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July 26th, 2008 SURF ART WEEK

Long before I took my first photo of a wave or a surfer, I was drawing them. Mostly doodling in school, on my book covers and note paper. Getting in trouble from time to time. Like when my teachers would catch me.

"What are you doing there Ralph?" a Teacher would ask.
"Nuthin". I'd answer.
"Really, so you won't mind showing the rest of the class?" She'd come back with.
"Well..." I -I-I-I-I-I...d-d-don't think they'd like t-t-t-to see it." I'd stutter (yes, I had a slight stuttering problem when I was young). "Nonsense Ralph, let's show the class what you've been doing while I was up here discussing the French and Indian War." She'd demand, as she pulled me up out of my seat and showed everyone my doodle.
"Well what is it?" She'd ask. "It's a surfer." I'd answer. "A surfer? There's no surf around here, why would you be drawing surfers?" That's when I'd look over at my school chums who surfed, and grinned from ear to ear.

Sound familiar? Drawing waves on every and any surface was something I always did. Always. Hell, I still do it. Doodling...letting my mind wander,and just drawing waves. Mostly fashioned after the late Rick Griffin's work. I loved Griffin's stuff. He was the best of my generation. And his early MURPHY cartoons had me and my friends mesmerized for hours on end. It was such a cool time to be a surfer and an artist.

One of my biggest regrets in life was losing all those early surf drawings. I don't know what happened to them, but I sure would love to see them again. Some of those early drawings of me and my friends, drawn like Murphy Characters, surfing on the North Shore of Northern New England, were classic.

There's something special about Surf Art. And especially those of us, who are lucky enough to create it. Now don't get me wrong here. There's no shortage of talent and creativity when it comes to photography or rather, surf photography. We've got some true talent living among us that produce some pretty amazing work. From Nevins, Baker, Carden, O'Connell, Crawford, Nuzzolo, Shipley and Nichols, the list goes on and on....
And I defy anyone to tell me, that some of their Photography is not borderline museum quality art.

Because it is.

There truly are so many talented photographers out there. But honestly? Ever since I started this annual Surf Art column a few years ago, the Raw Surf Art Talent has emerged. And I for one, really enjoy it.

And judging by the response from my call to art, so do a lot of you. I think and honestly believe, that every surfer should have some kind of surf art in their home. You owe it to the creative souls who create it, as well as your own creative eye. That wave that sits on the top of my page every week, is actually a large 8' x 5' painting, that hangs in our Living Room. And let me tell you my friends, there's not a single day that goes by, that when I am sitting in my Big Ole Big Handsome Daddy leather chair ,staring at that painting, that my imagination runs amuck.

Cuz it does.

And that my friends, is what this particular Surf Art column is all about.

The spirit of imagination. From those who create this stuff to those who simply enjoy it. And, if you are one of those individuals who support the arts, by actually buying some of these works of art...well God Bless you.

Because, on behalf of all the artists out there, we thank you. Being an artist is a difficult occupation. I mean the "Starving Artist" line does have some merit.

There's lots of starving artists out there.

And I suppose, there's lots of quirky peculiar artists as well. Let's face it. Artists and surfers are an odd bunch for sure. Same with photographers and videographers. Hell, you have to be. Think about what we all do. Chasing these dam storms around, all for that one fleeting moment of the best dam feeling in the world. For sure it's magical.

So for artists, we chase those swells around in our imagination. And we create this stuff, because of the surfer in us. And it's certainly not because, of creating art, for the sake of art. It's simply because, of our addiction and passion for the ocean and everything about it.

We're just feeding the addiction.

Because, we're surfers, creating surf art.


And because Surf Artists are that rare combination of energy and emotion, some of them, chose not to submit their art this week. Maybe it's because of their busy schedules, or maybe, it's because, they feel that their work is inferior. I don't know. But I do know this. We are not here to judge your work. Just like we don't judge the weekly photos and the ability of each surfer.

This is not a Surf Art Contest.

There will be no judging and awarding of Ribbons for Best Painting or Carving. Hell No. Ralphie don't play that game. Instead, there is just praise for your work and a deep appreciation of what you did. My own wife Cory was reluctant to show her art. It's a ceramic painting that sits on our kitchen counter. And I absolutely love it. I can see clearly where the surfing lifestyle has rubbed off on her. You can see that she truly enjoys the beauty of an empty wave and a good surfer.

Anyone can create surf art.

In fact, check out the Ralph's Clip of The Week Clip for a quick art lesson. Anyone can create surf art. And here's the secret kids. It's all stored away in your memory bank. Think about how many waves you've seen in your life. Just stop and think about that. How many waves have you paddled by? A hundred? Hell no, way more. Thousands? More like tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands.

A million waves? Maybe. Some of you could have.

