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July 13th, 2008

I know you all know about BERTHA. Hell the whole dam country knows by now. In fact, if I may be so bold, the whole world knows. And depending on where you live in New England, you have either experienced Overhead
surf, or just waist to chest high surf. Those of us in the Northern New England district have to deal with that large chunk of land known as Cape Cod.

The Cape blocks all the south swells from wrapping around to our playground. And then if that's not bad enough, we've got this little nub of land known as Cape Ann blocking the remnants of any swell that did make it by the Cape. And when I say Cape, I do mean of course Cape Cod.

No my friends, you see, it's a lonely existence up here in Northern New England when it comes to South Swells.
But hey, I'm not complaining. Well, maybe a little.

I tried to convince of bunch of guys out in the line-up today, that if they would pay for gas to Rhode Island, I would gladly write the story and take the photos (after I surfed). Nobody seemed interested. Gee I wonder why? You mean to say, that filling your Gas tank for $500, is a deterrent from road surf trips these days? I don't know about you guys, but I get a little knot in my stomach every time I see the final total of a typical gas stop.

I stand there shaking my head, cursing to no one in general.

And really, I don't know about you guys but if CHINA is drilling for Oil just 80 miles off the coast of Florida, we need to be able to drill right along side of them. Are you kidding me? Look I'm all for saving the environment, but does anyone honestly think that the Chinese are being extra careful out there? Hell no they are not! They're more than likely working overtime, trying to get as much oil as possible, before those dumb ass Americans wake up and realize what they are doing.

Or drilling for oil in ANWAR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) in Alaska is a must as well! The proposed site for drilling, is a barren wasteland. Seriously, they are ONLY talking about 2000 acres out of 19 Million! That's a pin drop. Don't believe me? Google this shit and see for yourselves.

$5 dollars a gallon's coming.

I have a bike that I bought from the late John Bocko a few years ago. In fact, we all have a bike from GUS's Bicycle shop. If I could carry my board under my arm, I'd be using that bike. I plan on using it to check the surf and run small errands.

I think I might like riding that all terrain bike again. Hell why wouldn't I? I get to exercise, and feel the wind in my face, and I might actually stop and smell the roses every now and then. You're never too old to ride a bike. Just give me plenty of room when I'm zipping down High Street to check the surf.

Because until this insane Gas pricing gets back to normal, I'll have to do something. And driving to Rhode Island is NOT on my current radar. I'm sure all the southern New England boys and girls are happy about that. If I can't take the 8 cylinder JEEP Commander to Rhode Island then I'm stuck surfing at home. Of course, there's always the potential covert operation of sawing off the end of Cape Cod. Is that possible? Nah...

I guess I'm riding my bike to the beach. Wonder if I should get a little bell for the handle bars?

OK so I went to the Friday nite Surf Flicks with my wife at the IOKA in Exeter the other night. I was halfway knowing what to expect as far as the flick it self went. But I have to tell you all. I was completely blown away. Why? Well, I know that the current trend of some the world's best surfers, has a repertoire of so many tricks, that it's hard to fathom. But sitting there watching these guys bust these insane airs, on a regular basis, was just such an eye opener. I was freaking NUTS!
Seriously. It was wacked.

Look, I know we have some HOT surfers around these parts, and they are all deserving of our local praise and admiration. But the shit that these guys were pulling off, defies common logic. I mean, if you were there, you know what I'm talking about. The movie I'm speaking about is Taylor Steele's STRANGER THAN FICTION.
Did you see it?

The concept was pretty clever as well. Turns out the whole air launching movement is a hoax. They do it all with harnesses, and blue screen technology. Or, it's what the hokey surf actors want us to believe. It was funny. On the one hand. On the other hand, it was truly mind numbing to sit there and watch these guys absolutely slay these big, perfect waves, without batting an eyelash.

