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January 22nd, 2012- The RUN is 47 out of 48 Weeks.
Waist high or better, at least once a week. The Surf was Waist high
on Friday the 20th and on Saturday the 21st.

We've all heard the saying "Moved to tears.." But how many of you have actually been moved to the point where you produce tears? It's not an easy thing to admit to. And honestly? I can't believe that I am about to write this. But this blog is an open portal to my heart. My thoughts. My words. My deep inner feelings.

I'm not sure when I became so sensitive to so many everyday occurrences. Certain songs, certain sights and visuals, and just basic human emotions. I guess the older I got, the more sensitive I became. Lord knows I was open to all kinds of emotions last year during my "Catch A Wave For Molly" surf campaign. Not to get too deep here, but we humans are the only living breathing creatures on the planet that experience this kind of stuff.

Or rather, to the degree in which we feel and experience them.

This week alone I was moved to tears by several moments of just such experiences. The latest was last night while watching the latest video on the Internet. It was the footage of Chopes that was shot with the new Phantom Camera. Ultra slow-motion. Sharp HD quality. It was mesmerizing. It was Breathtaking. Simply unforgettable images coupled with an eerie haunting soundtrack. I could not hold back.

That footage just moved me to tears. That and the soundtrack. Though I'm not 100% sure if they were tears of pure wonderment, or of absolute fear. Because lets face it, that place and those waves are not of this earth. Or the earth that I
live and breathe in. Thank God.

In fact, I felt as though I was watching something prehistoric.

I guess I was surprised at how I could once again be moved to tears by a simple video clip. But then again, theTeahupoo video clip is only one of several moments that moved me. That touched my soul. Some of the others were...

Whenever Buck Rowlee updates his CarePage it's always an emotional ride for me. This latest update is no different. He writes about his Bull Riding adventure and how Molly was there with him. I believe she was. I believe that there are many things on this great big blue earth that we do not understand. But we will someday. Death and Life. Life and death. How closely intertwined they are. The transparent door from this world to the next world. It's all there.

Buck is a beautiful person, with a beautiful family, and it's hard not to be moved by his beautiful words. I was.

Hearing from Phil Carey that he and Alison had their first child. A little girl named Reece. She was born on January 19th at 2:30PM. Mom and baby are doing fine. That news touched me. I realize that this is not earth shattering stuff, but these are my friends, and I've known Phil for a long time and to think that he has stepped up and into the world of parenthood touched me. And such a pretty name..."Reece". I am so happy for them and their friends and family.

The truth is, maybe I really am getting soft in my old age.

But then again, I find the "Ask Crackie" series to be entertaining. So I can't be that soft. I still have a slight edge. Though I admit, not nearly as sharp as the old Ralph. The edges are a bit smoother. In fact, I like to compare myself these days as like a new cleaning detergent. You know, THE NEW and IMPROVED RALPH. More user friendly I suppose.

The one moment that really touched me this week happened on Friday.

I had morning meetings until 11:30AM so I was tied up for most of the morning.
I figured there might be a waist high swell pushing in against the relentless offshore wind. And I was right. The Cams don't lie. There was a small swell. But by the time I got down there with my camera there was hardly anyone out that were getting rides. Just two guys, and they were more or less out there enjoying the day. Granted it was small. Still, you'd think that someone would come and surf these small but perfect waves. But alas, there was no one.

I was just getting ready to leave when Dale Pariseau walked up to my vehicle.
He said that Tim O'Shea was on his way. Tim is a friend who rides a longboard.
I mentioned Tim in my blog last week. He's the guy who lost his brother the week before. I know for a fact, that Time was close to his late brother Shawn. I had been waiting for this moment. To actually see Tim in person, to say how sorry I was for his loss. Face to face. It's not easy to do, but we all do this.

Because that's what friends do. And as surfers, we are even more so sad when the person we are mourning is also a surfer. Shawn was a surfer.

By the way, it's always a surprise to me to hear of adults not knowing what to
say to a friend, when they hear of something like this. When someone you know loses someone that they love, and are close to them, you simply say "I'm sorry." It's not reinventing the wheel. "I'm so sorry to hear about your loss..." What you say afterwards, is really up to you. But those first words mean so much to those who have lost loved ones.

