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July 9, 2006

What a surprise today was. The surf actually came up. And it came up with conviction. We checked it throughout the day and it slowly but surely came together this afternoon. Max and I were going back and forth to the surf and our living room watching the World Cup Soccer Match between Italy and France. We watched the Italians beat the French and then went surfing. It was kind of neat watching the Italians beat the French. And I guess a part of me felt some kind of ancestral tribal pride. I am after all a descendant of the Romans. We're all from somewhere outside of these United States. My family hails from Rome. I guess that's where I got some of my earlier aggressive attitude from. It's also why I am midly amused watching the Sopranos. You know in their day, the Romans had quite a reputation. When those boys came marching into town, it was time to shut the doors and lock the windows. So, seeing them Italians get all worked up put a smile on my face. But only for a short period of time. Why? Because, like most of you, I'm an American. And I'd much rather see an American team beat any other team on the planet including the Italians. So I did what most Americans were doing this afternoon on the seacoast.
I went surfing.

How big was it? Well, that all depends on who you ask. I'd call it by the body parts. Waist to chest high with an occasional bigger set. And it was much warmer than last weekend when it was freaking freezing beyond belief. How cold was it last weekend? How does 48 degrees sound? Oh yes it was. It was so dam cold, I cut my foot and did not know how bad it was because my dam feet were like slabs of meat. Cold, Bloody, slabs of meat.

But the surf today was special. Mostly because it caught everyone off guard. Max and I surfed with Mattie Evans and his dad Rick and a handful of strangers. It was weird. I mean not to know anyone around me. Eventually I started to recognize faces and I can only assume that the word got out. Cellphones must of been lighting up the local towers, because it did fill in with a crop of pent up rippers. Funny how surf can do that to ya. Make you just jump out of your skin with anticipation. I couldn't paddle fast enough. I wanted to catch everything in sight and did manage to get a couple of really long rights on my yellow Semper Fi Longboard. Just seeing the warm blue green water shining through the setting afternoon sun was...well, it was like summer. It was like Summer Surfing.

It felt good to surf.

How long will this swell hang around? Ha! You all know as well as me, it could be gone as I write this. It might be here in the morning, then again, it could be long gone. I'll be on it first light though. With a belly full of fruit and cheerios and my veins running super strong caffeine. I'll have my Fish and my Longboard and several summer suits to choose from. And if it's still good, well, I'll have a big ole smile on my face.
From ear to ear. Just like the rest of you.


Hope you all had a good 4th of July. Too bad there was no surf. Or rather, too bad the surf was so small...and cold.
I managed to watch the Discovery Launch with my youngest daughter Noelle. That was pretty cool. I had forgotten how fast that thing goes. Yikes! My buddy Phil who lives near Orlando got to see the vapor trails go by his place. So cool. What a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July. With the first ever launch of the space shuttle on July 4th. That was historic.

I hope you took the time to see it.

And then, that idiot Kim Jong il from North Korea decides that he's gonna launch 6 missiles on our birthday? He's got missiles that can reach the United States. His goal is to put a Nuclear warhead on one of those bad boys and take it to the bargaining table. What's wrong with some dictators? Maybe someone should pull this little dweeb aside and let him know how much of a "Kook" he is. I mean have you seen this guy? He wears lifts in his shoes because he's only 3' 5" tall. He's got a totally wacked hairstyle, and he wears those old WWII uniforms. Come on Kim! Wake up dude! Maybe someone should take him surfing. I remember seeing a photo of decent surf in North Korea just a few months ago. Maybe if this whack job took up surfing he'd quit with the long range missile testing. Any volunteers?
But one thing's for sure, the world is less safe with people like this nut job around. And I do mean our world. You know, the surfing world we live in. Same with Iran's president. Another loose cannon.

I swear there are times when I stop and observe what's going on in the world today and think to myself, the only way this madness will ever stop will be because of one or two things. 1. God finally shows up and says "enough is enough". 2. Or, some Alien invasion takes place all over the world and they show us all how to get along, or else. Otherwise, it's only going to get worse, before it gets better.

I'm looking at this from a selfish objective. I have always wanted to surf 3 places before I die. The Ranch, J-Bay and Kirra. I've already surfed one of the two, and would really like to surf the others. But, I'd like to see the world settle down before I do. Is that too much to ask people?
World peace, so we can all sample the waves all over the world without the worry of Nuclear War and Terrorism?

Maybe it is...
Is this Summer shaping up to be like last summer? Hell No. But it's still early. Things could get better. Meanwhile check out last summer SUMMER 05 Promo poster.
It's in the Shops and available at my other site

The Sox are back on top! And the Patriots start in just 3 weeks. Are you ready for some football? Actually, I can wait. At least until our first real Hurricane hits.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1980 Scotty "Moulty Kid" Moulton
I can remember this day like it was yesterday. I had one of the many little water cameras of this time.
And I was out shooting all my friends. Scott Moulton caught this wave and went by me. Note the web
gloves for paddling power.
Scott is a good guy. He's married with three kids and he still surfs today.
I know he does, because I surfed with him today. Hope you like this shot Scotty.
Photo by SFOD R. Fatello


Today 2006 Meanwhile...Last week in Costa Rica
Johnny Reynolds and his son Perry went to Costa Rica with Ken Linseman and his son Kyle. These are some
of the 300 photos they brought back. Sometime next week, the Linseman boys will send me photos that they
have. Meanwhile, it does not take a whole lot of imagination to see that they boys scored. I mean they scored.
So if you see these guys out in the water in the next week or two, give them a nod and let them know that you
know how good they scored and then drop in on them for getting all those good waves while you had to suffer.
That's what I'm gonna do when I see em. Now why do I have to be so hurtful?
All photos by Alfonso

Johnny Reynolds not thinking about New England. Photo by Alfonso

Johnny Reynolds still not thinking about New England. Photo by Alfonso

Perry Reynolds taking a drop far from his New England home. Give it up for young Perry. This kid's only 13 or
14yrs old and that's a big wave. Just ask Kenny Linseman who's about to duck dive this thing.
Photo by Alfonso

Johnny Reynolds off the bottom of a beautiful wave. Photo by Alfonso

Perry Reynolds on a more forgiving fun day. Photo by Alfonso

Perry Reynolds having fun on his summer vacation. Photo by Alfonso

Today 2006 And...Last week in Central California
The Westies scored on yet another boat trip to places off the beaten path. Chambos firing on all cylinders.
Photos by Jeff Chamberlain

Doug Hendry pre-launch. Boat, boards, glasses and funky jacket. Doug's coming out to visit us next month.
I hope he gets some good waves when he gets here. Doug do us a favor though, and leave that funky camo
jacket in'll want to try and blend in around these parts. That coat's only gonna get you in trouble.

Photos by Jeff Chamberlain

Today 2006 Last week...Happy 4th Of July
John Carden shot these great shots from our July 4th Fireworks display on Hampton Beach last week.
Very cool Johnny...very cool...I can hear the BOOM now!
All photos by John Carden

Parting Shot Ask Crackie SUMMER 05 Interview
I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the interview in SUMMER 05 with this dude. Crackie.
According to Crackie, the SUMMER of 1905 was better than the Summer of 2005. One thing's for sure,
young Mackey V got the Snot slapped out of his nose by this Crackie Old Dude!
Video Frame Grab from SUMMER 05 SFOD






























































































































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