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July 23, 2006

B-B-B-B-B-B-ERYL! B-B-B-B-BERYL...Wow...that was fun. Actually the whole dang week was fun. In fact, it's still fun. Don't know for sure what caused those waves today, but it sure was fun out there. Even if we had to share them with close to 200 people in the water. Oh yea, 200 easy. Never seen it that crowded. Ever. It was wall to wall congested with everyone from the local crew, to the Out Of Town Clueless. It was Nuts. It really got me thinking again (oh oh). It's time I did something for the good of surfing again. So, I've decided to write my own handbook of rules. I'm gonna call it "Ralph's Rules". I figure all the shops can hand them out when they rent boards and or sell em to beginners. I'm even going to illustrate it. Yes I can draw. I painted that wave at the top of this page. Yep, gonna write 50 rules all about surfing. It will be very informative as well as humorous (especially to all my friends). Who knows, I may even save a life or two. Heck I might even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. You never know.

One thing I do know is, there are a lot of people in wetsuits who are laying on all kinds of boards that have absolutely no clue as to which way is up, or down out there. Someone has got to stand up and lend a hand. My friends, that someone is me.

You know, Surfing is the only sport I know of where anyone can paddle out at any break, anywhere in the world on any given day. It's crazy. Can you imagine if anyone of us suddenly jumped out onto a baseball field and started playing next to the Red Sox? "Hey Manny, do you mind if I catch this next pop up?" Or what if one of us jumped out onto the Football field at a Pats game. "Hey Brady, how about throwing me the ball on the next play?" Or imagine Tiger Woods playing golf and suddenly some Kook golfer decides he wants to play on the same green or fairway that Tiger is playing on. I bet you can't imagine any of it. Yet, that's exactly what's going on out in the water. Anyone can paddle out because there are NO rules. It's true. Even 7x World Champ Kelly Slater has to put up with it. Can you imagine? Kelly getting ripped off by some Canadian tourist? Well, if Kelly was out at the Wall this afternoon, he would of been pulling his hair out. What's that? He has no hair? You're missing the point.

In Skiing they have color coded symbols for skiers and boarders to follow. In surfing they have nothing. I mean if they had color coded wetsuits and boards for beginners, and there was a designated area for beginners, we might have some kind of order out there. But we don't. It's a free for all. There's nothing to tell them the do's and don'ts of surfing. Nothing until now that is. Come next September, I expect Ralph's Rules to be the most popular reading material on the beach. Ralph's 50 Rules of surfing. How's this for Rule number one? 1. Stay away from Ralph. What the's Rule number 50. Don't forget Rule Number One.

Look, I'm kidding...sort of. Don't be surprised if I get motivated and put something like this out. After all, I'm just trying to be helpful. You know, help a brother out.

Ralph's Rules...

Last Sunday I wrote that we were looking forward to picking up our buddy Kyle Howard from California. When Max and I met him at the airport his first question was "How's the surf been?" We had to tell him the truth. "It stinks". But the very next day, the surf came up, and much to all of our has been good everyday since. I overheard Kyle on the phone talking to his brother Corey tonight..."I swear the surf has been good everyday! It's been good and glassy and...the water has been warm." Now, I don't know why we've suddenly had waves everyday, but I do know that good things happen to good people. Kyle's a good kid. The whole family is good. The surf Gods have smiled down on all of us this week. Maybe it's because Kyle is here visiting. Maybe it's because some old friends are back in town. Duffy McCarthy is home as well as his brother Tim. Or maybe it's because Chris Valhouli has moved back to town. Heck, maybe it's all of the above. Lord knows they are all good people. Which is what I said earlier. Good things happen to good people.

The only down side to the week of waves was the Thunder and Lightening on Friday. And can I just say something here people? If there's actually lightening in the sky and there's surf, you really should get out of the water. There were so many people out surfing during the peak of that storm that it freaked us out. Lightening can kill you. Does everyone get that? Lightening can kill your ass dead. It killed local surfer Rick Kenney about 12 years ago now. It is no joke. It killed a lifeguard about 13 years ago on the main beach. It's no joke. I know, I was hit by lightening. Whenever we see the early warning signs of thunder and lightening we get our kids out of the water and our friends too. If I thought everyone in the water would listen to me, I'd get you all out. But I know that's not going to happen.

So when the wild weather comes...get out of the water. Please. Do it for your family and friends. There's always going to be another wave. But if you're dead? Well, there's no guarantees about what the surf is going to be like where your going when you die. It could be good. Or it could be flat. And hot. As in, burning fire hot.