I know, I've been there. And it's the same when you hear of someone being sick.

You say your sorry to hear this news. What you do not do, is say nothing. My sister recently said to me, that she did not know what to say to a loved one who told her that they were sick. "What do you say? What are you supposed to say?" I looked at her and said. "You say your sorry. How are you feeling? Are you
going to be OK? Can I do anything for you?" But you do not stick your head in
the sand and say nothing.

That's insensitive. That's rude. That's immature. That's wrong.

And when some friend loses a family member, you say "I'm sorry."

It's never easy, but think of your friend. You think it's easy for them? What do you think they are thinking if you say nothing to them? Come on. They'd feel terrible. All that silence does is prolong their sorrow. It makes it harder. Same with those who are sick, if you act like don't care or pretend you don't know, that makes it harder for them. And look, I'm not saying you go out of your way to dote on them, or to drop everything and just focus on them. I'm just saying a simple..."I'm sorry for your loss" if you are speaking about a passing, and "I heard that you were
not feeling well, I hope you feel better, and things get better for you." If you are speaking about an illness.

And then you treat them as you always have. Like the friend that they are.

So, there he was. Tim O'Shea. Walking in the new fallen snow. His board under his arm walking towards me. We embraced and I told him how sorry I was. We shared some personal thoughts and then he went out surfing with his good friend Dale Pariseau. I was touched by the brotherhood that these two shared. There was a bond between these two surfers. A silent but strong bond.

I was moved by the compassion and the love.

And as I watched them both enter the cold January water and paddle out. I took many photos of them both. I thought about my mantra..."Surfing Heals All Wounds" I smiled. And I then I thought to myself. As true as that is, it is equally true that having close friends by your side, can also heal all wounds. Especially close friends who surf.

Watching Tim and Dale share waves moved me to tears again. I snapped away.

I know there are more good people on this earth doing good things, then there are bad people doing bad things. That made me well up with tears of joy and happiness. I felt good about what I was witnessing. And I knew that Tim would
be OK. In due time, he would get better. And the simple act of Surfing and
close caring friends would help him get there.

Of this, I am certain.

Finally on Saturday I picked up my son Max and his friend Jesse at the airport. They had just returned from a two week surf vacation in Puerto Rico. They had
an experience that will last a lifetime. Surfing tropical waters, meeting and making new friends and just living the life of surf travel in the tropics. And let me say this. To those of you who live here in Northern New England, you know
what the tropics are all about in the dead of winter. It is such a treat.

Lord knows how many times I went to the tropics when I was a young man. There's nothing quite like it. You really have to experience it to know what I
speak of. Most of you have. But to those who have not. You need to save up
and get your ass out of here some winter. Even if for a week. Do it. The tropics are such a welcome relief for the cabin fever, or the bitter cold. And look, I know we have snowboarding and skiing. I'm just saying that warmer climates in the dead of winter are a real treat for cold water surfers.

And like the saying goes. Life is too short. Go Troppo!

So there I was getting emotional again seeing Max and Jesse. They had made that rite of passage. They had done what so many of us have already done. I felt good knowing that they not only had quite an experience but they did it without any hassles, or trouble in and out of the water. And that they had actually been thrifty, smart and safe. And their instinctive survival skills took over.

As a father who helped raise three children, you want to think that some good from my wife and I have rubbed off on our children. I'm happy to report that they have. Again, just a slight welling in my eyes, knowing all of this, made me smile.
I was for the third or fourth time this week, moved to tears. However, they were clearly tears of joy. Tears and cheers. Welcome home Max.

"Surfing Heals ALL Wounds..."

Now for some of my Weekly Global Observances:

God please come back to Foxboro today and help us get rid of the terrible evil Black and Blue Ravens. I mean those guys are mean. They say hurtful things about Tommy...and you know how good Tom is. Next to Timmy, we all know you love him. So thank you for last week, now if you could just drop by one more time and scare Ray Lewis and the rest of those criminals out of here. We'd be forever grateful.
Thank you Lord.

OK so now it looks like Newt Gingrich is taking South Carolina...what the hell is going on here? Poor Mitt Romney is now looking like he's got a fight on his hands. Meanwhile Ole Ron Paul is still a thorn in the side of the whole GOP race. No wonder Barack Obama is singing Al Green songs this week. Sheessh. Politics.

