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January 21st, 2007

Sure is cold out there. Dam. Do we really surf in conditions this cold? There was a bump or two out there this week. Friday had small, waist high, glassy waves. Did you get out? No? Me either. I might have, had I not thrown my back out slipping on that Ice on Tuesday. And I might have, if I was in my earlier years when I had no "real" responsibilities. But alas my friends, I had not one, but two excuses. Work and my back.

Any of you ever had a bad back? It's not much fun. I broke my back a few years ago. I hit a rock while surfing. Hurt like hell. I even thought at the time that I was paralyzed. I had no feeling in my legs.

That was scary.

In fact, I had broken bones in my back s on two earlier occasions prior to that. Suffice to say. I have been living with back problems for quite sometime. It's not easy to surf when you have back pain. If any of you have ever suffered with back pain, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It's painful.

So in a way, I was glad the surf was small on Friday. I didn't really miss much. By the time my back fully heals, I'll be ready for the next swell. Hope I don't sound too selfish.

I think the things are shaping up for us. Looks like the new Jet Stream is very favorable for New England. All we need is for some of those wintery type systems to get rolling through the Midwest and then get picked up by the current Jet Stream. Before you know it...BAM! We get ourselves another traditional Nor'easter and everyone is happy again. We all forget what December and January was like, and go surfing.

Look, we all were digging the unseasonably warm temperatures and marveling at our new found climate change. It wasn't until the 2nd or 3rd week of December that we all realized that we were getting skunked for surf. All of a sudden, the warm air temps didn't feel so good. All of a sudden we were all wishing for snow, ice and cold if it meant surf.

Hang in there. It's coming. Just like that cold air we're all experiencing. The Surf is coming. And if it doesn't come fast enough for you. Take a trip. Book yourself a flight to some tropical big wave destination. Lord knows there's plenty of them out there. Do it. Or wait for it to come to you. Personally, if I could afford it, I'd be outta here.

There's nothing like slipping into tropical waters after leaving this cold hard reality we call home.

Well here we are. On the cusp of something very big. Talking football. Talking AFC Championships tonight. Patriots vs Colts. Manning Vs Brady. Vinatieri Vs Gostkowski. Belichick Vs Dungy. The drama, the anticipation, it's all laid out for us. And by 9 or 10PM tonight, we will know if we're heading for Miami to play in the Superbowl, or we're sitting home watching the Colts play the winner of the NFC Championships. This my friends, is all to be determined later today. But for now, we wait and wonder. It's all very exciting, don't you agree?

And wasn't that the most exciting game of the year last week? The Chargers had that game in the bag. I mean, are you kidding me? That game was theirs for the taking. Somehow, our boys and Belichick were once again able to find a way and beat their asses. I think my heart stopped beating at the end of the game. The boy had to put the paddles on my chest and give me a shot. "Clear!"

And once column from many months ago may figure into this game at the end. I hope it does not. I hope they win and win soundly. But if they don't...I still love them. I'm a fan. Just like you.

Good luck Patriots. Good luck Trot Nixon.

I know
there are Surfers out there who could care less about this stuff. And I have to say. I'm so freaking jealous of you. I wish I had no interest in this stuff. I really do. I don't like getting uptight over some over paid millionaires playing a game. I don't like not thinking about surfing. However, on the other hand, I know more of you who do care about this stuff, than those that don't.

Besides, it's a subject where we can all agree on. Where there is no Political partisanship. Liberals and conservatives alike, can all root for their home team. We drop all political agenda, and come together to share in the good times of watching. Same with religion. Clearly God is a NFL (Patriots) fan. Huh? I'm kidding (nope).

I truly hope it snows in the mountains for all you snowboarders. I want to go boarding too.
One more time...Good Luck to the Pats today!

Thanks again for buying my movie NxNE and the positive feedback. It means so much to me.

Remember my friends...Surfing heals all wounds....
Pray for Surf. Pray for Peace. Surf For Fun.



