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July 30, 2006

Is July really over? Dam that was quick. And only two Tropical Storms so far...ALBERTO and BERYL. Let's hope things pick up in August. They ought to. Even our worse Summers produce decent Tropical activity in August and September. No, I'd say things can only get better (wave wise). The awful heat and humidity is something we'll all have to deal with. And I'm afraid things look worse before they get better. Don't let today's cool temps fool you. We're in for some nasty hot stuff this week. Get those AC units prepped, it's going to be in the high 90's and I've heard it could be breaching 100 by Wednesday. You know, when my wife and I bought our home here on the Seacoast in the 80's, the first thing I did, was have Central Air installed. Now most of my friends called me crazy (some still do, but for other reasons), I could only chuckle and say."Look, if I only need it for 2 days out of the summer, it's worth it to me." And it is. In fact, I don't think I've turned the dam thing off all summer. I'm not a big fan of heat and humidity. Unless there's surf to go with it. Otherwise, Homey don't play that game.

Late last week, I made my weekly notes about what I was going to write about this week. I do this every week. It helps me stay somewhat organized. I also check out other sites, especially the local sites to see what's happening in their world. Turns out, my friend Christian who runs NESURFARI had the same thought. It's shark week and I planned on writing about sharks this week. What's the old saying? Great minds think alike. I like Christian and his website is cool. Pay him a visit sometime and tell him I said hello.

Sharks in New England
. Do we have any? Ha! I love it when land lubbbers, and or, out of town kooks ask me if there's sharks out there. Here's what I tell em. "Stick your finger in the water and taste it. Is it salty? Then there's sharks out there." My friends, if you could see in the ocean the way we see in the air, you'd never go in the water. I mean think about it. We're in their Living room. It's their home. The ocean is full of wild creatures. And some of them, can kill you. Don't worry, the statistics are in your favor. Having a large shark eat and kill you, are rare. However, you could be bitten by one. And I don't know about you, but having a big shark bite me, is not my idea of a fun surf session. I don't care if he spits me out after the initial chomp. It's that first bite that gets you.

Besides, I'd be offended if a shark didn't find me good enough to dine on. What am I, chopped liver?


The following info is from New England
In coastal New England we have at least 15 shark species. The dominant large shark species likely to be caught by sport fishers on the north side of Cape Cod will be the blue, porbeagle, mako and thresher.
On the south side of the Cape, there will be those four species, plus an occasional tiger, dusky and sandbar shark (brown shark), and if you are lucky you might even see a white (protected) or a hammerhead specie.
During the summer basking sharks will be seen everywhere in New England waters, offshore and in shallow water near shore. And yes those pesky dogfish will be everywhere.

The only way I know of, to actually avoid being eaten by a shark while out surfing is really quite simple. "Always, always, always, take into the water with you, someone who swims slightly slower than you."

That particular rule will be in my new upcoming RALPH's RULES Handbook. By the way, I had quite a few emails from people from all over the planet about my potential Ralph's RULES Handbook. Apparently, some of you thought that I didn't know, that some surfing rules (actually printed) already exist. I know they do. However, my rules will cover surfing etiquette, both in, and out, of the water. And there are some rules, that I feel need to be told, that have, quite frankly, not been written yet. I plan on enlightening the masses. Don't worry my friends, these rules can only benefit us all. Who knows where this will lead? Today, Surfing Rules, tomorrow, I could broker a Peace Plan in the Mid East.

Speaking of which, have any of you seen the some of the news coverage in Tyre where the surf has been going off? It's the strangest thing to watch. Perfect surf, rolling onto beautiful sandy beaches, while rockets explode in the background. That would be like Surfing the Wall and watching the Main beach erupt in fire and flames. It would be crazy. And you all must know by now, there are surfers over there waiting to go out. I mean, talk about hassles. Imagine having to wait for the sirens to stop before you venture out to catch a few waves? Are you kidding me?
My dear friends, The world is truly wacked.

