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July 13th, 2014 The RUN is 18 out of 19 Weeks
Waist high or better, at least once a week. There was waist
high surf Wednesday July 9th & Thursday 10th, 2014.
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Saying Goodbye to another close friend.
John "JT" Taylor passed away on July 6th, 2014.
He was 60 years old and had surfed around these
parts since the late 60's.

I was still having a hard time dealing with the sudden loss of local legend Ed O'Connell when I heard the news about JT. Losing two ICONS in the same week? This is unprecedented. I don't ever recall anything like this ever happening in our small surfing community.

First Ed and now "JT". Just incredible losses to our surfing community. The residue of of TS Arthur's waves and the tears of losing Ed O'Connell had not yet dried, and now this. I don't know how much more our surf community can handle.

Here's what I do know. We all need to be strong and step up when we have these paddles for these two legends. We need to show our true New England colors. As surfers and as friends, we need to do what's right. If we are truly a tribe, then we must act like one.

Thankfully I had the fortunate luck to know JT for well over 40 plus years. I don't even know where to begin. And I am not alone. There are so many local surfers who knew JT. And all of them had special relationships with him. So I can only touch upon my own experiences though, they may mirror what others know about him as well.

First off, it would be a safe bet to say that JT was a very funny individual. And, it would also be a safe bet to say that some of his humor was caustic and sarcastic. But once you were in and under the fold of his non stop slinging of semi hurtful barbs, you would actually get the beauty and timing of his humor. But make no mistake, he could be brutal if you were on the wrong side of his humor.

And I was. Many times. Too many times. But I was also on the good side of his warmth and generosity. And more importantly, I have witnessed his incredible surfing for all of those years. And that man could surf. And anyone who REALLY knew him, KNOWS that he was a force out at the Rocks.

Nobody had a cutback like JT. NOBODY. He was just too big a man and he was so powerful in his turns. His bottom turns and his deep open face carves were legendary. But if there was one iconic trademark move of JT's, it would have to be his kick out. His kick-outs were done with Force and Conviction. It was such a statement to see him jam that tail for his final move. You could spot it a mile a way. I know you JT friends know what I'm talking about.

His line-up banter was all time as well. You had better have some thick skin if you were sitting out on the boil with JT during his prime. Because you were not going to get a wave if you were hedging or
just not a familiar face.

You had to earn your spot in the pecking order.

Old time surfers like Jay Hammer, Greg Smith, Jay Gould, Kevin Grondin, Steve Clark, Stan Bocko, Stan Chew, Jon Grady, Rick Evans, Bob McNeil, Allen Bigbee, Steve Magliano, Johnny Meehan, Peter Stokes, Lenny Nichols, Mike Rosa, Surfer Crow, Johnny Reynolds, Gary and Billy Ritchie, and the Keefe boys all know what I'm talking about.

And the younger kids (who are no longer young) Dave Cropper, Mike Paugh, Steve O'Hara, and the newer guys like Markey J and everyone else who came up through the ranks. You had to earn your waves. But he was fair enough about it. l know the younger crew who are now dominating out there know this. Casey Lockwood, Mikey Moran, Jesse Gould, Wes Rogers, Max Fatello, Mike Stanek, Matt Colby, Toby Parke, Kody Grondin, Perry Reynolds, and Kai Nichols just to name a few.

And trust me this is ONLY a few. I'm not gonna try and name every surfer that surfed with JT you'll just have to accept that.

Besides, this is about JT...not you. And let's not forget those who have since passed on who surfed with JT. Joe Somogyi, Jim Clifford, and Todd Ross.

My point is there are dozens maybe 100's of surfers who have surfed and hung out with JT and you all have your own experiences with him. I would ask that you talk about him to others. Let them know who he was and how he surfed. That's how memories live on. We have to share them. WE have to tell their stories.

The year after Joe died, JT and I went into a tail spin. We were lost without him. We both agreed that a surf trip might help us heal. We wanted to go Troppo so JT picked out this small Island in the Caribbean called Tortola. It was one on the BVI chain of Islands. Somehow JT was tuned into the fact that there was surf there. We didn't know where we were going or where the surf was. But we got our shit together and made it happen.

January 21st, 1979 we landed in Roadtown in Tortola BVI.

The first week we slept in a tent in the jungle near a beach break. We got eaten alive by mosquitoes and sunburned pretty badly. Somehow we stumbled onto a place called Little Apple Bay and we met two surfers from California. Jeff Chamberlain and Sam George. We instantly hit it off. Mostly because those two guys couldn't believe the shit they were hearing from us. I'm sure they had some good laughs about our Northern exploits. This was during the punk rock era and I was sharing stories with them about the RAT in Boston at the time.