That shit is stored away somewhere in the back of that squash you carry around on your shoulders. I don't mean to be crude here (well maybe a little), but the truth is, all those waves you've seen, up close and personal, has left it's embedded mark on your brain. In other words (for all you computer geeks), those waves left their cookies on your hard drive.

All those waves. If you close your eyes, you can see 'em. And if you can do that...well Crackie, you can draw em.

Still, I would of loved to share with you, some of my favorite local Surf Artists who missed this year's deadline. But we can't so...I guess there's always next year.

Still there's the amazing Jim Shubert who has sent in some really nice pieces. One he was painting while Max and I were out surfing. I'm buying that one piece to go with the other Shubert I have, that ironically he was painting as I stepped out of the water. It's like surfing a good session and seeing a photographer there. You can only hope that he got a photo of you. With the artist. You know he captured the session.

And speaking of Max. He once again submitted another wacked out surf cartoon. I love his wacked style and can completely relate to it, because of my own cartoon history. I loved drawing surftoons when I was his age. I'm happy to see the torch being passed down. Just like the surfing itself and videography. His surftoon stuff has made me both proud and caused me discomfort.

Now I know, how my own parents felt, when they saw my crazy ass cartoons. I remember how my Mom thought there was something wrong with me. My dad used to laugh. But Mom, would shake her head and dismiss it as child's play. Which is what it was really.

Any ways...hope you all enjoy the 2008 SURF ART Blog.

DON'T FORGET. CLICK HERE for THE SURF FREE FOR OUR AMERICAN HEROES session on August 22nd at 10th Street from 10AM-3PM . These are Vets wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan who want to try surfing. All the shops, SFOD and POST 35 along with several other local surfers, will host the WOUNDED WARRIORS project when they come to town.

This is ALL ABOUT the wounded veterans (and their families) from the Global War on Terror coming to Hampton to try surfing! How cool is that? We will be looking for help. If any of you surfers are credited life savers we need you. Please contact me by clicking this link.

Ralph's Pic Of The Week. Thank you.

*Also there's a change coming soon in the format of this weekly blog. We are getting rid of the crazy scrolling deal, with the double scolling.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday 1978 Left Hand Barrel For Bruz and Kate by Vince
(Below) This is an early wave painting that I did for two friends. It was a wedding gift. I told them that if the
marriage dissolved, I would want the painting back. It's hanging in my office about 15 feet from where I am
typing this. This early attempt at capturing the "In the Tube " look ,now seems primitive. Still, I remember
how I felt when I finished it. It felt good. Like a good wave should.
Acrylic on canvas by R."Vince" Fatello

2008 Today-July 26th, 2008 Tony's Lefts by Ralph Fatello

(Above) Check it out. I finished this yesterday. And guess what? The owners of this painting Tony & Lynne
have not seen it yet. Inspired by a recent session that I shared with Tony. They are good friends who share
this mutual love for the surf. I'm hoping that they are reading this right now! Hope you guys like it.
Acrylic on canvas by Ralph G. Fatello

(Above) I got some paint pens from Crop and decided, what the hell? Why not? I pity the fool who drops in on
me with this new board. That's an M-14, a K-Bar and two CH-46' wife and daughters recoiled in horror when they saw this. Mackey thought it was cool. It's a guy thing.
Paint Pens on a Surfboard by Ralph G. Fatello

(Above) Ceramic Curl
Acrylic on ceramic by Cory B. Fatello

(Above) Harry's Fatback Barrel. My good friend Harry Manzi once caught a bomb on the North Shore
of Oahu. I got in on movie film. This wave was inspired by that ride.
Acrylic on canvas by Ralph G. Fatello

(Above) Bagel Bomb's REVISITED. They took all the graffiti down and placed a couple of plants next to her
She looks like she did when I did this on July 26, 1998. 10 years ago.
Acrylic Mural at JB's Bagel in Hampton by Ralph G. Fatello

(Above) Wood Carvings by Erik Zak. In all the Surf Art out there today, I find Eric Zak's Wood Carvings to be
the most unique and Original Surf Art on the planet. YOU NEED TO HAVE ONE OF THESE.
Call him (603) 997-6902 directly and look for the new Website this week.
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) That's a headboard to a local surfer's bed. Erik Zak's woodcarvings. Call and order one (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) Erik Zak's woodcarvings. Call and order your own custom wave (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) Erik Zak's woodcarvings. (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) Surf Art. Inspired by Surfing. The work shop. (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) Surf Art. (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) Unique one of a kind Surf Art. Surf Wood Carvings. (603) 997-6902
Wood Carving by Erik Zak

(Above) "Rye Rocks," oil on canvas. Corey's one of our New England homegrown surfer/artists who lives and
surfs in California with his younger brother Kyle. Clearly, Corey is still influenced by his roots here in NH.
Painted by Corey Howard

(Above) "Stan Bocko," oil on canvas. Corey's tapping into our history by this painting from an old photo
of Stan The Man Bocko at one of the premiere point breaks here in NH..
Painted by Corey Howard

(Above) SURF ART acrylic on a recycled board . Cool perspective Jenn Some deep blues in there.
Painted by Jenn Hogg.