And I'll repeat myself here. No body is doing this stuff around here. NO BODY. But that's cool. We are good with it. And quite frankly, I used to get upset watching the early aerialist launch themselves into the air, and completely blow the wave. And the truth be told, some of the waves that these flying monkees were riding in the movie and launching themselves into, left those Rodeo Clowns in the dirt. In other words, some of them landed to far back in the pit, or whitewater, and could not make the wave.

But then I thought to myself. Who am I to judge someone because they launch themselves past a perfect section and blow the wave? Why should that bother me? Good question Ralph (I'm glad you asked yourself). It should not. If flying out of a perfect wave, is your idea of a rush, then by all means, launch your silly asses. And honestly, it does look like the ultimate rush to me, when they do these big bomb moves.

And if they blow a wave or two in the process, well, there's always that young grom hanging on the inside,right on the shoulder, waiting for the Astronuts to mess up. Only to pick off the wave. So nothing really get's wasted.

We are good conservationists. We waste nothing. Especially a perfect wave. So while I won't be joining the Leap Frog brigade anytime too soon, I will be hiding and hanging around the landing pad to make sure they make these waves. Cuz if they don't... well, excuse me while I kiss the sky!

The deadline for the annual Ralph's Pic of the Week SURF ART Column is July 26 at 6PM. Remember NO photos. It's ALL art. And that means any medium. From every kind of paintings (Oil, Acrylic, watercolor etc etc) , pencil drawings, pen and ink sketches, markers, carvings, sculptures, wood block...finger painting, spray painting...are you getting this? Every kind of medium, except photography.

And they need to be in a digital file (JPEG) and they need to be the same size as the photos. 700 pixels. NO BIGGER and NO SMALLER. Again, are we clear? 700 Pixels wide.
And please, if you've submitted stuff in the past, don't send me the same piece. Give us something fresh to look at.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.


Yesterday 1964 Greg "Da Bull" Noll at Pipeline.
(Below) Look at this photo and try and imagine what was going through Greg Noll's mind here. This is
the shorebreak on this infamous day back in 1964. No leash. No real knowledge of what lies beneath. Nada.
Just pure adrenaline, and a pair a BIG BRASS BALLS. No thank you...homey don't play this game.
Clearly a true PIONEER in the Surf Culture.
Photo by John Severson.

2008 Today-July 12-13th, 2008

(Above) Slightly different than the photo above. This is my son Max getting ready to paddle out at the Wall
this morning. No worries like what Greg Noll was feeling in 1964. I'm guessing, Mackey was thinking more
about what kind of maneuver he was going to try, as to whether or not, he was going to survive the session.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Mike Evans must of grown 3 feet since last summer. He's a big boy now and he's competing with
the big boys. Here's a video frame grab of Mike on Saturday during the local NNE-ESA contest. *See this entire
ride in the CLIP OF THE WEEK .
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Pre contest pics of Jared Veltos at the Wall from the water. *Put cursor over image.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Nutha Pre contest pic . Kai Nichols at the Wall from the water.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Nora Vasconellas pre contest ride at the Wall from the water.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Nora Vasconellas get's a clean green one at the Wall before the first horn.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Hoku Nichols and Nora Vasconellas pre-heat at the Wall.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) MVF pumping down the mini green line.The Wall.
Photo by Chris Shipley


(Above) This could be MVF, Dougie Fresh, Jared V, or someone else. It is at the Wall. And it was shot
on Saturday morning during the contest.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Jesse Gould throwing a shaka to the world wide web..
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) This guy was buzzing the lineup in his Red Baron plane. The judges were only slightly distracted.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Dougie Fresh was solid in his heat. Here he shows his solidarity with with his fellow competitors.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) The Judge's judging the bodyboard heat...ahhh nevermind.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Grandmaster Funk himself Lenny Nichols gliding thru another section.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Dougie Fresh laying down some Fresh Lines.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) The scary thing is, one day soon, he'll be able to fit into one of these Jerseys. Kai Walking back.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) ESA contest rider mid mini slap.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Dougie Fresh was KILLING it! *Note the new hair cut. Dougie is squared away these days.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Jared Velstos working up some pump speed.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Nick Miller slicing top turn.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Nick Miller looking for a place to land.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Max Fatello looking for a lip to hit.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Goofy slide. This guy was surfing good all day long.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) And so was this guy. Brett (or Brent) from Maine. Floating into the Finals.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) Mackey V and Nick Miller sharing the love of the local contest results.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Imagine what these groms are thinking.
Photo by John Nuzzolo