The ESA-NNE even got to finally hold a contest. It did rain throughout the day. Rain? It was a downpour unlike anything I've ever seen in a contest. Drenching rains. Wild weather for sure. But at least Director Lenny Nichols got his first contest of the season under his belt. Cinnamon Rainbows sponsored the event and everyone who competed and shop guy Dave Cropper was on hand giving away the trophies and prizes at the end of the day. Then he went off to play rock and roll with his band KING's HIGHWAY. Who by the way is featured in my new movie SUMMER 05 as one of the DVD extras.

If you want to see the surf from last summer or the Rock band I was just mentioning go here. SUMMER 05 Promo poster. The movie's in the Shops and available at my other site

Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary Kevin and Kim Grondin!

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace.
Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1976 The After Surf- Skateboard Crew
This photo was taken in Exeter, NH. The boys are all chomping down on Apples after skating a few choice
secret spots in the neighboring town of Exeter NH. From left to right: Ken Sakurai. In his day one of the best
surfers to ever surf these waters. He still surfs on occasion. Standing with the white hat is Dickie Burns. A
longtime surfer who still surfs. Next to him (half hidden) Joe Somogyi a longtime local surfer/skater who absolutely
loved surfing . He passed away in 1978. Standing next to Joe is John Taylor (JT). JT still surfs and goes out of his
way to avoid any crowd. Kneeling with the bellbottoms is Jason Hammer. Owner and originator of Hammer Skateboards. A longtime Hampton Surfer who eventually moved to Hawaii is currently serving in IRAQ. He's a
Lt. Col in the US ARMY and he still surfs to this day. And make no mistake about it. Jason was and is a great
surfer. He will be in IRAQ for one year. Please say a prayer for him and all the other brave Americans serving our country in a War zone. Next to Jason is Jeff "Berts" Obst. I recently heard from Jeff. He's been living in California
and is just getting back into surfing after a long layoff. He says he reads this column every week.

Photo courtesy of Jason "The Rat" Hammer


Today 2006 The Grondins Family Vacation Last Week in Fiji
Most of us have never been to Tavarua. Still, we've all seen photos and we've all drooled over the images.
Our friends the Grondins recently returned from this Dream Trip of a lifetime (after surfing in Hawaii for a week).
Here's a few photos to share with you all.
All photos courtesy of the Grondins (Kim) and Mark (no last name) July 2006

The Doctor slotted at Restaurants
All photos courtesy of the Grondins (Kim) and Mark (no last name) July 2006

The Doctor's son Kody on a beautiful left in Tavarua...Kody has got to be one stoked Grom on this wave
All photos courtesy of the Grondins (Kim) and Mark (no last name) July 2006

The Doc's daughter Leah on a heaving left at Restaurants...this is a great wave for anyone one of us, let alone
a young 16yr old girl from Hampton, NH Photo courtesy of the Grondins (Kim) and Mark (no last name) July 06

Kevin Grondin doing what he does best. Rocking and rolling on rocking lefthander
All photos courtesy of the Grondins (Kim) and Mark (no last name) July 2006


Today 2006 Tropical Storm Beryl July 21, 2006
We might not have gotten BIG Surf up North here, but we did get some warm Summer Fun. These are all
video frame grabs from last Friday night. After the Lightening passed through.
Video Frame Grabs by SFOD R. Fatello

Adam Coates "Floats the boat".Video Frame Grab SFOD

Kyle Howard bangs the lip and makes the freefall.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Dougie Fresh Blasting One.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Zak tippy toe thru the inside.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Mike Moran "heels over".Video Frame Grab SFOD

Kyle Howard throws one up into the lip.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Mike Moran nose glide.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Lenny Nichols 1-2 lefty.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Kai Nichols heading the opposite direction from pop.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Nick Miller floats thru a section Video Frame Grab SFOD

Mackey V blasts one loose. Video Frame Grab SFOD

Mike Moran 'One Step Beyond' Video Frame Grab SFOD

Zak cross stepping his way home.Video Frame Grab SFOD

Kyle Howard off the bottom and cutting back.Video Frame Grab SFOD


Today 2006 Jeff Jones goes Big in Costa Rica
Just in case you didn't get enough of the CR pics from the last two weeks. Here's local New England boy
Jeff Jones steep and deep in CR. Photos courtesy of Jeff Jones



This is young Kody Grondin experiencing the full speed and power of Tavarua. I'd trade places with him if it
meant I got to surf the other great waves he got on this trip. No question. I'd be all over it.
Photo courtesy of the Grondins

























































































































































































































































































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