They were horrified at my stories. And they were amused at JT's caustic humor and massive frame and beard. They called him Bigfoot. But the kidding all stopped when they saw JT surf. They were like "Where are you guys from again? New Hampshire? Isn't that near the North Pole?" That trip was for most of us, the BEST
Surf trip of our young surfing lives.

We came back with a new lease on life. And a deep appreciation of contemporary surfing, because Sam George was at the time, the best surfer we had ever seen. He was the real deal. We got smaller boards and and a whole new attitude. I remember Sam holding my 7'8" Robert August saying "Ralph this is for like Waimea!" I was embarrassed but listened closely. But it was true. We were riding boards in the mid to late 70's that were really meant for Hawaiian surf.

We all wanted to be Gerry Lopez. Ha! We were all developing as we went along. Keep in mind, there was no Internet. No VHS tapes. Nothing. The only time we saw a surf movie was when one came through the coast each summer. Otherwise we had to look at the magazines. And we did.

And JT got better and better at the Rocks. His surfing there was legendary all through the 80's and the 90's and well in the next century. He was STILL the man out there. And he became more of a man by getting married to Abbey Weiner and then he became a father with the arrival of their beautiful daughter Brooke.

Life was good for JT. It was all laid out in front of him. He had found love and happiness, and was raising a family here on the seacoast, and still had plenty of time to surf. He did take more tropical surf trips one of which was an awakening of sorts.

JT, Jay Gould, Johnny Meehan, and Peter Stokes all went to Fiji to surf the infamous "Cloudbreak" on Tavarua Island. I heard the stories and they are legendary. Unfortunately, those guys don't think like I do. There is no documentation of the Fiji trips to share.

Suffice it say, they got huge surf during their stay. HUGE SURF.

I was so excited just hearing about it from all of them. It was another one of those surf trips that stay with you for the rest of your life. He came back from Fiji with a deep appreciation of Left Point breaks. The next time the Rocks was going off, JT put the petal to the metal and was killing it out there. Like he didn't?

I shot the many years JT surfed here. I shot and documented many of his waves and I plan on getting them all out so that his friends and family can share them.

It does not seem right, nor is it fair that he is gone from this world. His cancer was only 9 months into his life when it finally took him. Hard to believe anything could take that man down. But if I have said once, I've said a million times, there's always something out there that can jump up and bite you. The "Cancer" bit JT, and bit him hard.

We have all heard the saying: "Life is short."

Well, it can be for some. My advice to any of you who are holding grudges, or in some funk with a friend, or family member that you no longer speak to, or get along with, is to just simply say the magic words that so many people have a hard time saying.

And that is "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I do love and respect you. And our relationship is more important than our minor differences."

Rest In Peace JT. I won't ever forget you. And I will help remind everyone who reads this blog about your time here. I will tell them
how great of a surfer you were, and how wonderful of a person you truly were.

I will tell them in words. In photos. In videos. I promise I will.

Me and JT on the trip of a lifetime. January 1979.

"Surfing Heals All Wounds"

Ed's Corner pic this week is one of my favorite's. It's Johnny Meehan at the ROCKS in 2009. Love this shot, and so does
Johnny. Each week I will feature one of Ed's great pics from
this blog.
Photo by Ed O'Connell
*Click on the photo above to see a larger version of Ed's Pic.

This will be a great night for ALL surfers. Mark it on your calendars--July 19th, 2014 at 7:30PM. The 50th anniversary
SUMMER is coming to New Hampshire. Don't miss it.

My latest movie is due for a late July showing. *Adding stills
from Ed O'Connell from this past winter and dedicating this
movie in his memory. And I think I'll end up showing it at the Legion (next to Flatbread) for an old school premiere.
Or we might try and show it outside.
That would be the ultimate in OLD SCHOOL Surf Moviedom.
Portions of the proceeds will go to the WOUNDED

Now for Some Of My Weekly Global Observances

These two losers below look like they were spawned from the same She-Devil. Mark David Chapman and Ron Harris.

Both headed for the warmer climate of hell when their time is up here on mother earth. Better dress accordingly boys.

This week we see our boy KSM with the soccer boys from The World Cup. Who knew KSM was a soccer player? Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM), the mastermind behind 9-11 the captured
Al Qeada ICON is getting a little boot to the noggin here.
Ahh the fun with photoshop...I love it.