Thank you all who have purchased my latest movie. I'm glad you all dig it. SUMMER 05 Promo poster. The movie's in the Shops and available at my other site

Happy Birthday Vince and Mick Jagger.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1938 This New England White Shark Can Kill You
This photo was taken in Plymouth, MA in 1938. There have been White Sharks like this in New England since
the beginning of time. Note the cold weather clothing on everyone. Who says White Sharks never cruise in the
cold water. Someone forgot to tell this beast that bit of news.

Photo courtesy of New England


Today 2006 And This New England White Shark Can Kill You
This photo was taken in June 2005. Those are large sea birds you see swimming near this large beast.
This photo was taken off the coast of New England. White Sharks in New England? Look fool, they didn't
make the movie JAWS here for nothing. Wake UP and smell the chum kids. These bad boys are out there.

Photo courtesy of New England

Today 2006 More from last week's Tropical Storm Beryl July 21, 2006
We're still getting trickles of images from last week's TS Beryl. Better late than never, here's the latest batch
from Digi Lensman John "Don't Call me Big Cheese" Carden
All photos by John Carden

(Above) Where's the surf at?...They gonna ticket us here?

(Above) Oh Johnny I love this reminds me of last week's column. Can you say congested?

(Above) Can you see it? What? The empty little grinder. A crowd this thick and this little nugget snuck through.

(Above) Johnny captured someone on a head high right hander...h-m-mm doggy. Dat's cool.

(Above) Lefty Longboarder grabs a rail and streaks for the shoulder.

(Above) Danny Woodruff gets a Beryl nice right...

... (Above) Nanny Island Grom Danny Woodruff bangs one off of Beryl's lip.

(Above) Danny Woodruff blasts another Beryl section.

Today 2006 Some More of Tropical Storm Beryl July 21, 2006
Here's a whole new perspective on what Beryl brought us. These were all taken by Lenny Nichols. Cool as
cool can be and very artistic too. Nice Lennny...very nice.
All photos by Lenny Nichols

(Above) Lenny captured this shot as Beryl arrived in early in the AM...

(Above) Lenny's sky eye view of Beryl

(Above) I love this shot. Check out the natural reflection pool

(Above) Yes, this is from Beryl too. Sometimes ya gotta open yer eyes kids.

(Above) It's another Nichols reflection image.

(Above) Do you just drive by scenes like this and not pay any attention to it? All you and your buddies are
thinking about is the surf? H-m-mmm I thought so. Lenny taking the time to smell the roses.

Today 2006 The Evans Go To Costa Rica 2006
Here's a series of photos from last Spring when local surf family Evans hit the big boat for a trip to Ollies Point.
*I reference this trip in my new movie SUMMER 05.
All photos by Damian Houde

(Above) It's the youngest of the Evans boys...Mike going through a nice Ollie section.

(Above) It's Big Daddy Rick Evans backside at Ollies

(Above) Rick Evans putting his new hips to good use at Ollies

(Above) Matt Evans setting up a nice section at Ollies...look at how perfect this wave is.

(Above) Matt Evans again at Ollies.

Today 2006 The Phantom Strikes Again!
Just when you thought the Phantom had slipped off the radar, he sends in these nuggets.
Photos courtesy of Kaptain Krump and the Phantom

(Above) Krumpland looking all glassy and sassy like.

(Above) Kaptain Krump finds this nugget and swallows the map.

(Above) This a left or a right? I'm guessing left. Krumpsters glassing off.

(Above) If you've never done this, you need to do it once before you die. It's called stoke.

(Above) Gliding along in Kallyfornia....Krumpland.

(Above) Young-in Krumping in Kallyfornia....Krumpland

Parting Shot -Don't Forget To Wipe Your Butt.
Unidentified butt wipe during Tropical Storm Beryl. Oh the humiliation.
Photo by John Carden

























































































































































































































































































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