(Above) It's all good fun for these guys. They all grew up surfing together.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) The colors of contest.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Menehune Champ "Chad" looks pretty stoked here.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Local Champ Kai Nichols takes it all in with his Terminator Glasses.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Open Shortboard Champ Jared Velstos.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) Nora Vasconellas contest trophies and a smile.
Photo by Chris Shipley

(Above) NNE Director Lenny Nichols and family waited for the right day to run the first contest of the season.
You can't have a surf contest unless there's surf. The first contest of the season was sponsored by Cinnamon
Rainbows. And judging by all the competitors and onlookers it was a success.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Kyle Linsman leans into a small summer left.
Photo by Bryan Nicholson

(Above) Chop hopping in the slop. Still, I bet it's fun to pull off.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) This guy looks like he's seen a ghost. Or is he a Ghost? Too much Sunscreen is a good thing.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) The Man who fell to earth. Spinning shenanigans at the Wall.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) Kyle pivoting in the white stuff.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) Lots of Chop hopping in the slop last week.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) Long boarder sets his sights on the rebound shoulder.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen

(Above) The end of the day, or is it the beginning? It is somewhere.
Photo by Bryan Nicholsen


VIDEO by SFOD R. Fatello

(Above) CLICK ON Video (photo) Frame Grab of Nora Vasconellas from Saturday's contest. Plus other
local surfers, Mike Moran, Mike Evans, MVF, Jared Velstos.
The SFOD movie from Saturday. This is a SHORT WINDOWS MEDIA FILE VIDEO CLIP from SFOD.
Video Frame grab by C. Fatello SFOD

2008 Today-Last Nite's Rock and Roll Party

(Above) Surprise Dave!!!! Happy Birthday!
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Anthony and Dianne local surf couple and parents of twin boys. *Note to Anthony...get your art into
a digital file form by the 26th...
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Brook and Jack. All smiles at the festive gathering.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Steve Canty, myself and Matt jamming Hendrix tunes! It was a total jam fest all nite long!
Photo by Cory Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Birthday boy with Skip playing for Veda Day Cropper. Priceless image.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Jimmy Grey joins in with Kings Highway.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) Kenny Black on his own black Strat.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

(Above) The man and the band of the hour. Dave Cropper and Kings Highway.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD.

2008 Today-Last Week in California and Hawaii

(Above) Ron Sizemore and Tom Woods from Hampton at the Between the Lines Premiere in California.
Photo courtesy of Tom Woods

(Above) Ron Sizemore, Linda Benson (Yes THE Linda Benson) and Tom Woods at the Between the Lines
Premiere in
Photo courtesy of Tom Woods

(Above) Tom Woods left California and met up with legend Big Wave Rider Felipe Pomar at this secret
Indo location. Now I know why Tom is not too excited about BERTHA.
Photo courtesy of Tom Woods

(Above) Tom Woods and Felipe Pomar on the far right. Big Guns for big Waves.
Photo courtesy of Tom Woods

(Above) Felipe Pomar was a Big Wave rider in the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today. This was taken last week.
The man is in his 60's!!!! Yes I said 60's. Eat your heart out kids. The legend lives on.
Photo courtesy of Tom Woods

(Above) Oahu-South Shore Longboarder surfing with conviction.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Conviction and talent. Dam that's a longboard he's riding.
Photo by Bernie Baker

Today 2008 Stink Foot Boot Rack

Above) Ever seen one of these? Or worse, smelled one of these? Bet those mixed nuts are gonna taste good. Contest scene Saturday July 12th.
Photo by R. Fatello SFOD













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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