OK I'm a little in awe of what happened a week ago in Italy. The Costa Concordia Cruise Ship hit a pile of rocks and tipped over and basically killed about 40 people. Yes I said 40. Certainly those 29 who are missing are clearly gone. With 11 already confirmed dead, it's safe to say that death toll will rise.

But that Captain? Francesco Schettino? Are you freaking kidding me? Captain Coward. Or should I say Captain Cowardo. Hey I'm Italian I can say that. WTF??? Man talk about the anti Captain Sully. This guy takes the cake for being a chicken shit. Look everybody knows the golden rule with being a Captain of your ship. YOU GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP! You are not the first one off the ship! Dude? Really?

A prayer for those who lost their lives and for the families left behind.

The BRUINS...lost yesterday in an OT game against the Rangers. It was tight and they lost it in the last 9 seconds of OT. That's a bitter pill to swallow. But honestly? I can't help but think about today's Patriots game. Or should I say games? The later Giants and San Fran game. We are one game away from dare I say it...? No I won't jinx it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Skip Brunette January 22nd, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Meighan Rowlee January 22nd, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kody Grondin January 25th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rikki Radkay January 25th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nick Miller January 26th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jose Perez January 28th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kelly Ciarmataro January 28th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ziv Gidron January 29th, 2012!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Teresa Paugh Quinn January 29th, 2012!
Rest In Peace Etta James...
GET WELL Soon Brian Nevins!
GET WELL Soon Brent Reinheimer!
GET WELL Soon Steve "Surfer Crow" Watson!
Congratulations to Phil Carey and Alison on the birth of their daughter Reece
born on January 19th, 2012.
Mom and baby are doing fine.
COMING SOON This SUMMER the Return of EMPTY Clothing.

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(Above) This is the NEW Movie we're trying to get out as soon as possible. It's all original music (QWILL, Todo Bien and more), and footage. Joe Carter's GITV, my own, and a few others. Plus the many stills from Ed O'Connell, Brian Nevins, my family, and more. A portion
of the proceeds will go directly to The MOLLY Fund.
Yesterday- NEDDIE surfing the BH. The Summer of 1974
(Below) The late Steve "Neddie" Nelson at a spot that we had just started to surf on a regular basis. This was the year (1974) that we pioneered so many new spots that are quite popular today. I am thankful for having been around during those times and to have the foresight to document these days. Guys like Ed O'Connell and myself always had a camera with us. Thank God.
Photo video frame grab of super 8mm by SFOD RALPH.

Click on the photo above to see the larger version.
Today- The SHAW Session. Friday January 20th, 2012
Photos By RALPH

(Above) A small waist high set, with no takers. January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Dale Pariseau contorted backside. January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Tim O'Shea working through the inside section as he surfs through his pain. January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Tim O'Shea . January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Unknown actor proving that YES the surf was waist high on January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH * Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

Waist High Set. January 20th, 2012. Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

Today- Saturday January 14, 2012 Photos by Ed O'Connell

(Above) Unknown, Saturday morning. January 14, 2012 Photo By Ed O'Connell
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Unknown, into a nice golden section. Saturday morning. January 14, 2012 Photo By Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Unknown, Goldfinger. Saturday morning. January 14, 2012
Photo B
y Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Gold Barrel seeker. Unknown. Saturday morning. January 14, 2012
Photo By Ed O'Connell * Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Today- Saturday January 14, 2012 Photos by RALPH

(Above) The ever stylish Mike Sidebottom. January 14, 2012 Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) One guy out there with that one peak. January 14, 2012 Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) Say what you want about this place. It is the biggest open window we have. The infamous WALL. January 14, 2012 Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Unknown. January 14, 2012 Photo By RALPH
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Today- MVF's First TROPPO Trip. January 10-21st, 2012
ALL Photos by Max Vincent Fatello

(Above) The early morning surf check at Domes PR. Photo By MVF
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) MVF discovers the other world beneath the surface. Photo By MVF
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

(Above) From The WALL back home to the WALL in PR. Domes PR. Photo By MVF
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole Gallery.