So once again, let's all take a minute, and enjoy the weekly
humiliation of the mastermind terrorist who killed 3,000 innocent civilians on September 11th, 2001.

* Note to self: Must pick up a case of ear plugs at Home
Depot this week.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dougie Fresh July 13th, 2014!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY William Haffenreffer July 14, 2014!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather O'Hara July 14th, 2014!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greg Smith July 19th, 2014!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taryn McCarthy July 19th, 2014!
REST IN PEACE John "JT" Taylor
REST IN PEACE Tommy Ramone

Ron and Rich Appel 1997. Ron was a great guy. Father to my longtime buddy Rich and a veteran pilot during the Korean War era. Loved hearing his stories and will miss his hospitality up in the mountains this October. RIP Ron.

Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to
our dear friend Debra White and family, as well as Rick Savastano. Please add them all to your prayer list.

*Now for something light hearted...(Thank God).

Local Funny man JIMMY DUNN is back with his all star crew of looney birds at the Ashworth Hotel again...I have been every year and I have laughed my ass off. With all the sad news lately, this is just what the doctor has ordered. Mark it on your calendars.

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Remember my friends... Surfing Heals All Wounds
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


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Yesterday- JT about to Surf BIG ROCKS. 1980.
(Below) I don't know many surfers who would stick their chest and in a defiant pose at big waves. But this is what JT is doing. Of course he was mugging for the camera and me. But then he goes out there and backs up this pose by killing it . This is a still from the video I posted. You should watch the clip. It's got some great footage of JT and his friends surfing.
Photo by RALPH video frame grab from Super 8mm

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Today- Pictures of John "JT" Taylor 1970's-1980's
Photos by JT's friends

(Above) JT takes the drop at Little Apple Bay January 21st, 1979. This was
the trip that JT and I took. We came back changed forever.
Gonna miss you JT.
Photo by Jeff Chamberlain
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Another great shot by Jeff Chamberlain. Look at this wave and look where JT can just feel his speed. Little Apple Bay January 21st, 1979.Photo by Jeff Chamberlain
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) JT walking along the Wall the summer of 1980. This is from my
super 8 mm movie.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above)*For the record, we have bought all of our JEEPS from Lansdale JEEP the last 23 years, and have not had a single regret. They are the BEST!!
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(Above) JT jamming off the bottom of a small wall wave summer 1980.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery


Today- The setting sun summer session on
July 10th, 2014.
Photos by RALPH

(Above) Jude Logue slipping into an evening glass slipper. July 10th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH *Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Like father like son. Breadon Logue's glass zipper. July 10th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH *Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Nate was late but got a few bouncy shorebreak warblers before the
sun went down. July 10th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) How can anyone who loves the beach do something like this?
July 10th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) I shot a nice sequence of Mikey Evans this night.
Thursday, July 10, 2014
. Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

Today- The day before. Wednesday July 9th, 2014 .
Photos by RALPH

(Above) Eric LaRochelle having fun on the LB. Wednesday July 9th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Unknown shortboarder having fun in the sun.
Wednesday July 9th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Mike Veltsos has battled back from a serious leg/knee injury to be
able to surf again. Wednesday July 9th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

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BEST Wrap in town!!

(Above) Robert gliding on a very long longboard. Wednesday July 9th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

Today- The FOX Tour stops at Cinnamon Rainbows.
July 8th
, 2014 . Photos by RALPH

(Above) Ian Walsh and Bruce Irons with Dave Cropper and stoked groms.
Tuesday July 8th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) We three have more in common then meets the eye. Me, Bruce, and Max. Tuesday July 8th, 2014. Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

Today- Scenes From The First Week Of July, 2014 .
Photos by RALPH

(Above) We have more than just pretty beaches here in New Hampshire.
July 9th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Mackey and the dragon fly. Thursday July 10th, 2014.
Photo by RALPH *Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

Today- The Hannah Vokey Gallery. July 5-10th, 2014.
Photos by Hannah Vokey

(Above) Sam flying along a J-beach TS Arthur wave. July 5th, 2014.
Photo by Hannah Vokey
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Unknown doing the same. J-beach TS Arthur. July 5th, 2014.
Photo by Hannah Vokey
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery

(Above) Weiland Anderson getting some speed and some lift. TS Arthur.
July 5th, 2014.
Photo by Hannah Vokey

*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery


(Above) OK this is very cool and rather touching. Breandon Logue is making an "O" for Ed O'Connell on this glassy wave from Thursday night. It took me a while to spot it after his dad said this was Breandon's salute to Ed. Once I saw it I was truly touched by it. We had the paddle for Ed tonight and it was pretty emotional. I will miss him forever. Thanks Breandon and thank you Hannah. July 10th, 2014. Photo by Hannah Vokey
*Click on the photo above to see the whole gallery


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And we don't care if you shoot pics with with your cellphones. I mean it. Most of the images you see on the news and on the Internet were shot with them Smart Ass Phones. So shoot and ask questions later.

