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January 7th, 2007

And then I woke up, and it was Spring. Are you freaking kidding me? What the hell is going on with this Global Warming Shiat? Colorado is getting slammed with weekly snowstorms. The South is getting slammed with wacked out Tornadoes and we're experiencing some of the warmest weather ever recorded. I know, I joked around before, about the Global warming trend not getting to me, and I might have even led on, that I was all for it. But this? The trees are budding. The bugs are buzzing. Our world has turned into the Bizzarro world from the Superman comics.

It was close to 70 degrees yesterday.

It's January. I kept thinking of an old friend of mine (who no longer surfs) and we were out surfing on a January day that was close to 50 degrees and he was freaking out. That's 20 degrees colder than yesterday.

Should we be concerned? Well, if you believe Al Gore and those who are like minded...YES! The warmest ever recorded temps EVER (of all time) were recorded in 2005. That's last year kids. This shit we've been having as of late is gonna blow those stats out of the water.

Something's going on.

I feel bad for the mountains and the boarders. I always look forward to getting up there a few times each winter but someone please tell me, How can they make snow in these conditions? They can't. It's got to be a major bust for them all. And get this. This wacked El Nino affect apparently will be the opposite for us here in the Northeast next year.

In other words...we'll be living on a glacier.

And don't think we all won't complain about that. You know we will. I guess if there was decent surf during this heat wave there'd be less complaining, or rather less discussion about it. I do know one thing. I don't think for a minute we're not gonna get cold or get any snow this winter. I'm not buying into this false sense of warmth security just yet. Not until mid April will I make that claim. I've seen way too many late season storms kick our silly little butts more than once.

So until the flowers bloom for real, and the grass needs cutting and the Red Sox are playing in Boston, I'll hold my predictions and weather forecasts.

Meanwhile, I'll throw on some board shorts and a t-shirt and go check the surf. Why not? It's only January.

Speaking of surf. There has not been much the last month. December was way down from November. And January so far has been slight. There were people out yesterday though. Mostly longboarders. It was small and fun looking. Just not quite enough for most of us though. Look if it had been minus 20 degrees and the surf was the same size, my guess is, no one would of been out. But because of the extreme warm weather, the people out yesterday felt like it was Spring or Summer and took advantage of the fun small surf. Hey, I almost joined them myself.

Except now-a-days, getting my body stuffed into one of those winter suits is a mission. I still have not mastered that feat. Same with getting out of one. It's a struggle. Don't get me wrong, once I'm in the dam thing, I'm loose as a goose. It's the getting in and getting out part that I dread.

Of course most of you are already planning on doing some warm weather traveling. I mean, you wouldn't be making plans for Iceland or Greenland this time of year. Would you? On second thought, maybe a few of you might. There's quite a few of you getting ready to board planes and head off to the tropics as I write this. Lucky SOB's.

Maybe this is your first time? That's always a treat. Your first experience to the tropics. No matter where it is, Hawaii, Centro America, The Caribbean, Indo,'s something you won't ever forget. If it is your first time, just remember all the unwritten rules and code of honor you learned back home, only multiply it by 100. Things are different out there. Trust me. There's little tolerance for sour attitudes and punk ass moves. But show some respect and give plenty of waves, and you too, my little grasshopper, will be rewarded.

Speaking of being rewarded. How about them dang Patriots! Whooooweeeee! Dam that was one hell of a Football game. Beating the JETS 37-16. Dam. Yes sir, that was one hell of day for all you New England fans. It's good to be a bona fide NFL fan this time of the year. Especially if your home team is doing good. And our team is. That whole Eric Mangenius BS is finally over. We won and we're heading for San Diego. No I don't mean "we" as in me and you. I mean the team. I'm staying home. Hey our buddy Jacko almost picked the exact score last night. He said the PATs would win 37-17. He was only one point off. He's like "Jackodamus" or sumpin. That Boy can pick em. If you see him before I do, please ask him what the score next weekend's gonna be. In fact, ask him what the winning Lotto number is...nevermind I'll ask him.

Thanks again for buying my movie and all the great feedback. So glad you like it.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1965 North Shore of New England
My dad took this photo. That's my favorite board from that time period. It was an 8' 3" KEOKI RED with one
stringer. My buddies told me it was too small so I got rid of it. I never got over losing that board. That's my
little sister Eva Marie standing next to me. Just over that wall is where I caught my very first wave the year before.
Check out the wetsuit and custom cut-off jeans. Oh yea...I was stylin. Nope.
If anyone knows where that old RED KEOKI is please let me know.

Photo by G.A.Fatello

Today 2007 The West Coast Weighs In Again
These photos below are a series of West Coast photos from ex-New Englanders. Enjoy.

(Above) Backside blast way up North near SanFran. Photo by Charlie Daly

(Above) Check out this SanFran Freight Train. Photo by Charlie Daly

(Above) You know, it almost looks like New England...but it's not. Photo by Charlie Daly

(Above) I guess we got rights there too! Photo by Charlie Daly

(Above) But clearly, the left is the most sought after shoulder. Photo by Charlie Daly

(Above) My old friend Tony Szabo sent this next batch in. Looks like fun...but a tad congested.
Hey Tony is this when you yell "Oh Shit! I just saw a freaking shark!" ?

Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) That's a nice peak. I could dig surfing that. Can I stay with you when I come out? Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) Wait is this the same place? I don't does look like fun. But it's thick with rubber dudes.
Still, I'm looking at two of these waves as being empty. Why is that?
Photo by Tony Szabo

(Above) OK I'm coming out. Photo by Tony Szabo

Today 2007 The Phantom says "Check It Easties!"

(Above) This photo was taken yesterday. Why's the Phantom gotta be so dam hurtful?
Photo by The Phantom

Today 2007 Meanwhile way out West on Hawaii's North Shore
Enjoy these two shots from Bernie Baker via Jeff Crawford.

(Above) Big Pipe Paddle...How bad do you want it? Looks uncrowded .
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Big Sunset or Big Bay? In either case, this shit can kill ya or make you giddy. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) My buddy Geoff Haenn sent this one in from his last trip to someplace very far from here.
He's calling this glassy. I'm calling it glassy and perfect. Hey Geoff, yer flippin Eagles beat the Giants (barely)
and are heading to New Orleans. Maybe we will meet again. Pats vs the Eagles II (same result)...ha!
Photo by Geoff Haenn

Today 2007 Meanwhile back Home in New England...
Enjoy one more from last year...

(Above) Devlin setting up for something round. Photo by John Carden

Parting Shot " Hey Bubba, you got any Gatorade?"
I know we deal with sharks and other weird shit out in the water, but we never see anything like this.
Look at this thing's head. Are you kidding me? Looks like a dam dinosaur.

Photo courtesy of The Internet










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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