ever before. And quite frankly, I was a bit surprised seeing how there was only one surf photo. I guess I struck a nerve in a lot of you with military ties in your families. The vast majority of you were very positive. In fact, 99.99% of you was positive. The only semi negative response was someone calling me out saying that I had one of the figures wrong. The KIA list on Iwo Jima to be exact.

And it was an honest mistake (albeit on their part, not mine). Once they realized the error of their way, things were good again. Not to rehash last week's column, but I think it's important to know, that the conservative figure of potential US losses that we would of sustained going into the Mainland of Japan was 1,000,000 US lives. That's ONE MILLION Americans. My father, and two of my uncles were poised and ready to go in. If my dad get's killed in that invasion?

You're not reading this. Think about it. No Ralph. No MVF.

That's simple math. Oh yea. Very simple. In fact, I'm sure that a lot of you had relatives ready to land in Japan before we dropped the Big One. And there's absolutely no question in my mind, that many of our lives would of changed had we had to fight the Japanese on their homeland.

War is Hell my friends.

No question about it. Evil lurks around every corner of this globe. We need to be ever vigil in our world. In our International surf travels and in our domestic travels. Pay attention.

One of the local surf families who just lost a WWII parent a couple of months ago recently lost their second parent. Yesterday Joan Marie Caisey the Mother of Chris & Jill Caisey passed away after a long illness. This has been especially hard on the Caiseys having just lost their dad a couple of months ago. And really, there's nothing to left to say now, except that on behalf our the ENTIRE surf community our thoughts and prayers are with you all. And we are all truly sorry for your loss. This is when your faith comes into play.

People find the Lord as a comfort when things are sad, and when they are good. Take comfort in your belief. There is strength in the power of love and closeness. Surely, there is something beyond this world. And to the Caiseys, there is some good in this, and that is, your mother is with your father again. In the Glorious Kingdom of the Lord.

Believe in the power of love.

Another close family tie with the surf community is going through something all too familiar with many of us. Mike and Sarah Cropper could use our prayers as Sarah's Mother battles an illness. Again, the power of Prayer and Love can help ease the pain and suffering. And help those who are holding these tender loving bedside vigils. Please say a prayer for Sarah's Mom and a prayer for Chris's Mom.

And then don't forget to tell those close to you that you love them. Don't wait until it's too late. Trust me, you do not want to leave any regrets behind, when something like this happens. And don't think for a moment it couldn't happen to you. None of us are getting out alive. We just don't know when.
A simple, I love you goes a long way.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday June 1975 Caley My Old Surf Dog
(Below) This was my old English Setter Caley. She was a good dog. Some day I'll write about the day she first
tried surfing...and believe it or not, it was all of her wanting and doing. She loved being at the beach. She
would wait by the water's edge to greet me when I was out surfing. Of course she greeted every surfer
until it was me. She lived to be 16yrs old. That's pretty good for a bird dog.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

2008 Today-May June , 2008

(Above) Nothing quite like getting a new board. Except getting a new board when there's surf. MVF a day
late and a dollar short on the swell scene, but still stoked with this new stick.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) This is such a pretty photograph. And it looks all natural to me. No photoshop tweaking.
How pretty is this? I want to dedicate this photo to Chris and Jill Caisey's Mom in heaven.
Photo by John Carden

(Above)Another spectacular photograph. Maybe the time away from the surf was a good thing after all.
This photo is for Sarah's Mom.
Photo by John Carden