Today- Some people say that the Phantom only knows Boats. Well you would be wrong if you were a betting man. Because the Phantom knows surf. Period. It makes no difference how he gets there, as long as he gets there. January 20th 2012
Photos by The Phantom

(Above) Th
is is a perfect set-up. And the Phantom drove all of 15 minutes to get here. Where is here? Ha! January 20, 2012! Photo By The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Two legs up.
Synchronized duck diving. January 20, 2012!
Photo B
y The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Th
is is perfect. But then again, you already know that. January 20, 2012!
Photo B
y The Phantom
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Bucking BUCK Rowlee a Bona Fide Cowboy!
Photo courtesy of Buck Rowlee
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Puerto Rico last week. January
18, 2012 Photo By RSR
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) What a broken wrist looks like. Snowboarding accident of Dr Brent Reinheimer. January 20, 2012 Photo By Dr Brent
* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

(Above) Looks like someone we know...Puerto Rico last week. January 18, 2012
Photo B
RSR* Click on the photo above to see the Whole gallery.

CLICK ON THE PLAY BUTTON on each clip to view videos


This day at Teahupoo- Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period is what many are calling the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. Chris Bryan was fortunate enough to be there working for Billabong on a day that will go down in the history of big wave surfing. The French Navy labeled this day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone that entered the water.
Kelly Slater described the day by saying "witnessing this was a draining feeling being terrified for other people's lives all day long, it's life or death. Letting go of that rope one time can change your life and not many people will ever experience that in their life."
All images where shot by Chris Bryan using the Phantom HD Gold camera. To see more of Chris' work check out his website. WWW.CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM
Music: Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun' by M83.
by Chris Bryan

BELOW- This is the second 5 minute trailer to the NEW Surf Free Or Die -Memory Lane Movies documentary called SURFING HEALS ALL WOUNDS.


This is the insane surf footage from December 2010. Oh yea, there was good surf last December, and this clip will prove that. The soundtrack was recorded in 1983 and it's the classic "LIL DRUMMER BOY" that I sang, played guitar and arranged and well, you should just sit back and watch and listen. The music will speak for itself.

Music is by RALPH


This is the NEW 5 minute trailer to the NEW Surf Free Or Die -Memory Lane Movies documentary called


It's the true story of the 60 year old man who surfed 365 consecutive Days in memory of a 5 year old girl who lost her battle to cancer in 2009.
He called it "Catch a Wave For Molly".

Music is by QWILL


This week Crackie addresses a long standing pet peeve that I'm sure a
lot of you have. Seeing surfboards on roof racks facing the wrong way.
I think Crackie does a fine job of helping these confused surfers from Vermont, as to what is the proper way to transport their surfboards to
and from the beach. But of course, you are the judge of that. Enjoy.

Crackie now has his own Facebook Page. You should Friend Him...though there are
no guarantees that he'll be nice to you.

Hope you all learn something from this informative Q&A.



(Above) All Rise: 10th Street District Court of Surf Justice is now in session, the
Honorable Judge RALPH presiding. CASE 145
Shot last week in California
. CLICK and SEE this Surf crime and the verdict.
Photo by The Phantom

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now the ESPN website too! Wow!

To see it on this site go to the Molly Page.

(Above) Steve Dillon's beautiful California photos after the crowds left...
January 20th, 2012. Photo by Steve Dillon COMING NEXT WEEK!

(Above) Steve Dillon's California Sunset... January 20th, 2012. Photo by Steve Dillon COMING NEXT WEEK!

(Above) That's Bobby Orr in 1972...skating by the NY Rangers. Ed O'Connell was and
is still a HUGE Bruins fan. He's got some amazing OLD Bruins photos.
Photo by Ed O'Connell COMING NEXT WEEK!

(Above) Bobby Clark. No teeth. No helmet. This is OLD School Hockey kids.
Photo by Ed O'Connell COMING NEXT WEEK!

*Click masthead above to read the original ISM story.

(Above) Put the cursor over the images above to see happens when you DROP in on someone. You become Invisible. Simply put the mouse over the photo to see the
original photo and then marvel at the results of what happens when the criminal
invisible.*Put the cursor over the photo to see the Real image.
Photo by The Phantom

Today 2011 "Maybe I'll become a Wedding Photographer...or maybe not..."

(Above) AK 47's at a Wedding Party? What the hell???

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