Yesterday 1982 San Diegan Man Robin Rowell looking back East
My friend Robin Rowell is half New England boy and half West Coast boy. This photos is of Robin back in the
early 80's with his first ever Thruster. Not sure when the Thruster first hit the scene in Cali, but I'm thinking it
was in 82 or 83. It might have been earlier. Not by much though. Big Simon Anderson introduced it in the Islands
that year and Robin, being the judge of all trends good and bad, had to test the waters with this new craft.
I don't recall his initial report, but I do know, the Thruster was here to stay. Robin lives closer to San Diego than he
does LA. Therefore he spent many a trip in Mexico where this photo was taken. Robin's Rights and Lefts.
He was not a Chargers fan (too bad...I wanted to give him grief over last week's game), but a LA Rams fan.
The Rams, as you all know...left LA for St Louis....oh Robin...the horror...the horror.
courtesy of Corey Howard...Robin's nephew. by SFOD R. Fatello

Today 2007 New England Girl Julia Nichol's North Shore Pics
New Hampshire Surfer Julia Nichols visited her old home on Oahu's North Shore and not only hung out with old
friends but got
to surf some heavy waves along Oahu's North Shore.

(Above) Pipeline. Would you call this hollow? Photo by Julia Nichols

(Above) Pipeline again. Backdoor look makeable? Photo by Julia Nichols

(Above) Pipe. OK is it me, or is there a reason why all three of these waves are empty? Photo by Julia Nichols

(Above) Julia, Tamayo Perry and friend Jessica. Photo courtesy of Julia Nichols

(Above) Jamie O'Brien and Julia. Nice pad. Location. Location. Location. Photo courtesy of Julia Nichols

(Above) Momma Arlene and Julia. Check out the action out back. Photo courtesy of Julia Nichols

(Above) Hawaiian Sunset. Photo courtesy of Julia Nichols

(Above) Bernie Baker sent these in from Last Week at Makaha. The stand up paddle board scene
is perfect for the Makaha boys.
Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) How come no one does this back here in the Summer? Tandem Makaha style. Photo by Bernie Baker

(Above) Stand up paddle boarding, Makaha. Photo by Bernie Baker

Today 2007 Can You Stand More Phantom?

(Above) This place is magical. Where is it? Ha! Be serious. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) Looks like fun. And no, it's not the same spot as above. Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Lord have mercy. Is that Kris Kristoforson on the Longboard, or one of the Beach Boys? And who's the
guy on the beach retrieving some kids toy? I'm kidding...(nope) Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Khris K. again showing us that it ain't just acting. Photo by The Phantom

(Above) Cool. A Pod of Dolphins following the boys back. Photo courtesy of The Phantom

(Above) A little further North from the Phantom's stomping grounds. My man Rocky V and his BIG RED BOARD
taking off on a sizable Northern Cal Wave.
Photo courtesy of Rocky V

(Above) Whoa Rock. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship! Photo courtesy of Rocky V

(Above) "Houston we have a problem." No worries, Rocky can hold his breath. And I do know that when he
pops up for air, he'll be rooting for the Patriots today! Just like the rest of my Westie Brothers and Sisters.
Photo courtesy of Rocky V

Today 2007 Florida Thursday January 18, 2007
Florida sucks. You've heard it. I've heard it. It's just NOT true. And if this wave doesn't prove it to you, nothing will.
I'd gladly take this wave over what we've had the last couple of weeks. This was sent in by my long time friend Phil Beauschene. I'm jealous of Phil. No, not because he got to surf this day. No, I'm jealous because Phil is one of
those rare individuals who could care less about the NFL and the Patriots. Still, I'd rather be a fan, than not be one.

Photo courtesy of Phil Beauschene

Parting Shot "What time is High tide?"
Look this is one of those Photoshopped crazy Internet images that somehow gets sent to everyone.
I'm sure these kids lived through this fake image.

Photo courtesy of The Spam Squad







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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