(Above) A few weeks ago we had some surf...these are some of the photos we didn't use at the time due to
the heavy volume of photos. MVF embedded in the lip.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Local Hockey Star Gretsky out rocking before practice...I know Gretsky has a real name, but I only
know him by his nickname. Hey at least we got a pic of him surfing.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Gretsky redirecting as he ponders his next move. Go to Hockey practice? Or Keep surfing?
He stayed out. Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Gretsky you gotta be happy...3 pics in one week! Come on brother.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) OK put your mouse over this image and check it out. When Max and I saw this pic of Gretsky's
leaning cuttie we thought of one we have of me from 1988...check it out. Pretty funny eh?
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Empty bad do you want this now?
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Mackey cutting back at Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Jack Cadigan with a lip on his back, Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Empty lefts too..wasteful waves..
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Lenny playing the warp and roll. Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Lenny Nichols with plenty of Yellow to spare. Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) MVF wheeling back around at Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Kai Nichols grabs a rail and hangs on. #1 Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Kai Nichols feeling the pressure on his back...#2 Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Kai Nichols #3 in a mist of madness at Cementland.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) MVF having fun at the Cementland arcades.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) MVF out of tokens...*MVF traded this board in today. All you young Groms looking for a magic board
get down to Cinnamon Rainbows and scope it out.
Photo by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Jesse Gould LAX super freak blazing down the field with WHS LAX Coach Jon Gozzo pacing the sidelines. The WHS LAX team had a great season and made the Final Four. The first time in many years.
Photo by
R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) Hampton's own Jimmy Dunn and friends...look close...h-m-m-m...that's right the dude in the hat and
glasses is Mr Robin Williams. Jimmy shared the stage with him.
Photo courtsey of Jimmy Dunn

2008 Today-Winter Spring, 2008

(Above) Where is this? Just kidding...the shop get's ready for Summer.
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

(Above) Last winter...we thought it would never end.
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

(Above) Pretty colors...though it looks cold. But who cares?
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

(Above) Nice images Dan...this looks so familiar to so many of us.
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

(Above) Coming and going all winter long.
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

(Above) One wave, one rider, one day...2008 we are going to miss you.
Photo by Dan Tedeschi

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of Tom Curren. This was from a jam session that I got to play in.
This was in 1992 and it's from the SFOD Movie 99 to 90. Tom Curren is playing tomorrow night June 2nd Monday
at the IOKA in Exeter. They will be jamming and then showing the new flick WALKING ON WATER. I'll be there
and so should you...Tomorrow June 2nd Monday at 7:00PM...see ya there!
Video Frame grab by R. Fatello SFOD

2008 Today- West Coast and Hawaii Spring 2008

(Above) Kyle Howard still getting good days out west and his brother Corey is still shooting.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard playing the bounce as he works thru a section.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle backside darkness at Trestles...oh wait, is that a secret spot? Dam, sorry guys.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard working past the pleasure boats for a little pleasure of his own..
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Forceful bottom turn for Mr Kyle Howard.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Any real surfer knows what's coming next...Kyle Howard setting up for the jam.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) Kyle Howard bouncing around...wait, is that Uncle Robin's head in the foreground? Corey?
That Robink?...dam sure looks like him.
Photo by Corey Howard

(Above) There is no such thing as a flat spell on Oahu. There's always surf somewhere. And there you will find
Bernie Baker snapping off shots like these.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Here's something I will never do...or do intentionally.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Wheeling and dealing in da Tropics!
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) My back hurts just looking at this. Twisting in Spring conditions.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) This kid's all over the place. Local Rippa flying thru the air!
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) This guy looks like Casey Lockwood...but it's not. Who DA guy?
Photo by Bernie Baker


(Above) OK no way he made this...right? Casey Brown defying the odds.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Colorful trunk twist turn...this shit's wild!
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Sunset at Sunset...OK so maybe it gets small on the North Shore this time of year. But it sure is
pretty to look at. Aloha. Rest In Peace Mrs Caisey.
Photo by Bernie Baker


Today 2008 Parting Shot...Lady Bug Love

Above) John Carden sent me this pic and was all excited about it. He found these two Lady Bugs in his
backyard going at it. He snuck up on the two unsuspecting lovemaking couple and fired away. Apparently, they did not care if John was there...I just hope they have children, and they name one after John...nature at work.
Photo by John Carden




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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