(Above) "Tunnels "Oil on Canvas property of the Nichols family.
Painted by Anthony Curro

(Above)The cliffs of Heradura' by Paul 'Ricky' Aho 1984. acrylic on canvas property of the Nichols family.
Painted by Rick Aho

(Above) Kai's Clam. Paint on a clam shell.
Painted by Kai Nichols

(Above) My sister Donna has a place on the Cape and she takes her grandson Jaiden surfing here.
Marconi Beach, Cape Cod oil on canvas.
Painted by Donna Baldassari.

(Above) Donna's a good painter and she and her husband Michael love the Cape.
Welfleet, Cape Cod oil on canvas.
Painted by Donna Baldassari.

(Above) My landlocked farmer friend Geoff, who finds his way to the ocean once a year, sent this in.
He didn't say who did it, or what the medium is, or what the title is. I can't really blame him. He was
recently hurt in a rope swinging beer guzzling contest. Very nice though...don't you think?
Courtesy of Geoff Haenn

(Above) Geoff's young niece Stephanie painted this. Now, I'm gonna go out on a limb here, but I think the
subject matter is none other than uncle Geoff. I recognize that Hillbilly style. All kidding aside, Geoff is a great surfer, and he
and his wife Lori, are full on hardcore snowboarders and surfers.
Painted by Stephanie Haenn


(Above) Fox Hill. Another beautiful day in New England. Jim painted this during BERTHA last week.
*Property of the Fatello Family. Acrylic on canvas. Painted By Jim Shubert

(Above) First One Out. Acrylic on canvas. Painted By Jim Shubert


(Above) Sunrise Shower . Acrylic on canvas. Painted By Jim Shubert

(Above) Morning Glory. Acrylic on canvas. Painted By Jim Shubert

(Above) Moby Dick. Acrylic on canvas. Painted By Jim Shubert

(Above) Donovan*Check out the surfer in the hair.... Clay. Sculptured By Jim Shubert

(Above) Dude. Clay. Sculptured By Jim Shubert

(Above) Sweet Dream. Clay. Sculptured By Jim Shubert

(Above) Paper Cut Out of Belinda Baggs by Jeff Frigon . Beautiful. I really like this.
Surf Art by Jeff Frigon

VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of Ralph giving a quick "Doodle Lesson. "
Video Frame grab by R. Fatello SFOD

(Above)" Peaks" 6x6_peaks Acrylic on canvas. This is such a neat little painting. This reminds me of
somewhere that I've been.
Painted by Johna Klebenov

(Above) "Lannies" by "CHIP" Oahu. 18 x 28 oil on canvas note the sign JH MH property of LT. Col Jay Hammer.
OK this is my favorite wave on Oahu's North Shore. Jay if you ever decide that you don't want this anymore
please call me...I love this.
Painted by Chip

(Above) "China Beach" Back in September I went to California to attend a Surfer's paddle for all Vietnam Veterans. I met a surfer/veteran/writer from New York, Joe Giannini. His son is an artist. Here's a few pieces
of his work that he illustrated for his dad's story.
Illustration by Gianninni

(Above) "Kahuna"
Illustration by Gianninni

(Above) "Drowning"
Illustration by Gianninni

(Above) Before during and after the paddle a bunch of us hung out near one of the local vet's design
studio. His name is Jerry Anderson. He's an amazing person who is super talented. He put the Memorial
Paddle together. This is painted on the side of a building near his shop.
Artist and medium unknown.

(Above) A board in Jerry Anderson's design studio.
Artist and medium unknown.

(Above) Check out the cool graphic illustration on the left of this banner. Jerry's company did this.
Artist and medium unknown.

(Above) A board that Jerry Anderson's design studio designed and donated.
Artist and medium unknown.

(Above) The other side of the same building. Across from Jerry Anderson's design studio.
Artist and medium unknown.

(Above) While I was in California, I went to Laguna Beach to catch the Rick Griffin Exhibit.
It was in a word....Breathtaking. The man was truly gifted.
Photo of poster R. Fatello SFOD

(Above) The late great Pat Tobin painted so many beautiful surf art paintings. Here's a small sample.
Painted by Pat Tobin

(Above) Beach Waves by Pat Tobin, oil on canvas.
Painted by Pat Tobin

(Above) Nexpa by Pat Tobin, oil on canvas.
Painted by Pat Tobin

(Above) Rincon by Pat Tobin, oil on canvas.
Painted by Pat Tobin

Today 2008 PARTING SHOT- Meet the "K Man"

Above) The K Man is all knowing. He is no slave to fashion and he surfs his own way. Don't get in the
K-Man's way. Black marker on Paper by Max Vincent Fatello













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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