This is a peaceful and pretty photo of our coastline. Dear friend
and fellow beach wahine Barbara Savastano took this on Thursday
July 10th, 2014.
Photo by Barbara Savastano
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Chris Grippo makes a statement. Well said Chris. July , 2014.
Photo by Chris Grippo
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This is a cool shot from Ray King. July , 2014.
Photo by Raymond King
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(Above) ALL RISE: The 10th Street District Court Of Surf is Now in Session.
The Honorable Judge RALPH presiding.
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JOHN "JT" TAYLOR 1979-1989 from the collection of Super 8mm of SFOD

Back in 1978 JT and I lost a good friend to cancer. Joe Somogyi was a Vietnam vet and passed away after 6 months of being diagnosed. We
needed a break from our sorrow. We needed to go surfing somewhere other then New Hampshire.

JT picked out a small Island in the Caribbean called Tortola BVI. We went down there not knowing anything about the surf potential. But what we found was a magical place, where we met and became friends for life with two California surfers. Jeff Chamberlain and Sam George. The surf was great. The trip was a trip of a lifetime for the two of us. This all happened in January of 1979. The footage you see here in Tortola was shot by me and JT. Back in the day, we took turns shooting each other.

It's old super 8mm and the camera work is spotty at best. The flickering and dirt and dust add to the ambiance of this old footage. Same with the NH footage. It's old. And we must of shown these old reel to reel flicks a million times back in the day.

The second half of this movie is of JT and friends surfing the ROCKS. I have so many old reels of movies, and I will eventually get them on disk and online. But suffice it to say, this is just scratching the surface of what I have. There's more , way more to come. *You can clearly see JT's powerful carves and bottom turns. And he had the BEST kick out ever!. The man was a powerful surfer. Just raw power. And his humor was just as raw.

But we all loved him. And we will all miss him terribly. Somehow, I think he is on some rare reef, maybe it's a left, or maybe it's a right. Or maybe it's like the ROCKS and has both. But I can see him now, taking off deep behind the boil, and just carving those deep gouges as only he could, and finishing each wave with that huge and powerful kick out. You were something JT. Nobody surfed like you. Nobody.

Rest in Peace JT. We love you.


The clip above is a shorter version of the first clip. This YouTube is JT and myself in Tortola and JT in New Hampshire. There is some additional footage in the NG section that is not in the Vimeo clip.

The LATEST Release from SURF FREE OR DIE due in the Summer of 2014 is called THE COLD COAST. This trailer is a clip from the winter storms here in Northern New England. HERCULES, JANUS, NIKA, QUINTUS, PAX, REX, and all the rest.
The sea smoke and sunrise footage is worth the viewing alone. Not to mention the beautiful sunsets and the white snow covered seacoast.

The surfing in this particular clip is all local New Hampshire guys. Including: Jesse Gould, Weston Rogers, Johnny Meehan, Joel Feid, Ryan McGill, Lenny & Kai Nichols, Max Fatello, Johnny and Perry Reynolds, and Stevie O'hara.

The music in this clip is by my old friend Robin Trower .

THE COLD COAST....Coming Soon.

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COMING NEXT WEEK pics from the "Paddle for Ed." photo by Brian Nevins

Recorded in 1978. Click on VINNY CD art to see a larger
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GAF Music.
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COMING NEXT WEEK pics from the "Paddle for Ed." photo by Cory Fatello

Recorded in 1983. Click on VINNY CD art to see a larger
version and how to order this CD and others for sale at
GAF Music.
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(Above) Put the cursor over the images above to see happens when you DROP in
on someone. You become Invisible.
Simply put the mouse over the photo to see the
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invisible.*Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.
Photo by RALPH

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Today July 13th, 2014
"We're all going to miss you better be getting some good shots wherever you know my deadline!"

(Above) From tonight's paddle for Ed O'Connell. . Photo by Brian Nevins

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